FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

What was missing in FIFA 19 career mode? Which features should be added to FIFA 20 career mode?

Write your creative ideas for FIFA 20 Career mode here. Put down your suggestions and the features that you think it could improve the Career Mode in upcoming FIFA 20 game.

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386 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

    1. Let’s see the history of the players, watch the matches played, look at the goals taken, ticket price creation, club creation, creating clothes, staff and staff recruitment, assistant coach purchase, club president, referee statistics, shot by goalkeepers, smash saved by goalkeepers, goalkeepers goal, the winner of the year, seeing the win of the players, 3v1 feature man to go, play without spectators, atmosphere, coach mode, match tracking, best and outfit sales, the best form of players, stadium creation, changing the weather during the match and atmosphere effect, goalkeeper training.

  1. One should be able to empty the team sheet after every game and thus sort of start from scratch every game day. This enables better rotation and overlook of who hasn’t played for a while and so on, it’s not the same feeling of “picking your team” when there’s always almost a set starting eleven every time.

    A player should be made weaker when played out of position.

    Make it possible to bid for players who are under a loan contract between to other clubs.
    Make it possible to put in a loan-with-the-option-to-buy option in negotiations.

  2. When you edit squads for career mode. When you move players between clubs, you should be able to loan them out as well and for how long.

  3. I think you should add actual faces for the bench people like manager, and players at least. So we could use them for ceremony, and training action for the subbing

  4. 1) Primero deben agregar un modo carrera de modo árbitro sé que a muchas personas les interesa que tú marcas las faltas incluyendo el VAR (donde revisan las jugadas).

    2) Como ya lo comentaba estuviera bien agregar el VAR pero no solo en modo carrera si no también en todas las ligas y copas o solo si quieres o no una configuración de eso.

    3) Estaría bien también lo que pueden después de un partido una entrevista y se contesta solo obvio.

    Automatically Translated:
    1) First, you must add a referee-mode career mode. I know that many people are interested in you making mistakes, including the VAR (where they review the plays).

    2) As I said it would be fine to add the VAR but not only in career mode but also in all the leagues and cups or only if you want or not a configuration of that.

    3) It would be good also what an interview can be after an interview and only obvious answers are answered.

  5. Well, except for repairing EA servers, they should add or fix specific things
    1) More cutscenes, for example during a press conference, eg after a completed match-cutscene game of an interview with a player, cutscenes from the presentation of a new player at the club’s stadium
    2) Possibility to choose any real club manager than generated by the game. For example, if I play Real for a trainer, I would like Jurgen Kloop, for example, rather than randoma (so far this is not possible and should be because it would diversify the manager’s mode)
    3) Possibility of employment in the club, eg the coach of the goalkeepers of the attackers’ defenders. Possibility of being employed as sports director, for example, I do not know any club legend. I can choose a sporting director and other club staff.
    4) -II- choosing a sponsor on T-shirts.
    5) -II- edition of the office in which, for example, negociations with competitors take place. Change the style, for example, by painting the walls in a different color, choosing other t-shirts to hang on the wall, changing the floor for example on wooden floors. Choosing more modern furniture also.
    6) -II- extension of the stadium eg extension of the stands, replacement of the surface, etc.
    7) Generally more things on which you can spend more money. (Related to item 3).
    I want to be able to rent things (doctors, doctors, trainers, trainers, etc.) And I want to be able to improve facilities (training devices and medical facilities, etc.), Just more things to buy and think.
    8) Youth players should grow higher and more massively over the years. 16-year-olds still have time to develop physically, yes.
    9) Players should generally age and change depending on their age
    10) Ability to train every statistic, including skill moves, weak rates and work rates, as well as all other statistics. Of course, some things must grow slower than others, but I want to be able to train players in my own way.
    11) Chemistry team in career mode. When a new player signs, he must take the time to build chemistry with the rest of the team, and you as a manager.

  6. Think there should be a default manager choice for career mode, would rather see Klopp game face for Liverpool for example than the ugly manager choices

  7. 1.) When I was a kid, I remember playing with some of the smaller lesser known domestic teams in Israel and Greece (I think Fifa 2000?). I like to play career modes and make it as realistic as possible, and it’s so much fun starting and learning about the teams, players and cultures in smaller lesser known domestic leagues, working my player’s career trajectory towards a top team in the likes of the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, etc. through a middling intermediary league or two like the Eredivisie or Swiss Pro League etc. (like how many top professional footballers’ careers progress in the real world). Fifa needs to expand the variety and quantity of league licenses, focusing on lesser known leagues. Especially focus on leagues in Asia, Africa and the lesser known nations of Uefa (like Israel, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Finland, Serbia etc.)

    2.) National team play is very stale and hasn’t really progressed much. The generic kits and flags don’t look nearly as interesting as fully licensed national teams, and the qualifying tournaments, world cup and confederation tournaments are extremely generic and very underwhelming. Get more national team licenses, fully licensed, and revamp the national team play like you did with the champions league and europa league in this edition (which is a vast improvement over previous editions of the game).

    3.) Youth academy and youth scouting has not been touched or revamped since at least Fifa 2010, after getting 10 seasons into a career, it’s quite stale and uninteresting when every player is from Brazil, Argentina, France or Spain. Revamp the youth academy and scouting mechanisms, and allow for scouts to check out any country, not just 3-6 from each region (and maybe 30 overall?) There’s approximately 200 countries on this planet, let some of the other kids have some fun as well 🙂

    4.) I know this might not be as realistic, but it’s really cool to see all the different and unique stadiums teams in the real world play in, and the generic stadiums kinda get muddled a bit in the game and make it much less interesting. Acquire licenses for and render many more stadiums! One of the coolest aspects of being a soccer fan is travelign to watch ones team and seeing the variety of enviornments, architectural palaces and cultures that other teams play in. It’s a little but nice touch to have the teams play in their official stadiums instead of the generic 10 or so walstadions or euro parks that every team plays in that are not very exciting.

  8. 1) I hope there is more life part.
    for example, if player or manager can buy house and cars with their money the career mode will be more fun and dynamic. User gets strong motivation to live better life as the player or manager. User gets more motivation to get higher career and higher pay in the career mode.
    Growth is very important factor of playing game. I don’t think only the stat of the player is the point of growth. Life of player can be another factor of fun.
    There should be a variety of cars and houses so i can choose wth mah budget.

    2) There should be a prize for every seaon end. something like golden shoes, Ballon d’or, golden gloves and bonus payment also. When i play career mode I play just few seasons and I don’t get any motivation. If I get any prize for each season and get some more life part with I mentioined above, there will be more fun to keep playing career mode.

    3) hope they get more face details in FIFA20
    I disappointed with face details in FIFA19. there is no change or improvement on face of players. especially for Asians, it was horrible.
    Hope you guys can get more improvement on FIFA20.

    Thank you for your time.

  9. 1 : Stadium upgrade
    2 : Like football manager that you can make you’re own staff
    3 : When you hire one player that you can pick and option to buy him
    4 : press conference before match
    5 : when a player is hired by another club that you can see how the player developed
    6 : training option that you can make by you’re own (Not the way it is now)
    7 : that you can be a coach from a national team when you are a coach on a high level by a big club.

  10. – make the transfer rumors less fanciful and more according to the reality because there are some rumors that are so impossible to happen in real life.

    -Have the chance of design the uniforms of the team that i am manage

    -more original cantics and noise during the match

    -camp nou comeback

    -more ilumination in the soccerfields

  11. Mejorar el escaneo de jugadores jóvenes,tener más interacción con el DT en (modo carrera jugador) poner más nombres aleatorios para que el comentarista nombre al jugador en cancha.

    Poder editar mejor al jugador,estilo al Trayecto.
    Poder ponerle tatuajes,también más peinados y poder elegir más rostros.

    Poder crearte un DT,con más caras y todo lo demás.

    También que vuelva la firma con Sponsors.

    Que vuelvan a poner resultados importantes de liga en mitad de un partido

    Tener información sobre los goleadores,quién tiene más goles en tantos partidos (a nivel global de todas las ligas por temporada)

    Que cuándo te cita la selección o te enfrentas a una y también con los clubes,que las plantillas sean reales y no jugar en tu seleccionado con jugadores que en verdad no están

    Automatically Translated:
    Improve the scanning of young players, have more interaction with the DT in (player career mode) put more random names for the commentator to name the player on the court.

    To be able to edit the player better, style to the Journey.
    To be able to put tattoos, also more hairstyles and to be able to choose more faces.

    To be able to create a DT, with more faces and everything else.

    Also, return the signature with Sponsors.

    That they put back important league results in the middle of a match

    Have information about the scorers, who has more goals in so many matches (globally of all the leagues per season)

    That when the selection cites you or you face one and also with the clubs, that the templates are real and do not play in your selection with players that are not really

  12. 1) Mas escaneo en jugadores jóvenes
    2)Una mejor distribución de presupuestos
    3)Crear a tu propio DT o poder escanear tu rostro para el DT
    3)Un control de fichajes (ej que la liga argentina quiera jugadores cedidos del manchester city) algo mas ajustado a la realidad y para eso tienen que sacar mas ligas sudamericanas y que entre ellas hagan su propio mercado
    4)Que baje la media al poner un jugador en una posición no habitual (ej Messi mp 94/ Messi gk 35)
    5)Cánticos de hinchas de aprobación o desaprobación al momento del club
    6)Presentación en vídeo de fichajes galácticos
    7)Probabilidades de fichajes de un jugador (ej si al jugador no le gusta el club,la liga etc) no lo acepte
    8)Tener en referencia la actual o la ultima campaña del jugador al fichar al aumentar su costo y global
    9)Una pestaña de juveniles tanto de un filial real o ficticio y los ojeadores trallendo promesas para ese filial
    10)Conferencia de prensa
    11)Jugadores pidiendo un aumento de sueldo
    12)Mas competencias Licenciadas (Libertadores,Sudamericana,Conca Champions,AFC Champions,el de la CAF y OFC y por ende el Mundial de Clubes
    13)Al momento de seleccionar un club que te den la opción de seleccionar un jugador histórico del club (ej Milan-Andiry Shevchenko) mas opciones
    14)No tener un global ni potencial fijo de un jugador si no que valla aumentando y disminuyendo a partir de la temporada que haga
    15)Al poner filial real poner jugadores de la cantera con 14 a 17 años con imagen de los jugadores y ficticia que le pidan a personas poder ser escaneadas y sacar una foto para poner en el juego
    16)Poner prestigio local e internacional al club,jugador y entrenador
    17)Ya que global y potencial de un jugador sea incierto insertar futura compra en cesiones
    18)Cinemáticas del sorteos
    19)Arbitros reales y escaneados
    20)Mercado de entrenadores

    1) More scanning in young players
    2) A better distribution of budgets
    3) Create your own DT or be able to scan your face for the DT
    3) A control of transfers (ie the Argentine League wants players from Manchester City) something more adjusted to reality and for that they have to get more South American leagues and make their own market among them
    4) Let the average down by putting a player in an unusual position (eg Messi mp 94 / Messi gk 35)
    5) Chants of fans of approval or disapproval at the time of the club
    6) Video presentation of galactic signings
    7) Probabilities of a player’s signings (eg if the player does not like the club, the league etc.) do not accept it
    8) To have in reference the current or the last campaign of the player to sign when increasing its cost and global
    9) A juvenile tab of both a real or fictitious affiliate and the scouts bringing promises for that subsidiary
    10) Press conference
    11) Players asking for a salary increase
    12) More Licensed competitions (Libertadores, Sudamericana, Conca Champions, AFC Champions, CAF and OFC and therefore the Club World Cup)
    13) When selecting a club that gives you the option to select a historical player of the club (eg Milan-Andiry Shevchenko) more options
    14) Not having a global or fixed potential of a player if not going to increase and decrease from the season that makes
    15) By making a real subsidiary, put players from the youth academy with 14 to 17 years of age with the image of the players and fictional that they ask people to be scanned and take a picture to put in the game
    16) Put local and international prestige to the club, player and coach
    17) As global and potential of a player it is uncertain to insert future purchase in assignments
    18) Kinematics of the draws
    19) Real and scanned arbiters
    20) Trainers market

    ATTE RiichardMo

  13. Update fifa 20
    1. Enquire this player like FIFA 17
    2. When buy a pro player u must doing welcome to player make a video like journey and make a play choose freekick or juggling or anything.
    3.all wonderkid player must confirm their face looks like
    4.u must put a few Asian country like malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand or anything for scouts youths academy
    5.the manager must be reaction when goal,ungoal,angry when it is not foul or anything
    6.the manager must sound the player when the match starting like sound like pressure! ,defense, pull back or anything

  14. a league of youths that are all the teams of the competition but with their players of 21 or less years and be able to play their games, besides being able to send the veteran players who are playing badly to that team

  15. Take control of a youth academy side

    Be able to talk to your players through chat in manager career mode and the other way round for player career mode

    Start as a semi pro youngster in player career mode

  16. 1- Create a team in career mode, uniform, budget, hire players for sure the community would love to have their own team
    2- a more realistic player career mode with more details with gold ball delivery, gold boot all delivered live to have a greater immersion.

  17. i would love to see a free roam mode kind of like the NBA 2k franchise has implemented into both player and manager career mode, More leagues, more stadiums, V.A.R international champions cup rights from pes

  18. I would like to see the following,

    1.Dutch second league.
    2. Able to change full kits
    3. Controlling youth teams in career mode.
    4. More competition from different clubs on the transfer market in career mode.
    5. Clubs who are offering players at your club for loan or transfer in career mode.
    6. Able to see full player statistics from other players during the season in career mode.

  19. That in race manager mode the bus of your club can be edited and that a kind of Libertadores cup is created and that you can edit the kits of the clubs with several options and with brands such as puma, adidas, nike, umbro etc, later in career player mode you can put tattoos on your player and more hair colors after you can customize boots

  20. more CONCACAF competitions and more club competitions like Club World Cup and the CONCACAF qualifiers for the World Cups

  21. -Add the Icons in career mode,for example:Maradona,Pele and Ronaldo(Brazilian)

    -Also keep Alex Hunter and Danny Williams in Career,even if the Journey is finished, and keep, making their rating higher and higher every game.

    -Also final request, make sure to program the players to talk,when your negotiating their contract.

  22. IN future FIFA20 it would be interesting if EA can put fifa street [email protected] freestyle.. The mode need 1 on 1, 2 on 2 or 3 on 3 ….freestyle battle.. n can be more interesting can be battle online with all online users… Also the character can be design by user such a kit(shoes,shirt, sponsor logo etc) … Just opinion.. we need something new right?. GAME ON… FOOTBALL FOR ALL..E-SPORTS…

  23. It would be really nice to have more realism in former players, to stop the time when we have the results of Golden Ball (Ballon D’or), POTM, etc.
    Additionally, we could have more possibilities when buying players or have them for loan (as an example: buying clause after loaning time is about to end with an special price or something like that). More realism, more licensed players’ face, wonder kids’ real face, etc.

  24. I hope FIFA 20 in career mode more realistic.

    Give us a space to edit player hair and beard also the kit design.Because the player will not be looked same for every year.


    a- Yes. For sure the manager press conference also can be like alex hunter. Having the dialog and q&a with the media.

    b- Dressing room atmosphere with the comment. To increase player winning mentality for sure.

  25. There should be free roaming in soccer parks where you move your player around and play online like nba 2k18.

    There should be panna missions on the streets and in trainings and currency should be collected.

  26. Please, add more detailed and especially long term statistics! You guys could cooperate with and/or Kicker. Or anybody else that has a huge database of statistics. That shouldnb’t be too difficult, but would definitely imporove the carreer mode!

    My ultimate dream would be a combined manager/FIFA game…but this will stay a dream forever. 🙁

  27. I Would wish that EA Sports implement a Be a Referee Mode Where FIFA 20 Players can be a referee, Assistant or linesman. Or even VAR. This would be fun as people could control the game and interact with the players in different ways. I hope you look into this keenly, People would love it.

  28. Man sollte z.B. die Trikots bestimmen können und die Sponsors. Es sollte auch trainerwechsel geben weil es ja komisch ist wenn alle Trainer bei ihrem Club bleiben 15 Jahre. Außerdem sollte es mehr Nachrichten bei den News geben oder eine Kooperation mit dem Kicker oder der Sport Bild. Man sollte auch Privatleben haben und eine Familie wo auch die Söhne im Jugend Team spielen können. Es sollte auch jugendligen geben die mit dem hauptclubs verbunden werden und hochgezogen werden können. Man sollte auch gefeuert werden können und dann einfach auch mal gar nichts arbeiten müssen und Spiele vom Computer gezockt angucken. Außerdem sollten die Spieler in talentsternen bewertet werden. Sie sollten erst ab 34 richtig abgewertet werden. Und auch alte Spieler können noch steigen wenn sie gut spielen. Man sollte bei den Simulationen sich mehr einmischen können.Und es man sollte die Infrastruktur verbessern können das dann bonusse wie mie mehr sponsoren bringt. Man sollte auch jugendcamps machen können. Es wäre auch viel authentischer wenn es mehr Clips gäbe. Außerdem könnte ea auch immer so mini Patches machen mit realen spilertransfers. Ea könnte auch einfach den Fussball Manager zurückbringen ,er würde sich so gut verkaufen. Danke fürs Lesen.

    Automatically Translated:
    One should e.g. can determine the jerseys and the sponsors. It should also give coach change because it is funny if all coaches stay with their club 15 years. In addition, there should be more news in the news or a cooperation with the kicker or the Sport Bild. You should also have private life and a family where the sons in the youth team can play. There should also be youngsters who can be connected to the main club and pulled up. You should also be able to get fired and then just have to work at nothing and watch games played by the computer. In addition, the players should be valued in talent stars. They should be properly devalued only from 34. And even old players can still climb if they play well. One should be able to interfere more in the simulations. And it should be able to improve the infrastructure then bonuses how many sponsors brings. You should also be able to do youth camps. It would also be much more authentic if there were more clips. In addition, ea could always make mini patches with real spilertransfers. Ea could also just bring back the football manager, he would sell so well. Thank you for reading.

  29. In fifa 20, it would be great to have more gaming in the player’s career. Like in NBA 19. Have the opportunity to buy a house, a car, clothes for money. To be a story in a career of a player.

  30. Improve Career Mode by:

    First and foremost allow players to do CPU vs CPU sim or “manage” your club while you watch during Career Mode. I’d rather that sometimes than the current “sim match” mode. If you want to jump in during the sim match , then you can do that.
    Bring back Request funds during the transfer window
    Create a Club in Career Mode to use, recruit and grow
    German Regionalliga (4th division) , to equalize what is included in England. Many good clubs in the German 4th and it is a difficult promotional opportunity based on how it is set up. Link Reserve clubs in that 4th division to the main clubs (ie Bayern Munchen II, Werder Bremen II..etc) so that we can develop young talent more hands on.

  31. Estádio da luz(SL Benfica) e Estádio do Dragão (FC Porto).
    Série A Tim ,eredivisie e liga Nos licenciadas.
    UEFA. Nations league incluída e licenciada, mais faces pra Bundesliga, série A tim, ligue 1 e Liga Nos.
    Poder mudar no início da época a camisola, como designer, patrocínios etc e a nova competição que a uefa criou para 2020

  32. Cambiare il menu per la modifica delle squadre e dei giocatori. introdurre il vecchio creation center e modificare i giocatori esistenti dandogli ruoli specifici e aggiungendone secondari (es. nell’attuale modalità modifica giocatore non è possibile assegnare il ruolo CC oppure AD o AT ecc. Inoltre vorrei poter modificare anche le squadre che non sono su licenza come ad esempio la serie B italiana.
    Eliminare quel bug in cui i CDC quando giochi contro in computer, sono titolari (es. formazione MILAN centrocampo: MONTOLIVO, BIGLIA e BAKAYOKO titolari (Bonaventura e Kessiè sono CC e sono in panchina anche se sono più forti in quel ruolo).
    Introdurre la possibilità di modificare l’aspetto dell’allenatore nella modalità carriera.

    Automatically Translated:
    Change the menu for changing teams and players. introduce the old creation center and modify the existing players giving them specific roles and adding secondary ones (eg in the current player edit mode it is not possible to assign the CC or AD or AT role etc. I also would like to modify the teams that are not licensed such as the Italian B series.
    Eliminating that bug in which the CDC when playing against the computer, are holders (eg training MILAN midfield: MONTOLIVO, BIGLIA and BAKAYOKO holders (Bonaventura and Kessiè are CC and are on the bench even if they are stronger in that role).
    Introduce the possibility of changing the appearance of the coach in career mode.

  33. – I think whats missing in career mode is animations, its important to the player feels like “im inside this game, i feel a part of this game”.
    – Press conferences animations as well
    – Liga Nos Stadiums (Everyonde would like to play in Estádio da Luz)
    – Supporters real songs
    – Just like the costumization in alex hunter (tattoos and things like that) it would be a nice touch
    – And i think that the most wanted thing among manager career players is to play a career manager against your friends just like Football Manager does it would be a massive upgrade to the game, as big as Ultimate Team was a few years ago.

  34. Be a Ref
    Edit all the kits to your liking e.g colour , shirt sponsor , sleave sponsor , kit manufacturer
    Be the Physio treating your players injuries
    Be a linesman to know whether a player is off side
    Edit team managers to your liking and they can manage any team you want
    New International Teams Iran , Azerbaijan , Malta , Afghanistan , Syria , Venezuela , Pakistan , Iraq , Egypt ,China and Qatar
    Women’s Premier League Officially licensed
    The Journey 4 Alex Hunter and Gareth Walker compeat to earn the last place in Andy Butler’s England team squad and qualify for Euro 2020

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