PES 2020 Wishlist

PES 2020

Write your wishlist for the next version of Konami’s Pro Evo Soccer video-game. Show the Konami’s developers what you would like to see in the upcoming PES 2020.

We will list all your submitted ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (aka. Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to PES developers at Konami Entertainment company.

Write your ideas and suggestions in the form below.

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  1. these are the list below we urgently need for master league offline improvments
    1.better presentation of master league and menues/add your manager being intervied by reports in real time. .
    2. please bring back sponserships to pes 2020 it was first introduced to the world back in pes 2010 but since then it was removed big mistake as this was an exellent feature.
    3 please bring back staff upgrades eg athletic trainer, club doctor , you can go one better and add a stadium upgades by increasing sadium seats so you can increase the number of fans coming in.
    add marchandise sales and fan clubs to increse your money .
    4.player training in master league: This is a must as you can improve player attributes by completing over 500 training drills or select which attribues to train the player and their you go easy.
    5. youth facilities:Adding this is also crutial as by having a youth ground you can compete in youth leagues,cups and european youth legue against the best teams around the wold wow that would be amazing.
    also add these created age groups to the youth teams u-18 and u-23 as this can lead to promising young talents coming though and who knows maybe the outsanding talents can make that jump into the main team.
    6. create your club in master league: this feature can take master league to the next level by giving you total management control create your very own cub kits, desings,creasts, sponsors on kits,
    7.pre-season improvements: for the first time why not add a global pre season by selecting which part of the globe you wold like to play eg, europe , asia , middle east, africa, n.america&carribian islands or south america.
    8. adding side missions to master league: compete in exciting new challenges eg your team must concede the fewest goals in the league, come from behind and win , have a youth team player called up to the main team and make that player score a goal in a game..
    9. add cut seans in player contracts by having interactive contract signings.
    10.interactive transfers and interactive all round master league in training and finals.

  2. -Make basic shooting alot more accurate (shots are always a bit off target and always end up in the same place (just wide of the post or over the bar), it’s okay if that happens once in a while but 8/10 the shot should be on target, even from distance (the chances that you get on target are usually minimal so I think that basic shooting should be alot more accurate))
    I want to be able to go to practice mode and score 8/10 close shots, 7/10 top of the box shots, 5/10 long shots, 2/10 half way shots (however this probability will decrease in game because of the opposing team blocking the shots)

    -Stadium creator

    -Team Creator+League Creator

    -Ability to edit Master League

    -Menu layout customization: different selections of layout themes, menu colour editing, favourite players appearing in the background, etc.

    -Ability to pick your own friendly matches and tournaments before each season (also there should be good cash prizes)

    -Instead of always taking out features we should have the option to turn them on or off
    (Ex: Option to have on the manual shooting arrow instead of always having to press the aiming arrow, to be able to choose if we want form arrows on or off, etc.)

    -Better authenticity: when you win a cup final make the players and fans go ballistic, if you score a last minute winning goal or a screamer make the commentators and fans go insane

    -Players to get injured more often, but not too often (based off of injury resistence stat) (so that it makes sense to have a team with a good bench)

    -Players to have a less harsh decrease in stats as they age (ex: players only after the age of 33 should get a -1 decrease per season to pace stat until they retire at 37/38) (there should still be 35 year old players who are still mid or high 80’s in pace, even in the 90’s = CR7)

  3. I am a pes master league fans since 2010 i relly wanted to
    1. activate the player to deployed/register in a new position like in pes 15 or 16 that way is better (Eg. I want to register Messi position RWF into AMF)
    2. Put/used manager real face in master league i am tired of seeing fake face put an option to choose real face like the player . ty

  4. When player is playing against he`s old team, there could be more feelings and not so extreme goal celebrations. And if the player joins rival team there could be booing and hard tackles to the player. different kind of details for that.

    Calling back players who is on loan period and sending loan players back.

  5. Hi,

    Let me start by saying I am a massive fan of the series and have been since ISS 64 so this is in no way meant as a criticism, I’m just offering my view in the hope it can help in any way. Thanks for making this awesome game.

    For me, I play offline, things like MyClub have no interest (nor did FUT, so it isn’t a personal thing). I mostly enjoy the offline season modes. With this is mind, I think it would be fun to maybe have an option whereby at the end of the season you can choose to replace teams as a way to simulate promotion/relegation. For example, upon completing a Chilean Primera season, allow me to substitute a fake team from ‘Other Latin American’ for the team that finished bottom, this wouldn’t need licensing as the team could be altered depending on which league we were playing?

    Regarding teams/leagues, I think the new licenses are great, but maybe give a few more fake teams in each region in addition to a fake league. The fact is most people will use PEU League for Bundesliga, but if there were more slots, other European clubs who maybe aren’t licensed (BATE,Maribor,Salzburg,Crvena,Videoton to name a few) could be made? If you could get more European Leagues, I’d say the likes of Austria,Czech Rep,Hungary, Ukraine etc.
    Similarly with Asia, given how the AFC Champions League splits into West and East, could we not get some more teams who aren’t necessarily in the Champions League, maybe like Bunyodkor, Sepahan, etc, or again just give us more fake team slots? This would also apply to South America.

    Below is a summary of leagues/teams I’d love to see, obviously it’s just my view 🙂 Have a lovely day!


    Leagues: Austria/Ukraine/Czech Rep/Greece/Serbia
    Teams: BATE/Maribor/Domzale/Videoton/Hajduk/Ferencvaros


    Leagues: Japan/Iran/Uzbekistan/UAE/Australia/Korea
    Teams: Istiklol/Persib Bandung/JDT/Kitchee/Al Quwa/

    South America:

    Leagues: Ecuador/Uruguay/
    Teams: Realistically just 4/5 from Bolivia,Peru,Paraguay and Venezuela

    Any chance we could also get some slots (fake will do) for CAF/CONCACAF so we can make our own versions of their Champions Leagues?

  6. Licenses are hard to obtain, so I’m not going to cry about them like an amateur.
    For PES 2020 to be a hit, KONAMI needs to make full use of the community.
    1. Give us as many fictional leagues as possible. I’m a modder, we can edit these ourselves.
    2. More generic stadiums or a stadium creator where you choose which country/city the stadium will be.
    3. Let every major competition have it’s own scoreboard, menu colours and theme music. Your fictional UEFA competition needs one. We’ll edit the rest.
    4. Referees and Manager cut scenes. (The former like in PES 6, and the latter like PES 2012). Create fictional refs. Like I said, we’ll do the rest.
    5. Commentary. Peter Drury is good, no doubt about that. But the way you use him leaves much to be desired. Add an extra commentary team we can choose from. Jon Champion anyone? Kevin Keatings? Guy Mowbray?
    6. Football Life. This thing where retired players come back, can we scrap it? Just start creating regens like in Football Manager. Bring in academies and reserve teams like NBA D-league in the 2k series. These can be fictional.
    7. Become a Legend could use more polishing. Maybe you could add Become A Legend: Online. This would give you an advantage over your rivals.
    BAL needs more realism, like in PES 2010-12. Bring back the agents. Add things like boot deals, magazine covers, press conferences. It doesn’t have to be a full Q&A session. Just one or two questions about the game.

    If you guys get this, know many of us are thankful for the gameplay. That is a true football sim (Trust me, I’ve played the other product and didn’t like it).
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Ligas que me gustarían que estén en PES 2020:
    1. Serie A y B de Italia.
    2. Liga Mx
    3. MLS
    4. Liga Griega
    5. Liga Ucraniana
    6. Liga Peruana
    7. Liga Uruguaya
    8. Liga Ecuatoriano
    9. Liga Paraguaya
    10. Liga Sueca
    11. Liga Austríaca
    12. Liga Croata
    13. Liga Checa
    14. Liga Árabe
    15. Liga Venezolana
    16. Liga Bolivia

  8. In master league. Fully managering a national team, even there is fewer games to play. But you could train your players who is on national duty, and watch players trough season on simulation, get different kind of data from the players.

    Stadion, kit and different kind of editing for your team in master league, you could buy or upgrade stuff to improve your team.

    More news about player feelings after games and before, also from the fans. Even from the other leagues. Big happenings from other country.

    The weather more realestic and different around the countrys. And the snow needs upgrade, its not good now, watch a eliteserien match in north norway…And the eliteserien could be cool too 😉

  9. I just want pes 2020 to be smooth and no lags secondly I want them to implement substitution view like when substituting a player you can see him entering into the pitch and also I am tired of pes 19 tournaments we need new league’s and also most importantly uefa champions league we need real kits and also enough gp and coins and the online match problem should also fixed and there should be implementations of rain snow or sun ….and we should also see the players coming out of their dressing room and Managers and refs should be seen in the game and on the touchline this is what I think for now….thanks Konami

  10. We need different real Tournaments on Myclub, like on a Poker-Website.

    For example: One Tournaments have maybe the Date next monday 07:00 PM with 32 Teams and Champions League mode. The buyin is maybe 10.000 GP and the Tournament ist only for Players with a Level from 700 top 800. If you buyin, but you wouldnt start the Tournament on monday, you will be disqualificated and you dont get your buyin back.

    At the end of the Tournament, all Player-GPs (320.000) will be cash out under the the Teams.

  11. Please recreate player models of pes 2020 to look true to life, currently their legs look too short and the players look too short compared to real life. Make the shape and structure of their body realistic. Also fix the kits, they look like plastic, make the kits look like actual fabric and make them fit on the players body like in real life.

  12. A tactic or button that your goalkeeper joins in the last chance freekicks and corners.

    At end of the season, highlight video from the season. Best goals, saves and interceptions.

  13. Please ad the dutch 2nd league
    Virgil van Dijk on the cover
    ADD Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV stadium with real player faces of these teams.

    Make career mode in which you can choose what you want to manage, so you can exclude things
    Make these teams pes licensed

  14. Really like the pro evo 2019 game I have played fifa for years but since I have played this I would never go back to fifa again the gameplay so much better then fifa .. the only thing that would be nice is that you can trade your unwanted players between your friends

  15. Import edit chants
    Import edit chants
    Import edit chants
    Import edit chants
    Import edit chants
    Please make more realistic atmoshere in teams which their fans are very loud (greek teams,turkish,argentinian)
    Fix the celebration screams when these teams score ,not as is that now with a default sound of celebration but with realism(gggggoooooooaaaaallllll)

  16. I dont why konami not listen us as custom this pes2019 is real bad gameplay ever seen slow players bad pitch oh man i regret my money i paid for you you less than fifa this year bt we want in 2020 plz make big change if what i see on youtube is real unreal engine that it will be good play like in pitch make real motion player like ronaldo messi neymar and more more skills its not about in foot u can add more like fifa el tornado its more or street foot ball feints there I more feints fast gameplay different way player score goals even fall down shirt off celebration to all prayer why neymar , u what u depend on barca play why neymar this year no tatoo even on neck cse his not barca player no big speed like pes 2018 mn we are angry this year plz make u product good to ur fan cse w wait every year change bt when we see no change we go in fifa cse its more change every year good feints good gameplay gd scene gd cup celebration bt pes 2018 was good bt19. Real bad me i buy it bt till now no good .make big change on this year

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