FIFA 20 Wishlist

FIFA 20 Wishlist

Your Wishlist for FIFA 20

Write your wishlist and ideas for FIFA 20 here. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 20 video-game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

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  1. 1.It would be cool if there were all time stats in the game. For example top 10 goal scorers,top assisters and top 10 appearances made in that particular leagues for a player……and for clubs-top10 most wins ,top 10 most lost,top10 highest points.
    As you move through the career if Harry Kane beats alan shearer’s record there should be an article saying “Harry Kane is officially the highest goal scorer ever in the Premier League”. They can at least do that for the big leagues atleast.
    2.Right now in career mode the press conference style is just the laziest thing EA could figure out. They can have cut scenes asking one or two questions to the manager ….at least for big games like against rivals or if it is a cup semifinal or final. They can have cut scenes in the dressing room of the manager speaking to his players before a very big game. and after that game they can have post match press in where they can ask “are you satisfied with the result?” or something like that.
    3.Player conversations: Most of the times your player comes to you to ask for opportunity in the next game.then you should have two responses as YES or NO. If said YES and you failed to play him in the next game …..then he can come to you saying “Disappointed not to start”……..if you say NO then you can have other set of options as to why . For example………1)You are not good enough(Morale decreases depending upon the player).2)Giving other players opportunity(morale stays the same).3)Saving you for more important games(morale increases).
    4.creating our own manager/use real life manager/choose a voice for the avatar of the manager we chose in the beginning .
    5.Every season teams change their kit designs. Primary and secondary color of every team should be fixed and unchangeable. but we must be allowed to change only the shade and design.For example man utd has black lines in the lower part of their shirt…..that can be changed into small bubbles/dots/loops or something like that.This should be possible only during the first five to ten days before the season starts as no one can change their jersies during the course of the season.

    1. 1.jogabiliadade nova, diferente do FIFA 19,18 e 17.
      2.Gramado dos estádios mais realistas.
      3.Graficos mais realistas dos jogadores.
      4.pouca torcida dependendo do time estar em má fase.
      5.Ter uma câmera de mesma visão e movimento da Televisão.

    1. I hope that Vietnamese League should be included in FIFA 20 because there are many good players like Nguyen Quang Hai, Phan Van Duc, …

  2. Kit customizations!!!!
    Stadium Customizations!!!!!!
    Fix loan options have buy back clause!!!!
    Create a club!!!!


  3. I would love to have Sim mode in FIFA 2020(manager mode)its the only thing missing in FIFA..there are so many players who would love getting older and i like manager mode more then playing myself.add it in fut or a complete new mode:fut manager mode

    I hope to see it finally in FIFA

    FIFA 2020 i would love a online Manager mode.thats missing for years now.i hope FIFA2020 will have online Manager mode.

  4. 1. NEW commentators like Ray Hudson.
    2. Stadiums
    3. Train Agility in career mode
    4.Camp Nou
    5.More interative press conference career mode
    6.Career mode overhaul we need more realism

    Club sponsership
    More financial depth in career mode.
    Manager player career mode like in fifa13

  5. Here are my ideas and wishlist for FIFA 20

    1. Shooting and heading physics.

    I feel like the shooting and heading at goal needs a real shake up. It’s still too robotic I think, it definitely improves each year but I still don’t think EA have quite got it right yet. The variety of ways you can put the ball in the back of the net is pretty low, and the headers look terrible sometimes. I’d like to see better finishing ability, more realism. For example when through on goal you could maybe take a touch then shoot straight after which would allow you to put a delicate little dink over a sparawling keeper for a tidy little goal. The chip goals at the moment look shocking, there’s now smoothness or fluidity to them. Need more daisy cutters from distance too, and the sort out the headers on goal so they are less robotic. Picture those real life Ronaldo headers where he hangs in the air for example. I also feel like it’s almost impossible to take the ball round the keeper on the game too for a tidy finish.

    2. Enhanced atmosphere in derby games, top of the table clashes and big European nights.

    Please EA can you do some work on the crowd! The chants sound great, but if I’m Man Utd and I’m rattling the back of the net against Liverpool or Man City then I want to hear that high pitched spine tingling raw of the fans going mental, and make the actual fans in the stands jump around faster and with more passion. Sliding tackles should be met with loud roars, corners should be met with the sound of the fans shouting COME OONNNNN!! Also make away fans act like this more too, and I’d like longer cut scenes at the end of away wins where you can see the players and the manager all head hugging each other and applauding the away fans. Maybe have the odd player take there shirt off and give it to a fan, or something similar every now and again.

    3. Ability to change shorts and sock colour in the pre match screen.

    One thing I’ve always wanted is to be able to change the kit if needed for away games. There should never be a kit clash of shorts and socks, so I’d love to be able to play away from home for example in my home shirt, away shorts and away socks if this prevents any class of kits at all. If Man United play at Wolves, I’d like the ability to play in red shirts but white shorts instead of black shorts so not to clash with the black home shorts of Wolves. It’s only a minor change but it would definitely bring more realism.

    4. Better and longer trophy presentations and celebrations.

    Again these have improved over the years but I feel like they need to be longer, see the players celebrate at full time a bit longer, maybe a cut scene of the trophy being engraved, each player go up and receive a medal round there neck. Possibly even watch a couple of the losing teams players receive a runners up medal and look disappointed. Once the winners get the trophy it’s be nice to see them all walk off the podium together and do a good lap of honour if receiving the league trophy at home or go celebrate in front of the away section of playing away. If it’s a cup final at for example Wembley then the players should get the trophy up in the stands then back onto the pitch to celebrate at the end of the stadium where their fans are located. Finish it off with a couple of shots of the players with the trophy in the changing room as well to see out the whole thing. Definitely be good to see a more euphoric experience lifting a trophy.

    5. Keep adding those stadiums.

    The stadiums in the game have completely made FIFA brilliant, having all 20 grounds in leagues is fantastic for realism, so please keep this up each year with new additions. Maybe now you’ve got the Champions League and Europa League license you can add all or the vast majority of the stadiums of the teams who have qualified for them that year. Oh and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get the permission for the Nou Camp because it’s a travesty it’s not on FIFA!

    FIFA is brilliant, I’m a massive fan and these little tweeks would be perfect. Cheers.

  6. FIFA 20

    career mode Needs updating
    1 Manger in Team Kits etc for an example Team Suit or Tracksuit
    2 Referees Need their real Faces in the Game
    3 Change the Ball Automatic for winter months then back for summer months not for cup’s games for FA Cup and League Cup
    4 League Cup needs its own broadcast package
    5 community shield needs its own broadcast package with the Primer League and FA Cup trophy on show
    6 The UEFA Super Cup needs to have the Champion’s League trophy and Europa league trophy on show
    7 video assistant referees
    8 Commentators Rob Hawthorne- Gary Neville
    From Sky for the Premier League And the
    League Cup
    Jon Champion- Clive Tyldesley BT Sport
    John Motson- Robbie Savage BBC Sport
    9 interviews like the journey
    10 friendly games set up two teams on for the 1st half and one team for 2nd Half to better feel for the team
    11 Club sponsorship
    12 move away fans to a different part of the ground
    13 contract’s add 8 year contract and options to extend a contract
    14 transfers and loans
    When buying a player you should offer a buy back clause in the deal and in Loan player you have the options to buy the player
    15 playing the Team’s song when there coming out of the tunnel onto the football pitch

  7. I hope the Indonesian league will be added soon, especially they have talented players and there are also PERSIB BANDUNG’s most popular clubs in Asia

  8. For me, I would love to see the proper and complete var system, All Kylian mbappe’s celebrations, Cristiano Ronaldo on the Fifa 20 cover in his beautiful jersey for Juventus, new penalty tactics, and I also want the Cristiano Ronaldo rabona free kick to be more effective than the one in Fifa 19

  9. First of all it would be nice that the Mexican Liga Bancomer Mx would be fully licensed and by that meaning to have all the stadiums from the teams in the league in the game or at least some of the popular stadiums like Estadio Azteca, Estadio Akron, Estadio BBVA Bancomer, Estadio Olimpico Universitario, Estadio Jalisco, Estadio Corona, Estadio Universitario (UANL), Estadio Victoria, Estadio Caliente, Estadio Cuauhtémoc, Estadio Nemesio Diez.. make the liga mx games atmosphere more realistic the liga mx has some of the best team supporters in the world.. realistic banners and flags from the supporter groups.. just like you did in fifa 18 with the argentine league atmosphere.. real team chants we get tired of hearing the same drums and chants everytime we play with a different liga mx team.. put smoke and hand flares on the crowd or supporter group section.. put real tournaments like the CONCACAF CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, COPA MX, FIFA CLUB WORLD CUP.. and lastly add new commentators like Christian martinoli, luis garcia

  10. Creo que unas de las ligas que deberían agregarle al juego de fifa seria la 2da división de México
    Ya que la liga mexicana lleva ya tiempo en la saga de fifa y muchos lo piden desde hace tiempo, sería bueno que le den ese reconocimiento por tanto tiempo en la saga.
    creo que sería bueno experimentarlo y si es bueno dejarlo.

  11. Add an online career mode
    say for example if you want to do a career mode against each other you can choose the teams you want to (man united and Liverpool) Then you are both put into the Premier league where you can play twice against each other (Home and Away) and also play against the other 18 premier league sides during a full season.

  12. There need to be some ‘weight’ to both players and the ball. The physics for me seems to me a bit off! Players running animations need to be improved. The game play of Fifa 18 and 19 was exactly the same. Some drastic change to how the game plays needed. In the gameplay department, Pes 2019 should be the bench mark. EA needs to learn from Konami to perfect the gameplay. At the moment it’s nothing special.
    The ability to score from long distances need to be vastly reduced. At the moment it’s just laughable.

  13. Hy i want to ask you can you put teams rest of the world Fk Crvena Zvezda,Fk Partizan,Nk Hajduk,Nk Osijek that we be good thx very much


  15. Add in a First Person Mode where you play as only 1 player (from walking out of the tunnel until you walk back in again after the full time whistle) and you play the entire game from his eyes.
    I would like to see more broadcast packages (EFL and Serie A should be next).
    Stadium upgrades or the option to move into a bigger stadium in Career Mode would be brilliant.

  16. everyone please request 2v2 3v3 4v4 ect game mode to play online it was fun when fifa have this mode were you could play 3v3 online with your friends

  17. There should be also FIFA street,more celebrations,questions like in the journey,create team, create cup,create trophies,challenges to win +10 shooting, pace, strength etc

  18. would like to see more national teams, so when i create my player i can get selected to play for certain nations, such jamaica, faroe island etc,

    And i would like to sync my spotify to fifa so i can use my own playlist for the music

    Womens leagues would be amazing too

    On player career mode i would like to add tattoos to my player that i create

  19. Try to improve supporter animations when there’s a goal, or a derby match. Eg, when you score an important goal in a game (not to make it something like 4-0) make it so fans turn towards and move slightly towards the opposition supporters. To make it look more real, add some sort of covers on some seats between fans and more stewards near away fans. I’d also say some chants in the championship could be improved, like forest, when they sing ‘were By far the greatest team you’ll ever see’ try to make it sound like they’re saying Nottingham Forest, because I’ve noticed it sounds like ‘derby county’ which is a bit insulting. Finally, make it so when you have a player career mode, make the manager they become that player’s avatar, rather than those default ones

  20. On career mode you be able to drive your self to training. Have your own house, able to talk to your coach and teammates

  21. can u just put ISL(indian soccer league) in it coz ndia has many beautiful players with awesome stats

  22. Add ability of add a ultimate team team and play with it in normally mode
    So if some body chose a real madread i can chose my team in ultimate team

  23. Include all features from football manager,fifa manager plus all managers interactions, spectators, players updates, national anthem fully,goalkeeper can get injuries from collision,hit the post etc

  24. Make that you can transfer managers in club transfers. Also add some managers as free agents. Like Antonio Conte, Louis Van Gaal, Jose Mourinho and when you transfer manager to change team tactics.

  25. Please add some tattoos on the players arms who already got neck tattoos. For example Ricardo Quaresma, Kevin-Prince Boateng or Arturo Vidal. It looks weird looking at them with naked arms.
    Mehmet Topal has 10 years the same hair. Maybe this could be updated as well.
    Stadiums in Germany could be updated as well. Stadiums like Frankfurt are very nice.
    Additionally look up for stadiums in turkey. Turkey is building huge and really amazing stadiums.
    At least try to create the stadiums of the big 3, Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, Besiktas.
    And, and this is a muss, please allow more capacity in saving tournaments or careers. I can only play 2 tournaments and that’s it. Please make lets say 10 tournaments and 10 careers possible because this is a big dislike on fifa 19.
    Furthermore try the croud to sound louder, more passion. ,Only’ the same choreo at the begin of every game isn’t enough. If the home team scores a goal- the people need to flip out. Seriously. That’s the passion of the game. If the crowd is loud and passionately watching the game. Makes a lot more fun to play.
    Thank you very much

  26. SoundTracks :
    Marshmello ft. Anne Marie – Friends
    Selena Gomez – Fetish
    Mike will made – 23 …
    Packs :
    91 PAC DRI 90
    93 SHO DEF 33
    89 PAS PHY 77
    It should be the pack of Ronaldo in FIFA 20 I search his position in many sites also in Juventus site
    He played only CF and LW
    85 PAC DRI 95
    91 SHO DEF 25
    88 PAS PHY 60
    Messi also so good he is good but Ronaldo is better new team new league new friends and his age is 34 Messi 32

  27. Gameplay needs to change
    I am a FIFA person but rather Pro Evolution Soccer gameplay by far, it’s better.
    Please Ea Listen just for once
    Career Mode
    We need a whole do over
    Fixing transfer, adding player faces etc
    And having a player career mode like Alex Hunter

  28. Fifa 20 Should have a Fixture that allows you to upload your Face Pictures on any gaming Devices to create a Player that looks exactly like you..
    People would enjoy and it would be fun, to play FIFA with “Yourself” and be able to create the whole team which consists of all your friends, family and people you know.
    For example like a Career mode. Fifa Players tends to use their names and Surnames to create players that looks almost like them..
    But what if you were able to upload your pictures , both sides view of your face and head, front view and the back view of your head . The pictures should just the face only, Height’t really matter. And performance

    – David Beckham
    – Rene Higuita


    – Icon Career
    -Have Life Style For Player Career
    -More Celebrations For Our Player Career Mode
    – Make Our Own Signature

    – Bolivia Leauge
    – Uruguay Leauge

    – Street Soccer Games
    – Only Bycicle Kick Goals

    THANK YOU (But if you put this give me becham or higuita free in my ultimate team)

  30. Broadcast package for the EFL Championship, leagues 1&2 and all stadiums for championship teams. Teams like Aston Villa, Middlesbrough etc. Have theirs as they were in the Premier League when they were added in, you may as well finish the rest of the league off. Playing at Ivy Lane every time is a bit tedius.

  31. I would like to have a referee mode in FIFA 20 and how i think it should work is you should play games as the ref controlling red/yellow cards and fouls/free kicks/penalties and if you do a good job you stay ref for more matches and if you do badly or not well i think you should not ref for maybe a week or 2 weeks depending on how well or bad you go as the ref

    I think you should have the ability to be actually the club manager or CEO so you control whether the manager get’s sacked or not you maybe design the kit for the next season and maybe get some more sponsors or different sponsors for the kit i think if this is added into the game it would be a nice touch and a really cool feature

  32. Tournament Mode- They should make tournament mode a bit more realistic or a bit more creative in our liking, for instance, if you pick Tournament Mode and Group and Knockout we should decide what stadiums will host the games, like the world cup different stadiums host different matches. They should also add a country stadium list to whatever stadium you search for in a certain country, like the USA, Rose Bowl, MetLife Stadium, etc
    Career Mode- design our own stadiums, new kits different seasons

  33. Buenas nochez quisiera q pongan por lo menos 5 camaras nuevas de juego gracias

    Automatically Translated:
    Good evening I would like you to put at least 5 new gaming cameras thanks

    1 a proper youth system like under 18 squad under 21 and manager proper training and attributes that u can work to improve on how u want them to play in your vision
    2 select a real manager like klopp or guardiola
    3 more options if u do create your own manager more customize on hats or watches certain details
    4 stadium upgrade or future stadium construction
    5 new sponsors official or even fake will do if u been with same team in career mode for so many years it looks no different to season 1
    6 an option where we can also see whp one the cups of the other leagues and who there top scorers was
    7 manager press conference answer different questions on your team and other teams
    8 more interaction with the social media of fans commenting on how well u are playing or things they dont like like players not starting or not spending money on transfers an option to view this
    9 more manager rivalrys played out in the media
    10 sackings a must use different manager faces to replace certain positions
    11 an option to view your stadium capacity for each month as well as view the others
    12 highlights reel of all the games including yours for goal of the week
    13 player post match interview and one player handing the other man of the match award
    14 more cut scenes of these players receiving there awards
    15 better cut scenes of transfer deadline day
    16 be able to watch the champions league draw from the beginning
    17 kits that change is a must
    18 your in titanic championship battle with a team playiny in another game like when man city won there premier league title in dramatic fashion against QPR and they showed in a small box in corner of the screen man utd players was looking on after there game had finiahed waiting for the outcome of man city result to be declared champions thereself something like this with a mini screen would be fantastic and add to the drama
    19 more options for scouting
    20 more options for contracts like buyback clause or 2 player swapor option to buy after loan
    21 signing staff goalkeeper coach
    22 transfer ban if u broke any rules
    23 more career saves
    24 an option to talk to your players if there not happy or u are happy with them or they need to find a new club
    25 better trophy presentation
    26 pyros
    27 pitch invasion for celebrations for promotions
    28 change a players position
    29 more manager faces from different leagues
    30 stadiums for serie a bundesliga and ligue 1

    1 mascots added
    2 stretcher for serious injury
    3 more different injurys like head to head replays on what happend
    4 booing and anger from fans towards ex players
    Or players who commited a bad foul
    5 player taunts crowd towards crowd
    6 Proper VAR
    7 tunnel entrance
    8 club anthem beginning of match and after full time
    9 more player songs
    10 derbys need to be more fiery players and fans chanting and noise need to be up a level more finger pointing from fans and taunting and more handbags between players and referee trying to control the game make it more passionate commentators need more of how important this is
    11 commentators last minute goals need uping the volume and fans need a bigger reaction and substitutes getting involved in celebrations
    12 before game starts why not that we see the outside of the stadium as well as inside
    13 diving not good for the game but its become so apart of the game as realistic as possible bookings if ref caught u
    14 an option for managers to approach the referee at half time or full time which could maybe get u sent to stands
    15 manager to manager touchline spats
    16 dynamic weather
    17 teams that getting heavy beat needs more anger from fans and finger pointing and boos and mass walk out during that match
    18 random players not happy to come off to ve replaced
    19 atmosphere in stadiums needs turning up
    20 certain teams not to have stadiums completely full unless there playing a really important game
    21 legends in the crowd or directors or chairmans at least something

  36. Maybe change commentary voice for leagues and would love to have Ray Hudson voice as la Liga commentary on fifa 20 it would be away better real experience

  37. There are several things I would add to the Career Mode:

    1: Increase the amount of seasons you can manage for. Starting out at 40 and retiring at 55 isn’t amazing. Cap it at 70 years old or whatever.

    2: If you can, add the broadcast packages for the Eredivisie, Serie A and EFL Championship.

    3: Add the UEFA Nations League. Gives the national managers something to do during the breaks aside from friendlies and qualifiers.

    4: Not career related, but in the Kick-Off mode, you can play single Champions League matches, and have custom CL tournaments. Add the same with the Europa League.

    5: Add the ability as a player to earn the captain armband.

    6: Add all the stadiums for the Championship and Bundesliga.

  38. Career Mode:
    – Generate new kits for new season.
    – Let AI plays for Manager Mode and only let player controls the tactical part.
    – Variety of squad discipline for manager to handle with
    – Sacking manager
    – Put the winner emblem on kit if the team is a champion (UCL etc.)

  39. practice match and practice mode for penalty kick,corner kick,free kick, should be added other than skill games

  40. Please add more national teams, some African leagues, Coach Mode in FIFA 20 MANAGER Career mode and some Women Leagues and create a women Please do it

  41. They should add penalty kicks without having to play a full game. Please.
    When Ronaldo does his celebration, the crowd should say Sii with him

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