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Which features should the next version of FIFA Manager have? Which ones should it not have? How should be next version o FM?

What were the bugs in FIFA Manager 11 and older versions? Which version of FIFA Manager was the best one and why?

Write us your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for FIFA Manager 12 in the form given below. We will send your ideas, suggestion and comments regading FIFA to EA Sports / Bright Future developers. Be sure that the FM developers are looking for new worthful ideas from FIFA Manager fans.

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  1. It would be nice if it was playable. Right now after 3 patches its still not playable since ALL player skill devolve to 0 points after a few months.

  2. In 3d mode, there are way too many shots outside the 18 taken. THere should be a way to fix it so you force your players to take shots inside the 18. I know there is an option for taking long shots but there is not an option to take shots inside the 18.

  3. Good morning, all EA Sports TEAM)) Today I want to try to present: in what way must develop Seria Fifa Manager in near 3-5 years. I am user of products your company from 1994 (advantage Football subject (theme) since Fifa 94 on Sega 16 Bit). I not only play simulators of your Company, but also in period 1994-1999 play real Football (soccer) on very good Region Level. The reality of your simulators always amaze me. Special _Fifa 2007_ – in my opiion in this version, you made the engine of players, special in part of touch, passing & shooting of the ball. Since 2006 I began to use your Fifa Manager Seria products.
    And today I want to say next: In order to approach the Simulating of Fifa Manager to Real Football Manager process, need not Revolution, but fundamental changes in the Game, which come Fifa Manager maximum near to Reality Level. ——————————————
    Situation is in the next: EA Sports since first days of existing ,entered _the Figure Rating of The Players_. In the begining it seems very comfortable. But in Last time, when i was watching by The Real Traning Session on Traning Base our Top Domestic Football Team – FC Tom Tomsk _Russian Premier League, i came to next conclusion: in real traning & game processing impossible to rank players movies, actions & interaction with help of Figure. In Fifa Manager 2012 _traning instruments_ present the most kind of real exercises which use in real traning of Football Team: Headers (Crossing-Headers, Out Trothing-Headers), Long Shots( _set piece_ Shots, shot pass – one touch long(dist/20-25m) shot), Dribling (In pars wih partner or with _/\_ ) and so far.
    I see only 1 way to make the Fifa Manager more real in next versions:
    1. Delete the Figure Rank of Players. Info of Player Window will conside the same information wich now, without the figure rating of Skill Player (Star Level of Player Talent may stay for beauty) .
    2. Basic: The Whole traning process must go in 3 D Mode in real time (that is increase time, need on game, but make game the game absolutely real & interesting) where the Virtual Manager (Gamer) will in regime of real time watch on players of his team making the exercises he choose for today traning day & select players:in pre season _ he wants to stay in the TEAM, loan/transfer_, in the season^ Players of Start LINE UP 11, Substitutions & Reserv.
    I Thing the 2012 – is a good year to make Fifa Manager closer to real Fotball Manager when ever it was. And what you thinking about, guys – best TEAM in Wordl Sport Simulators EA Sports?))

  4. Seriously EA. You have to implement more leagues. In my case im thinking about the Swedish leagues. There is no point having a reserve or youth team if you can not evolve them. Its all buy and sell. I wanna be able to use all the facilites to the maximum for developing my own players.

    EA, get a grip. You can never compete with Football Manager if you dont make these small changes and updates.

    Regards, Emil

    1. Yeah i agree with Emil, we must be able to view our reserve and youth team and also see the players training.

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