FIFA 23 – FUT World Cup

FUT 23 World Cup

FUT 23 World Cup 2022 campaign starts from 11 November 2022 in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. There are special cards and themed content during the World Cup campaign.

FUT users will receive time limited cards from the players in World Cup and they can use them to do SBCs and objective based on World Cup content. Here you can find the latest content and players rearguing the FIFA World Cup 2022 content in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Squad Building Challenges

You can earn special rewards by completing exclusive World Cup Squad Building Challenges during this FUT World Cup promo event

SBC Expiry Reward
87+ Base or FIFA World Cup Hero PP2023-03-26
FIFA World Cup TOTT Challenge 22022-12-28
FIFA World Cup™ Campaign Player Pick2022-12-27
85+ Semi-Finals Nations Upgrade2022-12-22
FIFA World Cup TOTT Challenge 12022-12-26
81+ Double Upgrade2022-12-22
Ángel Di María2023-01-01
88+ Mid or FIFA World Cup Icon Upgrade2022-12-25
FIFA World Cup™ Half-Time Final Challenge2022-12-19
FIFA World Cup™ Half-Time 3/4 Challenge2022-12-19
75+ FIFA World Cup Players Upgrade2022-12-21
adidas FIFA World Cup Pre-Game Kit2022-12-22
FIFA World Cup™ Half-Time SF Challenge 22022-12-15
Dušan Vlahović2022-12-20
FIFA World Cup™ Half-Time SF Challenge 12022-12-15
FIFA World Cup Heroes Upgrade2022-12-14
78+ Player Pick2022-12-14
FIFA World Cup™ Challenge Cameroon2022-12-13
FIFA World Cup™ Half-Time QF Challenge 22022-12-11
FIFA World Cup™ Half-Time QF Challenge 12022-12-10
Gonçalo Ramos2022-12-16
FIFA World Cup™ Challenge Croatia2022-12-12
FIFA World Cup™ Challenge Morocco2022-12-11
Jeremie Frimpong2022-12-15
FIFA World Cup™ Challenge Senegal2022-12-10
FIFA World Cup™ Challenge Poland2022-12-08
80+ Double Upgrade2022-12-08
FIFA World Cup™ Challenge Brazil2022-12-06
75+ FIFA World Cup Players Upgrade2022-12-15
FIFA World Cup™ Challenge Spain2022-12-05
FIFA World Cup™ Challenge Japan2022-12-04
FIFA World Cup™ Challenge Belgium2022-12-03
Walker Zimmerman2022-12-05
Year In Review Player Pick2022-12-01
FIFA World Cup Challenge Tunisia2022-11-30
Christian Eriksen2022-12-09
86+ FUT Hero or FIFA World Cup Hero2022-12-03
75+ World Cup Winners PP2022-12-02
75+ FIFA World Cup Players Upgrade2022-12-02
80+ FIFA World Cup Players Upgrade2022-12-02
81+ PL/LaLiga/Ligue1 Double Upgrade2022-11-28
83+ Player Pick2022-11-29
Mixed Campaign Player Pick2022-11-30
Mixed Campaign Player Pick2022-11-30
Robin van Persie2022-12-17
84+ Upgrade2022-11-28
Daily Login Upgrade2022-12-01
85+ Double Upgrade2022-11-28
Fernando Morientes2022-12-07
FIFA World Cup Marquee Matchups2022-11-30
81+ Double Upgrade2022-11-28
Max. 89 FIFA World Cup Hero Upgrade2022-11-26
83+ Player Pick2022-11-24
Miloš Degenek2022-11-27
80+ Double Upgrade2022-11-23
FIFA World Cup Challenge France2022-11-23
Iñaki Williams2022-11-25
80+ FIFA World Cup Players Upgrade2022-11-25
FIFA World Cup Challenge Portugal2022-11-21
Position Modifier Upgrade2023-03-31
FIFA World Cup Challenge Serbia2022-11-20
FIFA World Cup Marquee Matchups2022-11-23
84+ Upgrade2022-11-18
75+ Player Pick2022-11-16
FIFA World Cup Challenge England2022-11-16
Robbie Keane2022-11-26
FIFA World Cup Challenge Qatar2022-11-14
Steven Berghuis2022-11-18
Patrick Vieira2023-01-06
FIFA World Cup Icon PP2023-01-06
3x 84+ x20 Pack2023-01-06
FIFA World Cup Hero PP2023-01-06
FIFA World Cup PTG PP2023-01-06
Kingsley Coman2023-01-06
Eden Hazard2023-01-06
Mason Mount2023-01-06
84+ x20 Pack2023-01-06
Álvaro Morata2023-01-06
Julian Brandt2023-01-06
Danilo Pereira2023-01-06
Joaquín Correa2023-01-06
Andreas Christensen2023-01-06
Filip Kostić2023-01-06
Andrej Kramarić2023-01-06
Andrés Guardado2023-01-06
Matias Viña2023-01-06
Enner Valencia2023-01-06
Xherdan Shaqiri2023-01-06
Munir El Haddadi2023-01-06
Bartosz Bereszyński2023-01-06
Takuma Asano2023-01-06
Kieffer Moore2023-01-06
Lee Jae-Sung2023-01-06
Krépin Diatta2023-01-06
Joseph Aidoo2023-01-06
82+ x20 Rare Players Pack2023-01-06
Reggie Cannon2023-01-06
Nouhou Tolo2023-01-06
Ajdin Hrustic2023-01-06
Mark-Anthony Kaye2023-01-06
Yasser Al-Shahrani2023-01-06
Alireza Jahanbakhsh2023-01-06
Francisco Calvo2023-01-06
Montassar Talbi2023-01-06
Almoez Ali2023-01-06
João Palhinha2022-11-18
75+ FIFA World Cup Players Upgrade2022-11-18
FIFA World Cup Challenge Ecuador2022-11-14
82+ Player Pick2022-11-11
Base FUT Hero Upgrade2022-11-14
FIFA World Cup Warm Up Challenge 32022-11-10
83+ FRA/ENG/GER Upgrade2022-11-10
83+ BRA/ARG/ESP Upgrade2022-11-10
FIFA World Cup Warm Up Challenge 22022-11-08
FIFA World Cup Warm Up Challenge 12022-11-06
Daily Login Upgrade2022-11-10
80+ Upgrade2022-11-08
adidas World Cup Kit2022-10-03


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