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25th October 2012

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  2. I’m disappointed in Fifa Manager 12 cause the players wear same EA Sports Boots the shirt numbering is so small it is not exciting i felt like i was player fifa club manager 2005 i am so utterly disappointed hope Fifa Manager 13 improves cause it needs to be realistic and enjoyable on Fifa Manager 12 i find the match days boring cause its same old stuff I’m used i even have doubts of buying Fifa Manager 13.

  3. This game has the potential to rival Football Manager series from Sega and yet came out short due to many bugs/limited control/features/(insert unsatisfied things about fifa manager here) for years. Among my concerns and “wishful” improvement over the new game is:

    1. Make the 3D engine more realistic. Football manager didn’t need any special/beautiful graphics to make “the beautiful game”, and yet it has amazed many people and got many people hooked to it in some ways. I also found that regardless of skill,technique, passing etc. a high score of speed and acceleration can overpower the other attributes anytime of the day in the 3d match engine.

    2. Please make an overhaul over the current scouting system.

    2.1 I’ve yet to see the real benefits of actually purchasing those “scouting facilitators” found in-game cause it doesn’t provide any difference to the scouting system and in turns waste the clubs money.

    2.2 Don’t make scouted players magically disappear. This often happens and will only in remained in the database if they are shortlisted. please fix this FIFA.

    2.3 Give us more in depth report of a scouted player and apply it to ALL the scouted players to give managers insight of the players ability and potentials. Something which can be learned from Football Manager.

    2.4 Fix that s***ty “next opposition” scouting. what the hell does scouting just the next opposition players will do. It would be better if if scouts can provide what tactics that might be employed by opponents, players that might suited to the formation and strength play of each players in the club(First team)

    3. Transfers – Why is it that signing players requiring work permit an ABSOLUTE no even players that had previously played on your current league? Some of these players are quite handy at times and i’ve seen this happen to good players and i was left really frustrated. Some of them goes into free transfers and retires -_-..

    4. Add More drama to the media news and transfer rumours (Managers and Players alike) as well as making “private life” the ability to affect the media and relationships etc. And maybe making Off-pitch controvosies incidents more often? speeding, accidents, clubbing, making out with brother’s wife etc. like what you find in the media these days.

    5. Players. Why do players still exhibit high overall scores for attributes when their actual stats are really low? And the state of decline of players over the years is really steep please rectify that as well.

    Last but not least i suggest fifa to learn something from football manager(if i have made myself clear enough) and try to adapt as well incorporate the current situation of the footballing world to bring a more realistic football simulation game.

    Thanks for reading! Hope you guys did though..huhu

  4. I’d love to give it a go but EA aren’t capable of making it work on a MAC unlike Football Manager. Sadly, this is yet another reason why EA won’t ever catch up with Football Manager…

  5. Like everyone i hope they get the 3d match right. Its the only reason i tried fifa manager. I dont understand all these people that say u dont need it. Maybe u should try football manager if u think its good without the 3d matches. Football Manager is the bomb for realism in terms of gameplay. Hope fifa get the 3d games right, else they will lose a big chunk of this fanbase to football manager when they finally realise the authenticity of that game.

    1. Be nice if its more real when your watching the 3d match 08 was the best for 3d matches hope this ones like that and also i think they should add whete you can talk to players before coming off the bench lol be more real if you know what i mean

  6. 1. I think that you should be able to see the your new signing sign the contract, receive information on his medical, and introduce him to the press.
    2. I think that players should be able to get into trouble off the pitch (e.g. drinking, fights, etc.)
    3. I think you should be able to ask your ‘team leaders’ for advice on players, tactics, etc.

    1. they tried personal stuff in the game years ago when it was called total club manager yes btw it is the same series but it would happen so randomly that feature was scrapped but the other two suggestions sound good

  7. multi player like football manager live, the markets there for on-line football management game however the free browser ones are absolute rubbish and football manager 2012 is slow and boring.

  8. new 3D engine. EA sports need to definitely took into this issue. need new 3D engine. fifa manager is a wonderful manager simulation game and the best. but now for years EA provide same 3D engine. no doubt EA hit double profit if provide the new 3D engine. or you gonna see fifa Manager series sales go steeply down. its a fact. i don’t know how tiresome to provide the same but you do it its fantastic. you lose 99% critics. hope fully the new version contain new 3d engine.

  9. Is anyone else furious how each year they hide the 3d match engine screens shots away to try to fool you into buying it only then to be gutted you have just bought the same awful 3d match engine mode? They arent getting my money this year – i will just make do with fifa 2013s manager mode and buy segas football manager instead for depth etc…Im sick of giving this awful product my money every year to just feel ripped off……the developers this year said …the crowds will look more realistic as will now wave flags of the team………are they for real….I will bet you all it will be a flag stuk in middle of the 2d unrealistic crowds of last year making it look even worse..BYE BYE fifa manager….after 4 years Im divorceing you.

    1. jeezz…i never used 3d at fifa manager and i like the game a lot…there are quite a lot of things to do…if the 3d sucks it doesn’t mean the whole game sucks….AND FOR GOD”S SASKE>>>IF YOU WANT GREAT GRAPHICS…GO GET FIFA 12 OR WAIT FOR 13….

      1. If EA sells a game calling it Fifa Manager 13 and releases it close to FIFA 13 and they hide away the 3d match engine to fool people into thinking/hoping it has the Fifa 13 match engine that to me is underhanded and dishonest. They have not changed the 3d match engine wich is awful,dated and dosent work for years and each year release things like box cover shots while hiding the 3d match engine shots away till they get people buying it. If you sold a car with a Jaguar badge on it and it had a cheap cars engine inside it …you would take action would you not? Same here – EA by putting Fifa and 13 into this titles name is in hope to rip people off into buying it – as lets face it – millions of foooty fans would snap this title up IF it DID have fifa 13s match engine and eacy year was improved like the fifa game engine – SO yes you are completely wrong – if they said its a management game without the fifa and 13 in the title fine – if people are happy to sit watching random unreleastic results, talk to players about going to theme parks and wonder why your team full of world class players loses 5-1 to a unheard of team on a regular basis then go for it…but stop with the FIFA in the title as this game is absolutely awful in 3d match engine mode. It should say on the cover USES A LIMITED AND LESS GOOD fifa 20093d match engine mode with 2d crowds – awful animation and unrealistic loooking 3d matchs.

  10. I’m Totally agreed with alexey. Implement of fifa 11 3d engine would be fantastic. In past, Gameplay of fifa manager 08 is wonderful. In 08 version, player are likely to do something. But in later fifa manager version, players are running, passing, shooting without aim, technique is poor. I think FIFA manager 13 should be developed based on fifa 11 gameplay. because Fifa 11 gameplay is fantastic. There r some new international tournament and feature should be add. They are- Fifa Under-17 World cup, Fifa Olympic Tournament, Fifa youth olympic tournament, pan-american games football, concacaf gold cup, african nations cup, asian cup, oceanean cup, continental best player award, give freedom to put new club and international tournament in fifa manager 13 editor. give freedom to change any club and international match date in fifa manager 13 editor. give freedom to hire club staff( Assistant coach, doctor, scout etc ) from any country( After fifa manager 08 club staff can be hire only from pre selected league and associated country. I very much beg to EA to add these feature. I am very optimistic. Please these r not a very tough tusk. Please listen to me. I’m waiting, we r waiting.

  11. Team dinamics sounds interesting and fresh, but EA please oh please understand that 90% of us fans want a new beliveble 3D match engine comm on, the last 4 were a joke.i know that being a manager game, the 3D match should not concern us that much, but guess what IT DOES!!! We want to enjoy our team winning on the field, and not only in instant results, text mode, we want to enjoy a new bought striker/player before our eyes, to cheer or to curse him, ON THE FIELD, if a side of our team, left for example are week, in speed,crossing etc we want to see it live, and when we buy better players, to see with our own eyes improvements, thats fun and satisfaction.The curent 3d match engine is just retarded, with that backpass, stupid crosses, stupid AI, same goals, graphics.. everything is a mess like a FIFA 97 game…WHY DON’T the programmers implement FIFA 11, not 13, but 11, i mean it’s 2 years old, it doesn’t effect sales or such cuz it’s outdated and we don’t play it, just watch it.The TCM’s had great 3d experience with fantastic goals, and build up play, since then the 3d view has gone backwards
    Soon even football manager will have a better 3d experience.SHAME ON YOU FIFA. it’s been 4 years with the same retarded 3d match engine, i repeat myself 4 *** years, soon to be 5.This year i will buy football manager, and wait until fifa realize want the fans want more, and where fifa could have the upper hand agains football.
    GIVE US FIFA 11 3d match view, or at least next year, if now is too late.

  12. spot on uk i only buy this game every 2 years so you notice the changes but the bugs is the most anoying .and the way they try everthing to sell this game is ridiculas,700 come on ..also what i think is that this game will be awfull on ps3 and x box it would be good for a couple of seasons then back on the shelf or in some cases in the bloody no kidding given to a childrens home .i also buy football manager every 2 years .so not this year for either of them..sorry

  13. Hello

    Please UPGRADE the Fifamanagereditor(outside the program).
    For example:
    Please put the Stadium editor here as well.We can load a real stadium photo and city image.It will be great,because, the fans can personalises their clubs and their leage teams stadiums.After that,(3D mod is more realistic and enjoyable).Lots of leage dont upgrade well or maybe not find in the program.I ll totally understood ,FIFA Group cant convert every leages and stadiums and players,but the fans will do it own.Its easy way,please do this little upgrade it for the fans.

    Many thanks

  14. make it for x box or ps3 or mac. Fifa is on all of them why not manager?
    Also,you were on the right track when you let the player control one of the players in the 3d match,why stop now. Give the option to control 1 player or make futball fusion like you did when you released it years ago on Ps2 or if people what to simple shout orders let them. It is not that difficult fifa to go forward without taking 2 steps back. You are making yourselves lose money when you include a very good new option then take it back out the next year. All i am saying is give your customers choices as you have done before. It seems that fifa manager only got worse with the years. Bring back player control in 3d games and release on other consoles or at least on mac.

  15. Take a leaf out of Amiga’s book with there much lauded and ”respected”, ‘Sensible World of Soccer”, we need a FIFA12 match engine and more teams, make use of the license, I will not be buying Fifa Manager 13 because YOU ARE NOT LISTENING TO OUR CONCERNS!! The fact I am writing this is a ruse, con, scam to give me a feeling of interaction, also release for MAC! People aren’t asking for much, please do as we wish and this title will go on to become a legend.

  16. Hi EA,

    Kindly build the 3D engine for FM 13 as if it’s the same as FiFa 13 engine. There’s so many of us unhappy with the 3D engine that you given us in FM 12. Whenever i watched in 3D match, i see like my players are mentally retarded running around in the field. Please add a mode like Highlight as well. Hope you can improve in all these areas.By doing this, you may satisfy us and this game will be game of the year. Please fulfill our request.

  17. I think in all areas, football manager has the upper hand, becouse football manager has an originality in every thing like fixture,competitions, cups, contenental qualifications, and much more, plz remove the unskilled engineers and appoint skilled persons to create fifa manager 13

  18. Please incorporate the Fifa 11/12/13 3D match engine, or I genuinely will not buy this game, and I can guarantee that the same applies for so many others.

  19. do the graphics like in FIFA 12 or 11, because I own FIFA MANAGER 12 and I still have the feeling, like I’m playing some old game (FIFA 09, FIFA 10)! and please, fix the bugs and AI.


  20. at least they should use Fifa 11 (not FM11) 3D match (A.I., graphics and animations) or it will feel like I’m still playing FM10… 3D matches till Fifa Manager 10 made it the best of the football managers imo. 3D matches in Fifa Manager 11 and 12 feel old and suck…

  21. One thing: MAKE FOR MAC! There’s a ton of players who want to play FIFA Manager, but it’s not worth buying a PC just to play FIFA Manager.

      1. HA!!! Poor? you re a joke man bc we were poor then we wouldnt have a Mac… this is common sense SMH

  22. Fifa manager 2013 has the same 3d match engine we have all been saying does not work in all previous games. I will bet that also it contains all the same bugs is released needing the usual 3 updates and again the only thing the unskilled people that make this game will have worked on is things like more place to take your team to like instead of just a theme park lets let players take them to Disney land….FUnny? No..not when for last 3 years you loyally hand your money of for these bug ridden games. ITs time to stop the rot and for Electronice Arts to do something about it. EA SPORTS reputation is each year tarred by this game and its about time someone somewhere stopped it. What a complete waste of the official license etc please give it to someone that at least is trying to make a good management game over at Sega. I hope sega release a new 3d engine on football manager either way im in their camp now so good bye EA…if releasing poor quality bug ridden software is in your name you wont be getting my money.By the for sueing me for above comments…bring it on…maybe all us ripped off punters should go to trading standards after all its you guys that release a bug ridden product every year which does “NOT” in “ANY” way manage in its 3d match mode manage to produce anything like a real football match. Again Bright Studios fill forums with utter waffle while hiding away the fact that again they have done nothing to fix all the bugs or brought in a new 3d match engine instead they ignore us all and waffle on about 700 improvements they are bringing..what a complete mess this game is now after 3 years of nothing but glossed over bugs. EA should be ashamed and they should understand that this title is like a shareware game with the official license. Disgusting is all I can say and this year you wont get a penny off me..your screen shots even show the same pathetic manager faces!! lol…new 3d match engine? Developers of this game only know how to do the static screens in hi res took them 2 years to figure that out. Review for 2013 fifa manager? May as well do it now – same bugs -same 3d match engine – same mess with NO improvements made to all the issues raised by fans for years – dont buy it everyone make EA sit up and listen and get new developers in. Vote with your feet this year please dont get ripped off.

  23. •International Tournaments in Career Mode
    • International Manager Mode
    •More Leagues,uae,qatar
    •Boot Updates

  24. Please better grapichs!!! it’s always dark in the 3d engine, it is the same 3d grapichs year after year!! I am thinking there should have more control over the weather in the 3d engine!

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