PES 2020 Wishlist

PES 2020

Write your wishlist for the next version of Konami’s Pro Evo Soccer video-game. Show the Konami’s developers what you would like to see in the upcoming PES 2020.

We will list all your submitted ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (aka. Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to PES developers at Konami Entertainment company.

Write your ideas and suggestions in the form below.

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98 thoughts on “PES 2020 Wishlist

  1. Konami, as ur biggest fan of PES, I want to add some advice, like, please don’t to get easy as players to lose the ball, they need to have strength to keep the ball. That’s it. And please give more power to make the lower shot harder. Thx

  2. Add player Egy Maulana Vikry Hansamu Yama Evan Dimas Andik Vermansyah Atep
    Add league: Animation and anime league
    Add Become A Legend to clut

  3. PES should concentrate more on its strengths in the future and give the game more freedom.

    By this I mean in particular, that all players should have less help with passing. This would also make a button on the controller superfluous, if you could combine the buttons for the low pass and the through ball in one button.

    This would also increase accessibility for players with physical disabilities.

    It would be smart, if there were another fake league in the future, with teams and players at a high level. These should then also be available in MyClub mode. Modders could then add missing players to the game, resulting in a deeper overall gaming experience. Modders should be allowed to edit the name, skin color, hairstyle, etc. so that these changes are also displayed online on their screen.

    As a comparison I would like to mention the presentation of the jerseys. These can be selected online by the players in different ways. While one of them shows the Team X in black jerseys, the other online player may show Team X in white jerseys.

    This improvement should be combined with an easier application of patches on PS4, X-Box etc.

  4. Hello guys
    Thank you pes team to make us happy and interested to all versions of pes from starting until this year

    First you should add VAR
    And remove goal advantage between Home and away games.
    add many licenced clubs If that possible !
    Focus on popular teams around the world
    You can add world league meaning popular teams from Europe Asia S&N America and Africa that wasn’t listed early

    Fix kits of unlicensed teams by adding kits similar to the original.

    Finally make players and there movement more realistic

  5. More leagues,more stadiums edit stadium as pes 2013,better negotiation system-more realistic,German Bundesliga with licensed or not,Greek superleague sure and it’s difficult but will be very interesting the real youth team players of every team.

  6. Let the fans sound be improved and sound better for each team when playing at home.
    Let the fan chairing improve gameplay of players for the time. Resulting in a weak team performing better than a strong team for a period in the match.

  7. COMMENTARYYYYYYYYYY plz improve commentary and add more commentators as well for international matches just like fifa make it accurate according to gameplay and improve player models as well majority of players look same when running accept for star players like messi ronaldo etc and also try to focus on other areas like on field handshake should be realistic u cant beat fifa on licenses but u can by improving these small thing add managers post match interviews with man of the match or coach maybe

  8. hai
    Konami iam from India my suggestion is please add Indian football players in PES 2020 and add Indian famous league tournament ISL. If you don’t mine please accept my suggestion

  9. Hi I love pes best game ever buttttt get rid of ppl playing with computer on co op do stupid that is u can’t get the ball of ai and I think the passing needs to be inproved and go bak to old pes where it’s hsrd to get black ball mafe it to easy this year u can get every player no fun . And make master league co op so can play with friend cheers

  10. Hi Guys!!!!
    I’ve played pro from day one, I have gone to fifa now and again but always come back as the gameplay for me is more realistic…yes Fifa have the licenses etc however it may be shiny but pes has the substance.
    So in my opinion this is what they could include.
    Get rid of Become A Legend
    Pes is clever because you can get massive option file mods licenses aren’t essential.
    More icons but an established list from day one which you can have one of them in master league.
    Revamp master league, transfers….etc better training options like pes of old where you play and see the rewards…

    Konami need to get rid of the contact fees or reduce them because if you want to play 100 games a week…on my club you need enough gp to cover the costs….
    I like the idea of players levelling up as if your in a road to glory you don’t need to spend a penny….
    Don’t become like ultimate team money grabbing bastards….
    However having some kind of choice over players you get would be cool…..
    Upgrade the game engine as their missing a trick not using unreal engine

  11. It would be great, if we had more control over a player during a tackle situation at a high ball. Once you’ve got in touch with the opposing player, the situation seems like frozen and it’s hard to get away from the opposing player. It would be very useful, if a struggle for the best position was possible even during this contact situation. In addition it would also be very good, if in such situations the timing for jumping up to the header duel would be even more important.

    Thanks you very much

    Jürgen Christ

  12. 1) A fully adjustable camera
    2) Short shorts and 3 rd jersey position that gives variety
    3) Play online with our patches even if you pay
    4) Revision of the selection of cursors in cooperation, it is mediocre
    5) Can put a face on our players created in the game plan

  13. The commentary really needs work, u know I’m a really big fan of pes but I’m getting tired of the ignorance of the pes developers, I can’t even play the game anymore cuz it seems they don’t even care, u know u have flaws but u don’t do anything about it e.g how long has the pes commentary been bad, there are a lot of pes fans that have to play fifa because they spend their hard earned money on a game the developers don’t give a shit about

  14. Pes really needs to revamp master league in the sense that transfer budgets and fees aren’t realistic, they always talk about a revamped transfer system but it ends up being gibberish, and the leagues which are licensed, pes should also licence their cup competitions like coupe De la ligue, and even the unlincenced leagues, when u win them, u should be able to see a trophy given to the full squad not the starting eleven, and also revamp in become a legend, cuz u can’t sign for another team without requesting for transfer, cuz naturally when a player is doing well, teams are always interested in the player, we want to see the player being interviewed and then u have three ways to answer like in the journey also the same in master league and I’d like the return of stadium creator since there aren’t a lot of stadiums in the game and maybe a few new game modes and also the game is criminally overpriced

  15. Hello Guys. How is it going? One of my final suggestions for PES 2020 would be for Konami to cancel all replays whenever there has been a foul. In real life situation, we can understand the need of replays as now they are using VAR to rectify some refereeing mistakes but in a virtual game it doesn’t seem to be that necessary since once the whistle is gone we can do nothing about it and the replays can only slow the momentum of some gamers like myself. So thank you Konami for taking the time to read my suggestion and I am eagerly awaiting the next version of PES. Thanks.

  16. Hello Guys. It’s me again. Today my idea for PES 2020 is to introduce Legendary Managers like Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger or Bill Shankly into the game.We always rave about the players but the managers also are a big difference. So personally I would recommend you to do it in the next version of PES ( 2020 ) and maybe it would please the other PES fans as well.

  17. Please bring more licensed league and with all real name of a team and also an official scoreboard of all the licensed league and stadium to also bring back the champion league.

  18. ολες τις κατηγοριες αγγλιας

    Premier League (Sk
    y Bet Championship)(Sky Bet League One)(Sky Bet League Two)National League)

  19. -If unable to secure licenses then take advantage of the situation by adding more made up clubs! You can be creative with them which is something EA is incapable of.
    -We want to live in our Master League. Additions to the stadium as our club grows would be awesome. Show the training ground and locker room and have them grow as the club becomes more wealthy. The challenge mode should have random obstacles that equate to achievements as we persevere. (Imagine securing a trophy despite the star player getting injured or playing some bench-warmers when a flu takes out the starters)
    -Throw in some exhibition type events as well, say a prospect game so we can play our noobs without ruining the momentum of our first team. Or maybe after steamrolling the current league a friendly is booked against a higher ranked club so that we can get ‘schooled’ but without a penalty to our standings. Or have a skills competition that gives you a chance to try something new while potentially earning more money for the club.
    -Definitely need more commentary even if it is just reactions.
    -Love, love love that the Master League is compartmentalized on one page! Makes a huge difference!

  20. Hello Guys, it’s me again. I have come up with a suggestion for PES 2020 which may well please the other PES fans. I would suggest Konami to give us the option to bring say 3 to 5 players from our PES 2019 MyClub squad to the new PES 2020 squad. In doing so, it won’t annihilate all our past efforts to win games and unlock high profile players. Thanks for the attention and keep up the excellent job.

  21. More of the same please! PES 19 is by far the best game in the PES series as compared to the less enticing editions of a recent past. I think the fact that Konami finally decided to ditch the same tactics being used by every team and instead focused on customising the strategies in accordance to each team’s strenghts has made a big impact on the success of the game this year. Also the camera angle is way better as previously I had the impression of playing on a vertical field… which was not so realistic. Apart from those issues, The graphic is the best, gameplay this year- impressive. However during certain celebrations of goals I think a continuous flow of motion should follow between a goal and the celebration.

  22. – All the Asian Cup 2019 teams + Kuwait, Malaysia, Indonesia & Singapore
    – UAE League
    – Egyptian League
    – African Champions League
    – If possible get the FA Cup licence might help getting the English teams

  23. More features in Become a legend like taking part of press conference answering for questions etc.
    More licences as well
    More faces for players

  24. Let us mod camera angles for different stadiums. Let us mod the stadium itself too. Let us mod the scorecard at the top and include our own logos around it.

  25. Plz you have to work on the countries specially arabian and asian countries 80% of the playrrs names are wrong…no update for overall exemple same overall for arabic countries last 4 years with a little of diffrence plz work on that…i like pro evolution succer for that update the asian countries and keep it fun and entertain….

  26. In PES 20 the leagues we need are the I-League, MLS,USL, LA Liga & 2nd division German 1 & 2nd divisions, Liga MX & 2nd divisions, Qatar, Saudi, Oman league, Dutch Ereste Divisie for promotion relegation in the Netherlands, EPL & Championship, Irish leagues!!. National teams we need Finland, Slovakia, Macedonia, Armenia, Belarus, USA, Mexico Canada, El Salvador, Jamaica, New Caledonia, Uganda, Cape Verde Islands, Kenya, DPR Congo, Congo, Sudan, Nigeria, Niger, Ukraine, Lithuania & women’s national teams & like the top 3-4 women’s leagues!!! Master league needs 2 year loan deals bit better training Youth squads & matches the Johan Cruyff Shield the real KNBV trophy bring back the Champions League & Europa League!!. We need the Copa & sudamericana back African Cup of Nations, CONCACAF Champions League. More cleats & balls classic jerseys!!. But out of all the I’d really just want the MLS, USL & the USA & Mexico fully licensed!!.

  27. I want more Asian football teams like Vietnam (Because I’m Vietnamese, and I love my country), more Asian Tournaments like Asian Cup, South East-Asia, South-Asia and East-Asia Cup…I really want to beat Korea, Malaysia and Iran in your game !
    I hope you consider it, thanks !

  28. i hope pes 2020 have a new feature in master league, like a in last season player could make a new jersey, i hope they fix about release clause for every player and put date of birth for every player because it will feel strange if all players get older when entering the winter transfer

  29. Indian super league should also be featured .Messi should be the highest rated and the copyright of several clubs should also be man blue,only Man City,no London F.C.,only Chelsea

  30. In master league :
    – custom stadiums
    – random generated players in youth team (or changing stats of players lower than 60 rating) to renew the players’ pool

  31. 1.You should be able to choose the player you want to sign and go to negotioate with mangers you should be able to have a managing career and a playing career
    3.They should be pes 2020 drafts
    4.You should bee able to give us all the teams
    5.You should be able to transfer soccer legends
    6.Make it freeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the pes 2020 game)

  32. Let us Mod camera angles and bring back stadium creator!!!

    (1) Bring unlicensed leagues for the entire divisions from premier league to League 2. Let the community do the rest. It’s unfair when my team are not in the game. Leicester went from promotion to promotion and won the PL so why not include unlicensed lower teams?
    (2) please more commentary phrases. I love Peter Drury but please make it more authentic and have more phrases than FIFA (they have 3 commentary options now).
    (3) Let us add commentary like in pes 11
    (4) Add ball boys/ girls
    (5) You should see the substitutes warming up after 60 mins
    (6) Let us sign players easier in myClub please!
    (7) PLEASE LET US MODIFY CAMERA ANGLES ON PS4 pls Konami I beg you

  33. Improvement for MyClub, become a legend and Become a manager
    1. Create your own team
    2. Create your own Jersey
    3. Create your own Stadium (or make it so you can upgrade)
    4. more cut scene to make playing more rewarding.

    Other Improvement
    1. More generic league for modder to mess with, just make as many as league available in the world if possible, then slowly add more league like you did in PES 2019 and modder can also their part.
    2. better support to mod your games (really this is your only way to mainstream as you cant do anything about your license problem.
    3. Make a PES version for 2-3 years not 1 year then improve live update and patch. maybe DLC to expand your games, i mean its really the same game since long ago.

    Embrace modder, make them a features. Copy skyrim and city skylines approach !. then pay attention to your games detail.

  34. I would like you to work on the high quality sound on PES 2020 by playing Spain and Liga.Rad I would finally make a realistic sound after shooting the goal to give it more time to make the PES perfectly perfect or at least the possibility of importing your own sound as it was on FIFA 13th

  35. Mir würde für pes 2020 die Möglichkeit Mods, Patches und Option files auch auf der xbox installieren zu können, gefallen. Schließlich soll zwischen den verschiedenen Versionen Gleichberechtigung herrschen. Außerdem fielfältigere Kommentatoren (alle Versionen). Cool währen auch bessere Schiedsrichterentscheidungen bei Fouls. Ein Modus wo man einwigenes Stadion erstellen und in das Spiel integrieren kann würde mich auch sehr freuen.

    Automatically Translated:
    I would like for pes 2020 the ability to install mods, patches and option files on the xbox, too. After all, there should be equal rights between the different versions. There are also many more commentators (all versions). Cool also have better refereeing decisions on fouls. A mode where one can create einwigenes stadium and integrate into the game I would be very happy.

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