Football Manager 2024

Football Manager 2024

Football Manager 2024 was released on Monday, 6 November 2023. Football Manager is a soccer management simulation game developed by Sports Interactive and will be available for PC Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation 5, iPad, iOS, Android, macOS, Apple Arcade and Nintendo Switch.

Football Manager 2024 features more licensed competitions and leagues. You can write your ideas and wishlist for the coming Football Manager game at our Football Manager 2024 wishlist page.

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21 thoughts on “Football Manager 2024

  1. Make contracts for the manager and the coaching staff and introduce commercial manager and sporting director

  2. Why has the fm game been unavailable for android tablet user. It would be nice to see a touch version or similar for android again

  3. I would love a feature where players can post stuff and maybe like Twitter for rumors and signings

  4. I don’t like to know the full parameters of other teams’ players and future prospects.
    I want you to make them somehow unpredictable.
    I never bought and sold the wrong player. It’s little bit unrealistic.

    1. Could we please have all official clubs like fifa have and be able to make transfer negotiating much more simple

  5. Es wäre super wenn man auch ein wenig mit seinem gehalt was anfangen könnte … so wie es damals beim fussball manager von EA gewesen ist. ein wenig davon könnte man schon übernehmen. und endlich eine neue 3D engine. auch die vielen bugs könnte man beheben, zb musste ich ab 2026 eine U19 mannschft stellen

  6. Salam, xahiş edirəm Azərbaycan klublarını əlavə edin.
    Gənc oyunçular, klub yetirmələri demək olar inkişaf etmirlər onları 28,35,40,45 deyil daha güclü buraxın.
    Transferləri klubun skautlarına bağlayın məsələn əgər klub skautu tam tikilib və 10* dursa daha rahat oyunçuları kluba dəvət etmək olur.

  7. I would really like to be able to leave a foreign team to train teams from smaller countries, like teams from Brazil and Argentina.

    It would be nice if players had commitments to their national teams during the season, leaving their respective teams a few games without them.

    It would be interesting if the hiring tab was better structured, making it difficult to buy in some situations.

    The game would be much better if the coach could give a statement to the press too, not just watch..

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