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FIFA 20 Wishlist

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Write your wishlist and ideas for FIFA 20 here. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 20 video-game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

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  1. Team Croatia and Bosnia in national teams and career mode should be more like the journey, as a story. Small details of dressing rooms before matches.

  2. Icons career!!!

    Like at the start of the Fifa 19 The Journey where you play as Jim Hunter scoring his 100th goal. Maybe make a career mode based on the older ages of soccerso we can experience what it was like playing back then.
    List of High-rated icons that should be included.
    – Diego Maradona
    – Thierry henry
    – Ronaldinho
    – Franz Beckenbauer
    – Johan Cryuff
    – Pele
    – Lothar Matthaus
    – Eusebio
    – Ferenc Puskas
    – Zidane
    – Bobby Charlton
    – Rivaldo
    – Rio Ferdinand
    – Gordon Banks
    – Bobby Moore
    – Gerd Muller

  3. 1- Team relocation like in madden
    2- real players in pro clubs
    3- be the club owner
    4- arrange friendly matches with other teams

  4. FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Wishlist:

    design your kit & logo

    100 rated Messi, Ronaldo

    Neymar 99 rated

    start squad please have gold players

    UEFA Europa league & UEFA Champions league FUT drafts & tournaments

    create more chemistry styles

    make David Beckham an icon

  5. The career mode should include simulations of press conferences. It must have a highlight of a player and a manager relation. e.g. a certain player is unsatisfied with his position so he argues with the manager on a live simulation.

  6. As a first improvement I would have the career mode we can select the test sebst.
    second improvement would be to license the öfb cup.

  7. Yo creo que deberían agregar la “Liga de Campeones de la Concacaf”

    Automatically Translated:
    I think they should add the “Concacaf Champions League”

  8. Se debería agregar aunque sea un equipo de cada país de Latinoamérica
    Incluir el camp nou

    Automatically Translated:
    It should be added even if it is a team from each Latin American country
    Include camp nou

  9. We should be able to put on tattoo in Fifa 18 player career mode and Also improve commentary and we should be able to start at age 17 and also we should be able to play LW and RW
    We should be able to go on substitute not only first team in player career mode

  10. 1- being able to create stadiums
    2- being able to design uniforms
    3- being able to use the icon team in kickoff
    4- license the liberators cup
    5- license the concachampions
    6- Club World Cup
    7- Improve career mode

  11. Deberían incluir más estadios del futbol mexicano y ambiente diferente en las ligas, del público y el modo de entrada al estadio de los equipos.

    Automatically Translated:
    They should include more stadiums of Mexican soccer and different environment in the leagues, from the public and the way of entrance to the stadium of the teams.

  12. 1-. Have an editable Manager in career mode
    2-. That the salary of the Manager, serve to buy new clothes, hairstyles and accessories
    3-. Scoreboard of the Serie A
    4-. Anthem of the Europa League
    5-. An independent mode for the Europa League
    6- Full intros of UEFA competitions
    7- Intros of each league
    8-. When you finish a season in Manager career mode, in the following season you can create a new uniform

  13. Me gustaria que añadieran la copa libertadores la sudamericana la concacaf y el mundial de clubes y que cada que un equipo quede campeon otenga el logo de campeon ya sea en selecion o en clud al igual que añadan la eurocopa estaria genial competir para ganarlo todo

    Automatically Translated:
    I would like the South American Cup to be added to the Concacaf and the Club World Cup and that every time a team becomes a champion, they will be awarded the championship logo either in selection or in clud as well as adding the Euro Cup. It would be great to compete to win it all.

  14. 1-Estaría muy bueno que miren más a Latinoamerica,que agreguen la liga Peruana,Uruguaya entre otras.

    Es una lástima que no esté hoy en día la Liga Uruguaya contando que tiene a Peñarol y Nacional,dos de los mejores clubes de América y del Mundo. Además es impresionante lo que se vive en Uruguay con el Fútbol,tenemos a una de las mejores hinchadas del Mundo.

    La hinchada de Peñarol es reconocida a nivel mundial por si fiesta en la tribuna y la cantidad de gente que lleva año a año.

    Nacional más de 40 títulos a nivel nacional,3 intercontinentales y 3 Libertadores

    Peñarol 52 títulos a nivel nacional,3 intercontinentales y 5 Libertadores.

    No puede faltar está liga.
    Además ayudaría mucho a la Copa Latina y el modo carrera y una de las mejores cosas que pueden poner es licenciar a la Libertadores

    Mejorar el offline,una falta de respeto que se fijen en todo lo online y dejar todo lo demás cómo siempre.

    Licenciar la Libertadores.

    Integrar más a Latinoamerica,poner ligas cómo la de Perú y demás. En especial la Liga Uruguaya ya que cuenta con Peñarol y Nacional 2 de los mejores clubes de América y del Mundo.

    Nacional más de 40 títulos a nivel nacional,3 intercontinentales y 3 Libertadores.

    Peñarol 52 títulos a nivel nacional,3 intercontinentales y 5 Libertadores.

    Peñarol con una de las mejores hinchadas del mundo. Y en general lo que se vive en Uruguay es impresionante.

    Buenos jugadores,fútbol reñido y con tan poca población Uruguay exporta a nivel de Argentina.

    Automatically Translated:
    1-It would be very good to look more at Latin America, to add the Peruvian league, Uruguayan among others.

    It is a pity that the Uruguayan League is not nowadays counting on having Peñarol and Nacional, two of the best clubs in America and the World. It is also impressive what we live in Uruguay with Football, we have one of the best fans in the world.

    The fans of Peñarol are recognized worldwide in case they take part in the grandstand and the number of people that take place every year.

    National more than 40 national titles, 3 intercontinental and 3 Libertadores

    Peñarol 52 titles at national level, 3 intercontinental and 5 Libertadores.

    You can not miss this league.
    It would also help a lot to the Copa Latina and the career mode and one of the best things they can do is license the Libertadores

    Improve the offline, a lack of respect that is fixed in everything online and leave everything else as always.

    Licensing the Libertadores.

    Integrate more to Latin America, put links like that of Peru and others. Especially the Uruguayan League since it has Peñarol and Nacional 2 of the best clubs in America and the World.

    National more than 40 national titles, 3 intercontinental and 3 Libertadores.

    Peñarol 52 titles at national level, 3 intercontinental and 5 Libertadores.

    Peñarol with one of the best fans in the world. And in general, what is experienced in Uruguay is impressive.

    Good players, hard-fought football and with so little population Uruguay exports to the level of Argentina.

  15. we need Manager contract expiry in fifa 20 career mode. we need to be able to turn down contract offers.
    and make it easier to change clubs

  16. All my suggestions regard FIFA Career Mode.

    1. We need more statistics. After a while (around 3 seasons) we lose reference. CR7 and Messi are about to retire. Neymar is getting old…and I wonder, who is the new Messi? Who is the year’s top scorer? Which team is the most valuable? Which team has done some amazing campaign? Which team is ruling the world?

    Without those statistics, career mode gets boring after a while. I think it would be nice if there was a top scorer leaderboard (if possible, maybe a lifetime scoring rank), best passers on the league, a leaderboard with teams rank, titles, and all those numbers so that we keep the reference on the game.

    2. Players should have emotions and will. I think they should want to leave for bigger teams or bigger leagues, they should feel like their career is stuck, should want to move to another team in order to be called for the national teams, and so on.

    For example, when I achieve great results with a medium team (like Empoli) and some of my players get offers from Barcelona/Real Madrid/Manchesters, there is absolutely no reason for me to sell them. However, in real life, player (many times) do want to leave to a bigger team, get higher wages, and so on.

    This addition would turn career mode much more fun.

    3. Managers should get more job offers. Even when you accomplish all the board’s goals, it’s pretty rare to get new job offers. It is also rare to get fired, even when you don’t accomplish the goals.

    4. Managing the teams is to easy. All we have to worry about is winning matches. There is no wage limit; it doesn’t matter if the supporters go to the stadium or buy products; there’s no need to worry about merchandising, etc.

    We should have more responsibility as managers, like caring about tickets price, profit distribution, players satisfaction, the club’s financial health.

    5. Again, there is no reason for managers to change clubs. Salaries are meaningless. Maybe the manager’s salary could be used to invest in the club like it used to be a couple of years ago. We should be able to invest in better trainers, youth squat facilities, assistant manager, etc.

    6. Player’s experience should matter. It would be nice to add the team’s chemistry and experience and that should influence the team’s behavior.

    For instance, there is no reason for me to hire 35-year-old Messi because he is no longer fast and decisive and his price in the market only decreases. The fact that he is Messi should matter for the team’s performance.

    That is all I can suggest for now.


    Felipe Pinheiro.

  17. a league of youths that are all the teams of the competition but with their players of 21 or less years and be able to play their games, besides being able to send the veteran players who are playing badly to that team

  18. 1. Que el árbitro pueda equivocarse y que revise el bar
    2. La copa libertadores y Sudaméricana
    3. La segunda división de cada liga
    4. Que agreguen los estadios de la liga águila (dimayor)
    5. Modo carrera arbitral

    Automatically Translated:
    1. That the referee can make mistakes and check the bar
    2. The Liberators Cup and South America
    3. The second division of each league
    4. Add the stadiums of the eagle league (dimayor)
    5. Arbitral career mode

  19. What about sections of the crowd leaving early depending if their team are winning or losing?? Would add a bit of realism to the atmosphere.

    And also stadiums don’t always need to be full to capacity, like cup games against lower league opposition maybe half full stadium.

    I would also like to see proper segregation between opposition fans instead of them sitting right beside each other.

  20. 1.We can make new kit after one season in career
    2.VAR System
    3.Iranian league
    4.AFC Champions league
    5.Serie A scoreboard
    6.Classic teams
    7.Camp nou
    8.Barcelona`s players` face
    9.Play as a refree
    10.New icons in FUT.For example:Edgar Davids or Zinedin Zidane
    11.Women`s club league

  21. 1. add referee carrer mode
    2. add camp nou
    3. add copa libertadores
    4. add unlimited season
    5. add few south american countries’ leagues to be able to use them in copa libertadores

  22. 1- that in the fifa 20 has new celebrations and one that was going to please everyone would be the messi taking off the shirt to show for the fans

  23. 1- That fifa 20 has recent songs or songs that are hits because lately has little good music in fifa put popular songs

  24. 1. Unlimited seasons. It is annoying that ultimate team is given all of this time and energy, while career mode doesn’t get the time of day. After 2032, we should be able to play infinitely with youth players.
    2. Being able to play with youth players in their own squad before being promoted to the first team.
    3. More actions as manager/owner: realistic team talks, relocation, changing kits, requesting money for budget, etc.
    4. More customization.

    1. preaching to the choir particularly manager mode. they need to sort out shooting, crossing and free kicks too. team talks should matter, should be able to choose own sponsors, upgrade stadiums, make a 3rd kit, have non-league teams in fa cup, have under 21 sides in checkatrade trophy, increase range of music, get rid of the same old commentary time and time again. sign a player beyond 2 years, stupid mouthing in transfer negotiatons, able to get players on loan again,

  25. Stretchers
    African leagues please
    Error of judgement from reff

    Career mode
    Goal of the month
    After a season or two be able to change your teams kit
    Stadium upgrades

  26. 1. VAR system (the ref can make a bad decision and then check through VAR and make the correct decision)
    2. the chance to play as a referee
    3. new ICONS (David Beckham, Ronaldinho…)
    4. Classic kit of Portsmouth

  27. Add Egyptian premier league or Ahly Egypt Club Because it is the most club in the world has championships The Egyptian league, or the addition of Al Ahli, Zamalek, Egypt, Borg El Arab Stadium, Cairo Stadium, Many teams such as Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia have made the Bundesliga,

  28. I would like to see the following,

    1.Dutch second league.
    2. Able to change full kits
    3. Controlling youth teams in career mode.
    4. More competition from different clubs on the transfer market in career mode.
    5. Clubs who are offering players at your club for loan or transfer in career mode.
    6. Able to see full player statistics from other players during the season in career mode.
    7. Indoor matches (Liked how it was in FIFA 98)

  29. Possibly the chance to play as a referee. If you can not then the Slovakian national team, because I am half Slovakian.

  30. 1. During the half time manager talks to players in dressing room
    2. Fans can fight with guards and kick the referees
    3. Players can fight with referees and other team’s players
    4. Goal of the week and goal of the month nominations
    5. Player of the month and player of the season nominations
    6. Press conference before and after the match
    7. VAR system
    8. Realistic graphics
    9. New manager faces
    10. Realistic weather
    11. After the each season in Career Mode players can make new kit design for next season
    12. After the each season in Career Mode player’s club play with Icons team and winner takes the trophy
    13. History mode where player playing FUT Icon player’s career
    14. In Kick off mode players can choose Icons team and play
    15. In Kick off mode players can choose classic teams and play

    Classic teams list
    1. Real Madrid
    2. FC Barcelona
    3. Juventus
    4. AC Milan
    5. Inter Milan
    6. Manchester United
    7. Arsenal
    8. Liverpool
    9. Bayern Munich
    10. Ajax
    New broadcasting of
    1. Serie A
    2. Serie B
    3. German Bundesliga
    4. German 2nd Bundesliga
    5. German 3rd Division
    6. La Liga 1|2|3
    7. EFL Championship

  31. it would be great idea to have nike all star vs adidas all star

    and what about classic national teams and classic teams from the past

    or all time stars from the past like brazil,argentina and more

    i will be nice to play with pele,zico,garniche,ronaldinho,ronaldo,maradona and more

    brazil classic,argentina classic and you know the rest.

    another suggestion is FIFA Street Mode
    Israeli League In FIFA 20, israel national team

    have a nice day

  32. please improve the MANAGER CAREER MODE
    make it more fun and realistic by adding these stuff in the manager career mode:

    – goal of the month nominees
    -highlights from the other matches in the league
    -make a real press conference like the journey before and after a match,after sign players and after win a trophy
    -add more manager faces
    – VAR
    – dynamic weather
    – during half time or after a match, the manager can make a talk in the dressing room like the journey
    – more animations in the game like players talking with the manager,both managers has a feud during a match or manager had a feud with the referee


    – have sliders to determine the amount of fans at a game for both teams. for instance, full stadiums are quite rare in lower divisions and games like the checkatrade (EFL trophy) final never sell out wembley. also not forgetting city in the champions league.. (sorry, had to lol).
    – FIX GOAL CELEBRATIONS, players don’t run where you tell them to, often run into the corner, press the celebration buttons and then they run off to the the sideline, doesn’t look natural.
    also, away team players do not celebrate with away fans and vice versa quite often.
    – BETTER TROPHY CEREMONIES (i.e. walking up the wembley steps, or even an interactive way of lifting trophies, just something new really).
    – tunnel cutscenes before a game or big games.

    -freshen up the look of the menus.

    teams stock pile players they don’t need, don’t know whether its a bug, but liverpool and united on one of my careers had 5 world class LBs each..

    no loan to buy option

    fix the last year of contract bug, if a player has a year left, they sign a year contract but it will only last to the end of the season, they can’t negotiate a new one either once agreed, therefore your player can just be taken away on a free.. contract negotiations should be for ADDITIONAL years.

    loaning players is unrealistic, too many teams loan out their good players, too many players reject smaller clubs and it is impossible to loan a player in the final year of their contract.

    free transfers are overpowered, its quite easy to get a team of superstars for free. new contracts should be signed earlier, free transfers should only be available for older players, or players with low morale towards their team OR if the team cannot afford their wages/has too many players in the position. at the moment you can pretty much sign anyone you want for free.

    – PRESS CONFERENCES. have them like the transfer cutscenes, your answers should affect your players/board/fans morale, this can be implemented on your club objectives. if confidence is lost in you, you get the sack.
    – more depth to player editing like madden franchise mode (ability to change player positions included)
    – stadium upgrades (even if its moving to another generic stadium)
    -have stats from previous seasons/career totals (AND PLEASE TAKE PRE SEASON TOURNAMENT STATS OFF SEASON TOTALS, no one cares how anyone played pre season..)
    -THE CALENDAR IS TOO CROWDED, either fix the issue causing it, or allow the player to request a league game be played at a later date around cup matches.
    – fix unrealistic youth players with wrong names and ethnicities..
    -have a youth squad league game played each week to help develop players (can just be notified in your emails, do not have to play it).


    -more stadiums (loved the la liga update) do the same for the bundesliga, serie a or even championship.
    -better national teams, for instance south korea deserve to be on there, licensing missing for some big nations too.
    – 5 and 7 a side modes (futsal or indoor like the old legends football)
    -classic teams like past league winners, CL winners and great teams of the past.
    -maybe some classic stadiums like highbury, the old wembley or the calderon.
    -stadium editor/creator
    -have a community upload system, so created teams, players and leagues can be imported, this could also be imported to career mode so you can play in even more leagues, or have say non-league teams playing in the FA cup. games like madden have the custom draft classes now, fight night champion has the option to download fighters this would be really great in FIFA.

    1. Transfers must be made more realistic. Clubs should be more likely to hijack your transfer targets when you are a good manager with an already good team. Players must sometimes turn down big clubs because they do not think they are ready or it is far from home or they are looking at another club.

  34. New FUT Icons
    1. Zinedine Zidane
    2. David Beckham
    3. Eric Cantona
    4. Franco Baresi
    5. George Best
    6. Didier Drogba
    7. Emilio Butragueño
    8. Luis Enrique
    9. Davor Šuker
    10. Gennaro Gattuso
    11. Gianfranco Zola
    12. Carlos Valderama
    13. Landon Donovan
    14. Bobby Charlton
    15. Garrincha
    16. Gerd Müller
    17. Zico
    18. Alfredo Di Stefano
    19. Romario
    20. Santiago Bernabeu

  35. -Possibility to simulate a foul in an attempt to fool the referee like in PES.
    -Error of judgement from the referees especialy for the offsides.
    -A System to generate tensions between the players that will affect their behaviors and their agressivity,for exemple: when their is two rivals teams that are playing, or when a defender tacles a player and he is now uppset and become more aggressive and makes stupid fouls or when the players are uppsets about the referees decisions.
    All those features can help the game become more realistic and of course can be enabled or disabled on the willing of the user.

  36. . Europa League as a standard game mode like the Champions League on FIFA 19.
    . Authentic Stadiums for the EFL Championship for all teams including licenced sponsors used at the grounds like the Premier League.
    . 30 European teams in Other teams from around the world to make doing the European comps feel more authentic.
    . Design more better looking european generic stadiums ie. remove Aloha park, Stadion 23. Maj and Euro Park etc.
    . Have the calendar as standard on custom tournaments rather simulating one game after the other.
    . Alternative Commentary, bring back clyde and andy townsand from the old world cup games.
    . Authentic referee whistle as it sounds the same like every other FIFA game in the past.
    . Authentic Womens FIFA World Cup.


    There are currently ZERO African leagues, only 4 national teams and the same 2 clubs from South Africa since fifa 09. This is terrible especially when Every Continent (except Antarctica) has at least TWO leagues in the game.

    It’s poor that we are almost at Fifa 2020 and Africa is still so under represented like it doesn’t exist by a global game like Fifa.

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