FIFA 14 Covers

FIFA 14 PlayStation 4 cover (PS4) – Next-Gen

FIFA 14 Xbox One
FIFA 14 Xbox One cover – Next-Gen

FIFA 14 Poland
Europe’s top striker Robert Lewandowski joins Messi on FIFA 14 Cover for Poland (Polish version).

FIFA 14 Australia
FIFA 14 cover for Australia. Featuring New York Red Bulls star, Tim Cahill.

FIFA 14 Austria
FIFA 14 cover for Austria. Featuring FC Bayern player, star, David Alaba.

FIFA 14 Swiss
FIFA 14 cover for Switzerland (Swiss version). Featuring FC Bayern striker, Xherdan Shaqiri.

FIFA 14 Czech Republic
FIFA 14 cover for Czech Republic. Michal Kadlec and Leo Messi – FIFA 14 Cover stars (Czech version).

FIFA 14 Hungary
FIFA 14 cover for Hungary featuring Balázs Dzsudzsák and Lionel Messi.

FIFA 14 Italia
FIFA 14 cover for Italy (Italian version) featuring El Shaarawy. More info: FIFA 14 Italy Cover

Official FIFA 14 cover for UK featuring Gareth Bale. More info: FIFA 14 UK Cover

FIFA 14 Cover Central and South America
*UPDATE: “El Tigre” Falcao joins Messi and Vidal on the star-studded Central and South American FIFA 14 cover.

FIFA 14 America
Official FIFA 14 cover for Central and South America featuring Chile & Juventus FC player, Arturo Vidal

FIFA 14 Cover North America
Official FIFA 14 cover for North America featuring Mexico national team player, Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez and Leo Messi (Xbox 360)

FIFA 14 Cover Global
Official FIFA 14 global cover featuring Leo Messi (Xbox 360)

FIFA 14 Cover PS3
Official FIFA 14 global cover featuring Leo Messi (PlayStation 3)

FIFA 14 Cover Windows
Official FIFA 14 global cover featuring Leo Messi (PC / Windows)

FIFA 14 Cover Xbox 360
FIFA 14 box art for Xbox 360 (Not final artwork)
Lionel Messi will be the main cover star for all FIFA 14 versions.

Final artowrks and other packshots for PS3, PC and other platforms will be added as soon as they are available.

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70 thoughts on “FIFA 14 Covers

  1. They should put Thomas Müller on the cover of the German fifa 14! He is the only player who constantly played well all season in the Bundesliga!

  2. Chicharito on the cover is enough for me to switch to PES this year. Seriously, the European covers are much better than the garbage we’re getting in North America.

    1. What? You wanted an American on it? And changing to a s***tier version of a game just because of the cover is thick as f***. Like actually WHAT THE F***? IDGAS if you buy it, but you can simply just search for other covers made by other people, take one of the European ones or whatever or make one yourself AND PRINT IT. How stupid are you? lol… I don’t want to be harsh on you or anything idk but you’re kinda saying bs big time.

  3. UK: Sturridge, Messi and Baines or Begovic

    Austria: Harnik

    Germany: Gotze

    Ireland: Wanyama

    Spain: Isco

    Italy: Balotelli or El Shaarawy

    France: Varane

    Middle East: Al Qahtani and Al Shamrani

    Poland: Lewandowski

    Japan: Kagawa and Nagatomo

    Australia: Tim Howard

  4. can it be someone else! messi isn’t even that great!
    it should be Beckham since he is a legend is retiring!

  5. i think following players should be considered:
    ibra, ronaldo, lewandowski, bale, van persie, beckham, cavani, neymar, juan mata

          1. At least Ronaldo doesn’t owe Spain 4,000,000 Euros….

            And I think Ronaldo should be and Messi, both of them looking at ceach other from an angle.

            Or players like Yarmolenko, Shevchenko, Gerrard and other big names.

  6. They should make special editions according to clubs and country. For instance. Stevie G for Liverpool or Arteta for Arsenal or Rooney and Stevie G for England. Messi for Barca or Argentina and so on.

  7. Personally I think FIFA 14 should include older players from the past in classic matches (like Zidane, Figo, Maradona, Ronaldo) therefore players on the covers should/could be
    Zidane/Ronaldo (Brazillian one) and
    This would go from vintage players to present day greatness, and would be a great selling point.
    Hope you all agree

    1. i also agree with u i don’t know why ea sports fifa game haven’t include players like zidane ,figo, maradona,pele, ronaldo(brz), beckham in world classic team and i want to say one thing more that should make two world XI teams from current players except from classic XI so we include our own players in two teams and enjoy match b/w two teams.

  8. i think they need to put
    gio dos santos (mallorca)
    peralta (santos laguna)



    ibra (pgs)

    three of them…

  9. Ronaldo can’t be on the cover of Fifa 14, he’s signed to Project Evo Soccer. Although I wish he was the cover of Fifa because it’s my favorite game, and he’s my favorite player on my favorite club.

  10. I think they should have Falcao, Ronaldo, Neuer and Van Persie
    For the areas:
    UEFA: Lewandowski, Van Persie, Ronaldo
    CONMEBOL: Falcao, Cavani, Messi
    CONCACAF: Chicharito, Mattocks, Donovan
    OFC: Rojas, Cahill, McBreen
    CAF: Mayuka, Traore (lacina), Eto’o
    AFC: Kagawa, Nagatomo, Honda

    1. I’d like to point out that Australia is in the AFC, not the OFC, so having Cahill and McBreen in the OFC version would be useless. We should have the players from the AFC Leagues, such as Broich, McKay, Zwaanswijk and Cornthwaite.







  11. whyyy we all hate messi ‘WHY do you that EA van persie bale ronaldo ….. only not messi please this is a 1000000 personnes opinion i think

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