PES 2021 Wishlist

PES 2021

Write your wishlist for the next version of Pro Evo Soccer video-game, PES 2021. Show the Konami’s developers what you would like to see in PES 2021.

We will list all your submitted ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to PES developers at Konami Entertainment company.

Write your ideas and suggestions in the form below.

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  1. I would like to see more fake leagues in all continents. And, it would be really great to add some fake leagues from Africa and North America.

  2. basic game play:
    Fix players that ignore a loose ball when it is 1mm from them with almost 0 velocity. I would expect my grandma might be that bad (she never plays football ever). When I first started playing I thought maybe that player is not well and substituted them but now i see its just a bug.

    matchday events:
    I appreciate that there requires a concentration of players however in the UK matchday starts too early (3pm) and ends too early (8pm) and is just a bit short on time required to achieve the rewards; if you are trying really hard and losing every game then you have nothing to show for it and I feel erally stupid when I ask other people if they will play for me because I am too busy during these times. It needs to be more like 4pm to 10pm and bump the losers points (for trying). Maybe there would be less absent opponent matches and more profit for konami!! ie if the matchday times are ideal only for the unemployed or kids bunking off from school (the unemployed of the future) then you are shooting yourselves in the foot!

    Scouting feature:
    write a program that allows to list players you wish to sign (by priority) and evaluate the combinations to see if you have a combination of cards to sign them. As you acquire those cards, you can look at this list of players and sign the player if you have a combination. More scout like!! and a fun programming exercise for your engineers!

    Keeping track of players:
    a simple meta-marker per player in my club
    ie mark the player as: future trainer, squad x player
    or maybe just give a mark of 1-10 depending how much you care to keep that player in the long term!

    There are other things I might suggest but these are the most pressing issues for me that would make the game fun and less of a grind! Hope this may be helpful

    (btw I play as djtectonic)

  3. the game has been unplayable for the last three years, in total decline there is no gameplay or the same .. more frustration and nervousness. please if this goes konamia and he cares for his fans to give us something much more technically better dribbling softness, better control sometimes I feel like I’m not playing but playing alone! and then I play 50 games against the computer on the legend and there is no way to win one, even though it amplified the players to the fullest if it was funny and retarded, what does the rating mean if the game decides how you will stay and everything is simulated!?! here there is no difference between top and good players it works all the same there is no quick turn, dribble and finishing I put 99 and the strength of the shot again the goalkeeper defends 8 shots 7 too much !!! look at the Nba game if you put 99 99 of 15 threes hit 14 and this is one tough, non-playable game we don’t control! controls are very late, and inaccurate work on top dribbles and that these grades are worth something. Before we dense to choose each of our players and work our teams, and this is no longer dense because the grades are not worth anything, you can have ronaldo messi and mbappe on the same team the game is hard you can’t make a surplus, neither is it the same because it’s hard and full of bugs! you put in builds and that is only a good move in the game but is it funny if i put player 99 to push me and i can’t get 5 duels out of 6 so give us the game not automated! In pro evolution, soccer was much better than a three-pronged and softer game, and by changing your scores you could score 2 goals in 10 minutes! Even at 17, although there was a bag, no matter how much you raised your jump score, you would receive a goal from the center and the goal! please tell konamy to work on much better gameplay, player movement, dribbling and that grades and changes are worth something then thick and play and when you play against better colleagues you choose players and like better players! let konami return teamwork ratings to be higher thick drafting of the team, and transfers that will make the better team more complex and not only be an attack of the middle and defense in the club ratings, please give this a konami because that’s what 90 percent of the fans who switched to FIFA think about it !!! please pass this on and give it something new to us in the next years!

  4. Plz make fun game modes, yeah I’m going to say it , like EA. I played this year madden, I had 250 hours just in solo play and I was not done. In pes 2020, with myclub was 3 games! Wow wow wow! It was insanely frustrating for me, give ppl the chance to play with them myclub teams and have fun in a league, special event , special game, do something plz. Make historical games every week, something, and let ppl win old players or special players. You play against Holland 88 and if you win you can get a players. There is totaly no creativity at all in the game modes

  5. send this conamy though I doubt they care for our wishes and will succeed if they have separated us from this game for years! the game is computerized no softness, easy touch perfect action only hardcore, a lot of mistakes, and a bad referee! player ratings and so playing the tournament and I will agree as well as everyone that the grades are worth it if you raise them again you can’t pass two players to make a surplus, nor with stepping up the scores to steal the ball the most and score a few goals! changing them can’t make the difference or the same !? so this is a game that controls itself when even the ratings don’t mean anything that’s ridiculous and everyone will agree! maybe we are fat guys so this is a game for the pros, and we, like many, move on to fifa! the difference let !!!

  6. very difficult game but if you work on soft fast dribbling, better passes and additions it is much easier and to see the difference between the main players and that the grades are worth what in this game and offer something you can bring the king back, this is playful and frustrating!

  7. please send this conamii if you want to benefit this game by bringing the fans back and returning the king after many years of waiting and disappointment! we expect a totally different game from you and the gameplay like it was on playstation 2 and we’re afraid we won’t wait any longer and now playstation 5 is coming and we want something new brutal! you can make a miracle game and you can play with us like a horrible add-on game in which there is no softness of actions that ice blood into the blood vessels, dribbling very bad and animations slow, lacking agility and quick control of dribbling on arrows or mushrooms depending on who’s playing! player ratings in recent years are worthless, the game is automated and whatever you do boost your defense strength receive you will score, increase the dribble until the end you will not pass the player, two make the surplus. if you increase the pass through again you can not accurately add and with the top pass throw the player on the floor, as well as if you put the strength and taking the ball on the most you will never take it away !! ! and what kind of game it is when you cannot change anything under these conditions and it is impossible to play where it is then normal! what are the grades and forms worth! miracle and in a row for years ps 5 is the last chance to return the fans and what you have taken away from us for years! remember the 2006 dog that everyone loved and for years nowhere near made such superb gameplay !!!? give us something new like rush footbal 2 or virtual footbal pro much better dribbling softness, better dribbling but pass on the power and speed of more fit, turn, shutdown better referees much better commentators who ice blood than tension !!! and more top goals from afar, better player movement, offering and playing on strong anchor players, so he can hold two of them on the back to make space, turn the ball over, and lower his head on the volley of the volley and chest the ball to the players! give a spell in the game and play for years on playstation 5 now or never konami !!! we love you and pray !!

  8. this is far from the game and what we expect! we want something new like the rush of footballer 2! we want the game to be realistic like a real football player, where everything can be scored in the first attack by scoring in the first 15 minutes and 3 goals if better, better lots of fast animation dribbling reversals, off, perfect balls with eyes on the floor but also in the air, yes you can see the difference in the score of the players who have excellent dribbling, pass and pass speed, fast pace of the match, sleeping opponents, and a quick throw of two players in the chance in front of the keeper with the ball with his eyes. Perfect passing on the floor and air in the style of messiah in the press, not anyone here that you have no feeling at all and that every addition is irritating!

  9. make a realistic game wonderful everything is easy, from a passing one, two or more players in dribbling, and there will be more red card violations. 0 where you can stay 4 4 8 0 but also 0 0 depends on the players, the available players, the forms, the luck, the course and the slide of the events. in the air, much better movement is played with and without the ball, and reading outs sometimes run the risk of a Ukrainian ball, not such automated and miserable movement! a much better sophomore pass and not as aggravated as dribbling.

  10. Make it way more realistic . Especially the physics and the graphics. Stadiums still looking so fake especially the grass . Now in new generation consoles Pes videogame should look like in real life .

  11. I’d like the Pes 2021 to be inserted by the Red Star of the world champion.Red Star is better than Dinamo Zagreb we are beat Liverpool 2-0⚪

  12. look into the evolution of the rush fotball 2 football simulator and be a football special, lightweight so that the player can get into the race, facing the player dribbling, great long-range kicks, lobs, bunny starts more stops by sliding accurate or risky and shutouts. .. give us a pro evolution in the rank of pes 2006! give us a new new and games on playstation 5 !!! it is time! r.i.p fifa

  13. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. I’m going back to lite next year, Konami is as trustworthy as their spokesman Adam Bhatti.

  14. you are not really clear to me that you would have been playing with this playful game for years and you still don’t have half the licenses?!? I should have gone over the fact that everything can be edited and downloaded, but that there is nothing that can be done here, to change the course of events before the grades were known … for dog 16 you could, for example, appear at least grades and score two quick goals so in two in the first few minutes, or good dribbling and speed playing the competition of opponents in other zuti and I am impossible to change and I changed with one man and took fifu. no connection in the game, adding you can not pass the player hardly score from a distance, so the judge is your commentator and all people see say this and you have been a dog for 6 years, which everyone loved, and last 2013 was contagious and that’s it !!! dog 2016 had good disadvantages and the grades also meant a change in grades and form and here whatever he did put the players all in the form you can do nothing let alone score a few goals to the computer and so for three years in a row.

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