FIFA 20 Wishlist

FIFA 20 Wishlist

Your Wishlist for FIFA 20

Write your wishlist and ideas for FIFA 20 here. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 20 video-game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

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1,033 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Wishlist

  1. There should be all star teams like icon, Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar all stars etc
    The update should go like only 5 minutes and the background should be like the tunnel where they get out to play and the career mode, our player there should be like the journey in Fifa 20

  2. Can add free roam in cities and buy something in shops and houses etc.with the weekly wage in journey ,player career and manager career

  3. Hi
    1_You can put national team of Islamic Republic of Iran in fifa20
    2_ You can put fourth substitute in extra time
    3_ You can put speak ability in transfer huber it means when I want to talk with another manager to buy a player ‘ I can speak with that manager whith microphone.
    4_ You can increase training in career

    Thank you
    Alireza Shirdel

  4. Mudanças na gameplay pontos básicos:
    1- Mais realismo nos cabeceios o jogador se movimenta geralmente de frente pra bola para cabecear na vida real , no FIFA 18 ele faz uns movimentos virando de costa pra bola mesmo assim acerta o cabeceio deixando irreal
    2- Um comando para fazer a tabela e movimentar pra dentro quando quisermos , no FIFA 18 vc segura o botão do passe mais L1 (PS4) ele apenas toma uma trajetória indo pra frente .
    3- IA mais inteligente sabendo cobrir os espaços
    4 – deixar os chutes mais reais estão muito mentirosos jogador de frente com o goleiro em vez de só tirar ele sempre anda uma pancada ( IA) e diminuir no geral a potência dos chutes

  5. 1)manager mode= different suits to wear. Club
    TRACKSUITS and hats etc.
    Worn in match days
    2)Player career= Interviews before and after
    3)player career = tattoos on players???????
    4)player career= make player salaries count for
    Something. To buy things etc.
    5)player career = player to receive a fan base
    Can increase or down crease.
    6)player career = can come on second half and
    Not play whole game.
    7) player career= player have house background
    Like Alex hunter

  6. I feel like fifa could benefit from a two game release, giving more room for career mode/player mode focus in one game and the ultimate team for the other since they make millions off ultimate team alone and there is a lot of players out there who would prefer to play offline games rather than online. I myself would like that, they could charge slight less money for both and still make the same if not more money on the games.

  7. Like many FIFA fans, I believe we’d like to see more authentic national teams in FIFA 20. These teams include:
    AFRICA: Algeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Tunisia
    ASIA: Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Japan, North Korea, Kuwait, Thailand, UAE
    EUROPE: Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine
    NORTH AMERICA: Costa Rica, Honduras, Jamaica, Panama
    SOUTH AMERICA: Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru

    It’s very frustrating when you want to play a decent championship tournament and only a handful of the teams are available for selection (e.g. African Nationals Cup, Asian Championship, Copa America, etc.)

  8. I have an idea for how EA should revamp scouting in Fifa 20: First of all, you should be able to scout in every country in the world, and heres how they should do it. They should make 8 tiers for scouting in countries, the first tier being England, Germany, France, Spain, etc. and down to the eigth, it should be countries like Comoros, Zimbabwe, Madagascar and such. If EA did this, I feel it would give a new level of enjoyment to scouting, like if you are short on money and you scout in Liechtenstein, a tier 6 country, and you find a 70 some. to high 80 potential player. I also feel this would open a door to a youth squad, and at the start of your manager career mode you would coach there, as you are inexperienced. It would also open a door to every country having a national team, and making the World Cup far more enjoyable. Finally, I feel that Regen players should be removed completely from the game. I think the teams who bring the best youth talent in (i.e. Real Madrid, Sporting, PSV) should have consistently good young players not the Ronaldo Regen going somewhere new in LaLiga every new career mode.

  9. J’aimerais ça que Ea enlève la revente pour le plaisir du jeux et pour ceux qui ont abusés avec que des grands joueurs ou icônes qu’ils seront limités à l’utilisation pour temps match et devrait reposer le jouer pour un nombre de match ce qui obligerait de jouer avec un équipe moins forte et avoir du plaisir . En fut champion affronter un équipe au même niveau que toi au niveau d’effectif de note . Augmenter la chance de choper plus de grand joueur et donner des récompense aux acheteurs pour nous encourager c’est un jeux et on devrait même pas payer pour ouvrir des packs . Moins cher possible les packs gâtés nous cette année Ea sports .

    Automatically Translated:
    I would like Ea to remove the resale for the pleasure of the game and for those who have abused with that big players or icons that they will be restricted to use for match time and should rest playing it for a number of match this which would require playing with a less strong team and having fun. In was champion facing a team at the same level as you at the rating level. Increasing the chance to catch more great players and giving rewards to buyers to encourage us is a game and we should not even pay to open packs. Cheapest possible packs spoiled us this year Ea sports.

  10. La première chose Ea devrait faire c’est de pouvoir acheter le jeux avec la star que vous voulez avoir dans ton club. Mettre plus d’icônes et capable de les tester en mode solo .Une récompense si on achète souvent dans la boutique ou un grand jouer invendable. Augmenter le taux de chance d’avoir des bons jouers dans les packs. Ton entreneur puisse venir parler aux joueurs durant la mitant. Et la tension entre les joueurs parraissent réalise avec des bagarres s’il le faut .Quand un nouveau recru vient au Club le public l’accueil et les joueurs aussi.

    Automatically Translated:
    The first thing Ea should do is to be able to buy the game with the star you want in your club. Put more icons and able to test them in single player mode. A reward if you buy often in the shop or a large unsellable play. Increase the chance rate of having good players in the packs. Your trainer can come talk to the players during the mitant. And the tension between the players appears realizes with fights if necessary. When a new recruit comes to the Club the public the home and the players too.


  12. Me gustaría que añadieran la Liga de campeones de la CONCACAF (Scotiabank Concachampions) por favor y la 2d división de México. Sería genial.

    Automatically Translated:
    I would like them to add the CONCACAF Champions League (Scotiabank Concachampions) please and the 2nd Division of Mexico. It would be great.

  13. 1. I would like to be able to Edit the scouted youth players in career mode. By editing I mean that I wanna be able to make a player to look like myself and maybe even being able to name him after me.
    2. I’m half romanian, can’t speak the language but I folllow it’s football and it really sucks that I can’t play with my favourite team Steaua Bucuresti. Steaua won the champions League cup back in 1986. Please add the romanian leauge or at least put Steaua Bucuresti in the “around the world” leauge. Thank you.

    From a big Fifa fan.

    I would love to see a rip off from Fifa Street. Have an indoor mode were you can play 4 vs 4.

  14. 1.Premier League/La Liga/CL trophy victory parade with club’s bus..
    2.Better Trophy presentation and trophy winning celebrations(and for more minutes)..
    3.Pyros and hooligans
    4.Indoor games
    5.Fan’s Pitch invasion celebrations after promotions or finals
    6.retro teams
    7.nations league
    8.more custom tournament trophy’s

  15. I wish that the player career would be more like the journey ,you can customise the player also start a younger age and being able to do things outside of football like conferences and agents

  16. When you play player career you should start at 15 or 16 years and start at a youth club and then at 18 years old have a trial for a real club and if you play good enough you go in real club but if u don’t next year you get to have this trial again and u could look older after some years and be a litlle bit bigger. I think this would be good beacuse in fifa 19 you start your career at 21 which i think is stupid. I hope this will be in fifa 20.

  17. Please add the USL to FIFA 20. With all the MLS bids many teams will end up in the MLS. Also many people like me are fans of a USL team (I´m a North Carolina FC fan) and with teams such as FC Cincinnati coming from USL into the MLS you may never know who´s next. And one last thing is that many USL teams are affiliated with MLS teams so it´d be easier to get those teams into the game due to the MLS team being on it.

  18. 1. Create a Team Option. Would like to create a team and put in lower domestic leagues and bring up to top tier.
    2. More depth in Player Career mode. Player career becomes very stale and boring quickly.

  19. I please want to see more African league’s such south African premier league and more African national teams like Senegal, Nigeria, Namibia ect. Please

  20. Being a Rotherham United fan, I would person ally like to see all Championship and Bundesliga Stadiums in the game and more game faces as possible for the leagues…. other modes in the game like fifa street… referee mode, Chairman mode where u can sort out business and money within the club and build new stadiums for us club etc…

  21. I hope you guys can understand my English.

    I would like for fifa to evolve to a more collective than individual game, because in reality it is what soccer presents … a collective game … and it is in a collective way that games are funnier to play and become less cloying!

    – Possibility to play ultimate team with 2vs2, 3vs3 … being that only the captain controlled the team and the transfers.
    – Bring all platforms together so there are more people to play. (Because in computers it’s a very big difference in the number of people.)
    – Get back the “waiting room” mode that was included in fifas 12,13,14 … It was something that we could make friends in the fifa, and we could play 2vs2,3vs3,4vs4. (What’s the use of having Coop mode now? There is no way to meet new people to play it)
    – Bring a street mode, something like the nba 2k19 did.
    – Make the dribbling more real (There is a lot of dribble in the fifa that to do it … the doll has to be stopped and in fact it is done in movement)
    – Make specific dribbles to only players who really do. As it was done with the Neymar Rainbow Flick, that only Neymar can do it. (Because you can not differentiate a Ronaldinho from an Aboubakar or Gelson Martins or any other player from 5stars skills, it seems all the same, everyone does the same thing, and in reality it’s not like that.)
    – It would be good some new mechanics for midfield players or for defenses. Something like “time the shot”, but to pass or cut the ball. Players like Kross or Sergio Ramos would have the biggest green bar, which would be easier to hit the pass or make the cut. (To differentiate a top player from a mid-level player.)

    Those are my ideas for making fifa a top game, more fun, less cloying, everyone wins with those changes.

    1. Hi @ LenoxBorix! 😀
      I love your dribbling suggestion!
      I think there should be differing “Styles” of dribbling that make
      Ronaldo & Messi Poles Apart e.g. Ronaldo is Fast & Furious Style
      While Messi is More Deliberate, & Always on point timing wise! Although
      they will All have their off days!

      As for Cutting Passes and Shots I think you hit the mark
      with Differentiating between a basic defender and a World Class one!
      e.g. Thiago Silva (In the First Match vs ManUtd was Phenomenal in the air
      & was Super Aggressive in snuffing out ANY Crosses into the Box )

      There should be characteristics that show off their abilities regardless of
      whether you are selecting him or Not!

      YES! YES! Silva Ruined PSG after that! 🙁
      Take Care! 😀

  22. I would love to see more Icons. And from different Nations. The Most Icons are from the big 5-6 Nations…

    Like George Weah (Bring him back…)
    Or for different Nations like Cha Bum Kun (Korea)
    or Rüstü Recber and Lefter Kücükandonyadis (Turkey)

    Or Players which are not a Legend for his Country but for a Team like
    Alex de Souza (Legend for Fenerbahce, at times Captain of Brazilian National Team),
    or Kuyt (Liverpool),
    Zorc (Borussia Dortmund)

    and so on

    Sergey Pryadnikov is a fucking bustard who doesn’t respect fans of russian football.
    GAZPROM ARENA – FC Zenit St.Petersburg
    OTKRYTIYE ARENA – FC Spartak Moscow
    ROSTOV ARENA – FC Rostov
    RZD Arena – FC Lokomotiv Moscow
    Kazan Arena – Rubin Kazan
    Luzhniky Stadium – (Russia)

  24. For PS4, you can take a picture of yourself with the PS camera eye and for xbox do the same but with a kinect sensor. This can then customise the apperance of your character without you having to do the hard work.

    Furthermore please add FIFA street. Bring back the tradition of FIFA. In Career mode, make it like The Journey, so your player starts off as a child, then an adult, and possibly a manager and then retiring.

    Make the players train on the pitch before the match starts. Make the players walk off the bus, make it more free-roam.

    Make this as real as possible.

  25. Career Mode: Add an option so that you can create player and be able to put your own pictures on the created players face rather than blank. Bring back ability to change players age so they don’t retire so quickly.Add celebration goal music option. Make sure EVERY player in the gets their name read out by public announcer when the score.

    Get rid of story mode (Alex Hunter) and add a mode where you can bring back retired players of your choice to use in Career mode Thanks

  26. Please bring back game face for player career and pro clubs. I would be playing these modes a lot more if i had the option to put my game face in. There are a lot of faults and Everything in the game play and the career mode itself has been so repetitive. At least with Game face it gives it more of sense of realism.

  27. They should add an edition center where you could change the hairstyle, beard, moustache, etc of the players, like on the Journey.

  28. For player career mode , please can we have a free roam ability off the pitch , more customization [hairstyles , tattoos , boots etc] For manager career mode , can we please have the abilty to customize what he looks like and can we also have dressing rooms cutscenes , press conferences and walking off the bus etc. FIFA street needs to be in the game… PLEASE!! It would be a great re intro back to the FIFA franchise…please save this great game…its fallin apart

    1. Ótimo, é tudo o que queremos, e ainda mais poder jogar com o seu personagem fora de campo, no mundo aberto!

      Automatically Translated:
      Great, that’s all we want, and even more power to play with your character out in the open world!

  29. 1-Liga Uruguaya,seria muy bueno y otro paso para tener a la Libertadores,además tener a dos grandes del Mundo cómo Peñarol y Nacional.

    2-Mejoras en el modo carrera,ejemplo edición del Jugador más nombres para los comentarios y la edición que sea parecida o igual a lo que es en el Trayecto con Alex Hunter

  30. 1. A fifa street mode

    2. A story mode where you have to play in amateur field made out of dirt, paviment or something like that

    3. Take out the handicap

    A legend mode, a mode where you choose a iconic player ( like Pelé, Hugo Sánchez, Di Stefano) to follow its history and its carrer

  31. 1.We should be able to change the nationalities of players. We could make Messi play for Japan!! That would be soooo cooool.

    2.In career mode we should be able to send scouts to any country. And the names and appearances of the players should match the nationality of the player.

    3.When creating a player there should be more hairstyles or even hairstyles of real players, tattoos, scars.

  32. New formation 3-4-1-2 but the outside wingers to be positioned as LWB and RWB like all these teams have been playing with this season 5 midfielders on offense and 5 defenders on defense.

  33. Instead of having a set player face, ea could attempt to add 2 or 3 faces based on the players recent looks rather than having to use the set face. Or they could start with one and as they add more, you have the option to use the old or new one. For example; Aguero with hair white or black, Neymar with curly (black or blonde) or ponytail, etc

  34. You have to add camp nou in the game and dressing room in mpre match and you can add i the player career mode the personal life in our player

  35. I would like to play with the leyends again, like an special team that you could choose to play in the menu instead of purchasing player by player online. A special team of leyends of all time, like Ronaldinho, Zidane, Ronaldo, Maradona, etc.
    Another good idea is to create National Teams, with their best players of all the times, for example, Barzil National Team with Neymar, Ronaldinho, Adriano, Ronaldo, Kaka, Coutinho, Dida, Maicon, Roberto Carlos,. Something like that would it be awesome.

  36. It would be a very good idea that:
    1) You can earn the position of captain,
    2) What can be done to obtain rapid improvements?
    3) To be able to receive club offers without asking to enter the transfer list
    4) Be able to consider the formations of the teams, which offer ownership or prominence to make it more real.

  37. Improve the graphics of the players, the use of the uniform in normal, not “adjusted”, it looks very bad, it seems that the player is dancing inside the shirt. You do not see anything real.
    Improve the use of the uniform so that it is closer to reality.
    Thank you

  38. Improve the career mode and fix bugs like in Fifa 19 (Like all loan negotiations are down everytime). Everything except this title is very fine. And Improve the pro clubs and online 11vs11 matches. Make some events in this with rewards.

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