FIFA 23 – World Cup Path to Glory

Path to Glory

FIFA 23 World Cup Path to Glory (PTG) players are available from Friday, November 11th, 2022 at 6pm UK. 

FIFA World Cup Path to Glory players are permanent and can be redeemed by completing PTG SBCs and as rewards.


Here is the list of all World Cup Path to Glory (WC PTG) players in FUT 23:


Path to Glory Upgrade Explained

PTG players’ ratings will get an upgrade for their success and wins gained by their teams in the World Cup 2022 tournament. Here is how their stats will be upgraded throughout the tournament:

Stage Upgrade
Campaign Launch PTG Card Release
Qualify from Group Stage +1 IF Upgrade
Win Round of 16 +1 IF Upgrade
Win Quarter Finals 5* Weak Foot Upgrade
Win Semi Finals 5* Skill Moves Upgrade
Win the Final +1 IF Upgrade & 3 New Traits

Squad Building Challenges

By completing exclusive PATH TO GLORY Squad Building Challenges during this FUT World Cup event you will be able to earn rewards including the PTG players.

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SBC Expiry Reward

FUT Moments

You can earn up to 4 FUT Stars by completing the Out of Position group objectives in the FUT Moemnts. There are 3 FUT Stars plus a bonus Star for this group challnege which is availanle for 14 days.


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