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Manager Mode FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile Manager Mode is available from August 1, 2022 as a new update (v17.0.02) to the FIFA Mobile 22 game app.

The new Manager Mode allows you to be your team’s manager. As the manager, you now have complete control over the tactics and strategy of your team and must make important choices. With dozens of different tactical levers at your disposal, Manager Mode puts you in charge. Play to your team’s strengths and use strategies that suit their playing style to show off your tactical prowess.

Auto Match

Manager Mode is concentrated on organising your team from a tactical standpoint. Instead of playing these games like Head to Head or VS Attack, you’ll be managing your team as you watch them execute your game plan.

A fully automated mode is manager mode. Decide on your starting lineup, your strategy, and begin the game.
The Auto Match settings let you cue up multiple matches. Select from a variety of options in the Auto Match settings:

  • Daily Match Rewards
  • Daily Safety Rewards
  • Amount of Points to reach
  • Division to reach

After you’ve chosen your ideal settings, you can start a running match queue. That implies that a countdown will begin automatically after you’ve finished a Manager Mode match. You’ll enter a new match after the countdown is over. This continues until you either attain your desired parameters (for example, make it to Pro Division) or you end the Countdown. If you want to “set and forget” your Manager Mode matches until you find a winner, this is a great alternative.


Manager Mode is centred on tactics. These are the high-level plans you decide on for your squad both before and throughout the game. The tactic you select will affect the playstyle of your team.

There are four pre-set tactics: offensive, controlling, defensive, and counter. You are now developing a Custom Tactic if you begin changing the specifics of a Preset Tactic. The game situation, your opponent, and your team’s strengths and weaknesses all factor into the tactic you choose.

Attacking Preset

By using this tactic, your squad will be forced into attacking positions. Your players will advance further up the field in an effort to immediately score. To avoid danger, your players will seek for direct passes. Use this tactic sparingly because you run the danger of having your midfielders out of position during a change of possession and of being countered.

Control Preset

The Control Tactic aims to keep possession and advance steadily up the field. Your players will attempt fewer, safer passes and take less risks. Your players won’t use forced passes; instead, they’ll look for the ideal opportunity to go past the defence. This tactic works best for teams with technical players who can methodically breach a defence.

Counter Preset

The counter tactic emphasises sitting back and launching a swift counterattack. Your players will make long through balls into open space once you retake possession so your attackers have somewhere to run. Your midfielder will pass the ball fast in an effort to catch your opponent off guard. This tactic works best for teams who have quick forwards and athletic midfielders.

Defensive Preset

The main focus of the defensive tactic is maintaining order and discipline at the back in order to limit offensive opportunities. To deny your opponent’s chances, your players will drop back and pack the defensive third of the field. When you regain control of the ball, your players will try to release the pressure on your attackers by making long passes up to them. Additionally, in order to maintain the structure of your unit, this tactic will minimise attacking runs. This tactic works best for teams that are outmatched or trying to maintain an advantage.


You basically decide what the Custom Tactic will be. To suit the needs of your team, you can either make minor adjustments to the current tactic or fully revamp it. There are a tonne of diverse options available for you to investigate and master. The choice is yours: either design your Custom Tactic and store it before starting a match, or create a new one in the middle of a match!

Detailed Options

You can change certain settings in the Tactics that have an immediate impact on how your squad performs on the field. They are divided into the Build Up, Offense, and Defense categories.

  • Build Up
  • Offence
  • Defence

Match Stats

You can see more detailed metrics in Manager Mode at any time throughout a game. Look into your team’s statistics, such as shots, possession percentage, pass accuracy, fouls, and offsides. View the Goals, Assists, Shots on Target, Passing, Tackles, Fouls, and Overall Match Rating for each of your players. Make tactical judgments based on these metrics like any smart manager would.

Division Rivals

The development in Manager Mode is comparable to that in VS Attack and Head to Head. Win games to advance in Division Rivals rankings and receive higher rewards. To earn a spot on the leaderboard and a logo, place among the top contestants.


  • Amateur III, II, I
  • Pro III, II, I
  • World Class III, II, I
  • Legendary III, II, I
  • FIFA Champion
Promoion & Relegation

Promotion and Relegation are used in Manager Mode to move between divisions. Based on your performance, you will receive points:

There is a Points level that must be reached in each division after 10 matches in order to advance to the next tier, be demoted to the lower division, or remain in the current division.

  • Win gives 3 Points
  • Draw gives 1 Point
  • Loss gives 0 Points

For example in Pro III:

  • If you get 12 or more Points in 10 games, you’ll be promoted to Pro II.
  • If you get between 4 and 11 Points in 10 games, you’ll stay in Pro III.
  • If you get fewer than 4 Points, you’ll be relegated to Amateur I.
  • To be promoted, demoted, or to stay in the same division, there are different Point criteria for each division.

    Individual Match Rewards

    For each Manager Mode game you play, you’ll receive Star Pass Points and Coins. By doing this, you’ll advance on the Star Pass path and earn more goodies.

    Division Rivals Promotion Rewards

    You’ll get Coins and Rank Up item rewards every time you advance a Division for the first time. To receive the greatest promotion benefits, progress all the way to FIFA Champion.

    Division Rivals Season Rewards

    Receive particular incentives dependent on the Division you attained at the end of the month.

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