PES 2021 Wishlist

PES 2021

Write your wishlist for the next version of Pro Evo Soccer video-game, PES 2021. Show the Konami’s developers what you would like to see in PES 2021.

We will list all your submitted ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to PES developers at Konami Entertainment company.

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  1. change this hard and unplayable gameplay, and give us a game like pes 2006,2013, and 2016 had some good manners of form rating, and player speed meant something compared to slower players, and it was fun, it just needed to be improved !! ! Pes 2020 as in recent years is a game, impossible to play, horrible passes, uncontrolled fine dribbles in the race, and without fast running nice controls, and dodging the passage through one, and two players with a mushroom or arrow depends on who plays. So without adding the right games it can’t be good, they are inaccurate and always too strong, it’s impossible to pass players one on one, as if there is a wall in front of you, no magic, differences in wizard players, fast and powerful players, fast fine precise passes, great dribbles, and fast drigling animations, which will lead to more slippage of clean but also those to exclude more fun, tension, unpredictable things like in real football, and not automated which decides how it will be, helps weaker players, who we used to get 8: 0 , and here you are struggling, every game is the same with a few goals, and it has nothing to do with control … I can’t wait to see what kind of new circus football will make horses, I would like to be surprised, but we have been hoping for a long time We have been stagnant for 7 years … With playstation 5 we will know if the king’s day has finally dawned, if new excitements are coming, a feeling like a long time ago or a pes has died forever for many … We hope that a game arrives in which ratings mean something and change this game , those forms, not whatever he does o you can’t beat a computer on a legend, a couple of games in a row under any circumstances, they are always stronger and their game is always the same because it’s so dumb … we want a game, not automatism !!!!

  2. make the game visually beautiful, where passing, and dribbling are not science fiction, a game full of action, goals, tension, exclusions, and where every new game is a new experience !!!

  3. introduce legendary sprints of fast players who separate and run in front of the defense, and slower players like dembele, mbappe, sterling, mane, salah, aubameyang, sane, davies from bayern !!! Here every player is the same, slow, gym, and to put 99 speed, you can’t leave the slower one much behind !!! It’s funny what this pes has fallen into in recent years !!!

  4. we want the game as before, we want gameplay like the best international superstar soccer, Pes 6, and the last great and playful pes 13 !!! Follow the example of FIFA, it is much better and more playful, and in recent years in front of the Pes I have to admit it in my heart with sadness !!!

  5. I want that a friendly tournament feature is to be added so that we can play tournament with friends and better graphics in 2021. VAR feature and a view of teams coming on pitch must be added.

  6. I think konami should allow us make our own kit and own stadium like DLS and make old rolling metode like PES 2017-2019 and add license for REAL MADRID

  7. Make this game easier, work on nice passes, not full of mistakes, fine passes one on one, and that fast players leave behind slower players, in the race, but also in movements and be ahead of them, like in 2016! we want gameplay as the last great pes in 2006, and the penultimate in 2013, and better shots from a distance, and from races, and sometimes I don’t fill the shot to the end, and it warms up the goalkeeper! We want better pressing, taking the ball space, more controlled and fast dribbles, go through two fine mushroom controls, without some codes, and additional dribbles, and the latter should be just extra who wants and loves, we want the game when we put better grades or players all in shape, and the computer in normal , that we can break it, not this where we can’t beat them like this, and we get annoyed again and there’s no point, no logic, no fun or anything! throw out a dense defense, and faster, more precise, controlled passes that lead to fouls, exclusions, as well as one-on-one, two-on-one passes with top players, which will lead to more slipping of heavier fouls! We want a crazy tense commentator, who shouts goool, charges pressure, nervousness while you are pressed, and we want a war that will raise tensions even more, we want an atmosphere , a better audience, referees, goalkeepers with different characteristics as players, and clubs, and we want to put our pictures and music on the main menu, as well as to find a player over the Internet immediately, and this does not take three days, and you lose the will to play, so that you like playing this football, which is definitely not !!! Playstation 5 will say everything about you and how much you listen to us and appreciate the horses …

      1. it’s not about making the game easier, but about not making such horrible passes, heavy dribbles, difficult game and you can’t break an easier opponent, every game is played on one goal, and nobody likes to play it, not even the biggest fans of the pes, and I just don’t want or like to play fifa !!! We just want the game to be not easy, but differences in players, fine characteristics, not this and that the computer helps the weaker, and the game is automated and full of bugs … That’s what 90 percent of fans will say old school!

  8. Master leauge for several players at once.
    Here each of the players takes over his own club.
    The players can play against each other and fight for the best table position.
    And please the 1 Bundesliga & 2 Bundesliga… Thanks!

  9. we want a game like the Pes simulator rush footbal 2 !!! Konami, what’s not clear here ??? You know we all loved and loved to play pes ​​2006 and 2013, we played in them with soul, and we were great until someone better than us came, and here we feel like we don’t control the game, there is no control of the game, dribbling, one on one nice manners, turns and nice runs, realistic movements and most importantly top and fast precise passes, are very uncontrollable as well as the whole game full of bugs and errors, where you play on one goal, and after the game you feel like you dug, so exhausting that you never want to turn it on again !!! Look at the fifa, she is now that the dog used to be thick and fun, and this has nothing to do with the relationship !!!

  10. Dear konami,plz change the gameplay and make it like pes 2013, the responsiveness in pes 2020 is totally null ,another thing, change the atmosphere of the game make it real and alive.

  11. change the gameplay, and stop making fun of us, and give us fun, contagion, a smile on your face like in the days of playstations 1 and 2, football on playstation 3 and ps 4 were misses, so now on playstation 5 give us back that feeling, love, and fans who have either switched to fifa, or no longer want to play, and have longed for and
    real football, crazy games, upheavals, turning off smiles, crazy results, but also hard games, annoyances, like in the past when we were happier with defeat than victory in football like this! Players like de light davies, rodrigo, gnabrya, and many others who deserve a better rating, and with them we can make great teams and transfers like bruyne, manea sane and sterling! and changing them makes a difference, raises the game to a higher speed, and they mean something, because that’s what it’s for us to do transfers and change the form and things as we want, and we think they are deserved and that’s the best part when a team plays leagues, tournaments and for the sake of evaluation, which team will choose the best and which team will have the best ratings of attack, defense, midfield, but also teamwork, a team that agrees very well, and has a different and important power on the field! We do not want this forced game, which determines what and how where you can not break a child, and weaker than yourself 10: 0.8: 0 but also play say 0: 0.1: 1, depending on the opponent, the way of playing, and the state of the players’ forms! possible, and the ratings meant something on peso 2016 where you could steal, with better players the ball, score easier goals to take the lead in 7 minutes and 3: 0.4: 0 !!! Football is like that, unpredictable three goals fall in the first minutes Konami we have never stopped believing in you, disappointed yes, but it is high time that you show us that you know what you are doing, because this lost year no one can give us back !!!

  12. for the last three years I hate this football, which with the pes 2015 is among the worst ever, where when you strengthen your players and reduce the computer, or you can put two goalkeepers in defense, two in attack, and again you will not pass, run, dribble because so the game is, automated and set up, that you can’t do anything, they are always fast and stronger, you can’t break a much weaker opponent than yourself, there is no difference of players dominant in speed, strength, jump, you can’t fast and precise balls and fast plays and great possession, squeeze anyone and charge a strong tempo, steal the ball or the same! Even when terrible referees are added, commentators without charms, tension, without licenses, Champions League, terrible atmosphere, bad audience that does not follow the event on the field, bad music that you can’t change, you ask why don’t you turn off the pes !? Shame on you konami!!!

  13. give us gameplay like the best pes of 2006 and the last great and addictive football of 2013, not this automated garbage, where you can’t beat smashing a weaker opponent, and where player ratings and form, make no difference !!! Work on the ratings of young players such as sancho, halland, delle ali, davies, vinicus juniors, fati, but also on these more experienced ones, such as sterling, mbappe, mane, de bruyne, salah, sane, work on power, speed, control of adding dribbles, and fine passes, and the power of stronger and faster players !!!

  14. change the gameplay totally, and give us the addictive game we’ve wanted for years, especially with nice controlled passes, and that perfect final pass, nice controlled dribble, passes in speed, nice mushroom turns without a fast run, fast players, better and faster dribble animations, precise shots of top players from races, more goals from a distance like 2006, much better pressing, the possibility of taking the ball, easy goals, reversals, exclusions, not this automated game for years, whatever you do, nothing changes !! ! Eg like bad passes, passes, dribbles, bad controls, poor player switching, hard, unplayable, bad referee, bad atmosphere, terrible commentator !!! Give us addictive gameplay, with better graphics, better camera, game that changes the rhythm of the game, introduce teamwork ratings as on playstation 2 required, work on online servers, return the Champions League, we want more licenses, and return the characteristics of players, goalkeepers, also clubs and what is very important to me, teamwork ratings in the game, with players and clubs !!! Give us the ability to change the music, and pictures on the main menu, and the history of results with friends, to know how many games we played, and what is the ratio of wins and losses, and the game, in which ratings and forms bring significant difference and change. We want a game where the computer does not play, and it helps weaker players, because this is not realistic, we do not want automated games, but a game where everything is possible, and every game is new madness, and not always the same and stereotypical !!!

  15. I think that these improvements will help with the issues regarding competition and team licenses along with other customization options

    5 Improvements to make for PES 2021:

    1)Make adjustable sliders in the customization section like in Fifa (ex: shot error adjustable slider, passing strength adjustable slider, player agility, game speed slider, goalkeeper affectiveness/coverage, etc.)

    2)Stadium Creator/Team Creator/League Creator/Trophy Creator

    3)Ability to edit Master League in the edit/customization section (ex: editing the Champions League spots per league, editing team budgets, ability to turn off cinematic scenes and press conferences in Master League, ability to edit regen default names and appearance per country, etc.)

    4)Players to have a less harsh decrease in stats as they age in Master League (ex: There should still be players who are 33-36 years of age and have 88 acceleration and sprint speed)

    5)Ability to edit the menu layout and colors, and import our own music

  16. You should stop making new Pes because your game is absolutely trash ! We cant even do one two passes each other . Servers are bad very bad , we cant use skill move in the game cuz it is not working with laggy servers , it takes ages finding an opponent , when we play match day there is no connection bar we can choose while matching with an new opponent , there is no content and you should stop making new Pes , Pes is done with 2013 ! Just a little steamer support and there fans support this game thats it ! That’s a fact but people down wanna see and dont wanna believe look at me ım not even say Fifa is better ! There is a mile difference each game Fifa way better !

  17. Konami must improve graphics in pes mobile 2021 make more realistic directley can buy player more stadium add more league pls konami IPMROVE PES 2021 MOBILE GRAPHICS LiKE pes 21 PC GRAPHICS PLS KONAMI with FULL LiCENSED TEAM AND LEAGUE NEW BOOT MAKE PES MOBILE like PES PC 2021 PLS KONAMI PLS mAKe my wishlist pls GRAPHICS HIGH FoR MOBIlE and FiX LAG

  18. Here’s how, first of all, no one has played games like this for years, which are too difficult and hard, in which you need a code to score a goal, it is set when you will receive it, when to score, because it’s a little funny to put two goalkeepers in defense, and in attack, and they put up with you again, they score goals for you, so the scores mean nothing, and the game is so automated, and nothing is worth it. 99 speed players and can’t, like martins used to, leave the defense behind!?!? There is also no one-on-one dribbling of top control, precise passes mean I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but over the years fifa has become my trademark, and I miss that real pro evolution soccer, like the former pes of 2006, for example, gameplay and like 2013 and ok it was addictive 2013, and the ratings were valid and it was playable and 2017, we will not hard and unplayable games, in which the ratings are nothing insignificant, nor are the characteristics visible, and the same put the player, or the goalkeeper on goal !!!!

  19. it is enough to set a tribble key, there are different actions in different situations, and mastering the timing can be success.

  20. obligatory change of the complete blood count, on the new console we hope so, and the game and control like the pes simulator virtual soccer pro, and rush footbal 2, and the feeling like on playstation 2, where the game adapts to us not to her, and she decides what to be, and how these narcissistic games that help the weaker player, is too hard and horrible, and not controlled inaccurate passes !!!

  21. work on the gameplay, give us something playful like the last pes 2013, and passes, top balls in space, airborne players, dribble control, fast dribble animation, player movement, long shots, diversity, and goalkeeper animations, violations of various , see what it looks like in pes simulators, pes virtual pro, and rush fotball 2 and apply it, plus that feeling like on playstations 1 and 2, plus a real judge, a commentator who gives tension, creates even more pressure, screams at opportunities for action , goal defenses, goalkeepers, fouls, red cards, goals, the atmosphere in the stands, various songs, and the audience that follows the events on the field, and the game where player ratings and player forms mean something and can apply, not an automated game where you strengthen your , and you reduce atack or the defense computer, and they still score goals, and you can’t run them, make a pass, two get off, press, big possession and take the ball, and score a couple of easy goals, even then it’s the most pathetic And I’m not the only one who writes that … we don’t want an automated game and a narcotics that it decides for us, what and how and when the goal will be scored, that colleagues who have never been something and you were looking for them 8:0, you can’t break them you have the feeling that the computer game for them, it’s ridiculous and stupid, we want 8: 0 results,and even more if they are stronger than many of them in pressing, possession, or you have top players, when transfers are made, but also that it is possible to play with stronger colleagues and 4: 4, but also 0 0, 1: 0, sometimes 3 goals fall in 10 minutes, sometimes two goals fall in an unknown minute, and that is football, madness and unpredictability, and every game something new!!!! We want even better shots and more precisely from a distance, from races, and that more of them can be scored from a greater distance, better head kicks from the floor, and lowering to kick, head to head on another, volley and better kicks with volley! Work on player speed ratings players like davies and gnabry from bayern, sancho from borussia, and work on many young players like aura from lyon, m aenea, sterling, holland from borussia who is brutal, and many other great young players who can be made a brutal team on transfers, and return teamwork ratings to the game of players and clubs and give the opportunity to insert images on the main menu, and your music! Introduce war, it would be the same spectacle as indoor soccer tournaments, decorations of both players at the same time, so that they can both get a yellow and a red card, introduce the arrival of the goalkeeper at breaks, especially in the last attacks, and a longer overtime when five or 6 minutes to stop it even slower !!! Give a little more imagination to this football, not this unplayable, and terrible for years !!! PLEASE KONAMI PLEASE ❤

  22. I hope in PES 2021 there will be more better graphic and refeere in pitch.I hope also there will be weather selection and stadium selection,

  23. introduce a difference first of all in the player ratings, and the thick one when we get together and make transfers, where we choose fast players for whom there is no lost ball, and leave slower players behind, but also those top back midfielders who are strong in duels, also strong stoppers , and each of his goalkeepers, it lacks the characteristics of visible players, and the difference of the same goalkeepers, lack of pass rights, fast, stronger attacks, pressing the ball, and we do not want automated games in which and when you reduce the score in the attack computer, they score again , or if you reduce the speed you can’t leave them behind, fight off, be more dominant in possession of the ball, pressure and steal the ball! This game also lacks teamwork ratings, and the dense one that will combine the best team strong and creative team, not just attack, also give the opportunity to put together a stronger attack, from a team that is say messi and mbappe because there are different top players, and a brutal attack can be combined! Work on the ratings of some new top players such as gnabry and davies from bayern, and sterling, and the new top player in the duel and the jump of the holland from borussia dortmund!!!

  24. konami this is true that the question is whether the pes 2021 will come out not only on the playstation 5, but otherwise !!! We expect more normal game, nice gameplay, where the ratings, and the changes of the same, and the change of the player’s form must make a difference, not where the computer, despite your 99 rating balance, is stronger, and you can’t steal the ball, even under such conditions you can’t on the legend win say four, five games in a row! !?!? And all you have to do is not publish a new pes, it’s best to stop getting on our nerves and give up football this time !!! order konami all this !!!!!!

  25. we want game and gameplay like pes 2006, and long balls and speed of players like pes 2016, and gameplay like pes 2013 !!! Give us a game with nice passes, mistakes, but also magical passes, and the difference when he adds messi,and let’s say casemiro and dodging with the mushroom without a fast run, much better pressing, reading the game, and more stolen balls, and the possibility of better control with top players, keeping the ball, and better possession! also the diversity and characteristics of clubs !!!

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