FIFA 20 Wishlist

FIFA 20 Wishlist

Your Wishlist for FIFA 20

Write your wishlist and ideas for FIFA 20 here. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 20 video-game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

Let’s talk about your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for FIFA 20 and FUT 20 in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.

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1,077 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Wishlist

  1. I mostly play career mode only! Here are my few suggestions , if included will make career mode super duper

    1) Better AI transfers & team balance, some teams buy 6 strikers & hav no RB for eg. How unrealistic it is

    2) There should be more loan transfers, as is happening in reality

    3) Loans with option / obligation to buy

    4) There was a bug in fifa in 19, if a palyer is sold, it didn’t effect wages, it remained same even after a player has left, need to solve this

    5) If manager given more responsibility like choosing brand, stadium work etc

    6) Youth League
    7) Train all players not 5
    8) Press Conference, training , locker room cut outs etc

    There are many more, but have mentioned ones which are realistic and easy to bring

  2. I was really disappointed by the number of African Countries in Fifa 19 despite Africa having a great number of good players. Copa America and Afcon tournament editions weren’t available. You can add them on Fifa 20. African countries like Senegal, Algeria, Nigeria, Kenya, Mali, Ghana, Benin should be added. Also the Brazil national team in Fifa 19 isn’t the real squad, I don’t know why! You can as well add some African clubs like TP Mazembe, Al Ahly, Mamelodi Sundowns, Gor Mahia on Rest of the world. Thank you

  3. Los Colombianos queremos ver a nuestros jugadores con la camiseta y el escudo de la selección colombiana de fútbol, más no la bandera del país y una camiseta toda fea amarilla con azul. ¡¡Por favor!! ¡¡Sería excelente!!

  4. Please make FIFA 20 the game where you can create you name and it can be Called out by the commentators

    You should make different syllables so you can make any name

    Eg.Ma / na / we / que / qo / ba /za / fa / la / po (more…)

    Ma n qo ba – Manqoba


  5. 1.i think this fifa is gonna make some street football out there so for that when we create
    Our own player there should be dressing items
    Like a player can wear adidas T shirt some shorts and turf shoes like it should make like tango squad and also glasses
    2.players face should be changed some players face are still messed up creating player there should be more hairstyles boots and running type sprinting type celebration 1 and freekick style etc…
    4.please make Indian league it can be more better I swear like the best league in India indian super league it’s so much better for carrier mode

  6. you guys should add the south African league the absa preimership,nedbank cup,telkom knockout and add new soccer boots cr7

  7. for me it should be in FIFA 20: ( REST OF THE WORLD – Clubs From Other Leagues )

    1> FC Zenit St Petersburg  ( Russia)
    2> Red Star Belgrade        ( Serbia )
    3> Partizan Belgrade       (Serbia)
    4> Ludogorets                  ( Bulgaria )
    5> FCSB ( Steaua )          ( Romania)
    6> Qarabag FK                 ( Azerbaijan)
    7> BATE Borisov             ( Belarus )
    8> CSKA Sofia                ( Bulgaria )
    9> Maccabi Tel Aviv FC ( Israel )
    10> FK Astana              ( Kazakhstan )
    11> APOEL.                  ( Cyprus )
    12> SK Slovan Bratislava ( Slovakia)
    13> Ferencvaros               ( Hungary )
    14> NK Maribor                 ( Slovenia )

    only this for better career mode and more realistic Champions League and Europa League

  8. Please make the players above 80+ faces like they look in reality. Player like Cillessen or Rafinha their faces are not even close to the reality. Pay more attention to these kind of players please. Their faces are important make their faces look real otherwise there is no point

  9. In career mode, while playing multiple competitions (national cups, league, european competitions, etc) sometimes there’s not enough rest time between matches.
    In other words, the automatic rescheduling doesn’t always work correctly. There should always be at least 3 days between matches.

  10. 1 I would like to see players get medals in Career mode if you win a trophy like the Champions League and Premier League I would like the players to get Medals. And I would like to see this for all competitions and preseason.

    2 I would like to use the real Managers in Career mode . So if example if I was doing a Manchester City Career mode I would like to use pep Guardiola As the manger. Maybe in fifa 20 we could have A section saying use the real managers or chose one from the list.
    3 I would like to change something with the Stadiums So for example If I’m doing a Chelsea Career mode for 2 to 3 seasons I would like to change Stamford Bridge Like make it the bigger ,more seats. Make the Pitch bigger.
    4 I would like Fifa to introduce to Var in the game.

    5 When we play online against everyone in the world I would like to see a Champions League knockout Tournament. Maybe we can do the last 16 to the final.
    6 I would like to see the press conference change so as the Manager. For example if they ask you questions I would like see a choice of different sentences then you choose a sentence for that question.
    7 So in Career mode when you do training I would like to train the players in the proper football clubs training grounds like Chelsea at Cobham and I would like to see this for all clubs so then i can do different Career mode with different clubs.
    8 in Career mode I would like to see the fans more in the game so if example if a fan wanted a player to sign a shirt for them or sign autographs for them i think that be amazing.
    9 I would like to see youth In career mode So if example have you got players on reserve It be quite nice we have a under 20 games for the players. So they get playing and minutes.
    10 So when you win trophies in the season and after I would like to see the street Parade with the team on the open top bus with the fans Celebrating as the bus go by.

  11. Please I want Algerian National Team !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    African hype !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lot lot lot lot lot Algerian from france buy for that
    More more more more Cash for your !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. All the stars (black panther) – Kendrick Lama
    Loud Luxury- Body
    Don’t feel like crying- sidgrid
    MIA-Bad girls
    Sigala ft Becky hill- wish you well
    Saints motel- you fine
    Logic- Ordinary day
    Foster the people- sit next to me
    Billie eillish- bad guy

  13. La célébration ou on n’enlève le maillot
    Pouvoir créer son équipe et monter de division au fur et à mesure
    Créer son équipement
    Pour le mode carrière
    Remettre les onze de légendes mais avec des nouveau comme zidane delpiero Roberto Carlos
    Ronaldinho et d’autre

  14. I wish that there will be Korea’s international team. ^-^
    I wish there will be more goal ceremonies and Korea international team and 2020 Tokyo Olympic mode.
    So nice to write this. Thank you Fifplay

  15. Headlines -Drake
    Back to Love – Chris Brown
    Down Bad – Dreamville
    Taste – Tyga
    Juicy – Notorious B.I.G
    The London – Young Thug
    Pups – A$AP Ferg

  16. Disabilty Setting Options Button by pass setting
    I have ALS or Lou Gehrig disease age 58
    My hand and fingers can be used classic two button
    However I can’t reach the options button to start game or edit.
    I Use PS4 accessibly to change button assignment but changing options button assignment is not available. maybe you can try it on Fifa 19?
    Bedbound 3 years lots of time. I miss playing

  17. I think the world cup should be on FIFA 20
    And not only on career mode

    I think Cristiano Ronaldo should be rated 95 with Messi
    Because they performed super crazy on UEFA

    I think you FIFA 20 should be the game where you choose which kind of player you want
    Eg. Aguero – 2018/2017/2016

    Big thing
    I think on player career mode we should have more cut scenes and the player should be able to Travel and the player should be able to make a good/bad relationship with his/her teammate,Coach and Manager
    The player should answer questions just like in THE JOURNEY

  18. Boulevard of Broken Dreams- Greenday
    Headlines- Drake
    Believe- Cher
    Acceptable in the 80’s- Calvin Harris
    So Good- B.O.B
    The music sounds better with you- Lush Life
    Talking to myself- Linkin Park

  19. New Suggestions:
    • Sizzla – Solid As A Rock
    • Solange – Cranes in the Sky
    • Maluca – Mala
    • Santigold – Run The Road
    • Santigold – Chasing Shadows
    • Jamiroquai- Little L
    • M.I.A. – Bird Song

    Old FIFA Bangers:
    • Dj Raff – Latino & Proud
    • Us3 – Kick this
    • Kasabian – Switchblade Smiles
    • Chase & Status – No Problem
    • Charlotte Gainsbourg – Trick Pony
    • The Pinker Tones – The Million Colour Revolution Grand Finale
    • Caesars – Jerk it out
    • Future Funk Squad – Sorcerary

  20. Bad Wolves- Zombie
    Yonaka- Teach me to fight
    The score- Stronger
    Grandson- Blood//Water
    21 savage- Bank account

  21. I love career mode, and here are some ideas that I think would improve it:
    – Do not block injuries after 3 substitutions. If we are out of substitutions and a player gets injured, so be it. Maybe we can choose to take him out of the pitch and continue with 10 players. That’s how real football works.

    – When playing a manager career, allow us, as managers, to negotiate our own contracts with the board. It doesn’t make sense that if we remain in the same team our personal wage keeps being the same, even if we transformed a 4th division team into the best team in the world, champions of all European competitions, etc.
    It would be interesting if we could negotiate our own contract with the board, just like we do with players. For example, we negotiate and end up with a 3-year contract, a wage of £50,000 a week, a bonus of £1,000,000 for each Champions League won, and a bonus of £800,000 for each Premier League won. When the contract is close to an end, we can go and negotiate again. Our leverage in the negotiation should depend on how happy the board is with our performance.
    – Show how many accumulated yellow cards each player has in each competition. At least let the user know when a player is one yellow card away from being suspended in a certain competition, so that the appropriate precautions can be taken.
    – Show more clearly when a player is retiring at the end of the season. It would also be great if in the last game of the season he gets some kind of special ovation as he comes out of the pitch. It’s standard, in real life, for retiring players to be substituted before the end of the match and receive the appropriate ovation, greet other players, etc.
    – Have some kind of probability that retiring players become managers. Then they appear in other teams as coaches. This way, when we are in year 2030, maybe we see Neymar managing some Brazilian or European team.
    – Insurance for players on international duty. When managing a team, players go play on their national teams in a variety of competitions or friendly games. Sometimes these players get severely injured while playing for their national teams, and they come back to my team unable to play for months. There should be some kind of financial compensation on these cases, like it happens in real life. The national team should at least pay the wages of my injured players until they can play again.

  22. Power Is Power – The Weeknd ft SZA & Travis Scott
    Lost in the fire – The Weeknd
    Wizard of Oz – Logic
    Or anything from The Weeknd

  23. Usher- U remind me
    Arctic Monkeys- one for the road
    George Ezra- Leave it up
    Paolo Nutini- Numpty
    Not3s- Wanting
    Jamiroquai- Little L
    Sam Fender- Hypersonic Missiles
    Tom Walker- Rapture
    Lizzie- Juice

  24. Add Algeria national team please!!!!! Or Algerian from France no buy Fifa for sure !!!! Please please please please Ad Algeria licencied or not!!!!!! FIFA 14,15,16,17,18,19,NoAlgeria……….please Algerian is crazy fan of Africa and France love love more more Algerian National Team !!!!!! Please add Algeria GREAT GREAT GREAT PUB FOR YOU beacause Algerian love FIFA…….NO ALGERIA IN FIFA20 No fifa 20 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Migøs- narcos
    Lil Nas X – old town road
    Tee Grizley – Win
    Jamie Webster – Alez Alez Alez
    Post Malone – Candy Paint
    R. I. O. – headlong
    Heffy – Scary Thoughts
    Joyner Lucas – I Love
    Knaan – Waving Flag
    Asap Rocky – praise da lord
    Dave – disaster
    Kodak Black – Codine Dreaming
    Lil Yachty – 66
    J Cole – Middle Child
    21 Savage – 4l
    Designer – suicidal

  26. 1. Add a mode to play as an iconic team in their legendary season(s) as a player/manager, example being Man U’s treble winning 1999 team, Real’s La Decima winning team, Barcelona’s sextuple etc

    2. Add legendary teams like Arsenal’s invincibles, Barcelona’s sextuple winners, Real’s three back to back ucl winners as playable in kick off mode, but locked at start, like adidas XI or MLS XI

    3. Also give a lifestyle option for players/managers, to use the money they’re earning, for example being able to buy cars, going out to restaurants etc.

    4. Add youth team games and improve the scouting system

    5. Add buyback clauses

    6. Add option of enabling legendary players like Ronaldinho Maradona etc playable in career mode

  27. Ideas for Fifa 20 Pro club.
    • Make sell, loan or buy players.
    • Ratings be able to go upto 97 or 98 or even 99 if possible.
    • Do update once in a while for Pro club not just for fut.
    • Custom tactics like FUT in Pro club. E.g. Let CPUs to know how they should play in their position and not run around like idiots and let opponent go through easily especially wing backs.
    • VAR would be nice if you add it but not really need.
    • Have more known popular player names in commentary name and that be for all region, not just for some particular countries.
    • Add training ground where you can practice your pro player with your club mates.

    You don’t need to listen to everything..just few ideas added for Pro club would be best thing ever for all!

  28. Gold – Sam Feldt and Kate Ryan
    My Love – route 94
    Someone you loved – Lewis capaldi
    So am I – Ava max
    Love Lies – Khalid

  29. I’ve got some popular songs from this season to put in the next Fifa:
    Stop crying Frank Lampard (Leeds Fans) – Oasis, Stop crying Your Heart Out
    Salah tulu tulu tulu (Reds Fans) – Sugar Sugar, The archies
    It’s Coming home (English Fans) – The lightening seeds, Three Lions 98
    Ramenez la coupe a la maison (French world cup song) – Vegedream

  30. Some of My ideas for Fifa 20 pro clubs and others:
    – Add sell, buy and loan players in Pro club
    – Bring back playing styles such as Creator, Finisher, Target man, Box-2-Box. .etc.
    – Do updates often on Pro club, not just FUT all the time.
    – Make rating to go upto 96 or 98 in pro club.
    – Again, Add custom tactics on Pro club where you CPU takes their role seriously, not just in FUT.
    – Last but atleast..Add VAR..

  31. I’d like to choose the following tracks for fifa 20,David Bowie, Heros,Roxy Music Virginia Plain, John Newman Love Me Again or Come and Get it.

  32. * add Croatia, Nigeria, Serbia, Japan, Ghana, Senegal, Bosnia & Ukraine

    * add world cup mode (like UCL)

    * add RW/LW, CF, CM and RWB, LWB positions in player edit mode

    * add detailed a Manager related customisation and tactical phylosophy and influence on the way teams play

    * bring back the old school overall system, where player’s rating changes based on which position you place them in on screen

  33. youth team play games and you can track them
    – send player to reserves or training to improve form
    customise scouted players faces to make them more realistic
    I realy can’t undrstand why there is no arab and african teams in other clubs
    Like big teams in africa wedad el ahly number 1 in africa
    Zamalek shabiba etc

    1. penso che almeno i nazionale devono essere presenti sono anni che compriamo sto gioco abbiamo il diritto di giocare con i nosti nazionale
      Sono arrabiato cazzo

    2. I think at least the nationals must be present
      We have been buying the game for years, we have the right to play with our national team
      I’m fucking angry

  34. – Make your own manager and buy upgrades etc as you level up
    – Be able to offer your players to other clubs
    – offer your players on loan to buy
    – youth team play games and you can track them
    – send player to reserves or training to improve form
    – train new positions of players eg. convert a RB to a RW
    – Sign sponsorship deals
    – make new kits
    – create a club
    – manager has to sign contracts and can leave when its up or make new demands to sign a new deal such as more money or new targets.
    – customise scouted players faces to make them more realistic (can’t believe how many 6ft 7” 16 year old with beards and dreadlocks I’ve seen)
    – Buy back clauses (really needed)
    – ability to mange a national team full time rather than club and national team (not realistic and would sometime like a break from full seasons, could scout national players and train them up)
    – no limit to player potential (potential should depend on form, injuries age etc (if you play players more and train them more then can become as good as you make them as long as you keep them happy etc, not so you can easily make all players 99 but so players don’t reach level 71 at age 21 and then can’t improve any more.)
    – other clubs poach you and make offers if they sack their manager also retired players can become managers and other managers can move clubs (eg klopp could move to Bayern and then Gerrard could go to Liverpool, then maybe Buffon retires and manages Rangers haha)

  35. I loved challenges of the week and games of the day, this was part of FIFA 13 and I think that FIFA 14 also. It was incredible. I really want It on FIFA 20.

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