FIFA 23 Career Mode Wishlist

FIFA 23 Career Mode Wishlist

What was missing in FIFA 22 career mode? Which features must be added to FIFA 23 career mode in your opinion?

Write down your ideas for FIFA 23 Career mode here and share it with the community. Write anything that you think it could significantly improve the Career Mode in the upcoming FIFA 23.

You can also write your general wishlist for FIFA 23 separately here using this link.

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12 thoughts on “FIFA 23 Career Mode Wishlist

  1. 1. In my player career mode you should be allowed to choose which club you want to transfer to instead of the AI choosing for you and also we should have a cutscene where you get to negotiate your contract when signing for a new club and also contract renewals.
    2. In your create your club career mode you should add a third kit customization and also the goalkeepers kit customization and when choosing a crest the name of your created club should be on crest
    3. Also you should add more African hairstyles in the game
    4. So far so good the game is good but we you can do better EA

  2. Provide celebrations for ballon d’or/player of the year award, like 25 seconds of the ceremony or something of that sort. Play players in correct positions I dont play fifa 22 because all the players on my player career mode are played out of position and the game becomes garbage. Allow more contract abilities like signing for certain amount of year instead of always requesting transfers, instead have contracts that run out and you can sign as a free agent.

  3. Allow me to initiate loaning my own players out in career mode. If I am in control of Chelsea or another big Premier League club and I want to loan my players out to a League One or Two club I should be able to approach them to offer that player up to ensure proper game time. Also, a designated “Loan Screen” where I can track loan player stats and form regardless of what league they are in.

    Also, a U-19 or U-23 team. I’m tired of Youth Academy players demanding to be promoted to the first team and then sitting on the benching at not playing because they aren’t good enough. In real life there is an in between.

  4. Exective/Director/Owner mode where you act as the one above the manager. Its cool recreating yourself as a manager and diving in but what about taking control of the whole operation. Here you can create yourself as an executive, and hire a manager. There can be an option to then either create a manager,or take control of your selected club with the current present manager. Also be able to sack your current manager and try to poach a manager from another club by buying out his contract or hiring one who is jobless after being sacked.

    This brings a point where managers from other clubs get sacked or bought out of their contracts. It would be cool to see other clubs changing managers in game.

    It would also be nice to be able to hire your backroom staff, such as assistant manager, coaches for each of goalkeeping, midfield, and forwards. Scouts and a youth coach.

    In the above mentioned executive mode, being able to choose a sponsor for a set period of time be it a two or three year contract where you get a set amount of funds for each game a bonuses for achieving special goals. Also this sponsor would be able to replace the current shirt sponsor. Also being able to fully customize or change kit at the end of each season.

    Also perhaps being able to upgrade stadium capacity.

    More interactive cut scenes. Halftime team talks. Being able to attend ballon d’or ceremony. Make it more enjoyable like a story mode feel but more open ended and not scripted.

  5. I think EA could put more effort in the career mode. I think they could add more scenes where you can attend the Ballon’dor ceremony. You have to get on a plane to the league you join and with your wages you can get cars and better hotels or houses. For manager mode you could add stadium extensions etc. Also give them more power so they can drive and in the press conferences with the options of what to say they could add a team talk at half time and before. The press could be outside of the stadium. Also EA please add Womens Career Mode. I know you need to make womens leagues but add it as soon as possible. Also add an owner mode where you can hire managers and suggest players to sign to the managers and if you retire from your player career and go straight to owner you keep your wage money. Thank you EA if you add any of this. P.S A referee mode wouldnt be bad

  6. the skill tree max rating on player career mode should change it’s annoying that you max out at level 25 and you should make it so we can grind until we reach 99

  7. 1. More seasons.
    We currently have 15 they could increase to 30.
    2. Possibility to upload your own teams.
    I mean uploading the crests and t-shirts of our local teams, for example. Let’s say from the Polish-German district leagues, etc.
    3. Possibility to create a club, for example from the Red Bull group.
    We have RB Leipzig RB Salzburg Red Bull New York and there is no such team from the Spanish or Italian league, so it would be nice to create one.
    4. Stadium.
    The next one is related to the previous ones, i.e. the stadium, namely the possibility of building one according to your preferences or enlarging or changing the existing one. Change of the name and colors of the stadium. And related ticket pricing. Different prices would be for the Champions League and other, for example, for the Community Shield, and their sale could affect the budget of the club.
    5. Edition of Knits.
    In real clubs it is possible to change jerseys, let’s be honest, who will not get bored of playing Borussia for 10 seasons in the same jerseys. It is related to the point below.
    6. Possibility to change sponsors.
    It is extremely difficult and almost impossible thing, but how would it diversify the game. You could choose to sponsor Real Madrid, say Corone Extra, Jordan and Mercedes.
    7. Youth Teams.
    The Canadians have already added something like that, but it doesn’t make it crazy. Let’s take Real Madrid as an example again, we could be able to manage not only the main team but also, for example, Castilla or Juvenil A, and depending on how the youngsters manage, the possibility of transferring them to a higher team. Of course, the real players of these teams should be there. And if a young player is not able to play in the first team, then to make him available to this team from a lower level, it should have both positive and negative consequences.
    When ordering, there must also be their league and the possibility of playing matches with them and, for example, we play once, for example with the first team, and on the next day with reserves
    8. The ability to ask the board of directors for funds as it used to be but for some reason has been removed.
    9. The trophy room.
    An interactive space where we can see a physical representation of everything we’ve won in, say, a cutscene
    10. Club legends.
    When a player retires from your club, you can mark them as a “club legend”. This will put their names on a list in the trophy room that you can view. He also starts a video of the retirement ceremony that takes place before their last game at home. Possibility to leave them a monument in front of the stadium or a slab in a cube.
    11. More leagues.
    Russian Croatian Uruguay Greek Hungarian Serbian Czech Belarusian Bulgarian
    12. Press Conferences.
    More precisely, more questions, not the same questions over and over again.
    13. Choosing your coaching staff. Manager assistant, youth trainer, fitness trainer etc.
    14. Much more cutscenes. Pre-match, where the coach explains to the players the tactics of how to play in a given match, after buying a player, e.g. how to sign the contract, how to hold the team jersey, then how to go out on the pitch and do some juggling trick, for example. How he visits the trophy rooms and the possibility of taking a screenshot there, for example. Possibility to choose which player we will take to the pre-match conference.
    Scenes from outside the world of football, player signing fan autographs, players on the bus before the big game, players on TV shows.
    How the athlete wins the golden ball, the golden shoe. The title of the best young player and the coach, e.g. the coach of the season award. Cutscenka will also win the prizes of the coach of the week and the player, for example, the player of the week, series a or premier league
    15. Possibility to determine the captain’s hierarchy and on what principle it is to work, i.e. to determine that the captain is the one who has the most matches played in the club or who has the greatest overall, etc.
    16. Possibility to edit real players, i.e. change Haland’s hairstyle or give him some tattoos.
    17. Super agents such as Mino Raiola, Jorge Mendes and Pini Zahavi appear in cutscenes when they sign a contract with a high-profile player.

  8. Career Mode Extension – Act as Real Manager

    Please add: Infrastructure & Stadium extension, Fan development, and so on – like NHL. It should always be possible to do it yourself or let a co-manager do the stuff.

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