FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

What was missing in FIFA 19 career mode? Which features should be added to FIFA 20 career mode?

Write your creative ideas for FIFA 20 Career mode here. Put down your suggestions and the features that you think it could improve the Career Mode in upcoming FIFA 20 game.

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499 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

  1. Please the captain should give the captains band to another player on the field and fix the bug of the player on the bench bringing it onto the field Thank you

  2. 1. Starting career mode by taking over a team, from their current position in real life. For example taking over Fulham and trying to save Them from relegation.

    2. Being hunted by clubs as their new manager, instead of applying for the job.

    3. A wider choice of langauge for commentators. For example german and Danish

  3. Bring back the ability for clubs to be bought buy someone.Little clubs on the rise get offers for example…Stadium upgrades and no cap on seasons like only 15 seasons and then what? Not enough European or any Nations to choose from.That makes qualifications for international cups pointless.Able to negotiate transfers for next seasosn.A youth league under 23 where reserve players can play too and better participation during group draws To be able to see the whole draw and speed it up like in negotiations cutscenes.To be able to see players historys, Where they played ,how many games…in transfer hub if the player is not scouted why go to another menu for that? Make it for the same menu with multiple choices.

  4. Would love to see FIFA 20 allow user to mix and match uniforms. User can choose to have the team wear the home shirt with the away shorts and alternate kit socks.

  5. It would be a very good idea that:
    1) You can earn the position of captain,
    2) What can be done to obtain rapid improvements?
    3) To be able to receive club offers without asking to enter the transfer list
    4) Be able to consider the formations of the teams, which offer ownership or prominence to make it more real.
    5) Being able to choose the time of the match

    Thank you

    Vuelvan a habilitar la opción de cambiar la hora de los partidos. A muchos nos gusta jugar de tarde o de día para admirar las gráficas. Espero puedan leer este mensaje

  7. Improve the career mode and fix bugs like in Fifa 19 (Like all loan negotiations are down everytime). Everything except this title is very fine.

  8. What is it that you can change risk for example if you can something wrong you can be punished and demoted. You can have a time going to bankruptcy, be able to create a time and start making a great time. You can play your game, chat with matches, play a game of training or arrange friendly matches, add new leagues to replace Brazil and the World Cup. You can create uniforms for the time you create or create seasonal uniforms for modern times such as psg, Barca, etc. You can use your money and buy boots, shin guards, or car casapoder to have girlfriend like The Jorney. thank you

  9. Gostaria que tivesse problemas na liga tipo risco de rebaixamento por exemplo se você fizer algo errado vc pode ser punido e rebaixado. pode ter times que vão a Falência, poder criar um time e começar do zero tipo um time do Bairro que se torne Grande. Você poder pegar patrocínio, poder conversar com os jogadores antes das partidas, fazer um jogo treino ou arrumar amistosos, adicionar ligas q possa substituir a do Brasil e ter o Mundial. Você poder criar uniformes para o time que você criar ou criar uniformes da temporada para os times existentes tipo psg, Barça etc. No modo jogador você poder usar seu dinheiro e comprar chuteira, caneleira, ou carro casapoder ter namorada tipo The Jorney. obrigado

  10. you know how in manager career, you can enquire about how much other teams would be willing to sell players for? a feature should be added to allow for other teams to enquire about your players, and for you to respond with a dollar amount. bonus points if you can ask for players instead of or as well as money

  11. Let’s see the history of the players, watch the matches played, look at the goals taken, ticket price creation, club creation, creating clothes, staff and staff recruitment, assistant coach purchase, club president, referee statistics, shot by goalkeepers, smash savedby goalkeepers, goalkeepers goal, the winner of the year, seeing the win of the players, 3v1 feature man to go, play without spectators, atmosphere, coach mode, match tracking, best and outfit sales, the best form of players, stadium creation, changing the weather during the match and atmosphere effect, goalkeeper training,
    stadium income ticket prices tuning past season performance other matches during the match can go to other matches match played without the audience system stadium construction club boss becoming coach mode transfer difficulty of the year footballer. thanks football menajer gibi ayrıntılar olsun teşekürler.

  12. And please also make the schedule have a gap at least 3 days because player can be exhausted after the game.
    In career mode please make manager can find other club and international team to assign job.
    Please make manager can vote for player of the year and also for best 11 of the year.
    Please also national team can change jersey.
    Manager also can find sponsor.
    Manager also can see player history with other club .
    Please show how goals does a player has score in their career .

    1. Let’s see the history of the players, watch the matches played, look at the goals taken, ticket price creation, club creation, creating clothes, staff and staff recruitment, assistant coach purchase, club president, referee statistics, shot by goalkeepers, smash savedby goalkeepers, goalkeepers goal, the winner of the year, seeing the win of the players, 3v1 feature man to go, play without spectators, atmosphere, coach mode, match tracking, best and outfit sales, the best form of players, stadium creation, changing the weather during the match and atmosphere effect, goalkeeper training.

    2. Dynamic weather, make transfers more realistic and more difficult, most importantly the press conferences should play a HUGE role like the real world and introduce the journey like conversation options in manager mode

  13. Used different kind of stadium for World Cup. After 4years use other stadium
    Other manager also can change club. For example Jose Mourinho can manage Bayern Munich
    And also for career mode as player please when retire his face remain same but bit old. For example if use real player like messi when he retire and manage a club please remain the face.
    And please also in career mode make manager can train more player like 11 vs 11 like in the journey.
    Then, make auto training for player.
    Then, specialist training.
    Manager can change club jersey for new season.
    Can change jersey brand for new season.
    The tickets income also can be manage.
    Youth club in career mode please available.
    And also can train player like Cristiano Ronaldo to increase his stats even he old
    In career mode after purchasing a player, please make manager can loan them after that.
    Club budget can be increase even for club like newcastle or other average club if they win trophy.
    please also make mode for world cup and other continent.
    Then, make manager can negotiate with other club for pre-season or friendly match.
    When injuries please show the medical team.
    when a player retired please make a ceremony.
    When introduce the manager please make manager can have a press conference like in the journey. and also for player after signing them.
    And please make manager can upgrade the stadium.
    This is not for career mode but please make fifa20 have street football and futsal so no need to make fifa street.

  14. 1) Criar e editar o seu treinador, assim como no jogo PES.
    2) Poder alterar o preço dos ingressos dos jogos
    3) Premiação de melhor técnico do mês ou do ano no campo, como acontece na Premier League.
    4) Emprestar jogador e adicionar a cláusula de preferência de compra no final do empréstimo
    5) Renovar o contrato do treinador, assim como renova-se os dos jogadores.
    6) Entrevista coletiva mais realista, antes e depois de jogos mais importantes.
    7)Times de divisões de base mais realistas, podendo administra-las assim como faz com o time principal.
    8)Tatuagem para os jogadoras, editar e colocar tatuagem.
    9)Vestimentas para os técnicos, como cachecol, luvas, sobretudo, casacos, tênis, bonés, óculos, vários modelos de ternos.

  15. Eu amo fifa e quer um fifa com modo carreira realista e o melhor possível !☺☺☺☺☺☺ sexo

    Automatically Translated:
    I love fifa and want a fifa with realistic career mode and the best possible! sexo

    1. stadium income ticket prices tuning past season performance other matches during the match can go to other matches match played without the audience system stadium construction club boss becoming coach mode transfer difficulty of the year footballer. thanks 🙂 football menajer gibi ayrıntılar olsun teşekürler.

  16. I’d really like to see reserve games brought in to Career Mode as simulation-only. It would make Career Mode more realistic because right now you can only “grow” up to 5 players per week with the training feature. Having reserve games (manifesting in a sort of secondary Squad screen) where you can pick those lineups and then sim the games, it would allow your fringe players to grow and be happy. Not to mention, if they are showing good form in reserve games, you could add in emails from the “reserve team manager” making suggestions of who to include in your matchday squads.

    1. Wish ea could be come less silently anti asian, stop dehumanising asian males and over hyping black males that’s just extremely not fair

  17. 1) English National League (5th Tier) – This is still a professional league in England with a great mix of former Football League clubs (Barnet, Dagenham & Redbridge, Wrexham) and up and coming clubs whom have had great success in FA Cup (Salford City, Solihull Moors, Dover). This would also help generate more FA Cup games (not just 8 teams in FA Cup 1st round) along with FA Trophy (just national league teams but at least 4/5 rounds of matches)

    2) Fifa Club World Cup (or winner of Copa Liberatores against UEFA Champions League)

    3) Youth Leagues (u23s, FA Youth Cup, UEFA Youth League) – have option to control youth games during career mode for manager mode and player mode to help build experience for young players.

    4) Create a club – create a new club, stadium and kit, and can swap them with any team for career mode

    5) UEFA League of nations

  18. Have a bigger roster size. It is currently 52. I know that sounds like a lot of players but it is hard when you bring in youth players and loan them out to get experience; they take up too much room.

  19. As someone from Mexico, I want to mention something

    1- In career mode, I think could be good if you make teams to buy “logical purchases” (Like buying players from their country or their continent-confederation)
    2- A better manage of competition. Is very boring when you have a team and make it 5 stars, but the rest of the teams in the league decreases in quality.
    3- Allow some random teams to be powerful eventually.
    4- Make the opportunity for players with an EA account to create a team. (Like some people can do in PES) And let them to add players from Free Agents (Or create your owns from EA)
    5- Increases the number of leagues in the Americas (Perú, Uruguay, Paraguay) add some teams (As Saprissa in Costa Rica) Add some Central American National Teams.
    6- Add the players (To the free agents) who are in loans, but are not playing in registered teams or leagues. (This could avoid cases as Thiago Volpi, a good goalkeeper in Queretaro, who is in a lone to Sao Paulo, but as the league is not with licence, you cannot havee it)
    7- Maybe you can add an artificial league with artificial teams (Which you can edit on EA) for every continent (With promotions and Relegation) so you have space for the Free Agents to play. Here you may try to make fictional leagues (With teams as representing some country in a continental league)
    8- If you add the second Mexican Division, add the Relegation table
    9- Having more options for the Narrative voice in Latin America. I think that you don´t really know that here we have a lot of accents. We have the Mexican, Argentinian, and Colombian as the main ones. I used to have the one from Spain, but as now is only restringed to Latin American Spanish. (With the Mexican Flag) I still cannot adapt to the accent in Argentina.
    10- Increase derbies tensions.

  20. Would love to have a online career mode, similar to what madden does. Online dynasties where you and friends can play in a league together each holding a team, signing players, managing a team, managing budget, fantasy teams.

  21. Ich wünsche das Zenit St Petersburg in Fifa 20 dabei ist es sollte in Fifa 19 eigentelich da sein aber es war nicht wäre cool weil Zenit die beste Mannschaft Russland ist Mann könnte das wieder zu Rest der Welt tun

  22. Mi lista de deseos para los modos carrera de FIFA20 es la siguiente.
    Modo Carrera Manager:
    1.- Poder recibir más ofertas de equipos de varias ligas, a lo largo de tu carrera como manager, sobre todo si lo estas haciendo bien. Solo se reciben ofertas de equipos de selecciones nacionales y para poder cambiar de equipo, debes irte a buscar trabajo y antes de que acabe la temporada, si no, nadie te contrata.
    2.- Poder editar la equipación de tu equipo, ya que ver la misma equipación temporada tras temporada, cansa.
    3.- Que cuando fiches por otro equipo para ser su manager, no te encuentres en ese nuevo equipo, una plantilla demasiado amplia con 6 porteros o 9 delanteros.
    4.- Mejorar mucho el modo o la manera de fichar. Ahora es muy repetitivo. Estaría bien añadir la famosa “clausula del miedo”
    5.- Mejorar la cesión de tus jugadores. Jugando en la liga francesa, sólo recibía ofertas de cesión de equipos sudamericanos y jugando la liga italiana sólo recibía ofertas de cesión de la segunda liga inglesa.
    6.- Otro aspecto a mejorar en las cesiones es que después de una temporada, mi jugador cedido no había jugado ni un sólo minuto en su nuevo equipo.
    7.- Durante el juego, poder enviar a calentar a tus jugadores en la banda.
    8.- Mejorar la lista de los resultados de los partidos, dividiéndola en jornadas no en meses como actualmente y poder entrar en los resultados de cada partido y ver quien marcó o quien recibió tarjeta amarilla. Así mismo poder ver todas las estadísticas de cada partido de cualquier equipo y de cualquier jornada.
    9.- Mejorar o ampliar las caras de los managers. Siempre son los mismos y no es normal que el manager del otro equipo tenga tu misma cara.

    Modo Carrera Jugador:
    1.- Recibir más ofertas tanto de cesión como de traspaso, de equipos conocidos, si lo estas haciendo bien.
    2.- Poder ganarte la titularidad en los entrenamientos.
    3.- Si lo estas haciendo mal durante un partido, que exista la posibilidad de que te cambien y ver el resto del partido desde el banquillo.
    4.- Empezar algún partido desde el banquillo, si así lo estima el entrenador. Actualmente o juegas de titular o no juegas, y eso en la vida real no es así.

    Crear otro modo de juego o incluirlo en el modo carrera manager. En este caso sería ser manager de un equipo pero los fichajes los haría la dirección deportiva. Te preguntan que quieres o que necesita el equipo y son ellos los que te los buscan y lo fichan. O te fichan un jugador sin tu pedirlo, pero necesario según la dirección deportiva.

  23. Redo the whole thing… Be a bit more football manger and less this stuff. And training what’s with this crap you give us.. 5 players is bull….. Pes does it better on alot of stuff… Learn from them
    Being able to see players whole

  24. 1 – Libertadores da América
    2 – Mundial de Clubes
    3 – Campeonato Brasileiro com os jogadores reais
    4 – Personalização dos treinadores liberada
    5 – Estádio do Napoli
    6 – Fim da negociação obrigatória com animação, é muito demorada e chata
    7 – Mais opções para administrar os clubes, como negociar com patrocinadores, construir estádios, centro de treinamentos e etc…
    8 – Atualizar o modo como é exibido as finanças do clube, é muito bagunçada e não é real as finanças.
    9 – Quando valorizamos o clube com títulos não é passado para gente valores em dinheiro para fazermos contratações, liberar mais verbas quando ganharmos dinheiro
    10 – Liberar a escolha da hora do jogo antes da partida, no fifa 19 foi bloqueada
    11 – Modo de tempo dinâmico, começa um jogo de dia e termina a noite
    12 – Liberar os comentários que o treinador faz antes e depois das partidas. Isso iria influenciar na partida. Hoje já tem os comentários pré-editados
    13 – Atualizar e deixar mais real os valores dos passes dos jogadores, além dos salários.
    14 – tiraram a opção que a gente via o tempo de contrato que o jogador tem com um determinado clube. Podia voltar , assim a gente consegue se planejar para fazer uma oferta perto do fim do contrato do jogador
    15 – mostrar as festas nas ruas depois de um título
    16 – mostrar a festa dentro do vestiário

    Automatically Translated:
    1 – Liberators of America
    2 – Club World Cup
    3 – Brazilian Championship with real players
    4 – Personalization of the coaches released
    5 – Napoli Stadium
    6 – End of compulsory negotiation with animation, it is very time consuming and boring
    7 – More options for managing clubs, such as negotiating with sponsors, building stadiums, training center and etc …
    8 – Update how the club finances is displayed, is very messy and is not real finances.
    9 – When we value the club with titles is not passed to us money values ​​to make hirings, releasing more funds when we earn money
    10 – Releasing the choice of game time before the match, on the fifa 19 was blocked
    11 – Dynamic time mode, starts a day game and ends the night
    12 – Release the comments that the coach makes before and after the matches. That would influence the match. Today you have the pre-edited comments
    13 – Update and make more real values ​​of players’ passes, besides salaries.
    14 – took the option that we saw the contract time that the player has with a certain club. I could come back, so we can plan to make an offer near the end of the player’s contract
    15 – show the parties on the streets after a title
    16 – show the party inside the locker room

  25. 1. Create career mode especially player mode in a form of the journey, Have us play through the whole player mode having to not only think about your next pass but also the next words that comes out of you mouth.
    2. Have reporters interviewing you after winning man of the match,Or playing your debut game.
    3. Add an option to pronunciate your name to make it easier for commentators to say it during the match.
    4. Have life on and off the pitch, Walk around the streets with your player,Go to events where you meet other stars,Maybe even players from a rival team.

  26. Africa produces some magnificent players.I mean some of the best players in the world right now are from Africa,We can start the list from Mo Salah, Sadio Mane, Koulibaly, Aubameyang, Mahrez, All the way to Naby Keita. We can even take it a step further and talk about the young South African players that are breaking into Europe like their legends such as Lucas Radebe,Benni McCarthy,And one of former Everton players Steven Pienaar..

    My idea is :
    1. Give us African leagues where these super starts finds their feet in professional football.
    2. You can Start small with maybe 3 to 5 countries ,For instance South African League, Egyptian League, Senegalese League , Tunisian League, And maybe a Nigerian League or Algerian League..
    3. Africa could be a new platform for Fifa,A platform that will raise the bar even higher than before. I mean the biggest E-Sports tournaments held in this South Africa are those of Fifa,And it’s been like that for years now..South Africa is one of the biggest Fifa fanbase..This would be a huge deal if you guys pulled it off..
    4. Spice it up a bit, In Europe they have the UEFA Champions League ,And in Africa we have CAF Champions League,Put it in there and I swear it’ll would quadruple your fans in Africa.
    5. Lastly, South Africa has some of the best looking stadiums in the world,I mean you all saw during the 2010 Fifa World Cup, The likes of the FNB stadium, Nelson Mandela bay stadium, Cape Town Stadium, and the magnificent Moses Mabida stadium,This would revamp the game,the intensity,and even Career Mode.

    Please we had been hoping for something like this for years,Kindly consider our request.

  27. People playing fifa is not just about finishing the match. I wish in fifa 20 can improve more towards manager and player career. For example:

    – Customisable jersey and sponsor
    – Edit manager appearance
    – Add more cutscenes or storylines
    And a lot enjoyable features.

  28. Handsball happens a lot not like in fifa 19,strecher for injured players, longer career mode at least 50 seasons, adopt football manager features,new leagues and national teams with full anthem, erase woman football, complete manager with expression,can offer player to certain club,friendly game we choose, celebration more lively,var technology, indonesian league,punctual update for patch and players,strong gk and df,no difficulty level or at least semi profesional

  29. Both Sheffield teams stadiums HILLSBOROUGH and BRAMA LANE and also should able costumize jersey and stadium, managers should sacked if teams do poor like real life

  30. The audience is looking forward to it

    1. Customizable jersey and stadium
    2. Cancellation and Choice of Sponsors
    3. recruitment of staff
    4. Sponsors Extension of the contract
    5. Emblem Editor
    6. Referee Career Mode
    7. Puskas Award
    8. Be nice, King Cutscene after a few games or after we’ve got a team. For example: Press conference, The coach fires the team in the locker room, players talk to each other, jersey exchange
    9. More Hair
    10. Your earnings in Player Career Mode can be spent on something. For example:
    Special shoes cost money, we can start our own company OR give it to someone

    These would be very cool things in the game 🙂

  31. EA SPORT 1.I would like that we have new commentators like Gram Hunter, Simon Hanley , Jon Champion Peter Debru. Remove Alan Smith and Martin Tyler.

    2 I would like see players coming of the bus.

    3.New great hair cut

  32. 1- Personalizar tu DT.
    2- Personalizar mejor tu jugador con tatuajes.
    3- Poder crear tu propio club desde cero. Escudo – Camiseta – Sponsor – Estadio. Y llevarlo desde el anonimato hasta la gloria.
    4- Cambio de camiseta con el paso de las temporadas o poder elegir las de temporadas anteriores para no usar siempre la misma.
    5 – Cinemáticas y mejores conferencias de prensa para responder preguntas de los periodistas así como en “El Camino”
    6- Elegir tu personal en el Modo Carrera DT
    7- Prestamos con opción de compra.
    8- Elegir un DT existente.
    9- Una vez retirado un jugador poder continuar con él como DT y no cambie su apariencia.

    Automatically Translated:
    1- Customize your DT.
    2- Customize your player better with tattoos.
    3- Being able to create your own club from scratch. Escudo – T-shirt – Sponsor – Stadium. And take it from anonymity to glory.
    4- Change of shirt with the passage of the seasons or to be able to choose those of previous seasons not to always use it.
    5 – Cinematic and better press conferences to answer questions from journalists as well as in “El Camino”
    6- Choose your staff in the Career Mode DT
    7- Loans with purchase option.
    8- Choose an existing DT.
    9- Once a player has retired, he can continue with him as DT and do not change his appearance.

    1. 1 Crear tu equipo desde cero como el traje el 2 estadio el cuerpo tecnico y campo de 3 entrenamiento. Crear tu propio DT y editar 4 las equipaciones de otros equipos grandes 5 y poder eligir DT existentes como zidane o pochetino elegir para pedir dinero o opcion 6 de compra y cuando el jugardor se retire siga como DT y cambiar de equipacion por temporada y si quieres el escudo

    2. – Personaliza tu DT.
      2- Personaliza tu jugador mejor con tatuajes.
      3- Ser capaz de crear tu propio club desde cero. Escudo – Camiseta – Patrocinador – Estadio. Y llevárselo del anonimato a la gloria.
      4- Cambio de camiseta con el paso de las temporadas o poder elegir las de temporadas anteriores para no usarla siempre.
      5 – Con cinemática y mejores conferencias de prensa para responder las preguntas de los periodistas, así como en “El Camino”
      6- En el modo “Carrera jugador” esten mas posiciones, ya que falta EI, ED y MP y tambien que el jugador pueda gastar su dinero
      7- Préstamos con opción de compra.
      8- Elige un DT existente.
      9- Una vez que un jugador se ha retirado, puede continuar con él como DT y no cambiar su apariencia
      10- Que el salario del DT sirva para algo, como comprar o invertirlo en el equipo

    3. Lean nuestras sugerencias son nuestras listas de deseos para futuras entregas de FIFA ya que deseamos crear un equipo y llevarlo de la sombra, hasta la gloria…..

  33. Hello,

    1. Customizable stadium and kits.
    2. License some Asian Leagues.
    3. License AFC champions league, and AFC Cup.
    3. Increase Sunil Chettri’s rating above 70. He is the 2nd highest active goal scorer in International matches beating Messi.
    4. License team India. We have the 2nd highest population in the world, and are huge EA FIFA fan.

  34. 1. Mejorar los graficos de Jugadores, Cesped (porque el de FIFA 19 es peor que el de FIFA 18), Estadios (más detalles de los estadios como en el PES2019, mejoras en el publico, cinematicas de vestuarios o de gente entrando al estadio, o de ver que hay poca asistencia al estadio si es un partido poco importante, como las primeras rondas de copa con equipos pequeños..).
    2. Mejoras del cambio climatico en el partido, si esta lloviendo, que se note en el gameplay que esta lloviendo, es decir, que se note un poco (sin dañar a la vista) que llueve o si nieva, que se vea que caen los copos de nieve… o tener los cambios de luz de dia a noche.. que se note que el partido empieza de tarde y termina de noche, o como va variando la sombra dentro del estadio según avanza el día.
    3. Nuevas cinematicas al principio, al comienzo de la 2a parte y al final del partido… por ejemplo, pongo al Real Madrid, que al empezar el partido ponen el himno del centenario y al terminar tienen el himno del club.
    4. Personalizar tu entrenador.. como al crearte un jugador… o seleccionar uno de la vida real para el modo manager, y licenciar todos los entrenadores de los equipos licenciados.
    5. Ruedas de prensa en las que hagan preguntas como el camino y te definan como un tipo de entrenador u otro, es decir, que puedas ser chulo como Mourinho o ser calmado y amable como Zidane… o a un jugador al final del partido que influya luego en la asistencia del público.
    6. Convertir el camino en el nuevo modo jugador, es decir, que te crees tu jugador y sea el nuevo camino de tu propio jugador…
    7. Ascender y descender juveniles del filial como gustes.. y tener mas gente en el banquillo..
    8. Antes de acceder a un equipo grande, empezar en el filial, o que te ofrezcan más equipos si obtienes buenos resultados, para conseguir acceder a mejores equipos.
    9. Mejoras en los contratos con los jugadores, es decir, si fichas un jugador y lo quieres dejar cedido en su club, que te permita hacerlo, pedir cesion de 1 o 2 años y permita comprar por mas o menos según el tiempo que este en tu club…
    10. Más ejercicios de entrenamiento, porque hay determinados atributos que solo se pueden subir con un tipo solo de ejercicios, por ejemplo la resistencia, con un ejercicio de tipo bronce, y no por uno de tipo plata u oro.
    11. Mas comentarias por país, es decir, tener a parte de Manolo Lama y Paco Gonzalez, pos otro par de comentaristas en cada país, y que permita cambiar los comentaristas en medio del partido, por si te aburres de los mismos en el partido
    12. Fin a los jugadores con caras grises… que sean caras aleatorias o parecidas sino pueden licenciar jugadores de los equipos..
    13. Si tienen derechos televisivos del pais.. aplicarlos para todas las competiciones.. liga, copa….
    14. Nuevas cinematicas y comentarios de los comentarias de jugadores lesionados, que si se te lesiona un jugador porque nota un pinchazo, que se tire y salgan las asistencias, o la camilla.. y mejorar el tema de lesiones a ser mas reales.. por ejemplo, las lesiones de Bale, que se lesiona con mas facilidad.
    15. Nuevas celebraciones de titulos.. como la de Champions o Europa League que serigrafian el trofeo en el acto.. o que los jugadores manteen al entrenador.. hagan el pasillo un equipo al otro.. los jugadores que corten las redes…
    16. Escenas de titulos individuales de entrenadores, jugadores y clubes, como mejor entrenador, pichichi, balon de oro, o mejor club segun fifa.
    17. Editor de estadios (para que en equipos pequeños lo vayas ampliando el estadio)
    18. Editor de camisetas para poder cambiar el diseño de un año a otro y no tener 3, 4 o 5 años o los que se jueguen en el modo carrera con la misma equipación siempre.
    19. Licenciar mas competiciones internacionales de otros continentes o el mundialito de clubes (que tiene el PES19 y FIFA19 no)
    20. Licenciar mas ligas (grecia, rusia, argentina, brasil, ..), equipos, y sus respectivos estadios.
    21. Licenciar ligas femeninas, competiciones femeninas, selecciones femeninas… o que te ofrezcan una seleccion femenina si entrenas un equipo masculino o viceversa, que si entrenas un femenino, te ofrezcan una seleccion masculina.

    Automatically Translated:
    1. Improve the graphics of Players, Lawn (because the FIFA 19 is worse than that of FIFA 18), Stadiums (more details of the stadiums as in the PES2019, improvements in the public, cinematics of changing rooms or people entering the stadium , or to see that there is little attendance at the stadium if it is an unimportant match, like the first cup rounds with small teams ..).
    2. Improvement of the climate change in the game, if it is raining, that is noticeable in the gameplay that is raining, that is, that it is noticed a bit (without damaging the view) that it rains or if it snows, that it is seen falling the snowflakes … or have the changes of light from day to night .. you will notice that the game starts in the afternoon and ends at night, or as the shadow changes within the stadium as the day progresses.
    3. New cinematics at the beginning, at the beginning of the 2nd part and at the end of the game … for example, I put Real Madrid, that at the start of the game they play the centenary anthem and when they finish they have the club anthem.
    4. Customize your coach .. like when you create a player … or select one of the real life for the manager mode, and license all the coaches of the licensed teams.
    5. Press conferences in which you ask questions as the way and define you as a type of coach or another, that is, you can be cool as Mourinho or be calm and friendly as Zidane … or a player at the end of the game that influences then in the assistance of the public.
    6. Turn the path into the new player mode, that is, you think you are your player and it is the new path of your own player …
    7. Ascend and descend juvenile branch as you like .. and have more people on the bench ..
    8. Before accessing a large team, start at the branch, or offer more equipment if you get good results, to get access to better teams.
    9. Improvements in the contracts with the players, that is, if a player chips and you want to leave it in your club, that allows you to do it, ask for a transfer of 1 or 2 years and allow to buy for more or less according to the time this in your club …
    10. More training exercises, because there are certain attributes that can only be raised with a single type of exercise, for example resistance, with a bronze type exercise, and not by a silver or gold type.
    11. More comments by country, that is, having apart from Manolo Lama and Paco Gonzalez, after another pair of commentators in each country, and allowing to change the commentators in the middle of the game, in case you get bored of them in the game
    12. End the players with gray faces … that are random or similar faces but can license players of the teams ..
    13. If they have television rights in the country .. apply them for all competitions .. league, cup ….
    14. New cinematics and commentaries of the commentaries of injured players, that if a player injures you because he notices a puncture, that the assists are thrown and go out, or the stretcher .. and improve the injury issue to be more real .. for example, Bale’s injuries, which are more easily injured.
    15. New celebrations of titles … like the one of Champions or Europa League that serigrafian the trophy in the act .. or that the players keep the trainer .. do the corridor a team to the other .. the players that cut the networks …
    16. Scenes of individual titles of coaches, players and clubs, as best coach, top scorer, gold ball, or best club according to fifa.
    17. Stadium Editor (so that in small teams you can expand the stadium)
    18. T-shirt editor to be able to change the design from one year to another and not have 3, 4 or 5 years or those that are played in career mode with the same equipment always.
    19. License more international competitions from other continents or the club world cup (which has the PES19 and FIFA19 does not)
    20. License more leagues (Greece, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, ..), teams, and their respective stadiums.
    21. Licensing women’s leagues, women’s competitions, women’s teams … or that offer you a feminine selection if you train a masculine team or vice versa, that if you train a feminine one, they offer you a masculine selection.

  35. 1. Poder personalizar tu entrenador la caer vestimenta como so fueras a crear un jugador pero entrenador
    2. Licenciar la liga mx al 100%
    3. Agregar caras a la Liga bancomer mx ahí muy pocas
    4. Licenciar más estadios de la liga mx sólo esta el estadio azteca
    5.Poder prestar un jugador aunque lo acabes de comprar
    6. Acomodar el calendario bien no es posible que juegues un partido y al siguiente día tengas otro partido
    7. Que no bajen de global tan pronto cuando ya tienen más de 30 años
    8. Les encargó la 2 división de México

    Automatically Translated:
    1. To be able to personalize your coach the fall dress as you were to create a player but coach
    2. License the league mx 100%
    3. Add faces to the Liga bancomer mx there very few
    4. Licensing more stadiums in the mx league is only the Aztec stadium
    5. Can lend a player even if you just bought it
    6. Accommodate the calendar well you can not play a game and the next day you have another game
    7. That they do not come down from global as soon as they are over 30 years old
    8. He commissioned the 2 division of Mexico

  36. Actually put some time into changing the career mode for a change instead of devoting all your time into FUT because guess what, not every person out there likes it.

    I actually didn’t even but FIFA this year when I heard the changes to career mode were pretty much nothing, I know champions league has been added but that was essentially already in the game just without licenses. Both career mode and clubs could be so good if EA actually tried to develop them, career mode at the minute is far to choreographed and repetitive. I mean if a game on mobile phone such as new star soccer which had next to no funding has more depth to the player career mode then Fifa there’s something very wrong especially with the amount of funding EA get. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what to add to the game, just play through a season or two and it’s easy how to improve it.

  37. 1. Put ICONS in career mode…
    2. Kits for Managers and Real Life Managers that we have in the soccer now…
    3. Able to upgrade my club Stadiums to increase my funds…
    4. Players OVR should increase base on performance & decrease base on performance at the end season or just before transfer windows …
    5.Put OVR in transfer search (e.g. if I want a player that is 87 rated there must be an opinion to search all the 87 rated players) like it was in Fifa 10 I think.
    6. Better sound tracks and more, like 20…
    7. Able to change camera view when taking a Free Kick…..
    8. Kits must change after every season, or buy kits like in FUT….
    9. Themes in career mode.
    10. Manager weekly pay increase after a season or decrease base…& other clubs willing to buy a Manager during transfer window or end of the season.

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