PES 2021 Wishlist

PES 2021

Write your wishlist for the next version of Pro Evo Soccer video-game, PES 2021. Show the Konami’s developers what you would like to see in PES 2021.

We will list all your submitted ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to PES developers at Konami Entertainment company.

Write your ideas and suggestions in the form below.

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18 thoughts on “PES 2021 Wishlist

  1. – Every new thing is good. But the old problems and cons, needs fixing. Its bad if they are still lying around in every PES. My biggest con is the players retire too young and tackles and Injurys are too rare too.

    – More communication to players in ML, i want to feel them and know what they think.
    – If it is possible, add as many non licensed leagues as possible. let us edit these leagues.
    – More authentic or 3D beards and hair styles to edit
    – Tattoos to edit
    – Dual nationality for players to edit, and these could work in ML and BAL. So the national teams expresses its interest to the player in different styles.

  2. New commentary
    Jack Grealish needs facial hair
    And most important of all, provide replays of significant events, such as goals, at the end of the game, like FIFA does.

  3. I’d like to have a fake league more, in order to add it as lower division in the country where I start my ML. In this way, for instance, I could add Italian 3rd division or German 2nd division.

    Or, at least, the possibility to import in ML a few teams from lower divisions in order to have relegations also in Serie B, Championship, Liga 2, Ligue 2, etc

    A stadium editor such as in ancient Pes, in order to build our own stadiums customized.

    The possibility to chose which team overwrite e when I import a new team.

    Stop re-gen players or, at least, change name of players even keeping same aspect and stats.

    2 African national teams more, in order to have at least 16 teams playing African Cup of Nations.

    African Champions League

    Greek national league

  4. el siguiente comentario lo hago con el fin de que konami realice mejoras en la próxima entrega pes 2021, no con el fin de critica. si hablamos de las anteriores entregas siempre se noto un juego monótono y predecible, muy bueno pero con algunos aspectos a mejorar. Por ejemplo, a diferencia de la competencia algo que le falta a PES son las animaciones lo cual le da mucho realismo al juego. otro aspecto seria el siguiente, en PES al estar jugando y sale la bola al lateral o al tiro de esquina, quitan la escena y muestran al jugador sacando y no cuando fue a buscar la bola o que se la pasa el recoge bola. También otro aspecto llamativo en la saga PES y el cual considero el mas ridículo es que en todas las entregas cuando va a empezar el partido siempre saca el local del lado izquierdo. Finalmente quiero aclarar que hay muchísimos aspectos a mejorar, como que los estadios no son 100% iguales, que los jugadores son un poco torpes, la falta de licencias, la falta de editar el juego, la falta de los chalecos de entrenamiento al momento de entrar en la opción de entrenamiento, los jugadores son diminutos, los colores de los uniformes son pésimos, el juego es muy rápido y no pausado por lo que se anotan goles muy rápido, los narradores son aburridos y monótonos, la falta de rostros de jugadores y el modo de negociaciones de la liga máster aun le faltan cosas.

    desearía que en la liga máster a los jugadores que se retiren se vuelvan entrenadores como en la vida real

  5. Le mode vers une legende,
    Plus de possibilité de création,
    Les commentateurs,
    la champions league (si possible)
    Les contenus,
    Plus de cinématique en carrière et en match
    Et de nouveaux mode de jeux ou de jouabilité

    Et les match d’entraînement dans vers une légende, les match de recrutement, bref refont total du monde vers une légende,

  6. Better face /hair/ beards in editor
    Wrong referee decisions (offside, fouls)
    More agressive attacks by computer ki players
    Fouls cause injuries
    Diving / fake a foul
    Handplay / penalties

  7. Pes 20 is amazing, with same old annoyng problem.

    The retirement age is too young on some players in ML. Should be around 35-40 on every player.

    Too much is hidden when you are in ML home screen, goal and assist ranking, etc.

    Where are the tackles from COM?. Over 200 games played and 0 injuries..

  8. Konami pleasseeeeee get new commentators and rescript the commentary !!!!!
    We are tired of hearing the dinosaurs saying the same thing every year !

    Fix all gameplay e.g – defence/midfield spacing, dribbling needs revamp- its so difficult to beat players with dribble moves this year.

    Overall presentation needs complete revamping. Pes2020 was a step in the right direction but Pes because stale very quickly and the game doesn’t feel authentic. More user licenses/stadiums/themes in games and menus. Fifa only sells more because they completely nail the presentation/overall package although their gameplay is extremely inferior.
    If you can’t get stadium licenses create 100 new stadiums to go along with the licenced stadiums you have.

    Master league needs revamping, this years cutscenes are a nice start. Stop recycling retired players in master league. Create a youth scouting system similar to fifa. We would prefer to play with youth generated players as apposed to 16 year old Tevez.
    Colour themes and menus in master league should change depending on what league you are playing.
    Give us manager objectives similar to Fifa’s.
    More lower leagues are needed e.g Bundesliga 2, English league 1/2, MLS, Liga MX, Serbian League, J League, Australian League.

  9. please please please!!! Can KONAMI deem it fair to Re-do the Games commentary… the Game-play is almost as perfect as it should be…Please Re-do the commentary, we are tired of the boring commentary by peter jury and Jim Beglin…i mean, that aspect of the game has suffered enough…It will go a long way for we PES Fans.
    Thank You.

  10. Announcers/Commentary needs to be completely revamped !!
    More stadiums are needed to make the game feel more authentic and real !
    Smaller stadiums should also be added.
    MLS, Budesliga, Liga MX Licences.
    UK League 1 and 2 added.
    More league slots.
    Larger player database.
    A More authentic master league- Regens instead of recycled retired youth players. I dont want a 16 year old Buffon or Ronaldo !
    Tactics screens need better presentation.
    Scouting system is master league needs improvement.
    More realistic injuries.
    Better AI
    Dribbling needs improvement- very stiff.
    Stadium flares.
    Become a legend needs some major revamping.
    Boot Editor
    Overall presentation needs to be revamped, PES beats FIFA in gameplay and graphics but lags very far FIFA when it comes to the presentation. Crowd/player chants/ commentary/menus makes Fifa feel more authentic even tough its gameplay/graphics are inferior to PES.

  11. French 3rd Division
    Smaller Stadiums / Smaller Crowds
    Build your team from Small Club to First Division
    Boot editor
    Children lead Players out to Field
    Clash Kits
    More Flexibility on Offense and Defense for Free Kicks
    New Announcers
    Interactive Menus – Customize Colors / Pick Featured Players
    More Animations during penalties – Celebrations, Agony of a Miss, Variety of Goalkeeper Saves
    Improved generic player faces
    Younger Generic Players not looking so old
    2 More European League Slots
    More penalty kicks given
    More realistic injuries

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