FIFA 20 Wishlist

FIFA 20 Wishlist

Your Wishlist for FIFA 20

Write your wishlist and ideas for FIFA 20 here. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 20 video-game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

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1,086 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Wishlist

  1. Have more short hair designs to choose from in be a pro.. career mode
    and the add THE NEW NEMIZIZ 19.1
    solar red boots Add ELLAND ROAD TOO!!!

  2. Full license for Bulgaria national team! and Bulgarian clubs teams Ludogorets Razgrad and CSKA Sofia and Levski Sofia

  3. I would be interested in purchasing FIFA 20 when they announce plans to Upgrade their upcoming title during mid-2020 so that a FUT20 Player’s preferred owned version (excluding Chemistry $tyle) of any Copa America 2020 players could be playable within a tournament emulation of the North & $outh Zones (with the current national squads of Qatar & Australia invited as the 6th team in each of the confirmed Zones) leading to the Final $eries.


  4. Please ALGERIAN NATIONAL TEAM !!!!!!!!!


  5. Dear EA :
    A lot of moroccans play Fifa every day. So they all wish for arabic teams and arabic national teams .
    Please can you add them.
    And we want supporters entering the pitch.
    Thank you.

  6. – Adjust ticket prices
    – Create your own stadium
    – Create your own club
    – Be able to edit your kits every new season
    – More realistic youth scouting

  7. Pls in the career mode add transfer ban if alot of money is spent and not selling players to cover up funds (fifa fairplay).

  8. Under My Club which allows searching through players, add a filter for searching only “Tradeable” cards. This will help locating cards that can be sold on the transfer market. Currently “Untradeable” cards can be found easily but not “Tradeable” only cards. The default option could be to show “Tradeable and Untradeable” cards together.

    Please do this. It’s probably a really simple feature to implement but saves so much time for the players instead of clicking through cards that are actually “Untradeable”.

  9. Bring Legends into play of mode and let us use them in career mode also! I think this would be brilliant for career mode as people can assign the players to their old teams if they like or play using them.

  10. Melhoria no modo carreira como treinador:
    Novo visual de menu;
    Entrevistas ao vivo com o técnico;
    Aquecimento antes do jogo;
    Assinar com novos patrocinadores e colocar estampa na camisa;
    Apresentação de jogadores contratados;
    Campeonato Brasileiro totalmente licenciado;
    Premiação de artilheiros da temporada, melhor jogador do mundo, com cerimônia.
    Colocar emoção real da torcida em decorrer do tempo de jogo.
    Aparecer o capitão do time dando a faixa pra outro jogador ao ser substituído.
    Não é pedir muito mas esses mínimos detalhes iriam fazer o jogo ficar fantástico. Principalmente o modo carreira de treinador que é o modo mais jogado do fifa, e que precisa de atenção.

  11. for me it should be in FIFA 20: ( REST OF THE WORLD – Clubs From Other Leagues )

    1> FC Zenit St Petersburg  ( Russia)
    2> Red Star Belgrade        ( Serbia )
    3> Partizan Belgrade       (Serbia)
    4> Ludogorets                  ( Bulgaria )
    5> FCSB ( Steaua )          ( Romania)
    6> Qarabag FK                 ( Azerbaijan)
    7> BATE Borisov             ( Belarus )
    8> CSKA Sofia                ( Bulgaria )
    9> Maccabi Tel Aviv FC ( Israel )
    10> FK Astana              ( Kazakhstan )
    11> APOEL.                  ( Cyprus )
    12> SK Slovan Bratislava ( Slovakia)
    13> Ferencvaros               ( Hungary )
    14> NK Maribor                 ( Slovenia )

    only this for better career mode and more realistic Champions and Europa Leagues

  12. Costumize who you want in the box for the corners. Attacking and defending. Like, what is Pulisic doing in the box in an attacking corner instead of Maguire? And why is a 9’0 foot player getting marked by Kanté, yes Kanté. Like… It’s just stupid…

  13. I think there should be new celebrations like removing the players Jersey and maybe any Fortnite dances which sort of sparked in the real world. I also think that you should be able to flop but be able to get caught or get away with it. My final request is for there to be all of the National teams because I’m for Saudi Arabia and I have never seen them in the game apart from the Saudi league.


  14. I definitely want new celebrations such as remove jursey for Ronaldo, Neymar and Mo Salah.
    Finally, I would also love to be able to dive and somtimes get a freekick.

  15. Please Ea I want Algerian National Team !!!! All Algerian from france want Algerian Team for Fifa 20 and buy for that licencied or not !!!! Please EA

  16. Уважаемые ,разработчики, ряд предложений

    Чемпионаты стран:
    Добавляйте по 3-4 лиг , хочется больше разнообразий (желательно с разных континентов)
    Добавление молодёжных национальных сборных
    Добавление молодёжных клубов

    Принятие/отказ вызов в национальную сборную
    Смена гражданства N количество лет ,отыгравши в одной стране
    Общение с прессой в режиме карьеры
    Нанесение татуировок в режим карьеры
    Спонсоры для клубов в карьере тренера
    Просмотр карьеры других игроков-ботов( полный профиль : клубы , отыграл матчей , забито и т.д.
    Добавление историй клубов(исторические факты и т.д.)

  17. I believe that FIFA 20 should add the Qatar National Team , since they are the Asian Cup winners with an outstanding performance, they are the hosts of the next world cup and they are very supportive towards Sports and football

    I hope you’ll think about it

  18. Plz let us use the old players, or previous team members of clubs, like real Madrid 2009 ver or ac Milan 2007 ver. And let us custom the team when we play with friends

  19. Please include the Bosnian National Team. Also, all the countries should be available under the national selection.

  20. Billie Eilish songs, better A.I. In pro clubs, better freekick physics, more defending animations, better celebrations(goals, winning games, winning CL/EL,etc.), have Fifa Street as good as it it was in the actual FIFA Street game(it was a blast to play)

  21. Que patrocinadores paguen dinero a los clubes y así meterlos en los Jersey o poder cambiar el nombre de los estadios

  22. Pro Clubs:

    Allow substitutes, this will allow upto 5 people each team to spectate until the captain makes a change.

    Animations are pathetic, reduce the time of the animations in line with the players current reactions time.

    If we lag out or disconnect, give us the abilty to rejoin the game.

    We need to personalise the team badges with more options, it feels it’s half arsed done.

    I currently have around 1.5 million fifa coins from experience over the franchise and FIFA have a shop that I can only spend around 50k of them EACH GAME. It’s an obsolete currency within the game.

    I can’t stand FUT, I love pro clubs, EA please recognise that some people do not want to waste their (real life) money on gold cards to get mediocre players. But I would be happy to spend some money to customise my Pro.

    I know asking for these changes are futile but at least we have given you the opportunity to change before we give up on a half arsed game mode.

  23. I want Algeria national team!!!!!! I don’t buy FIFA 19 for that !!!!! And maybe i din’t buy Fifa 20 for that !!!!!!!!!

  24. Please EA, the faces are not the only thing that matters, improve the bodies and the shirts. There are several editions in which the shirts are too big for the players and they even dance inside them.
    It is as important as the faces, it is what sells. Thanks for reading me.

  25. In career mode

    You should be able to customize the managers look and age.
    Be able to warm up in the stadium with your team before the game.
    See fans walking into the ground.
    Physios should attend to injured players.
    Real youth teams.
    See players arrive at the ground on the coach or in there cars.
    See players board planes when going to away games.

  26. Hi There.

    Why isn’t Pedro a name on Fifa Pro??? It is one of the most common Portuguese names out there yet it isn’t on the game. There are also so many players with the name Pedro yet I can’t use it on my PRO which really sucks!!!

  27. In real life, goalkeepers can carry the ball in their hands from the ground whenever they have the ball. Many would be happy if this feature was added in the one and only Fifa 20.

  28. In a game:
    Children walk on the field with the players and the referee. The VAR must come in FIFA 20.

    In the player career:
    You choose a CPU voice at the start of your career. And you will be interviewed!

  29. Peter drury for commentator
    Nations league
    Barcelona stadium
    Choose new kit and brand if you are a manager

  30. 1 Owner mode Where you sack and hire players,staff manger. Upgrading stadium or downgrading weather you go up or down, change the name of the stadium with a deal or make one up.
    2 refs Mode when you can be the ref and dish out cards to players, var hand singles, have a player banned for more than one match.
    3 new look for career mode
    4 women football teams where I can be Arsenal Women and play a friendly angest Liverpool Ladies ref mode woud be in the men’s and women’s football.
    5 More Leagues for the following countries, Wales league are for Wales woud be Welsh Prem,FAW championship North and Mid ,FAW South and Mid ,Welsh National league Prem Division,Mid Wales Football league division one

    Woman leagues Welsh Prem woman’s Prem cup

    Scottish league Highland and Lowand Leagur

    English league National League Prem and National League North and South ,Northern Prem Southern League Central division and south division and the Isthmian League prem

    Women leagues
    WSL WSL 2 Womans League and fa cup and woman champions league and Europea league

    USA league USl Championship , NISA and USA League one

    Woman prem league in USA

    Allow Teams countries in to the Olympics games as football is included

    U23 League in England and cups

    Fa Trophy and vase

    More commentary from other presents including pundits and included studio shots from BBC,BT,ITV,S4C,Sky,Amazon,Eleven Sports, Premier Sports, RTé

    Aireal view of stadium so for example on Swansea you woud see Harvester,Frankie and Bennyes , Next, Currys PC World mega store,and B&q aswell and the river tawe

    Allowed to change sponsors on the kits and advertising hordes

    Middle eastern football teams

    Put the world cup in winter on as it is in Qatar

    Women’s world cup

    Proper dates where we aren’t playing on Christmas day

    Allow us to change the dates

    More pundits good and bad Gus Poyet , Arsene Wenger, Garry Linker , Jeff sterling his crew on there Chris Camara , Dan Walker, Jamie Redknapp, Allan Shearer, Sioned Daffyedd ,Rob Phillips and Nathan Blake Radio Wales Gabby Logan, Robbie Savage, Thierry Henry

  31. just add owner mode with stadium upgrades and kit manufacturers and you have a certain amount of money that you can make more of by investing in your club so you can give them a bigger transfer budget and you can either upload your logo or design it on fifa like on pro clubs and you can rate their kits and you can accept and deny their design or make it yourself and sponsors with goals and you can pick your front sponsor and sleeve sponsor and manage staff and sack your manager if they dont give you what they expect or do not achieve enough targets, so you can set targets for your staff and get u21 teams managers and u18s etc and buy clubs when you want so you can own more than one club

  32. PLEASE, put a training session which increases acceleration.
    Also upgrading your stadium in Manager career and bring back sponsors and lifestyle in player career

  33. Back in old days
    I used to play against my brother be a pro in fifa 2010 and 2011 by cboosing two main players.
    We played a Premier league my main player was Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United and him was Van persie Arsenal. We play full league. Whenever It is my match he chooses any player from my opponent team. For example I play against chelsea, he picks john terry and tries to stop me and win to make his main team Arsenal be the first in the league.
    It was so fun and challenging. I hope it comes back.

  34. Boa tarde

    Compro o jogo todo ano
    Meu sonho é jogar com a liga brasileira da 1 divisao completa e jogar nos estádios dos times brasileiros.

  35. All changes I wish EA would include for Fifa 20 or 21 are for Manager Modes.
    – New and improved scouting system. Allow to send scouts to every nationality present in game.
    – Managing youth/U21 squads, at least getting simulated results for how U21s fared against other U21 teams.
    – Training players for all attributes
    – Buyback clauses
    – Paying and receiving loan fees
    – Basic kit editor to change colors of home, away, and 3rd kit (if available) from a pre-loaded list of color palettes.
    – Opposition managers swapping teams based on their performances.. You would expect Guardiola or Klopp to be sacked if they are not winning trophies and finishing 7th or 8th. (Why are Liv and ManC finishing this low after few seasons!!)
    – Virtual Pro/Be a Pro combined with Manager Mode. Kind of like player manager mode. Player can start in League 2 and make it all the way to UCL by changing teams.


  37. Dear EA Sports,
    Hi, and thnx until now for this game FIFA!!! Please, make face tutorial more realistic for all team. As well, try to make the sounds of Fans like real life with celebrations! Also, add new scenes when a player scores with new celebrations ofc…

    Im Fan of PRO CLUBS! Try to make pro club better like:
    – Robots cpu players
    – More Cameras for every position (GK, CB…)
    – Create more details how to make our own players, (Tattoos, new hairstyles, beard, better skin, uptade bodies bulild)
    – Improve the GOALKEEPERS saves, celebrations when they save, (more Gloves colours logos, Shoes…)
    – Add 3-4 kits (home – away – alternate1 – alternate2, with 2 Goalkeeper Kits )
    – Make Referees kits a lot different because sometimes they match with teams.
    – Bring back the (ASK) of goalkeeper into his big box by players
    – Increase the time length to see all highlights at the end of game
    – add all the teams in drop in with ea kits ofc and the captain have to choose a team

    Thank you for all that …i hope to see it EA. More information to YOUTUBERS!!! ;))

    1. Here some extra wishes

      – the ability to play with your teammates in training area like your club stadium

      – As goalkeeper please improve the size and look of the gloves , make it way better like the real size , add some new gloves in catalog when ther are some just like boots

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