PES 2021 Wishlist

PES 2021

Write your wishlist for the next version of Pro Evo Soccer video-game, PES 2021. Show the Konami’s developers what you would like to see in PES 2021.

We will list all your submitted ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to PES developers at Konami Entertainment company.

Write your ideas and suggestions in the form below.

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254 thoughts on “PES 2021 Wishlist

  1. make this game a lot easier, and more playful, this is too hard, awful and not playful. They need a lot of softer additions, more fluid, and that there are those perfect, even faster and with mistakes, but also top-notch opportunities, and they will play one on one , two to one three to two! Much nicer visual, faster and technically better dribbling, control, and fast dribbling animation! And do it if someone wants to make the game more crazy, and we think some players deserve better grades, that when we increase their grades and they get better, they see changes, not here, whatever you do, 82 dribbles or 99 is the same turn and the speed of the same and you can pass the two, as when you put a player 99 speed not to leave, the defense with the right dog behind you! Work on this and the licenses of this game!

  2. make better dribbling, pass and speed up the animation of dribbling, for example, that dribbling speed is practiced and who performs faster and is quicker on the pad and better manages can make perfectly fast dribbling, as well as a lass, and two in speed, and leave the defense behind!

  3. playstation 5 is coming to us and I hope finally top football in the rank of pes 2006 and 2013! A much better gameplay much better technical game, not only as in the era of ps 2 but much better, not definitely this as in recent years, we want to get together again, play this game, like the feeling when it’s a great game and without football, we don’t function. Give something graphically perfect, and make it technically perfect, goals like in real life and wherever possible, commentator top-notch, shout, noise, atmosphere, so when you make a penalty shootout that you have a great feeling of the atmosphere and with each game completed, you want another, and even more, bring us back to the time of joy when we preferred to lose, than to win and play this today!

  4. tell me if in this game it is possible to make a flop or win a 6: 1 computer on a legend say !? it is impossible to beat them at all, let alone make such a difference, when the scores of players in defense, attack and midfield are increased, and again it is impossible to break them, a few games apiece, and there is no change
    no shift that’s amazing, how stupid a game is, when under the same conditions it’s impossible to change it, lose it and it’s always the same, and the same result! lying, stupid, funny, miserable and painful! Ask that question to konamia, heartily please!

    1. i agree before we could have scored 4 goals with your favorite player, which you played the best with, and your best match, like once upon a time with ore van nistelrooy, or maybe on dog 2016 and 2017 with lewandian! There are no wizards in the game who make a difference, win the puck, knock down the perfect balls, there is no shooter you can count on, a great defensive player, speed players who make the difference, the goalies are all the same, there is no difference, no win eg when you play important match, experience, possession, head, patience. Well, what time is it when my older brother sweeps my mockery, I come after a few days, but I practiced and reinforced two attackers, on dog 16 and dog 17 suarez, so I would score with him and at least 3 goals in the match today I can’t even make a difference, I play against him with all the players in great form and the game is back, hard, with a lot of mistakes, and I with all the players in the form can’t put him in the hole, steal the ball, not score a few easy goals. even he put the players in perfect shape for me, yes
      he plays with normal forms, or when we play normally both in the same form, there is simply no difference and this is really the worst and sufficiently describes what this garbage is like from the game for years! Don’t worry this won’t go all the way to the conami, because if they cared and were able to create a great game like the 2006 and 2013 beets that were highly contagious, they really needed to go higher and they dropped three spears , if not 4 below !!! we hope all of you !!! with all my heart !!!

    2. I wanted to say with Lewand I could have scored 4 goals when it would increase substantially the marks, stroke, finish, stroke, speed, strength !!! pardon my mom in bad english!

  5. tougher additions, more dynamics, action, goals, various ways of scoring goals, a frantic pace and a much better gameplay than this last three years! boredom!

  6. the biggest garbage from games are pes 2015 2018 2018 and 2020 !!! by far the best 2006 and 2013 !!! 2016 was playful good, it had to be refined it would be great, and pes 2017 was playful not like 2016 but good !!! 2020 demo, the game is finally a draw, and they want it if they need to improve the demo yet, and they make it harder and make the game worse!Konami please,reed this!!!!

    1. yes i agree guy, the biggest shit is 2015,2018,2019,2020, and instead of offering us a game, the feel of the best games dog 6,13 and 16 had some great things, they go all the worse! , and not just me, and we expect this game to be real and addictive ever since !!!

  7. just ask this question to konami, what works with this game, when after a heavy heart we agree to play with each other tournament, after a long time, everyone is already bored and they do not play after a couple of matches, nor do they have the desire and concentration ?? ? That same team, once mad about this game, who would still prefer to play it until the wee hours !!! give us something new, much better addictive gameplay and goals in a hundred ways !!!

  8. Real and real football, I hope it will come soon, and in years to come! So not a football you can do nothing about, but depending on the form, the day, the match, the red card will end the match. for yourself, and offer something new, where it is not science fiction to pass dribble past two players, which will also lead to expulsion, where it is normal for a fast player to run slower, which will lead to more actions, goals, turnovers, clean slips but also red cards and crazy games !!! This is a reality for you !?! It’s not a reality where someone plays a team as many passes, someone plays anchors, jumps, lowers to teammates, there is no difference in dribbles or speeds here. even with the power takeers, those who take the ball, even better pressing should be made, great movement, dodging controlled dribbling, and short passes to speed up and slow down the game. The reality is that you can win the match 8 0, that you can score two goals in the first min darkness, but also in the last one to make one.

  9. make a game like rush foobal 2, with great movement, dribbling, turns, entrances in front of goalkeeper, faster dynamic game full of tension, craziness with every new game, top commentator, referee and better atmosphere! return us a Champions League tune!

  10. please study this conamy … so if someone does not play the game and does not care for anyone, even if it is impossible to make beautiful passes, they miss beautiful turns, superb dribbling, fast simulation then there are no beautiful perfect balls on the floor and in the air What kind of game is it where you can’t score a few goals on your superstar computer, but always on goal, and it is impossible for a legend when you put everything into shape or increase your scores, again, so if someone doesn’t play the game, then there are cheat codes you are immortal, you have weapons that you can’t run out of and so on, and here when you put everything in the form of toys, you can increase your power to defeat the legend and score a few goals!?!? then you lower their defense a little, nothing again, so after the attack and attack they again score regularly! That’s the worst thing, the grades can’t change anything, because the game is a pure mistake and it’s automatically wound up !!! view especially!

  11. Let’s get back to that feeling of the game as it once was on Playstation 2! For years, I played my game and technical football, holding possession and with a lot of pressure and strong pressure, which is absolutely not here, I beat my brothers, my colleagues and won many tournaments! kept the ball with patiently beautiful passages, fast dribbling controls, and jerky moves, they didn’t know where I was going,
    at least 70 percent of possession per game, opening opponents for a few easy goals. In the era of PS 2, everyone loved the 2006 and 2013 Dogs, both children and the elderly, and they could, but of course when a more experienced player who knows how to stand on the ball came and circled playing, he pressed a strong bunny press from multiple players, younger and the weaker then get lost! And here you can’t score a goal, get a pass and it’s an impossible mission, before everyone could play, both kids and seniors, enjoy this game and win their own way, the computer the hardest, until they reach the players who don’t like the game, or they they get to experience and press what I wrote!
    There is nothing today, it is very miserable today, it is not dense, it is hardly the same to develop a game, maybe only if we play at begginer level!?!? We look forward to a great year and now that we’re all crazy about playstation five! ideal time !!! give back the Champions League, give us more licenses and where we can change the picture, music and put our stuff on the menu! Work on grades to be even stronger and more powerful players, but also in smaller clubs such as Holland or Son, Kane, LMartinLautaruez, Werner and so on! Let’s get back to the right online system, which does not interrupt, bring us back to teamwork, which is a special annoyance when we make transfers and our teams. We want to differentiate between the faster players, the stronger, the more adept, the technically better and the stronger in the jump! Give in-game wizards and better tracking, player movement! Make the game a lot easier, not to make science fiction naked … Please post this, because I really don’t know how you one great game that has adorned us for years and destroyed us from it!
    Take a look at the virtual pro soccer simulator and rush footbal 2, how the ball is controlled, the player turns, throws in front of the opponent, runs away !!! We want the ultimate addictive gameplay for years on the playstation 5 !!! I know we are writing crazy and it makes no sense, because if they have hurt us for years and are not able to make top quality football, how will they play now? The playstation 5 revolution is coming and now is the right time! Please konami please!!!

  12. I will give you one report, an example, and I hope it will be presented at conami! So, we used to play a game a long time ago and the two of us are the best fighting for the first place, and now the first on the table, the last round plays with the last one who lost all the games and the first one got everything, but to this weaker majority of the main players are in the best shape, and this one is not the bass and this one either wins him by surprise, or takes a point. Or rather, if we are stronger than our counterparts we take half, totenham, or milan and they are real, barca, juventus eg and then it would somehow equate plus if the forms are on their side, it would be even crazier. first choose, for example, the weaker ones, or how the decision goes, and everyone has their own team, which was top notch, only that they miss teamwork scores here, which gives extra strength, how who made a complex and well-groomed team and how much that community rating, not just attack, middle and defense like in the last years! Then what you say to your father here are not worth grades or form for playing with anyone, the game is full of mistakes, whatever tried always happens the same, no easy goals, top passes by dribbling, no difference between better and worse players, faster and slower, stronger and stronger, and those better midfielders and jumpers, dangerous from interruptions, and those more powerful! something else is technically gross lighter, but also graphically like a dog simulator pro virtual soccer and rush football 2 movement and dribbling are brutally good and look at it and that grades, forms can lead to a silent change and that every game is something new for itself, and something we expect barely as before, not the same rhythm, mistakes, invisible and boring! Give us back our soul and our heart comes ps 5 which is the time for the right thing !!!

  13. want to say something and I hope it will come to the ones I need! Let’s get together I and the team are always without football and we are without our souls, we love to watch all the Champions League games together but for years, we have forgotten how to play good football! of all these teams you say let’s throw them to football, and everyone is agreeable, no matter how much you want to play it!?!? And so we were looking forward to that game, we preferred to lose rather than win this game! follow what was best when each of the younger and older players played when there were wonderful actions, there is no real play here, top actions, dribbling is awful, slow, no dribbling control, fine soft passes, top balls in the air and po floor, every game is the same whether those players are in shape or not, the game is the one that decides, and it’s full of bugs and you can do absolutely nothing! there is no top center where you can drop the ball with a high player, love the other player on the kick, there are no one-on-one goals, so playing goals on an empty line, goals from afar. fast dribble introduce something new, faster, more concrete in the rank of pro virtual soccer simulations !!! Konami now or never !!!

  14. change your gameplay mandatory !!! so i play on top player yesterday because there is no such thing as dense, nice exact games, dribbling, neither system nor dense! this game is just hard and hard, it doesn’t help either the game on the weaker level is rubbish again !!! You just need to change everything !!!!

  15. Send this conamy because it is really not clear to me what kind of game it is, in which it is impossible to score a few goals against a computer on a superstar, and on the legend I managed to win once and one draw to stay in 150 games!?!? I increase the players’ scores and you can’t press them again, take the ball or score a few goals, increase the dribbling grades, pass and you can’t make a difference again, beat them and score, this is a painful one, I gave the game away and I don’t want to buy this one anymore game! ps 5 is coming and this is the last chance and hope this game will be top notch as it used to be and even better for the class! first of all work on the grades if they are raised so that you can break these, and score a few easy goals, not yet when I increase my defense I still get goals again, because that is automatic and to put 17 players on the field, reduce them
    Attacking and Finishing scores and scoring again haha, this is not a game like it was pes 2006 and when you could score from a distance, from the side, lob the goalie, on an empty branch to play it. First of all if you have 3 players put on 96 or 98 Adding Drigling You must see a big difference as in the ufc game and what are the ratings for when it comes to adding a messiah to someone from the third league ??? What are the ratings if you increase them and you can’t squeeze your opponent into the hole and score goals ??? work on it first, if you put 99 finishers and 98 punches to hit two long range hits, a dribbler like messiah and one with 99 dribbling and speed 99 can beat a player to drive him crazy, and this worse player wins better if they are in better shape, they will be forced into small fouls, collect yellow cards, which will lead to expulsion, and when you pass with a fast player or slip and steal the ball, or be late for yellow or red card. has yellow so put a dribbler on that side to beat the shutdown! speed up the additions so that the bunker can be ejected with precision, but the feeling must be caught, there should be some wrong additions but not irritating who is here without the wizard, and brutal perfect additions !!! increase the lot of dribbling, animation dribbling speed, better lots of passing, quick passing, and the end dog for more one-on-one appearances. work on head shots, picks, referees, better comments, atmosphere, return the Champions League game, teamwork ratings and to play great online without interruption! Let your own picture be inserted into the game, change the design of the picture menu, insert your songs surprise us more torture us for years, give us a smile on your face with playstation 5! Give us back a smile konami!

  16. Konami do you still have that feeling for football and can manage to forget all that has been happening to us for years, and currently this with the corona virus, but we still hope that konami will wake up and bring back the dog and that madness as it used to even stronger, now on Playstation 5! totally better gameplay more playful, full of goals, turnovers, better atmosphere, that the grades and forms in this game are worth something and the changes, the better the audience, the stronger and better the atmosphere that reaches us, the much better the crazy bunny commentator and shakes when the goal is scored, much better dribbling, quick simulations, better and crazier liars, turns without running fast, much better player movement, entrances enters, so when one player enters and you miss the ball, the other is offered at the same time both on the side and in the middle, and so it drives the opponent who does not mark the ball, not this by a lot of mistakes and enough to get back to the goalkeeper and that’s it! much stronger pressing, more taking away the ball, many more goals to fall from a distance but also from the sidelines, missing more exits one on one, playing when you came to the goalkeeper and passing the ball to another person like a pes 2016 last seen! deliver this to konamy because this is what 98 percent of dog fans want !!! I think there is no player older or younger that does not worship the 2006 and 2013 pes !!! head for rush footbal 2 and virtual pro looks great bring back that old feeling and more with that license, champion league and real online system !!!

  17. Rezultati pretraživanja
    Rezultat prijevoda
    jel tesko napraviti vrhunsku igru poput pes simulatora virtual pro i rush footbal 2,te da bude slicna igrivost kao na pes 2006 i 2013!?da napravite i spojiti najbolje igre izvucete najbolja dodavanja,duge lopte centarsute,driblinge,ali i odlicna obrana s pametnim faulima,cuvanjem lopte,odlicnim zavrsnim pasom udarcima iz daljine,odličnim driblinzima te okretima sa gljivom!? dajte nesto savrseno slicno pravom nogometu gdje je sve moguce, di će zavrsiti utakmica i 6:0,4:4 ali i 0:0 ne ova smeca zadnjih godina!dajte vrhuhsku kontrolu driblinga,dodavanja vrhunskih ali i pogresaka a ne ovako ko ovdje di je nemoguce proci driglingom,brzim igracima i odigrati ista jer su dodavanja tesko smece i igra iritirajuca pogotovo zadnje 3 godine!hvala!
    is it hard to make a high-end game like a virtual sim dog pro and rush footbal 2, and to be similar to the 2006 and 2013 dog games!? fouls, guarding the ball, great finishing pass shots from distance, excellent dribbling and turns with mushroom !? give something perfect similar to real football where everything is possible, di will end the game and 6: 0,4: 4 but also 0: 0 not this rubbish in recent years! it is impossible to get past drigling, fast players and play the same because the additions are difficult to trash and the game is irritating, especially for the last 3 years!

  18. there should be a difference in players like messi, neymar ronaldo who make a difference, and the less good ones. too much of this game is automated, hard no dribbling passes, top additions are all based on mistakes and tactics! ok let him have tactics too but what is exaggerated is exaggerated if the example is messi in great shape? it will be difficult to stop him, surely he will have top chances and make a real mess in the opposing teams, especially if the stoppers are not in good shape there or if put 98 on the two three players and pass the speed to make a hard press, press easier to take away balls and come running to the player or turn him easier if inserted
    in front of him and you have a great dribbling and speed like there was on the pes16! on pes17 you could also do everything but prevent the bugs from dropping goals and receiving them from the midfield, no matter how much you give yourself a score and jump in defense, that is stupid and let nothing be automated but that everything can be stopped but with stronger players and changing grades and form to make, pass more players, it is easier to steal the ball more chances to create and run slower, but stop them with fouls for more shutdowns! , or sometime 3 if the fierce game is one player 2 exclusions, the other one and so on! return teamwork in the game, Champions League and license English, Italian, French, La Liga and German league and return as thick as possible to weaker clubs beating stronger, not for the last three years especially this is not a dog, this is a shit! will this come to a konami! ??? as once !!!

  19. this is very important and let it come to a konami! so we want changes in every way and that it should be even stronger and more severe than in the time of playstation 2 but that feeling and changes of players, transfers because of course it takes time to get used to a new player or a new team and by evaluating and changing them and shapes, not something to change, but to make a difference and you can parry and beat anyone and smash your computer into the strongest ie legends! we all expect playstation 5 and now that change is important, we all expect to forget about bad times if the pes 21 won’t be made on playstation 5 this year, let’s at least buy a new console and play for example a dog 21 with a ps 4 that would be great too! change, we want to play it this year on ps 4 but substantially easier, technically better and in rank let’s say Pes ​​2016 and such a menu and things can be changed and grades like that !? order this conamy if you care about us!

  20. don’t lose the gameplay you had in the best of times but move in the direction of even more technical refinement, and graphics like virtua footbal pro look great, but also rush football 2 has nice dribbling turns and a sense of entry into the space in front and behind the opposing players so let it work! Some games will not be automated but if I have increased myself the ratings of a lot of players that I am the one who dictates the tempo and scores more on the computer to the legend rather than how much the ratings increase or the players have great will and form you can do nothing! very miserable and stupid tell that conamy what kind of game then !!! Forms also give you annoyance when you play with a stronger opponent than yourself and a colleague, your main player is all in good shape and his goalkeeper and important players are worse off in a difficult match than you are, and here whatever you do you can’t go through. to make a difference make a couple of easy goals and impossible to score from a distance !!! it hurts the most!

  21. I’ve been in love with konami from the beginning of the past decade but for now i fear for the worse and would like to express on some vital points.
    1. Gameplay: i think the iconic gameplays that distinct Pes from others were Pes13, 16 and 17. I believe you can improve and win your fans hearts by adopting one signature gameplay by combining the above. STOP CHANGING YOUR GAMEPLAY!!!
    2. Cute Scenes: introduction of new and improved cut scenes could help here
    3. Commentary: deep detailed commentary including histories, player info, records, etc.. Present to us a real football commentary not a budgeted commentary.
    4. Kits: please if you are confused about the presentation of the sports kits… Worry yourself no more you just give us back our Pes13 slim fit kits other than these baggy kits like parachutes!!!

  22. on this game there is no pressure that doesn’t last for 20 minutes in a row, they sow actions on one goal and then slow down the pace, so technically nice passes, holding the ball and over 70 percent I don’t know if that was possible last time was in 2016! and ratings when you go up and go playing crazy you can turn 0 4 and here you can’t score a few goals in a part match … you know what you do with this game !!!

  23. be sure to change the referee, the commentator of the better madman who gives tension, a lot more goals beyond 16 meters, and on the side that he can punch the goalkeeper, much better passes on the floor and in the air unexpected for defense and breaking out in front of the goalkeeper! Missing that kick when it gets back up, the ball fills harder, so hits a super bomb like a highkick out of a volley! much better dribbling, control and an old feel for the game, much better movement, not this robotic, tempo, atmosphere, turnarounds, even better left-handed and right-handed batsmen who can spin and throw a player on the floor, missing soft passes. slalom and turn with mushroom without running fast, the game is irritating and difficult to lower the width of power for at least 2 classes !!! we want stronger smaller clubs, but even stronger psg, barca, real real football!

  24. I agree with you all masters every honor is just one more thing missing, and this is as important as this all and this is a horrible online system, it needs to be improved and made so that pictures, songs, pictures and pictures can be changed on the menu what do you want!

  25. you want to bring pro evolution soccer back to where it was ??? you wish you hadn’t done this for years and got the biggest fans angry, disgusted with football, or switched to other football, I won’t name which one! so there are no top plays, goals from all positions, especially from a distance and from the first bomber and on the return as before. rapids can leave slower players in the race, more slip-ups are missing, but when you pass it in the race you can accelerate even further, and these are delayed by a red card with two legs! missing one-on-one, two-to-one, three-to-two, more action, pace, tension is a top commentator who gives his craziness something to play, misses an excellent referee, throw war at penalties at least, introduce that the ball can be hit especially strong anchors and brackets more players draw on themselves, missing drigling walking through players without a quick run, just a mushroom or arrow, missing better throws in the ranks and better hits on the air and off the floor, better and faster lots of dribbling simulation! let’s say we can play cups with 8 players to drop and more! Insert that it can be defended automatically, for example, if the player goes one-on-one, we decide to throw one way as if on penalties and read, but also miss or wait until the last if this one goes dribbling with a fake! make better full movement of players and offerings, not to win 100,200 meters of space in power and fast running and players do not follow me and follow me but only when we add it is stupid and introduce the difference between weak and stronger players, and better and worse and let the grades and the forms be worth something and mean in this game and not by changing them, the same thing happens and you can’t change the score and turn!

  26. make a difference and make the ratings worth something, like in the nba for example if we scored a 99 hit
    finising will hit 97 percent of shots from outside, like 14 out of 15 threes, here whatever you do makes no difference, put five in the team top marks in the middle and impossible to score from a distance let alone two in the match, put 99 dribbling again can’t go one on one , let alone two to one create chances and fight yellow cards, or red cards! If you put 99 speeds and 99 power away from the ball then the mass of more balls should be taken away !! Here is the case of anything you can do, you put two stoppers with 99 power and speed scores and the seizure of balls, which would be very difficult to break through with two supernatural stoppers and again get a few goals and can’t beat a computer on a legend or 5 in a row on a superstar and you call this a game for the last couple of years !? !! if the game does not suit us already, at least we can change the grades something and dense our own way, and under normal conditions you cannot take a weaker club and beat a colleague with a better one! Here, I also greatly reduce my computer ratings, but they score nothing again because the game is ridiculous, full of bugs, bugs and automated! if you put in 99 hitting power and 99 hitting technique to score from a distance, also if you have 99 speed and 99 dribbling speed that you can throw two, and three players and I started to make a gift of mar and clutter, picking out cards and exclusions like in real life. how mbappe, messi, neymar, mane, salah, ronaldo, lewandowski, holland do it, there is no difference between anchors, snaggers, rapids !!! Brutal passes on the floor, air and more 1-on-1 outs and precision passing, double belts are impossible, so if I put 98 pass ratings and speed I can’t throw out defense and not just the counter to base the game! at least send a conamy appeal to arrange this as for example the last Pes 2016 that when the grades were increased I could already run 3 0 in half an hour but also turn 0 3 and even 0 4 it is a good thing that it can be done under normal conditions , and here it is neither possible to amplify the results nor the players weak if you lower their scores konami, look at the nba and at least if the game has been irritating to us for years, not to either sell or replace it !!! please let this come to Konami !!!!!

  27. so I was always a fan of dog games, had great control of adding possession, fine dribbling thumbs up without much force, and keeping a fast run. on ps 2 I shattered all my own, especially on pes 2006 pes 2013 and 2016 played just such a big possession had tired them and won, and then came games where there was a complete turnaround, those who had no idea to play now beat me because you do not have that old glow in the game and control, no possession of the ball, dribbling sensation, neither can you have the strength or the speed to achieve anything. I do not know what you have been doing in this game for the last few years! bring back the 2006 and 2013 pes games and you also have virutal pro soccer and rush football 2 and make it football! and that the ratings are worth something in this game because it’s ridiculous that if I pick them up or change them, I can never beat a computer like that 2 or 3 in a row on legends! Hope these my wishes come to a konami !

  28. Please Konami include yellow and red cards statistics just as you did in PES 2008, 2009. And make the lop-sided victories among CPU teams facing each other possibl again, as it happened in PES 2008, 2009, for example Germany vs San Marino, realistically that game should finish 9-0 or 10-0 at least, and it would happen 9 out of 10 times the 1 out of 10 being a 6-0, 6-1, 5-0 something like that. These things make the game better and more resalistic. And in the cirrent Pes and previous ones, cpu doesn’t score more than 5 goals against a weak cpu team, hardly ever you could see them scoring 6 but no more, and even when I edit the tams to male the weak teams really weak like they are in real life, not even with that I can me meake the stronger cpu score more than 6 goals over the weaker cpu

  29. introduce that you can change the picture, music on the menu, put your picture on the team you want to lead, and have a scoreboard of all your scores against your colleagues and you can always look at the overall score against how much you have left in the matches so far, that would be just as fun return teamwork to the game
    club scores and much faster dribbling animation, better dribbles and faster players to leave slower, much better player movement, a superior back pass, and much stronger pressing that will lead to mistakes, and better rebounding as well as more turnovers, goals from all positions, wizards, wizards in the game, dribbling in an iniesta manner without a quick run and superb construction of stronger anchors so they can hit the ball and get two players out, and throw them out. you turn, fall, slip lose balance !!! we want more tension of the once unpredictable things, more exclusions, twists, bunches and two legs, but slipping with the feeling but also missing the start for the red card! we want goals in the first minutes, and they can manage and score two in the referee’s compensation, especially if the higher compensation and slow it down the most, which will lead to tensions, not this automated and adjusted game! introduce that both players can start together and get both yellow cards to push and foul! a top commentator with a lot of adrenaline shouts, an audience atmosphere, and a great judge as well as control and feeling from the playstation 2 fale for years! Also if a player has a dribbling score
    85 and you put it at 99 to see the big difference, also in pass ratings, pass speeds and long range shots! take a look at the ratings and change ratings on the nba !!! hope this doc comes to konami !!!

  30. if you can’t change anything extra until the advent of new consoles, at least make this game a lot easier and it is possible to beat a computer on a superstar and on the legend I don’t know if it is possible !!! the game is funny and rigorous or if I put myself in the shape of them normal or bad again I can’t get a hahah circus !!! make a gift mar … tell the conamy that it’s more time to do something we have wanted for years !!!

  31. PES fell on low branches pes16 was a good game she had some great things 17 also, and these last three are a disaster, no desire to play at all for a few months then turn it on again and after two matches you lose your will and when you win !!! no superb play, no brutal balls that knock out all the defense like long balls on pes16 and 17 but also ball control and games were just ok and this after disasters! no dribble passing of one player, depth ball no wizard in the game, ratings forms are also not changing the same thing and ridiculous! need to speed up the game, increase the pressure more balls that can be taken away, better and faster pasing that throws out dense defense, better game controls, more goals, action turns, faster and faster pace but to top control can also calm the game and keep the ball !!!

  32. top floor and air passes, more passes for fast players, much better dribbling and fast dribbling animations, better turn and top control of the game and more passes for one and two players plus superior start time. at a game sometimes once and for three, there is a lot more action, rhythm, tension and superior take away of the ball of strong and fast players, brutal pressing and much more addictive gameplay in the rank of pro evolution 6 and 13 such control technique
    , and the feel of the game!

  33. konami one question for you !? why can’t you give us back our heart and feelings like ps 2 and we still want better and more brutal football than dog 6 and dog 13 but not as awesome as 2018 2019 and 2020 !!! rush footbal 2 and vritual football pro look brutally technical and graphic why can’t you the kind of football he would bring back and lure dog fans again! plus the top commentator and atmosphere, and that superb feel and control on the playstation 5 we all expect … if you don’t come back now I don’t think it makes sense anymore … let the grades and forms mean something in this game and can make changes and not that using the same nemozes to steal the ball, make the extra and score a couple of easy goals. soul finally !!!

  34. it’s really not clear to me that this game has fallen into such low branches people have rejected it for years and you have been ordering for years with footballs you just freeze this game. technically, even with a top commentator, it would be brutal to evaluate something and form it
    in this game they are worth it like they used to be in this game! we expect something new and brutal on ps 5 we all want but also real perfect football even better than in the time of playstation 2 and addictive gameplay and not this one where you can’t win three games in a series of computers on legend than even when you put all the scores you can no longer score three to 4 goals this game is easier!

  35. I hope New comentary l, ball boy, warming up subtitute player and repaly goal and save in other time

    For efootball pes 2021

  36. tell Konami that we want to insert pictures, songs, and each one of them with his own menu. Gameplay is not as tough and ugly as it used to be on Playstation 2 playfully and there are no rules in the game when it can score a goal, not this and you can’t score a few goals to your computer. make european all stars against the world we choose players from europe and the world it would be great, and the return of teamwork in the game and a great online system, and create cups and leagues on our own. on dog 2016 and 2017 if you reinforced them that you can score a few goals or decide that it is difficult to score and not here that it makes no difference! for that as a master league, but also that the grades change depending on the form of the players scored goals and assists and that would be great! great commentators atmosphere, something ice blood in your veins and not this especially for the last three years this is a disaster !!! give us the King back!

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