The Relationship Between TOTS and Shapeshifters in FIFA 23

TOTS and Shapeshifters Relationship

The annual football event calendar in FIFA 23 is jam-packed with different campaigns and promos, each delivering its own distinct blend of excitement and strategy to FIFA gamers. The Team of the Season (TOTS) and Shapeshifters are two of the most anticipated events.

In fact, these events represent significant opportunities for FUT players to upgrade their squads and experiment with new player cards. Let’s dive in and explore the unique relationship between FIFA 23 TOTS and FIFA 23 Shapeshifters events.

TOTS and Its Impact

TOTS is one of the most awaited FIFA campaigns every year. Throughout the football season, the event recognises and recognises the top performers from various leagues throughout the world. The release of highly rated TOTS player cards, which reflect their great real-world performances, is the highlight of TOTS. FIFA 23 TOTS cards are among of the best and most coveted in the game because each player’s qualities are considerably improved.

Shapeshifters: A Twist in Gameplay

Shapeshifters, on the other hand, is a relatively new but interesting idea in FUT, providing a distinct twist to the gameplay. The event includes customised player cards with enhanced stats as well as revised positions. The goal is to give FUT managers more flexibility and new tactical alternatives, allowing them to experiment and “shape-shift” their squads.

The Relationship Between TOTS and Shapeshifters

The relationship between TOTS and Shapeshifters is fascinating. While TOTS honours consistent high achievers, Shapeshifters gives fresh life to players who might otherwise be overlooked for TOTS, technically speaking, you can get your best FIFA player cards from the TOTS events. It provides an opportunity for players who have showed glimpses of brilliance, versatility, or potential in various roles on the field to flourish.

By engaging in the Shapeshifters event, you can get unique players in shape that are not even available in real life. For example, a CB player could be designated as a CAM, while a winger could be designated as a striker. These positional alterations can open up new strategic possibilities, especially when combined with the raw might of TOTS players.

For instance, if you gain TOTS Mbappe and TOTS Haaland during the TOTS campaign, which are both ST, and you have the limitation of using two STs in your formation, you might be able to get a Shapeshifters Haaland in the CM position (if there is such) and strengthen your team while getting the most chemistry as well.

Moreover, the rewards of both events are somehow getting shared, as TOTS is also partially happening in FUT Season 7. This means the XP you gain during the last week of TOTS 2023.

Do not forget to check out the list of preparations for the Shapeshifters event beforehand and get ready, as it starts on June 16, 2023.


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