FIFA 20 ICONS – FUT Icon Player List

FUT 20 Icon Players

FUT Icons are special rare player cards in FIFA Ultimate Team based on legendary footballers from years gone by. Here we will have the complete list of ICON players in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

For now, you can vote for your favourite ICONS to be in FIFA 20. Go to our voting page and cast your vote for the ICON players you would like to see in FIFA 20.

FUT ICONS are expected to have 3 versions, two will be in packs from launch, third will be available at a specific time during the season. This versions are called FUT Icons Stories.

More FUT ICONS to be revealed soon after the official announcement of FIFA 20.

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33 thoughts on “FIFA 20 ICONS – FUT Icon Player List

  1. Romario, Drogba, Kaka, Kahn, Beckenbauer, Totti, Zambrotta, Thuram, GEorge weah, roger milla, Valderama, bierhoff, Eto o, Garry Neville, Davids, Dida, Kanu, Okocha.
    we also want more african icons moroccan icons (Hadji, Naybet,Bassir, Timoumi, Badou Zaki)

  2. I have few suggestions we need more Mexican icons such as Oswaldo Sánchez GK, it will be cool to have Jorge campos too as striker DC and as GK he used to play on both positions. And for the rest what about an American icon? Like Landon Donovan he was really good. Or a Paraguayan GK Jose Luis Chilavert. There are few more:
    Zambrotta MC MCD Italy
    Totti MC Italy
    Romario DC Brasil
    Gabriel Batistuta DC Argentina
    Mauro Camoranesi MD Italy
    Roberto Ayala DFD Argentina
    Antonio Cassano DC Italy

  3. Tim Cahill of course

    Baby-87 Oceania player of the year
    Prime-89 First Australian to score at WC
    Base-85 Won Asian Cup and was in tott

  4. Sicuramente se la meritano Totti, Costacurta, Romario, Batistuta, Di Stefano, Beckenbauer, Platini, Zidane, Cafú, Forlan

  5. Please can you put Hatem Trabelsi . He is a Tunisian Legend . He played in many teams like Ajax near Zlatan and Manchester City …
    Please EA can He will be the first arabian icon in your beautiful game FIFA ?

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