FIFA 23 – World Cup 2022 Live

FIFA 23 FIFA World Cup Live

The FIFA World Cup Live feature in the FIFA 23 World Cup mode allows you to play upcoming World Cup matches or rewrite the outcome of a previous FIFA World Cup 2022 game to change the location of football’s most prestigious trophy, complete with authentic fixtures, squads, stats, results, group standings, and more.

This features is available in single-player and online play mode. Below are the options that you get within this game mode:

How to Play

FIFA 23 World Cup Live

Select the FIFA WORLD CUP LIVE tab in the FIFA WORLD CUP 2022 mode in FIFA 23. Next, you will have the following options:

FIFA World Cup Live Menu
  • FEATURED QUICKPLAY – Choose any fixture, past or present, and play a one off match against local friends or against the Al (Single-player).
  • ONLINE QUICKPLAY – Play any past or present fixture against an online friend (Add Friend).
  • YOUR FIFA WORLD CUP – Inherit a team’s FIFA World Cup progress into Tournament Mode and write your own history – Available from 21 November.


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