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  1. Once again the developers the same as the previous last 3 years hide screenshots away of the ACTUAL MATCH ENGINE as they are ashamed of it as know they have not given us a new 3d match engine for years and on modern pcs it looks laughable now as well as just not working – players ai is awful – the animation is out of date ie by 3 years example a player of 99 speed dosent look like hes jogging…and a CB of speed 60 catchs him up…your start striker ie ronaldo or messi one on one with keeper pass backwards or hit the post or run ball straight into keeepers arms…and as for crossing…which they say they have changed in new release its laughable too with 90% going straight to keeper. The 3d match engine on 2009 to 2012 edition is awful and they are releasing the same engine on 2013 release – like last year though they being so ashamed of it and not wanting you to be so mad that you dont buy it they give you screen shots of the box cover instead of the game 3d engine graphics. THis game is NOT up to EAs usual standards of quality and looks like its being made by EAs children in their mothers basement. I think only one person works on this all year…as theres never any real progress and its been released now for years with same bugs and rubbis match engine. ITS NOTHING LIKE THE NEW FIFA ENGINES…you have been warned…oh..and by way…they cant even make the crowds look good they are 2d and from side look like a line…but hey – u wont notice you will be to frustrated at the awful on pitch graphics and ai to care……..

    1. you are so right, i so many times wanted to write on the fifa manager’s facebook page: ” you suck!”

      and every year they tell us the same as they have done in the last years, that guy with the glasses just talks bulls*** and freaks me out

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