FIFA 23 Career Mode Wishlist

FIFA 23 Career Mode Wishlist

What was missing in FIFA 22 career mode? Which features must be added to FIFA 23 career mode in your opinion?

Write down your ideas for FIFA 23 Career mode here and share it with the community. Write anything that you think it could significantly improve the Career Mode in the upcoming FIFA 23.

You can also write your general wishlist for FIFA 23 separately here using this link.

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96 thoughts on “FIFA 23 Career Mode Wishlist

  1. PLEASE fix the “Be a Goalkeeper” Career Mode’s PRO CAMERA ANGLE!!!

    The fact that the goalkeeper’s pro camera aims downward when the opposing team is close to the box is INSANELY STUPID!! It ruins the whole experience, we can’t see anything that’s happening around the box, if they shoot from a distance you can’t even react, and the closer they get, the less we can actually see. It makes no sense at all. The changes they’ve made to the career mode this year are simply USELESS, they’re basically saying “screw you, here are some shitty animations to look like we give a crap and changed something, dumbass”.

    Pay more attention to other game modes, and less to the Ultimate Team like you do every single time just because it’s profitable. I deeply regret having spent $90 on this piece of garbage.

  2. On fifa 22 when it comes to practise/training day you could press triangle (PS) and the 3 exercises you did the last time came up so you only needed to chose what players for the exercise.
    Somehow you erased that (triangle to set last 3 options) for this fifa.
    Take it back so we don’t need to chose the all 3 exercises all the time


  3. If your the manager why dont we not have our own backroom team and an assistant manager as well instead of it just been you in charge by yourself all the time

  4. To the TOURNAMENT MODE, add an MP3 / WAV or other file format yourself as a song for the competition! Just like in the Champions League. Or possibly select a song that EA Sports owns and you can choose from.

    Furthermore, it is nice if you can choose more CUPS / DISHES. This has to be the best version: FIFA 23!!

  5. 1. Bring Back Injury and Suspension Lists – I loved seeing who was injured and suspended from the other teams during the year, it was was an extra bit of immersion I quite enjoyed when playing.

    2. Clear Team Option – I would like the option to clear the playing team when editing and selecting my team, this would allow an easier way to compare and select players without going up and down the list all the time.

    3. Past Season Statistics – When I’ve managed my team for more than one season I would like to see my players’ past statistics, this feature would allow me to easily compare players who are on the way up, or down.

    4. A Reserve League – I find it annoying when players message the manager when they want to play, especially when they haven’t done anything to deserve a playing spot. Instead, unused played should play in a reserve league to prove themselves, then an assistant manager will message the manager about players who played well in the reserve team.

    5. A Stricter Refereeing System – Sometimes I go months in play time without acquiring any yellow cards or suspensions, I find it strangely frustrating. The inclusion of a strictness scale in career mode would be great.

      1. Why don’t you include being sacked if you don’t get it right at a club as the only way to get your contract terminated is by offering a low buy out clause in the players contract

  6. The scouting system is very boring and totally unnecessary in the way we have now. Why don’t we have the possibility for a list of players as was the case before, this strict shortlist was unnecessarily there. FIFA is a game that is supposed to relax us, so scouting should be much simpler.

  7. Would be great to be able to play (player) career mode as a female character. Doesn’t matter if there are only 1 or 2 leagues to choose from but that’s something I’ve been looking forward to be added.

  8. I would like to see online career mode but no voice chat for safety reasons
    So there are managers and players playing together you will see if there are empty spots for managers or remain as free agent players too but players could be in academys. And chats with players or you manager. Managers should get sacked quicker like in real life so other managers could have a chance too. Mangers for youth teams so more people could manage
    However,it may be hard since some use sterling (like me) some use euros and some use dollars as their currency so i think the currency should be just whatever country your in.

  9. I would like to see online career mode but no voice chat for safety reasons
    So there are managers and players playing together you will see if there are empty spots for managers or remain as free agent players too but players could be in academys. And chats with players or you manager. Managers should get sacked quicker like in real life so other managers could have a chance too. Mangers for youth teams so more people could manage
    However,it may be hard since some use sterling (like me) some use euros and some use dollars as their currency so i think the currency should be just whatever country your in

  10. 1. Ability to use real life managers as your chosen manager thought the career (i.e. Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti, Jurgen Klopp etc.), not only this, but also being able to use Icon players as managers in career mode (i.e. Thierry Henry, Roy Keane, Kenny Dalglish etc.)

    2. Live ratings based on in game player performance, so player ratings can change over the course of games depending on in game form. (i.e 85 rated player has a terrible game, rating drops to 83. Next game has a great game, back up to 85 etc.) this used to be a feature in older FIFA’s so would be great to see it reintroduced and would also help with squad rotation and also introducing younger players to the first team.

    3. Press conferences and moral need to have more of an impact. As an example, you moan about a player and their performance which results a in a rocky relationship with that player, with the possibility of them trying to force a transfer etc.

    4. Kit editor at the end of each season to keep each season somewhat fresh and more engaging.

    5. More transfer options (i.e. sign a youngster and be able to loan them straight back for the first season or be able to sign a player and pay in instalments which seems to be a common theme in this day and age.)

    6. Players don’t refuse new contracts. As soon as you get into the contract cut scene it’s 99.9% you’re going to sign them to a new deal. There’s no challenge to keep players.

    7. Story based career modes (i.e. starting with a club that’s struggling and get them back up and running/take over a club in financial trouble etc.)

    1. The player should tell us what they want for their contract before we offer so they don’t walk out of the cutscene because fifty percent of the time they walk out

  11. 1) When playing career mode, should have an option to play with real life Manager. Some of us would like to play with Mourinho, Ancellotti, Zidane, Kaka, Rooney as Managers.

    Need a real face rather than generic ones.

    2) Track of trophies and medals won, as a Manager. Trophy room, with medals and trophies that can be visited.

    3) When showing top scorers, Assists. Instead of just Name, their miniface should also be visible. It will show more colors.

    4) Just Option of stopping transfers altogether (with a no transfer option as some want to play with real team), or a way to integrate real time transfers that happen in real life, in summer and winter transfer window.

    5) way to change hairstyle of a player. Many players change their style mid season.

    6) Collection of Golden boots, Player of the month trophies. Manager of the month trophies. In general a way to show all trophies, medals won. A player, manager showing their trophies, medals to fans, friends, family, kids or another player.

    7) Career mode should be given a overhaul. I don’t feel any difference than the one I played in FIFA 08, that one was much better with an option to use MODS. At that time we had some modders, still EA can do it just give us some extra options to mod players (Hairs, boots, kit style)

    8) In important matches, players coming out of buses and entering into the stadium.

    9) Also can use real life footage of players in some occasions

  12. I think MANY things could improve Fifa Career Mode.

    Player Career Mode Ideas:

    •When you retire as a player, the wages you got from your career are halved and carried on to the Manager mode and you should be able to buy clubs and buy boots, different fitted kits (e.g. long sleeved tight top, under-shirt loose top) instead of just giving them to you blatantly

    •You should be able to choose your own celebration mid-career incase you want to switch it up

    •You should be able to make a rivalry with a player, this will get you more haters saying that your rival is better than you but it makes games and awards very tense to see who wins. You can also interact with your rival like, ask them out to dinner or have a community friendly match against them (this would add a squad hub for other teams though.)

    •The ability to start in a Youth Academy/Youth League

    •Make it so the football players also vote for a POTY winner and so can you

    •Make it so, once per season , a player can put THEMSELF onto Free Agents and get bought straight away as a way to randomise things

    •Make it so the player ACTUALLY has a contract length and the manager may not renegotiate if recently played bad.

    •A player can attend press conferences and increase their number of fans, their number of fans can effect a rivalry and a team in its whole and these fans can encourage your team to have a possession bonus and you player can vote on who should win awards (E.g. golden boot, player of the year) in these press conferences and your opinions will be judged.

    •The ability to hire an Agent for you, and you can discuss with this agent what you want your wages to be and bonuses and the agent will be used next time a transfer is requested agents will have a star system but you can only buy agents that are your level ( 5 star agents are only for players that are 88+ Rated )

    •Make it so teams want you more, because I place a 92 player who is 24 on Sporting Cp and put him up for transfer, no body wants him and really it’s tiring trying to find someone who wants him.

    •You could make it so, you can make a request in the hub to put you Penalties/Free Kicks/Corners or Captain and if the manager thinks you are a good captain and a team player, you will unlock the Leadership trait

    •Based on your agents level, you can convince your agent to go to a club and offer you to the club (e.g. Agents that are 3 1/2 stars can negotiate with 4 star teams only but is hard to negotiate with 4 star teams.

    •Make it so that if you have a Ballon D’or that you can unlock a new celebration where you rush to the manager and get the number of Ballon D’ors you have and flex them on the other team. And make it so the buttons to enable the celebration is ABXY/OX[]^ at the same time.

    Manager Career Mode Ideas:

    •Managers post more on Transfer Lists and on Free Agents based on an AI’s Manager Rating

    •The ability to make more than one team
    in a career mode save.

    •Sponsors for your team,these could affect your kits, affect your youth academy, affect your Manager Goals, but give you a MASS amount of money (E.g. Nike = €10,000,000 a season BUT you have to make your players wear Nike’s only, Red Bull = €25,000,000 a season but you have to change your team logo and name has to have RB at the start) and extra money if you complete a specific quest for the club (E.g. Finish in the top 5.)

    •Money if you win a major cup (Champions League = €20,000,000 Europa League = €10,000,000
    Conference League = € 5,000,000
    Pre-Season Cup = (DEPENDS ON DIFFICULTY)) and a bonus if you win a Treble or a Quadruple.

    •A Trophy cabinet to keep track of your trophies, and could use these as a decoration in transfer negotiations and based on how many trophies you have, the more stricter the seller/buyer will be.
    (E.g. you won the UEFA champions league because of one of your players, they will offer you more for the player because that shows that the player is a value to you and they will try to buy it off you to weaken you.)

    •You could make it so you get Coaches for different position so you don’t have to train them and get someone to do it for you, these coaches will give them the best skill to improve on (e.g. a CAM coach will give a CAM a Dynamo training if it’s the one that will boost potential the most.)

    •Half Time Team Talks:
    With these, you could boost Morale and Sharpness, if you get angry at a player, there’s a chance it will lower the Morale OR there’s a chance to boost their sharpness. And if you are happy at a player there is a chance to lower their sharpness or a chance to increase their morale so it’s a risk whichever one you choose and morale and sharpness can change the whole game, a low sharpness could make it so their passes are off target and they are arrogant and try to do shots that you command them not to do or fail a very easy skill move, but a low morale could lower their speed, agility and whenever you stop controlling them they drop back no matter what position they are.

    •Bidding Wars, this would unlock a new option along with Loan and Buy to Bid for a player, the bids cost less than the transfer fee but could go over the transfer fee value if many clubs bid, bidding would be very frequent and a manager can choose to close down the bid if the team can’t go without them.

    •Make Manager Goals less harsh, because if I put my financial on very low and give myself 1B and spend it all, I get fired because I can’t make a profit from the funds if it’s going to do that then it’s not really on very low then, it’s more on a very low achievement but high seriousness if you give yourself a lot of cash.

    •Make it so Managers will accept the transfer if they are the same value, like come on, I offer a €150,000,000 person and about €50,000,000 in transfer wages for a €165,000,000-€180,000,000 and they still decline, like seriously, it’s tiring.

    •Make it so managers could also be agents for players and aswell as increasing as a manager, could also increase as an agent.

    •Make it so there is also an Owner Rating for the Manager aswell as a Manager Rating for players, and the higher the owner rating, the more players will listen to you and understand your tactics and formation and the higher your Owner Rating is, the more formations you can use and once you hit a certain owner rating, THEN can make your own formation and tactics, but a low owner rating makes it so your Locker Room Dominance lowers and players start being reckless and stop listening to you while you explain your tactics and formation.

    •For difficulty, you could make it so you can only PLAN substitutes so in the middle of the game you can’t just pull up a random sub, this would unlock Pre-Match Prep-Talks and in these, you reveal which players will be subbed on and off at which times and this is the time to change your tactics and formation before the match, once you enter the match, there is no changing your tactics, formation or subs until half time
    Example: for Manchester United
    Sub 1: Sancho off, Rashford on. 24’
    Sub 2: Ronaldo off, Cavani on. 70’
    Sub 3: De Gea off, Henderson on. HT- 45’

    General Career Mode Ideas:

    •Make it so the transfer market is more lively during transfer windows and real life transfer speculation MIGHT be put into effect (E.g. M’bappé to Real, Lewandowski to either Barcelona or Manchester United)

    •More Leagues and Non-Leagues or create a league/cup/Europa league

    •Ability to play more than 15 Seasons

    •Make Soccer Aid into Career mode and whenever a player who has gotten over 88 in their career and retire, they join Soccer Aid ( Soccer Aid will become a sponsor and if you enable to Soccer Aid sponsor, you will get a game against Soccer Aid and if you win, you win over €100,000,000 and there is only one club that has the chance to play against them per year.) and the difficulty is set on Legendary you cannot change it and you cannot restart the game.

    •Also make an Adidas All-Star sponsor as well as the Soccer Aid sponsor.

    •More Awards (UEFA’s men player of the year, European Golden Boot, Team Of The Season/Year, Player of the Year for U23’s ect.)

    •Youth leagues for Youth Academies and Under 23’s International competitions.

    •(Players in youth academy’s only):
    Youths will have multi-nationality’s including the place they were born at and when they exit the youth academy, will have the choice which International team they will play for permanently.

    •The ability for Soccer Aid players to unretire and play for a team (only if they’re under 55.)

    •More storyline and complaints to the clubs and players.

    •Different level referees for different games, For top leagues there may be 4 1/2 star referees, the higher the referees rating the more serious they will be and can point out fouls that are hard to notice however low level refs might give you a card for something close to a foul but not really

    •Make it so managers MIGHT get sacked and switch clubs every 2 seasons based on their performance and icons from soccer aid could come back as a manager no matter what age they are.

    •More international competitions like Nations League and a table for International Friendlies and qualification ability (make it so you have to actually QUALIFY to play in Int. Cups like the Fifa World Cup or The European Championship)

    •A new trait for players:
    Ever growing:
    Players who this trait would go to= Cristiano Ronaldo, Lewandowski ect.
    This trait is given to players who will not start to decrease their overall once past 34 and instead will start decreasing overall when they hit 42, These players will also grow 2 times faster than anticipated if under 30.It is true though, Ronaldo should be a 93 along with Messi, if anything Ronaldo should be one more because Ronaldo is in the hardest league in the world and still getting more goals than Messi who is in the league meant for farming goals.

    •This is the main one to be honest:
    Stop focusing on Ultimate Team. You’ve done enough on Ultimate Team, Fifa.
    Start focusing on things that people would love, aka. Career Mode.
    Us players don’t care about Ultimate Team, it would be better if you focused on a game mode that would benefit US as the players aka. Career Mode.

    •Make it so, teams have a higher chance that they may get a good young player with high potential in their youth academy’s because seriously, for French league and German League being top tier, it’s kinda of boring since there’s only really 2 teams in each that are “really good” the only fun leagues in FIFA are the English League and the Spanish League, I just wish bigger and lesser teams would generate 1 better player from their youth academy’s per 3 seasons which they might end up selling for 2 million or developing them for 92 million and THEN selling them.

    •Teams for under 19’s and 23’s, these can also be generated along with your normal Team, like in Create a Club, in the Simulate Team section you could have a 3 1/2 star team but a 5 star U23 squad and a 4 star U19 squad, a 5 star U19 squad would mean every player is 70-75 but a 5 star U23 star means that it would be 73-80 but very rare for a 78-80 player and like the youth academy, instead of a spread of potential like 76-94, there would be an overall version of it where it’s like:


    Club: [Club]
    Current Overall: 38-56
    Potential (When leaves U19): 38-76

    Your Custom Player can start in the U19 Club but has to have a OVR of 75 or under.

    •Make it so Loans are more frequent and players are loaned out more and more clubs are open to loans, mainly clubs in lower leagues or lower stages of a league

    Thank you, FIFA.

  13. -I would like to have the option of checking previous seasons stats. For example I am playing Liverpool in the season 2025-26 and I want to know at what position Man United finished in the season 2023-24, or I want to know what team won Europa League at that season, or what teams got relegated in the Spanish league in the season 2022-23.

    -Now that we have create your own club modality, it would be amayzing if at the start of the season we could choose a club with a very small stadium and we could invest money while we are progressing in the career mode to upgrade the stadium. Also we could have the choice to set up the prices of the tickets, so if the stadium is bigger we will get more revenew. And we should have a popularity bar that if we are doing good in the club more supporters will come to the stadium. Or if we are a low team from league 2 and we play against Chelsea in the cup the stadium should be full.

    – We should have the choice of choosing sponsors for the stadyum that pay us depending our performance. For example, one sponsor could offer us small money to sign with them but big money at the end of the season if qualify to play in Europe. Another sponsor could reward us if we reach quarter finals in the domestic cup. So if we are playing a team that is going to fight to avoid relegation we wont choose a sponsor that reward us to go to the Champions league. Also the sponsors should have different lenght in their contracts ( 1 year, 2 years or 3 years). This sponsors will advertise in the team shirst or pants and around the stadium. And we could see their advertisement while we are playing.

    -I would like to have a modality where at the start of the season we can only choose between 5 or 6 low teams, such as English league 2 teams. Then if we do a good job with one of these teams a better team will contact us, for example a team from the Spanish second division. This modality should have a bar of popularity that measure how good we are as a coach. Depending how high is this bar better teams will contact us. But if do a bad job the popularity bar should go down.

    These are my suggestions that I think will definitely improve the career mode.

    Thank you,


  14. Couple things. Firstly I think they really need to higher the maximum level from 25, because at 20/21 years old I’ve already maxed it out and it feels like their is no room for growth at all. This makes for a really repetitive career mode and seems like every season is the same. I also really think they need to make it more realistic. If a young 17 year old comes along and starts scoring incredibly numbers there should be some recognition. I know that I’ve had incredible seasons and the media sweeps it under the carpet like it never happened. I just think more appreciation and recognition for clearly world class players should be added. This could be through incorporating more of an inclusive media, where we see more than just the same posts from La Liga or the Prem every day, where we instead still see the ode generic posts from the leagues but also see the fans opinions. Their opinions on our players, on our performances and what they think we should do next I think that would really make it realistic. Lastly I don’t think this should be an expectation but it would be really cool if they added a youth academy system, where we can work our way up from the academy into the first team, maybe even get released from an academy and have to join another one before starting the journey to working up to the first team

  15. I hope that we can play career mode with female players. It would be fun and It’s so boring play same old men career all the time

  16. A kit creator… to stop colour clashes.
    An option to upload your own kits (like pes had)
    An option to upload a badge for career mode… FIFA 22 create a club badges were awful design disasters.

  17. I think you should add a story mode to the game like when you press play it should say a story mode and the story mode should be the first second and third Alex hunter or you could put in a different story mode thank you for reading

  18. Youth academy: This feature probably works for other people but I find it useless. Even with the best scouts it is very rare to find good talent. Youth progression is slow and I have not had any interest. This feature needs to be improved to make sense.
    Ageing player: This is purely cosmetic thing but can we not have 16 year olds looking like they are 40.
    Improved interview mini game: interviews barely has no impact in your career or the team. Most players will do interviews for the first season and after that skip them after matches because they just seem like a waste of time. Add more consequences on answers chosen.
    Next gen level graphics: time to start moving away from the comic looks. Yes we still have people holding us back with their PS4s , but EA can start grouping them with the Nintendo wii version and start focusing on building next gen graphics for those who invest in their gaming experiences.

  19. I would love it if we were able to track stats for players across multiple leagues and multiple seasons so if I see a player has good stats in multiple seasons in a league I’m not in, I can look to sign them.

    I would also like to receive reports on players loaned out to track their stats.

    The option to offer a player to certain clubs so I can have more realistic transfer offers for that player.

  20. In player career mode three should be something Luke hybrid of career and the journey. Social media what club YOU want to play or to transfer, spent money on something !! Like in career what is the difference between 1$ per week and 10000$ per week, yeah none !! And one more cool thing from Alex history, chemistry between players or like 2/3 that im close with. More chem more passes, less more avoiding. And for a manager mode i would love to have like an academy (od something like u-19) and also more talking with player or morale between players. Just like in FUT mode there is chemistry, in career should be also. Hope all are clear, because i dont think changes are big and results would be amazing. Thanks.

  21. Please increase the difficulty levels especially the ultimate difficulty please make it more harder more challenging and more ultimate.
    Can the manager and assistant manager have a relationship,communicate more can we just feel that he is there,for example recommend which players to buy or which formation he think will work best.
    In player career can the player am controlling be able to speak up,say if he is happy or not say if he is enjoying or not.
    Can managers please get sucked if they not performing like it happens in real life I know this might seem like fifa is promoting the sucking of managers but again its not fun seeing the best team being part of team which will get relegated and the manager is not being changed or replaced.

    1. A career as a coach at an established club.
      It would be good to add goalkeeper uniforms, so that the user can choose branded uniforms for the goalkeeper.
      Add more customisation for the stadium.
      Add a third uniform for his club.
      Add a selection of sponsors in your career, with a choice of jerseys, a contract for a season or more, and goals set not only by the board of directors of your club, but also by the sponsors.
      In short: pump up your career for your club to the level of an NHL career. Thank you!

    2. I think we should have an official women’s world cup and a women’s career mode either pro player, create a player or manager career.
      A women’s FUT mode would be good too ( if possible).

  22. 1. Serie A – please make sure that you will fulfill all the missing licenses for the clubs
    2. Serie B – please include once again the league
    3. Serie C
    3. Please improve the “search job” The possible jobs are very limited and once you start your career with a particular club it’s impossible to apply for smaller league (for example after playing in the Premier league offer from the Portuguese or Austrian legue will never appears)
    4. In the rest of the world you can include at least 1 team from every European (or at least from the top 30 countries) league so playing in European club tournaments will be more realistic
    5. After winning UEFA CL please add the FIFA WORLD CLUB CUP tournament

  23. Hi, improvements to Career Mode Create A Club:
    Add a 3rd kit & give options to design Goalkeeper kits

    Youth Academy:
    Add more countries, improve the name pool
    Allow Youth Players/Regenerated players to have more traits or even have a progression system for those players to get traits as they grow

  24. Fix the Player Career Mode Be A Keeper Camera and introduce an automated position lock instead of just the Player Lock. If I sub that player out I shouldn’t have to control the entire team.

  25. I wish EA Sport could add a feature that allows you to create new tournaments to add to career mode. With a maximum of 2 tournaments that can be added to your career mode. That would be so cool!

  26. In career manager mode, in the trainings there needs to be something for goal keepers to keep their sharpness up

    Also would be good to have a more customizable development plan to individualy pick stats to upgrade to better upgrade your players in the way you want

    In the edit player mode, you should be able to change some appearance of real players like hair/ facial hair style
    And have more general customisable options for male and females

    We should be able to load music from previous fifa games, fifa 22 I don’t like most of the music.

    It would be nice to add cut scenes to career modes and for your manager/player to have a voice in cut scenes, it seems weird to have no voice in the press conference.

    In manager mode you should have more chance to interact (email/ player chat) with your team in regards to contracts, position changes, game play etc

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