FIFA 19 Feedback

FIFA 19 Feedback

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Have you played FIFA 19 or its demo yet? How did you find its gameplay? Is there any feedback or comment that you want to share with the community?

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  1. They did to fix there internet issue I am in fut and am winning and all of a sudden I get kicked out saying I have been disconnected due to internet failure and then I come back seeing I have a 3 nil defeat and I was winning

  2. Just today I was denied a 6-0 win by EA Servers that I throughly derserved against, “Berlin Boruss32”, with my 192 overall rated team where Bruno Fernandes got 5 goals and Fernandinho got on the scoresheet as well. It was just before it when to the end game screen that I just suddenly cut off. I will be uploading evidence of this as soon as possible through “Benjamin Turner” YouTube Channel. “Denveloper” and “Mark Goldbridge”, have received evidence of this as well through message comments and a screenshot of the end results page on the Squad Battles Competition Results screen.

  3. That is the worst game I have ever played. I have been playing games for the last 15 years and this one is the unique one form because it is the worst one. I will never ever forget how a game can be terrible.

  4. It another pay to win game it so bad when you dont have any player and you just got bully in the game very bad bad bad bad so just make it better like new player got pack full of player not find the methods to get money that so terrible – bad sh*t

  5. Please improve the player career. A very importanr fix is the skill moves in player careee! Why does it disappear?!?!?

  6. Dear EA Sports – Fifa ‘19 sucks. Plain and simple.

    It is unrealistic (keeper saves four attempts, from his back?!), dodgy calls from the officials (in the age of VAR?), teams suddenly become faster and more agile (what do you attribute this too? Passion?) and in general, it just sucks.

    I hope ‘20 is better, for the sake of those who decide to support you again. I won’t.

    Thanks for the rip off.

  7. Please I have been playing since fifa 14 please give new facial hair like long beards like sergio ramos had in fifa 16. And in my player mode add like you could start frkn reserces and toy get a opoortunity to have a gameplay sort where tou negotiate with the managers for income and position and put release clause also gameplay like hairstyles need to improve. Manager mode is very nice.But player mode should also add where we could get substituted by a captian and the captain badge to be exchanged in the ground

  8. So just been doing a bit of research in the new Fifa 20 and surprise surprise! Fifa 20 player mode has been neglected yet again! Why does so much focus go on to every mode apart from this! Manager press conferences been added to manager mode in fifa 20 you’d surely think they would slot a player conference in player mode as well! Why can you add tattoos to your players in the journey & in the new volta mode but cannot add it in player mode? They should also go back to fifa 09 where you would have to start in the reserve squad and work your way into the first team you could play for someone like Liverpool with a 70 rating and play as a striker and play over Firmino who is overall 86! This would never happen EA needs to make more focus to player mode just as much as every other mode!

  9. I love playing Ultimate team but there is some modification you should add to fifa 19 to be more easier:
    1- for searching the players specially in SBC (Squad building challenges) need to search for players per : His rating or the kind of his card (TOTW, TOTY, TOTS,….)
    2- It is not fair to find in week 43 packs for every body with players 10 matches loans with very high rating which makes any team as strong as mine after i spend all year buying players with high amount of money to find some starters have ronaldo 99 and pele 99 griezmann 97 ,…..– To buy fifa 20 we need that our ultimate team in fifa19 be moved with the same players to fifa 20 so i don t start again from the beginning.
    – need to add more changing positions for players

  10. Here are some of the logical issues in career mode, which EA should fix to make the game more realistic.
    1. World class players available for pre contract after every season is very stupid. I can sign all players above 90 rated for free within 4-5 seasons
    2. I can’t sign a player who’s contract is expiring in 6 months. The only option is waiting till next summer window. What kind of logic is that
    3. Why I am not able to send a player on loan immediately after I sign or promote him to first team.
    4. Manager should be allowed to make change in the basic position of a player. Like LM->LW, RW->ST etc.
    5. Player value should vary more depends on the potential. Like Joao Felix moved for 120M to make the game more realistic
    6. Stop players moving to smaller clubs in simulated world. Can you imagine Mbappe moving to a mid table club in EPL?
    7. How many 94 rated players are there in the world after Messi and Ronaldo. Even if you consider the potential, I can’t see anyone having a potential of 94 other than Mbappe and Naymar realistically.
    And imagine I can bring 4-5 Messis/Ronaldos every year to my youth academy. How realistic it is?
    Best academies can produce 2-3 players above 85 on an average per year. And a world class player once in a while. Please fix it
    8. Scouting players: After I set the rules and sending my scouts, why should I ask to scout each and every player separately? Come on, if it’s only for the name, why should I send the scout? Can’t I search directly?
    9. Why is it not possible to directly ask to scout a player who is on my transfer shortlist?
    10. Find some new ways to spend the money like improving the stadium, youth academy, supporting coaches etc. There is a lot money accumulated in 3-4 years which I can’t use for anything other than just signing all world class players
    11. I hope the player potential related issues are already fixed in 2020 version

  11. One thing that EA has to fix is the glitch where your players in career mode has 6 months left on the contract and you get a message saying “Renew the contract to keep the players from leaving on a free transfer from the club”, but when you try to renew their contracts it says “You have already negotiated a new deal with this player”. Then the player leaves anyway. Please EA fix this simple glitch or the career mode is totally useless.

  12. I have been playing FIFA and PES games since PS1. And I really enjoyed both games. Although there are times when PES games are better than FIFA. Then from 2013 until now FIFA 19, FIFA became my favorite football game. Although I have not seen significant developments since FIFA 17 in terms of player movements or Artificial Intelligence in the game. But to be honest, the experience of playing online with FIFA 19 is very bad. Even though I use internet speed of 50Mbps bandwidth or more, still FIFA 19 often lags, often has errors, which makes the experience of playing FIFA online games unpleasant. If I may say, FIFA 19 is the “WORST” soccer game in terms of playing online. If FIFA doesn’t improve their system or their servers, and improve the gameplay and player movements in FIFA 20 later, I think I’d better move to PES again. Where from the gameplay demo review that I saw, “SO MUCH BETTER”.

  13. On a serious note….
    1) changing player is shockingly awful both on manual and auto it ruins the game for many features like tackling and off the ball this is the worst feature in the game and has been since Fifa day 1 (take the hint )
    2) through balls and passing both again on manual or assisted is very poor …. and the refs well I’ll hold my tongue the issues above is a massive factor in real life football so as a fifa fan fix these or sack your team and hire people who know football …makes sense ??

  14. Have just received my division rivals awards, but the problem is my champions awards are missing, I was on silver 3 unfortunately for the first time since I haven’t played enough games. So please EA give me my champions Rewards

  15. Un joc de câcat ireal trag o sută de șuturi la poarta si toate le apara el trage unul si imi da gol. Asa ca să vă băgați pula in el Facke joc.

  16. The captain armband is far too small than the real ones, when you play a champions league match, the captain armband looks like a premier league armband.

  17. Your game is *** awful. How can you get a group of people to make such a poor game. It’s beyond me. I’d get the team all together in one room and sack them. They have no knowledge or any common sense. One of the worst games I’ve played. Good luck with next fifa as you will get another review from my slef in a matter of months. Well done again you inconsiderate ass holes

    1. Bro I agree with you this FIFA20 is wack poor movement and you even trying to mark a player and the player runs from the opponent it’s horrible I regret buying this game for real

  18. Update 1.17 but feels worse than the previous one. What a joke! Gameplay responsiveness was supposed to have been “improved” but the players don’t change as quickly as they are meant to when i press the “change player” button. The switch from one player to another is delayed. Players’ ball control is worse than ever. Defenders keep catching up to players with 99 pace even when they are miles away. And keepers…LOL.

  19. Why We Don’t bring back creation Center career mode with Real players and have the champions league as a career start to the club and their own in European Leagues Such As premier league,la liga,bundesliga,And even liga nos.


  21. This game is scripted. I took 30 shots on target and non went in. My opponent took one shot and he won at the 85th minute. This is exactly why this game is dead. Pls fix your game EA. Fifa is so trash now.

  22. many flaws to the game obviously but I would like to focus on the career mode’s biggest one for me, free transfers. every season a ridiculous amount of world class players are available on a free. this seriously impacts the realism of the game. what makes it even worse is that none of the other clubs are signing them and worse of all, high salary players always demand less than what they were earning on their expiring deal!

  23. I love the game so much but I like the sight of good players having their real faces . I would be so happy if I see these players with their face updates like ilkay gundogan,Bruno Fernandez, jao cancelo,neres, malcom, nicolas pepe ,semedo ,sessengon and jao Felix.
    I would also like to see a Bernardo Silva’s beard length to be reduced
    I wound also want serge gnabry with higher hair. FIFA please

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