FIFA 19 Feedback

FIFA 19 Feedback

FIFA 19 User-Reviews, Feedback and Comments

Have you played FIFA 19 or its demo yet? How did you find its gameplay? Is there any feedback or comment that you want to share with the community?

Write your FIFA 19 reviews, feedback, and comments here and share it with the FIFA community. Use the form below and submit your FIFA 19 user-reviews and feedback. You can also include your Youtube video in the form if you have any.

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11 thoughts on “FIFA 19 Feedback

  1. Absolute shambles of a game, Get yourself an 80 rated team to play online and every match up against 86 rated squads that are over powering as fuck making the game zero fun and extremely frustrating. Then it comes to coins and packs.. Same shite players with over 100 packs opened and not 1 walk out. Put money into the game and all of a sudden the packs become that little bit better? not coincidence EA are just money grabbing bastards. This game should be scrapped

  2. This is by far the worst FIFA that has been made… online is completly ruined beacuse of the vehement overrated clubs like Juventus and PSG. You cant play with your favourite team if you wanna play against anyone else than Juventus, and therefore forcing even more to play as Juventus. Now Ronaldo plays for Juventus, it is all of a sudden the best club in the game and no one are equally rated… this is servere asslicking, get it togethers…
    And the career mode is just awfull. Stop forcing people to play as women, at least give them a choice.
    The cinematics are very poor too.

  3. Hello. I’m korean. I wanted to play fifa18. So if demo version is excited, i was about to buy the standdard version. But when I click the play button, it does not start. Just black screen. I want to solve this problem quickly. Help me please.

  4. Please put the Basque nationality on So that spanish and french have dual nationality if Basque and that Athletic Club Bilbao can only buy / recruit Basque players. Also make Eibar, Osasuna, Real Sociedad, Alaves, and Athletic Club regenerate Basque youth players in career mode. Put both basque region (3/4 in spain, 1/4 in France) as a region to scout for Youth staff so that you can recruit Basque players in academy that are Spanish / French dual nationality as Basque. Also that youth players that are recruited have authentic Basque names i.e. Inaki, Andoni, Gorka etc…

  5. This is the most laggiest fifa I have ever played. Fut fifa 19, everytime I connected to a new game online, all the touches are very laggy which affects the gameplay and leads me to lose. Penalty shoot out is so unrealistic as the power shots are really sensitive. Fifa please fix this! Lagg is not an option!

  6. It’s the worst football game I have played for FIFA, bad play, many mistakes, new incomprehensible regulations, unreasonable exploitation, I think next year will be good for the competition firm, I do not think I’ll buy it next year

  7. Worst Fifa ever !!! I use to play fifa since Fifa 14 and i really lost the intrest this year. I played more than 150 match in Fifa ultimate team and its veeeeeeery bad and not real auch as Fifa 17

  8. Poor tackles this year 50/50 continually lost strength and speed of strikers are poor and defenders when win a slide tackle that a sunbathe before they get up

  9. You honestly ruined fifa with fifa 19. This game is for sure the worst fifa since I started playing fifa 13. Defense is OP, all defenders faster and stronger than all attackers regardless of stats. Interceptions OP, can’t make any passes. I used to be div 1 or 2 in every ultimate team until this fifa, and now I can’t string together any offense at all. FIX THIS S*** GAME.

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