FIFA 20 Wishlist

FIFA 20 Wishlist

Your Wishlist for FIFA 20

Write your wishlist and ideas for FIFA 20 here. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 20 video-game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

Let’s talk about your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for FIFA 20 and FUT 20 in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.

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  1. (sorry for my english):
    For motivation and control of the game, in addition to being a better soccer emulator, a “Referee Mode” is proposed.
    A game mode that helps to know in detail the basic rules of the game.
    The benefit of this game mode would be shown in two parts: on the one hand, gamers who also play soccer could have greater knowledge of the sport. On the other hand, it would help people looking to be – or are already referees – to improve their performance on the court with a game emulator.
    In general, the aim is to create empathy with the reciprocal referee-player relationship.
    The “Referee Mode” should not be mandatory. It could be placed as a game option based on a DLC. And in the same way, it should not be in FIFA 20, because the work for a project of this magnitude would take time. Still, personally I would like to see it.

  2. My wishlist
    All ideas are oriented to FIFA career mode.

    1. It would be incredible that you could play the career mode since the beginning of the 00’s, that would be entertaining for the level of gameplay, in my opinion, I do not like to see how generic players start while advancing because it loses emotion. Begin in the golden age of players of the likes of Zinedine Zidane, Roberto Carlos, Rivaldo, Raul, Totti, Oliver Kahn, Ronaldo, Thierry Henry, Nesta, … etc. It would be amazing! Then over the years know that players like Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, etc. will debut. and that you can fight against them the golden ball title, is that, honestly, I do not know how they have not done it yet.
    2. It would be good if this FIFA 20 finally included participation as a player from the bench. In the game mode you only have two options, or you play the game as a starter, or you just simulate it, because the coach can not put you in the middle of the game, you are not a change option!
    3. It would be exciting the option of creating a stadium to use them, so you can contemplate the designs that players believe to include in their next FIFA’s.
    4. With the creation option, also create new clubs, give them an available location, a name, shield, uniform, choose sponsors and of course, to make it competitive, place them in the lower leagues of each country you have. Gaining popularity, getting new sponsors who are willing to make new uniforms, players who want to sign for the club, is a world of opportunities!
    5. The following has to do with competitions that are not yet included, one of the largest regions that consume their product is the CONCACAF area, I know it does not have a fascinating level, much less, but it would be good to include the club competition that has with the teams that will participate in the next edition, and this could also apply to competitions such as the club world cup, which does not include it yet, or the Libertadores Cup.
    6.Another thing that could improve, are interviews, it would be good to try to include interviews with your player and interaction with the public to know the state of morality, both in society, and in the club. I think it would be good to incorporate social networks in this facet of the game to give a more realistic touch to the game and to interact with the fans.
    7. Change the default manager, which can be customized.

    I think that with these game adjustments we would win both parties, I’m from Guatemala and I think that with the inclusion of two teams from the Guatemalan league (in the CONCACAF championship cup) the people here would go crazy and buy the game knowing that there are two teams in the league in the game, it would be crazy. The sales market in this region would rise only with that cup, let alone with the Libertadores. The way of game that I have declared in the first point, would be amazing to play, who does not want to measure Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in their best times? And even beat them the golden ball! Or play with world soccer legends and bring them back with their best versions. It would be a real change in FIFA, a change that the public expects from you as an institution, to renew and hook them with new ideas, why not think about them? Thank you. Luis Sebastian.

  3. Please add WCC (World Championship Club) also the chance to modify the capacity of the stadium like oldder Fifa games, improve your staff (medical, trainers, etc.)

  4. The liga mx, acsenco mx and copa mx will be great for Fifa 20 and make EA alot of money . they dont have to be fully licensed but Isuggest they do this before Konami applies it on PES.

  5. i wish in fifa 20 superliga argentina full licenced ; more european leagues full licenced; fifa wolrd club full licended and finally Copa Libertadores

  6. I believe lots of peoples wish is to be allowed to use legendary teams. Such as NBA or Madden allow. Even if just a couple, it’d be great to be able to play with An 03 Real Madrid, 05 liverpool/ac milan, Etc. Would even pay extra for that mode.

  7. In Fifa 20 you should be able to use classic teams in kickoff and other modes. For example be able to play with the galacticos, 2006 barcelona with ronaldihno, or the Milan from the 2000, etc…

  8. We could have live interviews with the player who scored a hat trick, made a clean sheet, players who scored, players who got a golden boot and a golkeeper who got a golden glove. This can happen in any math in like house rules, player career mode, Manager career mode, Uefa champions league, Groupe stage matches, La liga, Serie A TIM, premier league, Supercopa league and more. We could chose three options what to say in the live interviews.

  9. I wish you could fully licensed the mexican league since you did for the MLS and also add fifa street and improve career mode by putting more realistic stuff like having live interviews, training before a game, etc.

  10. – We need a training arena with a bot, just like a old fifa, and also training arena in fut.
    – Shooting outside the box is ok, but improve finishing from inside the box as well
    – dont remove the timed finishing and moving the goalkeeper features, but punish yellow and red timed finishing, because sometime we still can score a red and yellow timed finishing so whats the point of getting perfect timing?

  11. Hello EA Sports Team,

    My main wishes in case of Fifa 20.

    -In kickoff have a fut draft mode
    -Add a fifa street
    -To be able to use icons in kickoff

  12. Deberian poner mas estadios, sobretodo aca en Latinoamerica y en especial en el Caribe.
    Ademas, una opcion de crear nuestro propio equipo, jugadores propios e incluso armar nosotros un estadio.
    Y para terminar quisiera que en alguno años incluyeran todas las competiciones tanto de clubes como nacionales, (a nivel continental)

  13. In player career mode we could chose our morale, unhappy, content, happy and really happy. So our boss knows our morale exept for just morale unknown.

  14. My wishlist is…

    On career player mode please ADD free roam, where u can buy a house, car, clothes, etc. You must be able to drive to practice and go to the changing room, go to manager’s office etc. U must be able to walk to the hallway entrance to the pitch.
    U must be able to socialize with people etc. U must be able to start a family and be able to open businesses such as soccer academys restaurants etc.

    Career manager mode
    U must be able to free roam etc. U must start small as a manager starting as under 18 coach to under 23 coach youth team coach to assistance coach to head coach of club u must be able to socialize with players by chatting with them to tell them about squad status etc and be able to hold team meetings

    When u play a match as the halftime Mark hits u must be able to see what happens in the changing room as u set the formations and tactics etc.
    U must be interviewed every time the match interviewed as man of the match, captain and coach this process must be able to be skip able

    That’s all for now plz view my wishlist pls

    Regards Dash

  15. 1. New FIFA 20 ambassadors wishlist
    1) Kylian Mbappe
    2) Pier-Emerick Aubameyang
    3) Gareth Bale

    2. World Cup mode where players can
    1) Select country or countries of the World Cup (maximum 2 countries)
    2) Select national teams (maximum 32 teams)
    3) Select stadiums (maximum 12 stadiums)
    4) Select referees

    3. New faces
    1) Luis Suarez
    2) Henrikh Mkhitaryan
    3) Eden Hazard
    4) Sergio Agüero
    5) Mauro Icardi

  16. Hey Fifa Team

    My wishlist:
    – More Choreos. You did great in Fifa 19 so far. Keep it up 🙂

    – Maybe add Bengalos and Fireworks. And therefore also punishments for clubs: like the next match is in an emty stadium. In Derbys in which teams don’t like each other it could add to the derby feeling

    – Sometimes Matches have way too many visitors. (3rd Division Soccer Team etc.)

    -A stadium creator with assets like in “The Sims”. Also a Stadium Share function with the Fifa Community

    -If it’s possible: Crossplay between Xbox and PS4

  17. Iran has been in Asia. Four a number of years and its league is twice in a row in the final to find out why. The league and a iranian national team wiil not be. Aded leter if the ability to suo me in this game. Is great. Leave electoronics policies

  18. Add creator tools that allows fifa players to make own stadiums, leugeas, cups, national teams, club logo, players, clubs, yerseys, balls, ads banners, fans, fans flag, fans song(from youtube url) and a many other things…

    When players go to create some leugea, let sey croatian leugea, fifa must allow to player to create first division, second division, third division(A,B,C)…. Players must get able to create as many division they wont and also there must be able to set playoff system, lower division in some country is separated on couple of divisiob like in croatia we have third division separated on three parts. I would allows to create five division for each country but some of that division would be able separated so in this five division we would have probablly +-20 difrent leugeas.

    Fifa must to have ultra good editor so that players can edit stadium indentical like in reality and also background object(hauses, sea, mountain, forrest, cars, people walking nearvof the stadium,…

    I really hope that someone would see this coment and give to the players revolution in fifa and also in sport game. Thanks

  19. Pre-season friendlies should be back in FIFA 20, as an alternative to the pre season tournament. Every team is invited to the tournaments, even teams that you don’t expect. You don’t see teams like Blackburn Rovers going to Asia to play in tournaments

  20. Commentator career mode example: someone got to yellow cards and 3 options to say something down below your commentators face one: its just a stupid thing, two: the teamates are saying to the player don’t be aggressive you can win us it tonight, three: he’s lucky got a yellow if red…
    Realistic blood when badly injured

  21. Me I wish in house rules we could have all the players like in the bench gather and play. And also the opponents. Called: Players and bench plays.

  22. I wish in player career mode we could be in the bench and the manager says your in the bench today and we can watch a little bit of matches. Then press for training then we can be in when the coach says your in for example: Josè Mourinho says to your character. (Position Midfeilder) Your in the feild swaping with Pogba.

  23. 1.It should be able for women to play with men
    2.No glitches
    3.Commentator career on ps4 you choose what to say on staff that need to be commentated you choose what you want to say like on the journey fifa 18
    4.they should be able to choose any player like P.Pogba,R.Gucha,C.Ronaldo
    5.Please make it free on ps4
    6.please put career mode on the demo

  24. An idea,I have a team with boys Utltimate Team. Add Woman’s players to Ultimate teams Bronze,Silver,Gold, Special be in a team. So one team boys and girls

  25. Hello again EA sports, I wish in The journey there was more things. I wish in fifa 20 when we make our own players create players we could make our characters there celebrations, finishing celebration, free kick style, penalty style and running celebration and also get to create our own celebration

  26. I wish in FIFA 20 we could have referre career mode so for ps4 R2 is run L1 is yellow card and R1 is red card and grab the ball press the circle button its a goal ⬅button. The ball is out button and corner ◼button. Offside⬆button. A foul ⬇button. Whistle blow double tap ✖button. I wish also FIFA 20 could have in Player career mode is we can buy clothes and houses.

      1. Sorry Nessaj, I said you have a bad wish list and please EA can you accept my wishlist please beg you EA sports soccer.
        By Ian

  27. what really needs improvement in Fifa is the atmosphere. it’s so bad in Fifa compared to pes, sometimes when I score I get nothing from the crowd. please fix this

  28. Hello EA Sports Team,

    My main wishes in case of Fifa 20.

    + career mode to 2 players, (like in turn base strategy games, the 2 players can choose different clubs and manage it)

    + in Fifa 19 You finished the Journey mode, in the next Year I would like to see something new, maybe a Fifa Street mode with posibility to create players and teams

    + develop the graphics, first of all the faces of the players

    Thank You,


  29. New goal celebrations list
    1. Shirt off – like Lionel Messi
    2. Selfie
    3. Kiss the ball
    4. Kick the ball
    5. Celebrate with goalkeeper

  30. i want to be able to make new uniforms and make new stadiums and to be able to interact with players and to have stuff like nba 2k does were you can shop at stores and have houses

  31. As I mostly play in career mode, these are the few gripes I’d like to see addressed…

    1.) When I was a kid, I remember playing with some of the israeli and greek teams (fifa 2000 i think?) and it was a blast learning and playing with lesser known leagues and players and starting more realistic career modes in smaller domestic leagues and teams and working my way up a career trajectory towards the premier league or la liga through a medium size league like eredivision or switzerland, etc (like many pro footballers’ career). I think they need to get a much wider variety of league licenses and more of them so more of the global leagues, particularly in Asia, lesser known uefa domestic leagues (like Israel, Greece, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, etc.), and Africa.

    2.) many more national teams, with more focused development in the international competitions instead of these very generic world cup and confederation tournament. The national team features are quite underwhelming.

    3.) youth academy and youth scouting has not been updated since at least 2010. Please revamp it, and allow youth scouts to look at all nations across the globe instead of just a few from each continent… the game kinda gets stale when you get 10 seasons into a career mode and everyone is a spaniard, frenchman, brasilian or argentinian…

  32. My wishlist for fifa20
    -More realistic players especially the young ones
    -More updates on players or even we are able to edit the players in career mood like facial hair and what not
    -love to see more commentator like Peter Drury and Jim Baglin or Jon Champion rather than just Martin Tyler and Alan Smith on each game
    -Better trophy presentation and celebrations

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