FIFA 23 – World Cup 2022 Tournament Mode

FIFA 23 World Cup Tournament

The FIFA World Cup 2022 option in FIFA 23 World Cup mode allows you to play the FIFA World Cup 2022 tournament competition as a single-player mode in either the official or customized competition format.

Here is how you can play this tournament mode under the FIFA 23 World Cup mode:

FIFA World Cup 2022 Tournament

FIFA 23 Tournaments

Select the FIFA World Cup 2022 tab if you want to play as one of the 32 qualified nations in a single-player recreation of the entire FIFA World Cup 2022 from the first match on.

Once you select this option, you will be required to select a national team to play as that team in the World Cup. Select your favorite team from the eight available groups and advance to the next step.

Next, you will see the World Cup Central menu. From there, you can play matches, customize and manage your team, view the standings, and so on.

Like the official 2022 FIFA World Cup tournament, you will start the competition from the group stages and proceed to the knockout rounds and the final match if you win your matches; otherwise, you will be eliminated from the tournament.

Here are the options you have in this section:

  • PLAY MATCH – Play matches and try your luck at qualifying for the final match and winning the tournament.
  • STANDINGS – Here you can check out the complete standings and fixtures of the tournament, from the group stage to the final match.
  • PLAYER STATS – You can view the Player Stats and Teamstats here including the tournament’s Top Scorers.
  • NEWS – The latest news regarding your current tournament is available here.
  • TEAM MANAGEMENT – Settings, customisation and adjustments regarding your team, formation and tactics can be done here.
  • TEAM SHEETS – Your team sheets can be modified here.
  • EDIT PLAYERS – You can edit your team’s players here.
  • SETTINGS – Customise your Game Settings.
  • SAVE GAME – Save your game’s progress here.

Custom Tournament

FIFA 23 World Cup Tournament

Select the Custom Tournament to customize your tournament experience by changing groups and substituting in select teams that did not make it to the FIFA World Cup Finals.

Then, select your favourite nation to play with and reorganise the group as you like.

Continue playing your custom tournament as the official tournament progress.


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