FIFA 23 Career Mode Wishlist

FIFA 23 Career Mode Wishlist

What was missing in FIFA 22 career mode? Which features must be added to FIFA 23 career mode in your opinion?

Write down your ideas for FIFA 23 Career mode here and share it with the community. Write anything that you think it could significantly improve the Career Mode in the upcoming FIFA 23.

You can also write your general wishlist for FIFA 23 separately here using this link.

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63 thoughts on “FIFA 23 Career Mode Wishlist

  1. Please increase the difficulty levels especially the ultimate difficulty please make it more harder more challenging and more ultimate.
    Can the manager and assistant manager have a relationship,communicate more can we just feel that he is there,for example recommend which players to buy or which formation he think will work best.
    In player career can the player am controlling be able to speak up,say if he is happy or not say if he is enjoying or not.
    Can managers please get sucked if they not performing like it happens in real life I know this might seem like fifa is promoting the sucking of managers but again its not fun seeing the best team being part of team which will get relegated and the manager is not being changed or replaced.

  2. 1. Serie A – please make sure that you will fulfill all the missing licenses for the clubs
    2. Serie B – please include once again the league
    3. Serie C
    3. Please improve the “search job” The possible jobs are very limited and once you start your career with a particular club it’s impossible to apply for smaller league (for example after playing in the Premier league offer from the Portuguese or Austrian legue will never appears)
    4. In the rest of the world you can include at least 1 team from every European (or at least from the top 30 countries) league so playing in European club tournaments will be more realistic
    5. After winning UEFA CL please add the FIFA WORLD CLUB CUP tournament

  3. Hi, improvements to Career Mode Create A Club:
    Add a 3rd kit & give options to design Goalkeeper kits

    Youth Academy:
    Add more countries, improve the name pool
    Allow Youth Players/Regenerated players to have more traits or even have a progression system for those players to get traits as they grow

  4. Fix the Player Career Mode Be A Keeper Camera and introduce an automated position lock instead of just the Player Lock. If I sub that player out I shouldn’t have to control the entire team.

  5. I wish EA Sport could add a feature that allows you to create new tournaments to add to career mode. With a maximum of 2 tournaments that can be added to your career mode. That would be so cool!

  6. In career manager mode, in the trainings there needs to be something for goal keepers to keep their sharpness up

    Also would be good to have a more customizable development plan to individualy pick stats to upgrade to better upgrade your players in the way you want

    In the edit player mode, you should be able to change some appearance of real players like hair/ facial hair style
    And have more general customisable options for male and females

    We should be able to load music from previous fifa games, fifa 22 I don’t like most of the music.

    It would be nice to add cut scenes to career modes and for your manager/player to have a voice in cut scenes, it seems weird to have no voice in the press conference.

    In manager mode you should have more chance to interact (email/ player chat) with your team in regards to contracts, position changes, game play etc

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