FIFA Manager 13 Screenshots

All screenshots of EA Sports FIFA Manager 13:

FIFA Manager 13 Screenshots

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  1. It’s strange to see none of managers to the clubs consist of their real information. Meanwhile it’s titled FIFA Manager. How come?

  2. 3D mode is far from perfect and does need working on BUT

    firstly im not sure why the above comments have a problem with crosses and headers. They seem to produce the majority of my goals when im on 3D match.

    Secondly, where Football Manager really seems to trump FIFA is outside of matches. The most obvious reason being, Football Manager doesnt have a proper 3D mode, so its not where fifa are losing the punters therefore its not a priority

    Sales numbers alone prove that people prefer the in-depth nature of a management game. its why you buy a management game, to simulate the control the manager has in a much more in-depth way than FIFA/PES.

    So its pleasing to see in these screen shots the new features being introduced which help address some of the relativly basic nature of team management in FIFA. Especially pleasing is the revamped team talks, its far more engaging to choose exactly what your saying to the players rather than very vaugely praising/motivating/ criticisng them.

    The one change recent change i havnt liked and is the reason i switched to playing 3D match is the new text mode, where for large proportions in the match you have no idea what your players are doing and the attacks are explained after the event.

  3. EA Sports usually release high quality proffesional products that dont make you feel like youve just been ripped off but Im frustrated to say that with their Fifa Manager series you just cant believe that the developers of this bug ridden mess are allowed to use the FIFA brand name as they are dragging it through the mud every year. This year yet again they are going to release the same unpatched mess with all the usual commentary bugs present in the last two years rubbish releases and they unbelieveably are yet again going to release it with the same 3d match engine which has never worked and looks ancient now. They say they have “refined” the 3d mode….wow…they need to scrap it not refine it…crosses always go to keepers…world class strikers one on one pass backwards or hit the post – the matchs turn into a boring mess of pathetic ai giving ball away or just generally running about like headless chickens. The developers state now the matchs are more believeable as the crowd now waves the teams flags!!! Lol…i managed to see a screenshot of this “new improvement” and laughed my head off…its a flag stuck in stadium crowd not attatched to anything as the developers are so bad at anything to do with 3d they cant even figure out how to put it into someones actual hand…this game is a real con and people buy it as basically theres nothing else out there to buy if you dont like segas to fiddley /deep football manager…I only wish someone at EA would wake up and realise how much money ea sports could make if they put together a “PROPER 3D” fifa management game out there its crazy when u think of all the fifa fans out there that love the management bit of fifa and EA sports still let these rubbish developers make a complete mess of fifa manager every year….PLEASE EA for goodness sake are you happy that so many people are calling you due to the bug ridden mess of fifa manager cheesing so many people off every year? Wheres your quality control department..and has anyone at EA sat and watched a 3d match game of fifa manager and thought hang on …this shouldnt be associated with the FIfa brand? I wish I was in charge at EA sports…first job..get team who put fifa 2011 and 2012 3d match engine together get them to create one for a management game…put together a GOOD management game…and I would sack the whole lot of developers who put the fifa management games together.Then …I would sit back and watch the millons roll in as footy fans everywhere qued up for what they have all been waiting for since the days of playing fifa on the megadrive a PROPER fifa management game.

  4. Better 3D mode, lately all players play in 3D mode the same way, and not to anything like the movements of the real players have been a mess, would be nice if it could improve and that the graph is see as the FIFA 13, and the movements are similar to fifa 13 too, should use the same graphics engine.


  5. Ideas:
    Mejor 3D
    Modo arbitro: Para ser tu el arbitro y llegar a ser arbitro de partidos importantes.
    Escudos 2a B espaƱa.
    Jugadas ensayadas
    Modo ver el entrenamiento…

  6. Where’s the screenshots of 3D match engine. I have a good idea where they are…. HIDING IN EA’S ASS’OLE!!!

    EA couldn’t sell candy to a baby. (N DAT’S A LARF!!!).

  7. Its a real shame that someone at EA doesnt wake up one morning and realise that theres hundreds of thousands of footy fans out there some of whom already buy fifa each year that would que up all night for one thing…a dedicated football management game that each year improves like fifa and has a engine to match it so that you can at last watch exciting 3d matchs..Its a shame then …that it hasnt happened yet and instead they waste their money on giving it to the people that develop fifa manager as year after year its release full of bugs and with a creaking old air brushed match engine which now pc players have had enough of. I for one didnt buy the 2010 or 2011 editions waiting TWO years before i got 2012..and WOW..the same comentary bugs – and the same glossed over awful 3d engine.Glad i only got it for 12.99 as im not sure its even worth that. Im off to get segas football management until EA sort this mess out. The new one should be called what it really is “patched 2009 fifa manager still broken for 2013″. You have to laugh though look at the screenshots they hiding the poor match engine and even using the same old awful manager faces. Still.Maybe this year you will get 800 improvements such as…”the crowd now wave a flag” “your players now cross high instead of low” “now your team can score a headed goal”. For a EA product…its really not in the name with this one…………it lacks quality and does not bear the right to have the Fifa in the title.

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