FIFA 20 – Difficulty Levels

FIFA 20 Difficulties

There are six degrees of difficulty when playing against AI in a FIFA 20 game. The difficulty level of a match versus AI is available in all FIFA 20 game modes and is usually adjustable – In some modes there is a minimum or a specific difficulty level choice.

  • Beginner
  • Amateur
  • Semi-Pro
  • Professional
  • World Class
  • Legendary
  • Ultimate (Available only in FUT)

A match difficulty level is set before going to a game from the GAME SETTINGS tab and it cannot be changed throughout a game.

In FUT 20, the difficulty level is calculated for the match coins awards.

Impact and Breakdown

Here is how the difficulty level affects the gameplay of AI during a Single Player match which includes the performance percentage for AI’s intelligence, reaction speed and marking & space.

Difficulty Attacking Intelligence GK & Defending Intelligence Reaction Speed Marking and Space
Beginner 10% 10% 20% 15%
Amateur 20% 20% 40% 30%
Semi-Pro 40% 40% 50% 50%
Professional 50% 50% 70% 60%
World Class 75% 75% 80% 80%
Legendary 90% 90% 90% 90%
Ultimate 100% 90% 100% 100%

How to Adjust the Difficulty Level

The level of difficulty is adjustable from the GAME SETTINGS tab before going to a match. It is available under MATCH > Difficulty Level option. It is also available in CUSTOM > GAME SETTINGS menu as for general setting and anywhere the CUSTOM tab is available.

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8 thoughts on “FIFA 20 – Difficulty Levels

  1. Could you please let me know what are the best slider settings to make semi pro a bit more challenging, as I find pro level quite frustrating at times. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  2. I cant understand why i can play on world class and win 5-0 regular, but get red carded conceed goals and generally struggle on semi pro and professional. They sure this is correct? A 80 rated 100 chem team on semi pro is tougher than a 75 rated 90 chem team on world class (chem was lower i think too but ive rounded up). How can this be with what they say about how its balanced? Am i missing something?

  3. I’m playing Career Mode and I set it as Semi-Pro but it is always playing as Amateur…

  4. The level of difficulty now is outrageous! Actually it’s not even difficult it’s just cheating by the AI. Ultimate level was good before, realistic to the team and players you were playing. Now I have an average team overall of about 91 and Van Dyk can catch Mbappe from the half way line! How can this be fixed??

  5. I have no problem with the opposition getting better, though it is comical how now every defender is faster than my fast strikers. What makes it not fun is how I get a red card for bumping into the opposition and they can actually hold me, and how the opposition AI gets additional time on top of the added time to attempt to score. If there’s a way that EA can make the AI players better without seeming to cheat for them, I’d love to do that.

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