FIFA 23 – World Cup Stories

FIFA World Cup Stories

FIFA World Cup Stories event starts from Friday, 2nd of December 2022 in FUT 23.

World Cup Stories event features new FIFA 23 cards with upgraded ratings and stats. Special SBCs are available during the World Cup Stories event.


Squad Building Challenges

You can earn special rewards including WCS (World Cup Stories) players by completing the exclusive SBCs. These challenges are available for a limited time:

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SBC Expiry Reward


Where Can I Find the World Cup Stories Players?

World Cup stories Players are available in FUT packs for a limited time. You can also claim some of them as a group reward for completing World Cup Stories-related objectives. Transferable World Cup Stories players are also available on the market

Can I Keep the World Cup Stories Players I Own After the FUT World World Cup Campaign?

Yes. The World Cup Stories player cards are permanent and can be kept at your club until the end of the season.

What is the Market Price Range for World Cup Stories Players?

Depending on the market and the time, WC Stories players would cost from 15,000 to 250,000 coins in the FUT market.


Here are the World Cup Stories players who have been leaked on the internet by accounts like FutSherrif: Cards and stats are leaks, not confirmed.


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