FIFA 23 Cover Vote

FIFA 23 Cover

Who should be featured on FIFA 23 cover as FIFA Global Cover Star? Vote for your favourite footballer and tell EA who you want to have on FIFA game’s cover.

Choose a superstar from the voting poll below and click Vote button to drop your vote.

If your favourite footballer isn’t listed here, drop us a note at our Instagram page or our Twitter account so we can add them to the list.

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Who Should be the FIFA 23 Cover Star?

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143 thoughts on “FIFA 23 Cover Vote

  1. Lol Karim Benzema is carrying Real Madrid rn he’s one of the only players listed that’s still in champions league and putting up big numbers

    1. Don’t mind him but prefer Kevin De Bruyne .Nice choice dude. But I don’t quite want him on my disc.

  2. بالطبع مبابي فهو الاسرع و الأفضل و بديل الشاعرة رونالدو وتحية إلى كل المنتخبات العربية من تونس

  3. Mahrze mahrze mahrze mancity chikh bswalhouuuuu domaje makach ziyach hhhhhh
    Yahra9 hatchoun ymah limavotach 3la mahrze

  4. Why doesn’t fifa do a goalkeeper it doesn’t always have to be a star player like messi us keepers don’t get any respect

  5. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool F.C.) and five ambassadors.

    Timo Werner (Chelsea F.C.)
    Lautaro Martínez (Inter Milan)
    Gianluigi Donnarumma (Paris Saint-Germain)
    João Félix (Atletico Madrid)
    Erling Haaland (Borussia Dortmund)

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