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Write your wish-list, suggestions and ideas for EA Sports FIFA Manager 13 football video-game here at FIFPlay.

We will list all your ideas and comments for the next version of FIFA Manager (Fussball Manager) here and will try to send them to the developers at EA Sports and Bright Future GmbH.

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  1. Given that the release date is on 25th October 2012 and this comment is posted on 24th September 2012, I might have been a little too late.

    But considering that I started playing the Premier League Manager 1998 to the transition of Total Club Manager Series and finally the transformation to Fifa Manager, I believe my 14 years of never failing in playing the series year-on-year gives me a very good insight on what can be improved.

    I will give my opinions based on footballing issues and financial/club management issues.

    Footballing Issues

    1) Inconsistency in talent improvement – I find it amusing that regardless of how many clean sheets my goalkeeper or defenders have produced, they will never be considered for talent star improvements at the end of the season. To a certain extent, I find my wingers and strikers not as easily having their talents improved as compared to my central or attacking midfielders. This ought to be fixed and give a more rounded improvement to players of different positions.

    2) Heavily biased positional statistics – Another amusing observation is my wingers will never put in as many assists or goals as compared to my central midfielders or strikers regardless of their passing, crossing or finishing. Considering that the inverted winger system is so prevalent in real life (even Messi and Ronaldo play at these positions), they will never be the main players in the game. Why are wingers or sided-midfielders not be allowed to act as playmakers in the game? Another additional point is the lack of goals and assists from full-backs when you have players like Dani Alves, Phillip Lahm and Ashley Cole.

    3) Tactics limitation – The reason for existence of this game is to provide gamers with an experience in managing a team and key to his experience is the ability to tinker with tactics. Right now, it seems like the only thing the gamer has to do is to choose the players and decide if they want to play short or long ball. Why not add further tactic variations (i.e. midfielders – holding role, attacking midfielder, trequartista, etc. full-backs – overlap runs, stay put, etc. wingers – cut in, crossing, etc.).

    4) Rapid decline upon aging – This is something really frustrating when you play a team that has many veterans in it. It seems like once a player reach certain age (usually 33), his stats just go on a freefall. I look at players like Ryan Giggs or Paul Scholes who are nearing 40 and improving in real life, but dropping like flies in the game. A suggestion is to add a characteristic (e.g. Attitude to Win, Temparamental, etc.) which we can call ‘Evergreen’ and players with this characteristic will have the ability to retain their stats until around 40.

    5) Difficulty in improving set piece stats – This one is similar to the decline in stats with aging. I find it amazingly difficult for my players to score in penalty, even with high 90’s stats in penalty. The worst thing is, it is so hard to increase this stats while very easy to decrease with one or two misses. The same can be said for free kicks and corner kicks where it is simply very difficult to improve it even just by a few points. A real life example, you have players like Cristiano Ronaldo blasting the free kicks wide or to the wall 9 times out of 10 but once he scores, he is given a 90++ stats in free kicks. How is this even possible? I think the ease in improving free kicks should correspond with ‘long shot’ stats and improving corner kicks should correspond with ‘long passing’ stats.

    6) Work permit issues – The sole reason why Neymar, Ganso and Lucas Moura to a name of few are virtually non-existent players. It seems like if I try to buy them 1 season in the game, it would not be possible due to work permit issues as they might not have represented their countries. For gamers like me with limited PC capacity, I do not turn on the Brazilian League which further results in these players not improving in stats and subsequently, not being chosen to play for their national teams. Ultimately, these players are literally wasted in the games.

    7) Inactive transfer system – I have noticed this problem occurring on all the game series. For some inexplicable reason, no clubs ever seem to want to buy any of my players, regardless of how good or how cheap they are being sold. I tried to sell Frank Lampard with overall level of 92 for $6 million and no bids at all. I could only assume that clubs would be killing each other to obtain his signature at that price.

    8) Change in players’ characters – I think it is unfair that some players have negative characters associated with them throughout their playing career. How about the ability to give one-on-one talk to remove negative characters and to improve positive ones. For example, we can constantly talk to a player and hope that he removes ‘Temparamental’ and another option to talk to him to make him develop ‘Attitude to Win’.

    Financial/Club Management Issues

    1) Unrealistic Merchandise Figures – Let’s not kid ourselves. It is an unfair world and so are the global audience reach of certain big clubs relative to all the smaller clubs. Real Madrid or Manchester United would realistically have a merchandise sale value of possibly closer to $50 million – $100 million per annum rather than the meagre $20 million – $30 million. These are not just made up figures but figures from the financial statements of the clubs. From a game developer’s perspective, this might cause game imbalance but that is the reality. A way to mitigate this problem is to allow for option to edit it in the game editor.

    2) Limited commercial opportunities – Given the nature of football clubs in the modern world, commercial opportunities are an important facet to the game and crucial to the financial survival of a club. Some additional opportunities like being paid a lump sum to attend training sessions or friendly games in a foreign country would be interesting.

    3) Useless merchandise shops abroad – Once again, given the reality of world football and the extent of globalisation in real life, one would naturally assume that something akin to a merchandise shop in China, Japan, United States or Brazil would generate a huge amount of merchandise sales if the club has high international prestige. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be the case in the game. An ongoing example that I always face is my shops in these ‘hotspot’ countries, instead of generating a logical revenue of $1 million – $2 million per year, ended up losing money of that amount.

    4) Limited turn in improving infrastructure – I see no reason why a club should be bounded by a maximum of 4 infrastructure improvements at any one time. If my club is financially sound, why can’t I conduct a massive infrastructure improvements in one year to save me the time and trouble.

    5) Confusion on taxation on Net Profit Before Tax – One question: Why is my club being slapped a 70% tax bill on Net Profit Before Tax? And my club aren’t even playing in France!

    6) Editing partner’s attributes – This one is more of a personal preference. If we can edit players, why can’t we edit our partner’s (i.e. girlfriend, wife, etc.) attributes for Intelligence, Patience and Spending Habits?

    7) Inability to hire retired players as staff – I think gamers should be given the option to hire retiring players as staff members and the option to decide on which role to provide. One potential problem that I can see coming out from this is the lack of talented staff due to the Bell Curve attribution of skill levels. I think this ought to be mitigated by having a close correlation between their playing skills and character to their staff talent and general level. Obviously, it wouldn’t make sense to have Ryan Giggs whose playing talent at 9 with ‘High Club Identification’, ‘Professionalism’ and ‘Sportsmanship’ coming out with a staff talent level of 2 and 25 in general level as a masseur.

    These are all I have to say at this stage. Once again, let me make this clear that my opinions are formed by my 14 years of consecutively playing the series.

    Regardless of what other games say about Football Manager being a better game than Fifa Manager, I still think there is a reason why Fifa Manager has been able to keep me for that long.

    It is not a perfect game, not as yet, but it could definitely be better with constant improvements. And as a gamer who is selfish when it comes to getting the best gameplay from my favourite game, I have no doubt that the developers will take heed of the feedback and implement it hopefully in Fifa Manager 13, and if not, Fifa Manager 14.

  2. 3 things that I say it would be usefull

    – when you create a new team, and you create the playing KIT, If I would use the Real Madrid’s kit brand, or Barca’s kit BRAND why sould I settle for weard colored no name Kits? Give the posibility to use real Kit BRANDS from other teams, but give just the posibility to change the color of the KIT.

    – Try more interactive dialogues between the coach and board, coach and players, coache and player agents, coach and staff… it’s no interactivity between this, you just select what you want to say…and then apears a “statement” of the player, staff, board.

    – To much useless statistics in the STATS menue. keep it simple. And when playing with a National Team, show at the main page World Rank positions, it’s hard to remember whitch position you started, and where did you left the team…

    Thank you. Your are making a great job! 😉

  3. There needs to be more realism on two major fronts: the youth (especially under-18’s) players and the loan market system (used in the English leagues) as well as the ability to promote to the reserves players from under-18’s for some games and the back again after and more realistic value incomes and expenditure for matchdays and friendlies as well as the ability to play friendlies against a reserve side without the league.

  4. Maybe it could be better to decrease the number of free-agent players because in the second season many good players change the whole league

  5. Maybe support for tablets ( android, ipad, blackberry playbook) with all the characteristics that are also on the Pc. So what you can play on your Pc you can continue on the tablet and play online with others ( friends, Etc.)

  6. better 3d engine
    more special features for teams (like as fans’ behaviour)
    wheather conditions and day/night macthes
    kit alternatives
    play-off leagues for different countries
    more footballer photos
    realistic team websites
    stadium photos and be more realistic in 3d-matches
    different cases (accidents, fightings in training, etc.)
    developing newspaper and fan opinions

  7. Please, increase the number of playable leagues – other manager games (like Football Manager) are nowhere near as interesting as FIFA Manager, but they offer practically every possible league in the world. I would love to see real players from Serbian league, or some African leagues, for example, it would make the game far more interesting in the aspect of scouting for talents.

  8. Every year FM has a prefered shooting system. In 2011 it was a heading goals, in 2012 shoots from center positions. There are no differences in playing style between players.

  9. Fifa Manager 13, i wanna the face of player like Pro Evolution Soccer, look real
    then i wanna put the real manager on fifa manager 13

  10. The ability to Build facilities like in the 07 Fifa Manager, I.e. The ability to build Blocks of Flats and hotels, makes the game a lot more interesting from my point of view and the extra facilities and things like that is what gives Fifa Manager the edge of Football manager.

  11. I haven’t played Fifa Manager 12 but I have suggestions based on 11. First of all, no matter what your club’s achievements are, some players keep refusing to negitiate. For example, I have lead many teams to numerous victories, continuous CL trpphies, championships etc but high quality players keep saying that tgey would only consider moving to bigger teams. Also, the 3D gameplay is not realistic at all. In addition, after about two years, each and every club has financial problems. Also, every 1st of July you see many unrealistic no fee transfers.

    Please fix these…

  12. Gameplay of fifa manager 08 is wonderful. In 08 version, player are likely to do something. But in later fifa manager version, players are running, passing, shooting without aim, technique is poor. I think FIFA manager 13 should be developed based on fifa 11 gameplay. because Fifa 11 gameplay is fantastic. There r some new international tournament and feature should be add. They are- Fifa Under-17 World cup, Fifa Olympic Tournament, Fifa youth olympic tournament, pan-american games football, concacaf gold cup, african nations cup, asian cup, oceanean cup, continental best player award, give freedom to put new club and international tournament in fifa manager 13 editor. give freedom to change any club and international match date in fifa manager 13 editor. give freedom to hire club staff( Assistant coach, doctor, scout etc ) from any country( After fifa manager 08 club staff can be hire only from pre selected league and associated country. I very much beg to EA to add these feature. I am very optimistic. Please these r not a very tough tusk. Please listen to me. I’m waiting, we r waiting.

  13. Hope you can add options for match.With one click you can get result.No need to for live matches.It will be like your fifa manager 2000.That will be completely different from others managemnt game.

  14. Total club manager05 graphics in replay and hd video, rolling duel run engines, night cup games like total club manager05. Fifa 13-14 squad update editor compatable with Fifa manager season 13-14. Manger change update as season sackings accure.

  15. Maybe you take the advantages from the Sega Manager and add it?

    Would be great, but no you have a “wonderful graphic” without any spirit too the game.. and Sega is much more realistic but there aren’t many languages available. But i guess I’m dreaming..

  16. FIFA Manager 13… make a gameplay like FIFA Manager 08 or better than FIFA Manager 08. I think FIFA Manager 08’s gameplay is the best. make FIFA Manager 13 the player more dribbling, better 3D.

  17. hey

    maybe a few little chance

    1.more weather conditions

    2.various squares in the football stadium editor

    3. better 3d engine

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