PES 2020 Formations

PES 2020 Formations List

There are 14 formations in PES 2020 to choose from. You can set and change your team’s formation before kick-off tab and when a game is paused by going to the Game Plan menu, selecting the Preset Tactics > Change Formation. Below is the list of formations in PES 2020 with their descriptions.

You can also preset formations for in kick-off, When in Possession and When out of possession by enabling the “Fluid Formation” from Game Plan > Preset Tactics.

Formations List


A flexible formation where numbers in midfield allow the team to play possession football or attack from out wide.


A formation with many attack minded players positioned high in midfield. This formation requires high calibre players to be positioned at the anchor to make up for any defensive deficiencies.


A formation geared towards counter-attacking football with plenty of depth in central midfield. Quality in the attacking midfield slots are essential.


A versatile and well-balanced formation which is suited to attacking both through the middle and from out wide.


A formation suited to attacking through the middle with a large concentration of players in central midfield.


A formation with a greater focus on defence than the 4-1-2-3. This formation requires high-calibre offensive midfielders for it to work.


An attack minded formation which sacrifices strength in midfield.


A formation with great depth in midfield which makes it suitable for possession football as well as attacking from out wide.


A versatile well-balanced formation which is bet suited to attacking from out wide.


This formation places more players in the centre than out on the flanks. As space will naturally open up more on the wings, players need to be prepared to make use of it and cover it in case of opposition attacks. It demands a lot from playmakers and requires the players on the wing to cover more ground.


A formation where players are positioned evenly on the pitch. This formation is an offensive best suited to attacking from out wide.


This formation places players in defensive positions. In this formation, some players remain in forward positions ready to attack from the wings on the break.


This formation places players in defensive positions. In 5-2-1-2, some players remain in forward positions ready to attack from the centre on the break.


This formation places players in defensive positions. 5-3-2 formation is more centre-weighted than 5-2-1-2. It desmans a lot from both playmakers, and players up top when attacking.

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