FIFA 20 Wishlist

FIFA 20 Wishlist

Your Wishlist for FIFA 20

Write your wishlist and ideas for FIFA 20 here. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 20 video-game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

Let’s talk about your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for FIFA 20 and FUT 20 in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.

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1,099 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Wishlist

  1. Idee modalità carriera FIFA 20

    1- possibilità di personalizzare le maglie a fine di un campionato.

    2- Simboli ad esempio scudetto sul petto che cambiano in base a chi vince il campionato nella stagione in corso o a chi si qualifica alle coppe o vince altre competizioni.

    3- Più compiti gestionali,ad esempio possibilità di gestire campagna abbonamenti,prezzo dei ticket allo stadio e interagire con il pubblico.

    4- Possibilità di investire e gestire impianto sportivo per allenamento (es: allenamento a porte chiuse o aperto ai tifosi prima di una partita)

    5- Possibilità di gestire oltre agli scout per la primavera,un vero e proprio staff tecnico della primavera che in base al valore e agli investimenti nel settore giovanile faccia variare il potenziale dei giovani.

    6- Accordi con sponsor e diritti televisivi gestione diretta.


    8- Possibilità nel pre-stagione di gestire la preparazione decidendo se e dove andare in ritiro o fare i tour estivi.

    9-possibilità di investire sullo staff medico.

    Grazie e arrivederci.

  2. Hello! I believe that stadiums shouldn’t be full every time! I think that the amount of people must be related to the league, match and the team’s situation. It would be nice if we could configurate the amount of people in the stadium in friendly matchs. Thanks!

  3. Keep an ERA mode . That way we can play fifa 20 with the same features but with older teams of the club.
    For example, we select 2007. We can play United with tevez Rooney and Ronaldo up front against any other team of that year.

  4. Firstly “YOU HAVE RECENTLY NEGOTIATED A NEW CONTRACT WITH THIS PLAYER….”, needs updating or just remove it completely it doesn’t work we the paying customers for fifa are losing players because of it and it makes the gaming experience just a sad one.

    Thank you EA for introducing the badge logo updates when teams are promoted or relegated in FIFA 19, it’s time for stadium upgrades now.

    Finally if a player has 3 months left on his contact for example and I hopefully manage to give the player a new 1 year deal his contact should be 1y3m. I have no idea what you guys have been up to in FIFA 19 career mode but it sucks and I doubt I will be forking out cash for FIFA 20.

  5. There should be a special compilations like champions League, Spanish league and our ultimate team to qualify for the leagues in FIFA mobile 20.
    And there are almost 100m+ download so there should be equal opponent against each player. Like if I’m 100 then my opponent should be 100 a bit up down in 5 rating.

  6. HI FIFA Team, I’d like to listen some similar rhyms & styles like FIFA 17. That was one of the best soundstrack I ever listened. In fact, I still doing it on streaming platforms. Please make a mix like that.

    I believe “The Hive” perfomed by Twenty Stone Pilots should be added. By the way, also Dua Lipa and Imagine Dragons songs.

  7. I think that concept squads should be more of a larger aspect of ultimate team and to do this ea could introduce an option at the bottom of the screen like they do when you want to play against your friends fut team (press start) sort of thing. Once you press start two options should come up on the screen like they do for career mode (choose manager or player) but instead they should say online(against friends) or offline (against cpu where you can set the difficulty). I would like this introduced because it will allow fifa players to create their ideal team with the coins they have instead of having to buy the players then hate the team and sell them ultimately leaving them with less money due to the 5% tax on each player sold. Ea could even have the game compare each player from each position eg aubameyang or aguero they could include shot to goal ratio, pass accuracy and chances created so that we as players can decide which player are style is more suited for. So that it doesn’t get abused (could see why this would) but if it did then ea could set a 6 game cap each week therefore giving us the chance to use each player or each whole new team over and equal amount of games so that we really know what teams suit us better. Ea could call this new concept squads idea “try before you buy”.

    1. I sincerely propose that Fifa 20 should have the full license of carabao cup .I mean the broadcast package

  8. All leagues in Fifa X will at least have a 2nd division, and the new leagues will be add at least 2nd division in Fifa X+1
    Scotland and USA will be have 2nd,3rd, and 4th tiers of leagues.
    only idea

  9. Jedno přání by tu bylo.

    Když jsou derby nebo El Klasiko tak třeba rád bych chtěl aby byl vidět kousek pochodu nebo
    Když se používají světlice a tu atmosféru.
    A třeba i přidat víc transparentů.
    A když se dohraje zápas skupiny rád bych vyděl výměnu dresu jako to bylo u CESTY.

  10. Rád bych vyděl ve fife 20 i další státy. Třeba Chorvatsko, Slovensko a taky nastavení volných kopů, rohů

    Děkuji Pétlis

  11. Catfish & the bottlemen- Conversation
    Melody Club- Fever Fever
    Maximo Park- books from boxes
    Madness- One Step Beyond
    The Hunna- Rock my way
    The Maccabees- Precious time
    Liam Gallagher- wall of glass
    The Vaccines- Handsome
    Depeche Mode- Personal Jesus
    Vistas- Calm
    Vistas- Tigerblood
    Oasis- Acquiesce
    Jet- Are you gonna be my girl
    Catfish and the bottlemen- Longshot
    DMA’s- Lay down
    The kooks- got your number
    Sundara karma- Vivienne
    The Snuts- Seasons
    The Dunts- bad decisions

  12. Don’t know if its the right area but there should be away to run drills on pro clubs with you team for 11’s.

    For example:

    Freekick drills where you can set the location of the freekick and the opponents team so you can practice freekicks.

    2 on 1 keep drills or 1 on 1 keep drills

    Possession drills being able to set up areas on the pitch in a practice mode where you can say keep possession in this area only

    Crossing drills just like the other skill drills you can do, they should allow you to run these for your team so you can practice certain scenarios rather then hoping for that situation in games to happen.

    Just feel it would help the 11’s leagues out there on pro clubs and make this an even more popular mode then it already is.

    Also think that there should be away that if you are the captain of the match and say your striker is on pens but you need this goal you as the captain can override this and take charge actually giving the captain some in game powers, I know you can set them before but if your striker misses 2 pens in 1 game and then there’s a 3rd do you really want him taking it, no you as the captain should be able to press like RB n LB or something and it goes to some sort of animation of your player running over to the pen spot and grabbing the ball type thing.

  13. When a team win a trophy Like the Champions League or Premier League The players have to get medals.

    When we use the managers in the career mode We should have a option of Choosing the tone of the voice.

    We should have sky Presenters Like Jamie Redknapp, jamie carragher , Gary Neville Graham Souness.

    I would like to play conversations in the press conference with the manager and after the match.
    We should be able to change kits after the next season when doing Career mode.
    We should be able to Customise Your stadium in career mode – You can make the stadium bigger.

  14. At the end of a season on career mode, you should be able to have options for new kits and colours to the kits such as styles of the strip and sponsorships and etc… I’ve been hope for a while fifa would do something so every season on career mode you not playing in the same 2/3 kits each season, if anyone can put my words in a better way please help me out.

  15. *New Hair And Beard
    *Tattoos In Career Mode, Create Your Own Player, Volta Mode
    *Russian Language
    *Russian League
    *New Faces (Aguero, Lukaku, Azpiliqueta, De Gea, Smalling) And More…

    Thank You EA Sports

    1. Ahoj prosimtě ruská liga tam nemůže být má licenci s konami ale ocenil bych to taky ale licence je licence

  16. – Algerian National team to fifa 20
    -Volta mode in Fut 20
    – more new hair and new beard (Pro Club)
    -For the new music style …(funky Song)

  17. Fifa needs an option where we could customize team chants… like they already had, at this time is possible and would be huge! Let us import chants please!

  18. Convert player positions in career mode, such as being able to using training to boost stats for a certain position, for example left wing or midfield to left back of left wing back, defenders should be able to convert to and defensive position, same with midfielder and attack but some attack should be able to convert to midfield and midfield to attack.

  19. Hi my name is Richie and i am 8. Can you guys please add di kit creator, unlimited or more created players, afc champions league, and jamaica and algeria. P.S, I really really really want Jamaica in di game, I am a soccer addict and the JFF’s biggest fan. It would be a dream come true if di reggae boyz were added so I can play with dem. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WHAT YOU’VE DONE FOR DI GAME. EVERYONE ELSE WHO COMMENTS PLEASE ASK FOR JAMAICA AND ALGERIA

  20. Have an edit mode like in PES (where we can upload jerseys and team badges, edit players, add club rivals, etc.).

    -stadium creator

    -Players to stop declining so much when they age

  21. We would like Mod for the Europa League like the Champions League

  22. I think it would be great to have different levels of referees. From strict to ones that let things go. Refs that give red cards for any bad fouls, ones that hardly give red cards. Ones that whistle and stop play a lot and others who play advantage. Potentially could have refs that seem to get everything right and those that dont. Have a certain number of refs, say 10 to 16…..we get to learn them and strictness etc would add to the game i think.
    Fifa is an amazing game either way.

  23. Donna – Lumineers
    SOS – Avicii
    My Year – G Eazy
    Oceans Away – A R I Z O N A
    Dance Monkey – Tones and I
    C7osure – Lil Nas X
    Be Your Friend – Vigiland

    FIFA 20 Wishlist

  24. Have been playing fifa player career and would like that cutom players have tattoos….as it has been the same from the last fifa player careers….we need new looks and more custom fixes…

  25. Hi

    1. I would like to see the user be able to react when being tackled, eg, hold down L2 to stay on the ground longer, dive, be fouled for diving, however be able to get away with it sometimes. It would be nice to have a button to react to a referee trying to influence the ref.

    2. My friends and i often play 2 vs 2 and often have arguments at the end in regards to who was at fault for the loss or who the better player is. I understand fifa now track stats by username, however it would be nice if these stats were displayed at half time and full time in regards to assists, goals, missed tackles, errors.

    Thank you for developing a game that brings millions of users enjoymemt and excitement.

  26. So to start his off I want to dart with bringing back request funds, it was a great feature for when you just needed that little more cash to sign that marquee player to your squad.
    Second I never experienced it myself but the creation centre sounded amazing from other people’s perspectives.
    Thirdly I would love to have this come back but again I never got to experience it myself but it sounded great to control sponsorships for your kit.
    My last suggestion is to design a new kit for every season as an option as if you do all 15 seasons you will get bored by the current ones, it would be a great addition.
    Lastly I would like to say hat so far I love what’s been said about Fifa 20 like all the press conferences and all that, I think it’s great

  27. ALGERIA OR WEE GO TO PES !!!!!! I don’t like Pes but I love so so so much my National team !!!!!! Easy job for you EA

  28. My Fifa 20 Soundtrack wishlist is-

    American Authors- Before I go
    Twenty One Pilots- The Hype
    SOS- Avicci
    Imagine Dragons- Bad Liar
    Juice Wrld- Empty
    American Authors- Neighborhood
    Foster the People- Imaginations

  29. Para fifa 21 me gustaria que tambien haya una modalidad de futbol playa
    Un maracador especial para la liga mx
    Y que cambien los marcasores comunes por otros mas cool

  30. I think that fifa player career mode sould be explored as it is has tons of potential. But there are a few things i would like to see. 1) a maneger chat system that would be a way to influence how much game time you want. 2) a way to change morale (such as happy, unhappy) i guess it would. Have a similar use as the maneger chat system. 3) player relationships, like in fifa 18 the journey, again similar use as the ones above. 4) contracts, this one will add realisem to the game because if your a one club player than you will be stuck at a 90 overal with a wage for a 67 overal player. But this would also add the ability to be a free agent, which would probably have split opinions in the comunity. 5) last but not least the ability to transfer your player to a maneger career mode. This would be kind OP if you transfer a ton of 90 potential youngsters to a RTG team but if you dont want to do that, than dont do that. Thank you for reading this far, apologys for grammar and spelling mistakes but i am typing on console. Again Thank you for your time and have a great day.

  31. Excuser est ce que on peut creer une joueuse ( féminine) et avoir toutes les ligues et les equipes des femmes

    Merci de votre compréhension

  32. I am Brazilliam, if i miss a word sorry i would like to see on fifa things like edit player can edit age, size, and own skills as a leader and stuff

  33. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fifplay and Ea sport Add Algeriaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Nationallllllllllllllllllllllllll Teammmmmmmmm In fifa 20……. IT’S BEEN 20 YEARS That i’m Waiting for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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