FIFA 23 Cover

FIFA 23 Cover

FIFA 23 cover star is expected to be selected and announced in summer 2022. The potential candidate for the FIFA 23 cover is predicted to be Kylian Mbappé, however as a part of the community, you can vote for your favourite footballer to be the cover star for FIFA 23.

You can cast your vote at our FIFA 23 cover vote page.

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46 thoughts on “FIFA 23 Cover

  1. Benzema should be in the cover because every season FIFA as to use the best player of the season to do every cover
    It suppose to be benzema and vinicius because FIFA as to use the best player in every season to do every FIFA cover this season best player is vinicius and benzema

  2. Karim the dream BENZEMA should be in the Fifa 23 cover. He deserves it cause the hardwork he is doing in the UCL.

  3. Richarlison with the flare against Chelsea
    Jordan pickford celebrating hus win against Chelsea

  4. The cover should be cristiano Ronaldo. I’ll tell you why, he’s the most famous player on the planet. He’s good looking and the goat. Who wouldn’t want him on the cover in a Man U jersey doing the suuuuuuuii. He’s doing unbelievable at 37 years old. If you want to sell you need a big name like Ronaldo, nobody image is bigger that’s the truth

    1. A cover of Messi like would be insane
      ⚽️. ⚽️

      ⚽️ ⚽️

  5. Robert Lewandowski has to be on FIFA 23 cover, he is the best player in the world!

    (In Polish( Po Polsku) Robert Lewandowski musi być na okładce FIFA 23, jest najlepszym piłkarzem na świecie!

  6. Cristiano ronaldo deserves it.
    Since fifa 20 came out fifa has just been saying stuff about next gen. So what will happen to the old legends? Will they just die out?
    Please fifa be just to our legends

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