FIFA 23 Cover Vote

FIFA 23 Cover

Who should be featured on FIFA 23 cover as FIFA Global Cover Star? Vote for your favourite footballer and tell EA who you want to have on FIFA game’s cover.

Choose a superstar from the voting poll below and click Vote button to drop your vote.

If your favourite footballer isn’t listed here, drop us a note at our Instagram page or our Twitter account so we can add them to the list.

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Who Should be the FIFA 23 Cover Star?

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141 thoughts on “FIFA 23 Cover Vote

  1. How is aguro there it should be between banzema Messi and Ronaldo I would like those old fifa covers that had three stars so that it would be Ronaldo Messi and banzema then if you want a keepers touch you guys can add courtois since this might be the last fifa game let’s put legends around we can’t have Mahrez as the cover star in the last fifa game

  2. Well he has done it all at Manchester United and Manchester could be big team next season from the rumours and signing

    1. I want Trent and Kai’s face off in carabao cup final as the cover

  3. Trent facing off with Phil foden or Kai havertz…. would be good to have the younger players as the cover.

    1. Mason Mount and Reece James should be on the list and Trent Alexander-Arnold and Diaby + Nkuku Also Patrick Sheick

  4. I think Benzema and haaland should be facing each other or modric and benzema or modric benzema and courtois

  5. Everyone wants the top players and by that I mean players like ronaldo and all the other player we need to give the up and coming players

    1. Ronaldo is old for the new fifa
      And he hasn’t been at his best like I mean there’s up and coming youngsters that can be on the cover like Trent Alexander Arnold,Kai Harverts
      Maybe not mbappe because his already been on the cave for fifa 21 and 22

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