PES 2020 Wishlist

PES 2020

Write your wishlist for the next version of Konami’s Pro Evo Soccer video-game. Show the Konami’s developers what you would like to see in the upcoming PES 2020.

We will list all your submitted ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (aka. Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to PES developers at Konami Entertainment company.

Write your ideas and suggestions in the form below.

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486 thoughts on “PES 2020 Wishlist

  1. – Wasit dalam 90 menit
    – Nama pada jersey
    – Hakim hakim garis
    – Dapat mengubah cuaca
    – Ada pilihan negara
    – Urutkan pemain berdasarkan klub
    – Urutkan pemain berdasarkan wilayah
    – Tim simpanan tak terbatas
    – Timer dimulai secara otomatis dalam Mode “SIM MATCH”
    – Ruang
    obrolan – Teman yang diundang
    – Bentrokan Asosiasi
    – Turnamen
    – Sensitivitas kursor bergerak
    – Beberapa Komentar file yang disimpan

  2. 1ada wasit
    2 bisa ganti cuaca
    3 bisa bicara dengan lawan
    4 ada kamera
    5 ada pemain cadangan di garis
    6 ada pelatih

  3. that’s exactly what they ruined this football for years, and made this game boring, no more that tension, fun, smiles on our faces when we played tournaments against each other, today it’s a game, without a wizard in the game, without some powerful speed with which you can give defense trouble, no beautiful goals from the first, from volley, nice movement, fine dribbling, head games all players are the same, and the game is scripted, filtered boring, no variations in the game, different goals, actions, real addictive gameplay, and konami us real fools for years, they had two years to develop, and this is the last chance with a new console where they have to enchant us with the game, different skills of the players, real and beautiful animations, or it is definitely the end of this misery that lasts !!!

  4. We all Pes users really want the Become A Legend Player mode to Pes 2022 mobile. Please konami officials please add this mode. And we also want the more smooth gameplays in high graphics in online matches. We want Report system for cheaters and Referees to be more fair and visible in matches. And lastly we don’t want the same gameplay which is just a bit updated since three years. It’s boring to play in same graphics for 3 years. So please also change this. If you don’t want to change the things above but still it’s my humble request please add Become A Legend Player mode on PES 2022 mobile in Fist person camera. Please konami officials please

  5. I ask 1. the line referee 2. the fellow players chatting with each other 3. See the players at substitution 4. Medical when a player is injured 5. See the coach with the substitutes

  6. starting from the referee because it is mandatory to compete without the referee, it should not be able to walk, so there must be a referee. weather mode, less licensed teams like AC Milan and others whose logos and jersey change. Then there should be prestigious events like UCL, or the mode is changed, like the master league trip on ps 3,4 or with a PC raft.

  7. Upraged jersi..tingkatkn grafik.transfer player tukarkn cara yg lain

  8. -chan choose a home base stadium
    – name on the jersey
    -linesmen judge
    -chatting room
    -asso ciation clash
    -additional stadium
    -skil new player
    – weather change mode
    -display player changes
    -timer starts automaticully in ” sim match mode

  9. I want it to be like FIFA
    I want every kit to be in it
    I want player name on the Jersey
    I want to see the substitute
    I want to see the players walking in to the Field
    I want to see the injuries
    I want more celebrations
    I want to see the referee and the linesman in the game
    I want to choose the stadium and the weather
    I want champions league
    I want premiere league
    I want serial A
    I want league 1
    I want all the leagues in the Europe
    I want national teams
    I want world cup
    I want Europe cup
    I want to see my coach and the opponent coach in the field
    I want to see the warm up

  10. I want it to be like fifa
    I want every kits to be in it
    I want player name on the Jersey
    I want to see the substitute
    I want to see the players walking to the field
    I want to see the injuries
    Want more goal celebrations
    I want skill to be in the game
    I want to see the referee and linesman in the game
    I want to choose the stadium and the weather
    I want to champion league in pes 21 mobile
    I want to see fights
    I want to see the warm up
    I want pes 21 mobile to be realistic

    1. PES why don’t you use the Rush Football 2 Engine and see if you will not put FIFA Completely out of the market
      Rush Football 2 Fluidity and realism are just phenomena I used to play PES so much especially in the PS2 Console I hope you will use a new Engine for the PS5 Console and hopefully PES2021 will see something new. Cheers

    2. I just want the game to be realistic….. involving injuries,referee in the pitch,entrance,the substitutes warming up,live substitutions and UEFA champions league

    3. I just want the game to be realistic….. involving injuries,referee in the pitch,entrance,the substitutes warming up,live substitutions,we need to see other clubs like borrusia Dortmund and UEFA champions league

  11. I would like to see all the english leagues not only premier en championship league but als efl 1 en 2. And the keuken kampioen division below the netherlands league eredivisie

  12. i want PES2021 :
    -i want the club logo on PES2021 to match the original club logo-
    – i want a master league in PES2021-
    -i want referee in PES2021-
    -i want a tournament in PES2021 with a friend-
    -can choose home base stadium-
    -name on the jersey-
    -linesmen judge-
    -there is a choice of country-
    -sort player by club-
    -timer starts automatically in “SIM MATCH” mode-
    -chatting room-
    -invated friends-

  13. – Can choose a home base stadium
    – Referee in 90 minutes
    – Name on the jersey
    – Linesmen judge
    – Can change the weather
    – There is a choice of country
    – Sort players by club
    – Sort players by region
    – Unlimited saved squad team
    – Timer starts automatically in “SIM MATCH” Mode
    – Chatting room
    – Invited friends
    – Association Clash
    – Tournament
    – Sensitivity cursor move
    – Multiple Commentary saved file

  14. I hope the PES Android 2021 displays the process of changing players, and when the players enter the field, hopefully there is also a third jersey, thanks

  15. I play on Xbox,so first thing I want is:
    1. Option File (PLEASE)
    2. We can create Our Own Club in Master League
    3. A mode like FIFA’s Pro Clubs where you can make a team with your friends and play.
    4. Maybe try and get Bundesliga?
    5. I live in Qatar, So I’d love the Qatar Stars League, since in Qatar many people play FIFA, so many people will buy PES here
    That’s it 🙂
    I would be really happy if even 1 of these made it into PES 2021, especially the Option File for Xbox.

  16. Team Konami Entertainment yang terhormat saya mau ditambahkan fitur di pes 2021 mendatang yaitu selalu ada wasit nya & bisa ganti mode cuaca & ketika bermain online bisa voice chat terhadap lawan, dan juga saya minta di pes 2021 nanti bisa ditambahkan legend Brazil seperti pele & Ronaldo Nazario. Oke segini saja saran dari saya semoga pes 2021 yang akan datang bisa lebih bagus seperti yang ada di komentar ini. Semoga sukses selalu kedepannya untuk Konami, & semoga di pes 2021 nanti bisa tembus 100 jt download. Oke sampai jumpa.

  17. Konami.. i want:
    1. Referee appear on match
    2. Stadium
    3. Indonesian league in pes
    4. Goal keeper gloves
    5. More celebration
    6. More team 🙂

    1. I hope in PES 2021 the Konami party can add:
      – weather change mode
      – display the referee in the match
      -display player changes
      -Addition of the Indonesian league
      -official club license
      -can choose the ball during the game
      -Skill new players
      -additional stadium

  18. Show referee in game , and real stadium every best club . example : Man United Old Trafford .

  19. Beri box draw yang ada legendnya setiap akhir pekan, kasih wasit, memperlihatkan pemain waktu pergantian pemain

    1. I want PES 2021:

      – I want to be able to change the weather in PES 2021

      – I want the club logo on PES 2021 to match the original club logo

      – I want a master league in PES 2021

      – I want a referee in PES 2021

      – I want a tournament in PES 2021 with a friend

  20. I would like to see the following ;

    1. Can the software engineers introduce audio on the field from the players and coaches
    2. have audio introduced when signing players, press conferences
    3. introduce more languages ” Italian ” would be my first choice
    4.hand balls
    5. injuries more realistic , have players carried off or assisted off
    6. turf wear
    7.have a “Like a PRO ” cam
    8. more adjustments on current camera views
    9. have crowds and fans sing club chants
    10. Pre game locker room team discussion, after game reporter locker room chat, on field reporter interviewing game player with complete audio