FIFA 23 World Cup Mode

FIFA 23 World Cup

FIFA 23 World Cup mode expansion is available as a title update to FIFA 23 from 9 November 2022 for free and it features multiple tournament modes, elevated matchday experience as well as FUT World Cup events and contents.

Here is the complete list of features and contents you will get by getting the World Cup mode DLC.

Tournament Mode

You can play as one of the 32 qualified nations in a single-player recreation of the entire FIFA World Cup 2022 from the first match onwards, or you can customize your tournament experience by changing groups and substituting in select teams that did not make it to the FIFA World Cup Finals in a Custom Tournament.

In Online Tournament Mode, play as any of the 32 qualified nations through the Knockout Stages as you compete for FIFA World Cup glory against other players from around the world.

FIFA World Cup: Live

This feature allows you to play upcoming World Cup matches or rewrite the outcome of a previous FIFA World Cup 2022 game to change the location of football’s most prestigious trophy, complete with authentic fixtures, squads, stats, results, group standings, and more.

Your FIFA World Cup

Choose a nation, a live starting point from previous or current matchdays, and play an authentic single player tournament inheriting all real-world progress made thus far – including line-ups, match stats, and standings from the tournament so far – and take control of your chosen Nation’s World Cup fate.

Online Quickplay

Choose a past or current matchday and play against friends in an online match with real-life lineups.

FUT World Cup

New promo campaigns are available in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team during the FIFA World Cup 2022 event. New player cards, SBCs, objectives and FUT Moments. More details can be found at our FUT World Cup section.

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