PES 2020 Wishlist

PES 2020

Write your wishlist for the next version of Konami’s Pro Evo Soccer video-game. Show the Konami’s developers what you would like to see in the upcoming PES 2020.

We will list all your submitted ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (aka. Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to PES developers at Konami Entertainment company.

Write your ideas and suggestions in the form below.


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12 thoughts on “PES 2020 Wishlist

  1. I know that Konami don’t give a fuck about what the fans say cuz they will go and ahead and do what they want, but I will say this anyway. They just need to :
    1 complete revamp of master league (realistic budgets, realistic transfers, pre season starts in July not August and official scoreboards for the licences leagues, I think they should take advantage of the ligue 1 since its the major league they’ve got)
    2. Complete revamp of become a legend ( teams coming to sign you, not you choosing the team u want to go to, the coach’s tactics and the teams style of play affects your development, more hairstyles and so on)
    3. Presentation needs a huge revamp (this is what could attract non-pes players to become pes players, we don’t want a black dark background as a menu, it’s obvious they only spend 5 mins on presentations)
    4. Stadium creator (since we do not have the major leagues license)
    5 more options in edit mode ( to edit a real player hairstyle like Neymar, Messi etc)
    6. Test your gameplay (it’s obvious they didn’t test their gameplay that is why the AI keep on playing low crosses, offensive goalkeepers don’t come out of their box, keepers making extraordinary saves)
    But pes 2020 has to be about the modes and presentation (they could still add a few more modes like FIFA did this year)
    IF pes can make all these improvements, then it could be the most complete pes game in the history of pes (for now, I’ll be playing FIFA 19

  2. The in match gameplay should look more realistic.
    During substitution let’s see the coach giving instructions.
    When a foul is played we can decide whether the player should respond kindly or aggressively affecting decisions of the referee.
    The shot, pass, should be improved a little bit. Let’s have more freedom over them… speed and power.
    The freestlyles dribbling don’t seem to work. The players just stand and watch. At least the player defending should be seem swaying the other way and even falling to his feet to a fient.

  3. i know its not an easy task producing the game but here are my opinions about what should be fixed or added.

    -become a legend should have more and realistic cutscenes
    -new hairstyle options and tattoo creations should be implemented
    -kits should have realistic movements especially the trousers



  4. players as well as a manager would flourish in the Derby match and in other big games more. hard tackles as well as cards given and free kick. lots of provocation and coolnes losing. This could also be a button to make players more aggressive if the game situation has been more pronounced.

  5. *Euro2020 license
    *keenly trainers, who going by their bench during the match with real faces
    Most of all more editable game, let people create this game:
    *editable scoreboards and tv packages
    *editable tatoos for all players
    *stadium creator
    *editable grass
    *editable noise, more styles of crowd reaction during the match – i am dreaming for the VUVUZELA noise at the certain matches
    *more styles of goal celebrations


    It will be a new menu in pes 2020

  6. Hello to Konami Company

    Please Bering in PES 2020

    1_Licensing World Cup Clubs
    2_Licensing Persian Gulf League
    3_Licensing Africa Champions League
    4_Licensing Central And North America Champions League
    5_Oceania Champions League

    Thanks to Konami

  7. – Improve injuries as well as Possible firing from teams. These never seem to happen.

    – Realistic prize money for winning competitions.

    – The reserve team, so that players who are not on the Squad or on the bench, would go to the reserve team to practice and also play games. and these games could be managed.

    – If you start a master league with a smaller team and want to develop a team bigger and you will not fight winning the league in the first few years, the team owner might become the support and the bigger amount of money after the season. If the goals of the season have come.

    – Legend of what’s in myclub. They could be in the master league so that you would buy second coach or other staff members to your team. And of these, team spirit would rise and other stats for players.

  8. Stadium creator like in ao tennis but far more in depth
    Create a scoreboard and TV channel for consoles in the game without it being based on the default pes scoreboard
    Default scoreboard has Pes live like a TV channel in the corner
    In master league, get extra money if your team is playing at noon or evening (attach scoreboards to each time of day for instance you could make a sky sports scoreboard or fox sports scoreboard)
    More player interaction in master league
    Font creation (eg. for premier league) on consoles with a logo on the font
    Player and team sponsorships in become a legend and master league

  9. 1. Players’ retirement could be optional in the settings. some kind of age bracket.

    2. More second tiers or even third or fourth.

    3. When you buy or sell players, a better history of the player’s value when buying and selling, and from which team and to which team a player was sold

    4. Selection of Captains. the first, second and third captain would be selected for the upcoming season before the start of the season

    5. From Older PES 5 and 6 you could take some details and modernize them. for example, after playing the games when looking at stats and OVR how the players have been playing. so for a few players there is a brief description of player performance on the field.

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