Football Manager 2024 Wishlist

Football Manager 2024 Wishlist

Write your ideas and wishlist for the coming Football Manager 2024 game here at this page. Write about the new features that you think should be included in the upcoming Football Manager franchise.

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30 thoughts on “Football Manager 2024 Wishlist

  1. Fm 24 mobile should please add a feature where when a team wants to sign a player they can already agree a contract with the player they want to sign before attempting to bid to the players club to sign the player

  2. Remove 30 year limits on managing careers, just got to the end of career and wish I could keep on going

  3. Since CM 03-04, I am someone who likes to spend time with manager games. I can’t see any innovation to be made on the database side anymore. The database that is not in football today is almost available in FM game and I appreciate this situation. However, there are many missing aspects in graphics and animations. you have to work hard to reflect the feelings of belonging/excitement/realism. Every year there are innovations on the DB side, the menu changes, but the visuals, graphics, animations are always the same.

    1- The 3D match engine is the same every year and it’s very bad. After all, we do not direct the players and there is no risk of player-related errors on the graphics side.
    2- Press conferences/ Locker room speeches etc. All dialogs must have animations.
    3- Why do we follow the matches on the TV camera? Managing with First Person point of view and animations that we can react instantly will take FM to another dimension.
    4- The stands are really bad. There should be both visual edits and dynamic reactions according to the score situation. Also, with a probability of 1000/1, we can throw a fan onto the field and get a penalty for playing without an audience, for example?
    5- There should be more interaction options with Players/ Fan Agents/ Player Agents/ Club Staff.

  4. I would like them to add an option to start today something like the 2k, maybe an update every 2 weeks or every month with the current transfers and the real position of the teams in their leagues and cups

  5. I would like us to have the opportunity ourselves to lead teams as a coach; to feel the effects of the training sections on the team, as well as that of the goalkeeper coach; to have more realism; and many others. I really hope that the game will be phew, otherwise FCM 2023 is already

  6. For FM 24 I like more interaction with the media. There are a few variation of answers possible. I also like more interaction with my team. I want more talk to them like a real coach. You have to think about more conversation in different way ( about training, playing etc. )

    The last thing I would you ask more financiel options. You have to think: an economy panel like skylines cities. Everything is going automatic like sponsor searching or price ticket. I want care for that.


  7. The game is so great and really enjoyable but there are things that we would like to see in fm 24 mobile or later so the main things are the leagues of balkans because i know that the teams of all the balkans are completed and ready to be used but we cant use them in fm 23 mobile i want to use my local club as the team i wanna coach like Albania north macedonia serbia kosovo etc.. also the players in fm 23 mobile are just fake players we would love to see the real player and the logos of the clubs would be great to have the original ones rather than random badges

    1. There can’t be fake players if you bought the game. If you got it for free from 3rd party sites, you will only get fake players.

  8. The game is very good, but three things I would ask you please.

    The 1st: I like to simulate the 90 minutes of the game. It is more real than extended plays, and therefore something that would be magnificent… BE ABLE TO SAVE THE GAME DURING A MATCH IN 3D to be able to leave it on hold for another day.

    The 2nd: Incorporation into the game of some way to have in 3d REAL STADIUMS, which can be modeled by users. That would be a big plus.

    The 3rd: More custom cameras and more zoom levels. Game simulation too far for my taste.

    Thank you very much and I hope you take into account some of my suggestions.

  9. There should be Tactics for when IN POSSESSION and when OUT OF POSSESSION.
    For example, I might want my players to play 3-2-5 when in possession and 4-5-1 when out of possession.
    This is how modern football I being played these days, nobody relies on a static formation throughout the FT.

  10. Please make console equal to pc version. So more complexity on training.
    Allow more customisable features for create your club. Ie finances etc. So once you completed all competitions you get the ability to put a world class team in bottom leagues. For a bit of fun.
    Add more game modes, singular tournaments etc.
    Allow more flexibility over many seasons. I found after twenty seasons I was paying my players a fortune in premier League and for winning competitions like European championship etc it wasn’t quite cutting even.
    Allow more customisable stuff for stadiums. Like being able to do on console sponsorships etc and boards in stadium.
    Allow you to customise your own ticket prices etc for match days.
    Make complaints better. If a player fouled you had in 23 ability to complain and appeal. But all appeals were waste of time
    Also add Faroe Islands teams. I used to play them years ago on sensible world of soccer.

    Thank you

  11. Avoir plus de choses tactiques individuelles ou collectifs et des meilleurs graphismes en match ou les joueurs peuvent faire des passements de jambes,petit pont et plus de réalisme en match

    1. Plase add all world leagues as playable. Also try to make AI more competitive:tactics,transfers.Every playable league should have prize money also.

  12. Please add the Cyprus league and the greek league. Also it would be better to make the 3D with better graphics like you watching real football or something like efootball(PES)/fifa.

  13. Football manager mobile to have online play & stop sacking relegation battling squads for not getting European football in their 2nd season.

  14. Add more couching staffs like in club soccer director and increase the long period so that you can get a player on loan for more one season

  15. Should be able to do what Manchester United did with Wout Weghorst. They bought him out of his loan at Besiktas and brought him in on loan to themselves. This would be a very interesting feature to add the FM24 and shouldn’t be too hard to add to the game

  16. Migliorare la grafica un po di tutto.

    Migliorare caratteristiche giocatori ,allenamento più specifico, maggiore contatti con gli agenti e più tattiche.

  17. It could have the option of a database with legendary players from all past decades and be able to play mixing with current players

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