FIFA 22 Wishlist

FIFA 22 Wishlist

Write your ideas and wishlist for FIFA 22 here at this page. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 22 game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

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  1. I want the skill moves stars system to be cancelled and instead of that there will be a special skills and abilities for each player dependent on the way he plays in the real life such as passing skills defending skills playmaking skills finishing and shooting skills crossing skills and of course dribbling skills and there will be many different dribbling systems and types for example if the player is fast he will use quick sprints and dribbles or if he uses body feints a lot in the real life he will rely on them during dribbling as well in the game and if he has a good ball control he will use a close range dribbling in narrow spaces like messi for example and if he has a tricky feet he will use a fancy and freestyle skills and more and more of different dribbling systems and of course there will be a special skill moves for each dribbling type

    It will be fun for the famous players if ea adds a signature move/s to each of them that they use a lot in real life

  2. I want to see tactics presets , meaning that in the career mode and Ultimate Team in the Tactics section of your formation appears, an option called tactics presets combines the tactics of some well-known coaches and teams such as Guardiola Mourinho Sarri with Napoli Conte with Chelsea Barcelona 2009 Real Madrid 2017 and Tim Hague with Ajax and others and shows you under each tactic an explanation and tips for this tactic and suggestions for players types that fits this tactic this feature will make you feel like a real coach in career mode and will bring a special enjoyment to your play style in ultimate team

  3. Add real and famous managers to career to choose them and coach teams with them. And have special events and news about each of them

  4. I’d like fifa to spend more time making the game feel more like you are playing the actual opponents so for example the ai having a realistic sense of the team your playing so if they park the bus or play long ball football that to be reflected when you play that team. Also to sort out the ai for players to be more realistic players from midfield actually tracking runs or defends holding shape and ai players not playing fifa street in career mode nothing worse than watching a left back at a lower league team turn into messi for a few seconds . fouls need looking at too and I think the tackle system should be looked at too. I’d like them to spend the time making the game feel like real football. And looking excellent not using the same player faces and style as they have for years players change

  5. Apologies if these are repeats, i haven’t read through all previous comments:

    Career Mode Player
    – use your weekly wage to hire a Manager, better managers bring better offers but are more expensive.
    – use a similar transfer scenario as Manager mode; have dialogue between the buying team and you and your Manager so you know where you stand in terms of role at the club, contract, buy out clause etc.
    – Player needs to be more customisable – tattoos, more boot selections etc.
    – remove the “out of position” warning for your ,atch rating – realistically, there are times when a LB may be in open space up forward, or a striker may be required to defend a cross or track back and help out in defence… why this is a negative stat beats me
    – cut-scenes and dialogue with team-mates and staff on international flights for matches, or for your club debut. these could be related to your role, or starting on the bench, and have and affect on your squad mentality
    – post match press conferences, similar to Manager mode – responses can affect Manager approval and perception
    – signing autographs on way to bus post match – boost in popularity at the club,
    – marketing opportunities to boost your net worth and bring in a profit
    – opportunities to visit schools, or charity events with senior players for a mini match to improve popularity and manager approval levels

    1. This is exactly what player career mode needs.
      One additional things, should be able to speak to manager whenever like if you feel like you need to rest for a few games or if you have any suggestions about the play style the more senior you get.

  6. It would be a great idea to have a spectator mode in multiplayer where you can watch two players play against one another from the crowd in the stadium.

  7. My mate and myself play a lot of online friendlies, we’d like to see a few more options in it, e.g.
    Red card / multiple yellow card suspensions and injuries that carry on over into following matches.
    Various game modes like there are in local multiplayer (long shot, no rules, etc.).
    More stats like overall total goals, cards, goalscorers etc.

    1. PES (E football) bought the name juventus n the jerseys from them but fifa can call it juventuz instead of juventus

  8. Manager career mode

    1. Staff
    2. Costume creator
    3. Creator of the stadium
    4. Edit the ticket prices for the stadium
    5. Request for funds transfer
    6. List of injuries
    7. Arrange friendly matches
    8. Scene with players’ signatures
    9. Creator of the coat of arms
    10. More outfits
    11. Social media integration
    12. Player trophies
    13. Add tattoos to your manager
    14. Player / club songs
    15. Manage club sponsors
    16. Practice the match against the team on the field
    17. Legends allowed or disabled in career mode
    18. Use a real manager, create a manager or use Icon as a manager eg Maradona, Pele, Henry
    19. Add more cutscenes such as Derby day, Dressing Room, winning a big trophy, etc.
    20. Celebrating high tones

    Player career mode

    1. Managers believe in you over 100%
    2. Create an agent
    3. Publish a conference with a journalist
    4. Let the player take second or third position, eg My player plays ST, CAM and RWB
    5. Add more items to the career of LM, RM, ST, RWB, LWB, LW, RW
    6. Conversation with the best players on the pitch, e.g. Alex Hunter talking to Ronaldo during the trip
    7. Edit the Name comment
    8. Ability to mentor with the team
    9. Chat the player with the staff and manager
    10. Add tattoos to your player
    11. Import the faces of real players into your player
    12. Integrate social media
    13. If you have a loan / transfer request, you should be able to select the team you wish to loan / sign into and your team will need to discuss with the team. If all went well, wait for the day to come. If not, choose a different team than the one you chose earlier.
    14. Player trophies
    15. Important messages from the manager
    16. A cut-scene and a presentation of your own player signing
    17. Skill tree
    18. The ceremony of the testimony

    1. Create a ball
    2. Training match in the Training Arena as in FIFA 15
    3. Let the player play Euro 2021
    4. Restore the Journey. If not, add a story mode. Create your own player and play through the life of a footballer. You should also control your player on and off the pitch.
    5. Set the piece in piece in the training arena
    6. In the old days of FIFA there was a set-up. You take the turn that the player would have taken and then create a permanent piece. There was a button which allowed you to save a fixed piece so you could press it and use it in matches when there is a set piece
    7. Create a trophy in the tournament creation mode
    8. Scout career mode
    9. Normal view of the free kick in the training arena
    10.Face Update featuring Ronaldo, Neymar, Garnier, Rodrygo, Mane, Ansu Fati, De Jong, Håland, Messi, Arthur, Greenwood, Rodrygo etc.
    11. Judge career mode
    12. Rule of change: go to the closest point
    13. A block of flats by the wall
    14. The opening ceremony of the Cup finals
    15. Stars in the crowd: club legends and former stars
    16. Team arrivals
    17. Invasion of the field
    18. Healthcare
    19. Animations of players

    Justin Bieber – Holy
    Karina Pochwał – Amg
    Adriana Grande – 34 + 35
    Pomysłna fife 22

  9. I believe a referee career mode should be introduced as it would be unique and something not done before, this would mean more people could play the game/buy the game to play this mode.

  10. fifa 22

    changer les numéros de maillots indéfini n’importe quel numéro

    possibilité d’avoir n’importe quel entraineur de légende

    ne plus avoir aucun joueur prêtés 60 joueurs max par équipe

    de changer les numéros de maillots de joueurs
    entraineurs et clubs: avoir la possibilité que des anciens entraineurs et de joueurs de légendes de choisir qui va entraineur et de choisir sont staff

  11. Hi fifa. it could be good if you also focused a little more on Squad battles, where you possibly made a squad battles fut weekend leauge, and you earned fut points when playing Squad battles, for those who do not play rivals and fut champions weekend leauge. so others might as well get something out of the game.

  12. Allow player to choose how the goalscorer celebrates by pressing a certain button after the goal is scored.

  13. My Fifa 21 ideas

    Manager Career Mode

    1. Staff
    2. Kit creator
    3. Stadium creator
    4. Edit stadium ticket prices
    5. Transfer funds request
    6. Injury list
    7. Arrange Friendlies
    8. Player signing cutscene
    9. Crest creator
    10. More outfits
    11. Integrate Social Media
    12. Player Trophy achievements
    13. Add tattoos to your manager
    14. Player/Club chants
    15. Manage club sponsors
    16. Practice Match with team in the training ground
    17. Legends allowed or disabled in Career Mode
    18. Use Real Manager, Create Manager or Use an Icon as a Manager e.g. Maradona, Pele, Henry
    19. Add more cutscenes e.g. Derby day, Changing room, winning a major trophy, etc
    20. Treble Celebration

    Player Career Mode

    1. Managers faith in you over 100%
    2. Create Agent
    3. Post game conferences with the reporter
    4. Allow player to have a second position or third e.g. My player plays ST, CAM and RWB
    5. Add more positions to Player Career e.g. LM, RM, ST, RWB, LWB, LW, RW
    6. Talking to the best players on the field e.g. Alex Hunter talking to Ronaldo in the Journey
    7. Edit Commentary Name
    8. Mentor ability with the team
    9. Player chat with the staff and manager
    10. Add tattoos to your player
    11. Import real player’s faces to your player
    12. Integrate Social Media
    13. If you’re on a loan/transfer request, you should be able to choose a team where you want to go on loan/sign to and you’re team will have to discuss with the team. If it wend well, then wait for the day to come. If not, then choose another team except the team that you chose before.
    14. Player Trophy Achievements
    15. Manager’s Important news
    16. Own player signing cutscene and presentation
    17. Skill tree
    18. Testimonial Ceremony


    1. Create ball
    2. Practice Match in Practice Arena like in FIFA 15
    3. Allow player to play in Euro 2021
    4. Bring back the Journey. If not, add a Story Mode. Create your own player and play through the life of a footballer You should aiso control your player on and off the pitch
    5. Set piece in Practice Arena Piece
    6. In the old FIFA days, there was Create Set Piece. You would make the turns the player would do and then make the Set Piece. There was a button which allowed you to save the Set Piece so you can push the button and use it in matches when there is a Set Piece
    7. Create Trophy in Create Tournament
    8. Scout career mode
    9. Normal free kick view in Practice Arena
    10. Face Update ft Ronaldo, Neymar, Garnier, Rodrygo, Mane, Ansu Fati, De Jong, Håland, Messi, Arthur, Greenwood, Rodrygo etc
    11. Referee Career Mode
    12. Substitution rule: leave to the nearest point
    13. Under wall block
    14. Opening Ceremony for Cup Finals
    15. Celebrities in Crowd: Club Legends and Former Stars
    16. Team Arrivals
    17. Field Invasion
    18. Health Care
    19. Player Animations


    Toosie slide – Drake
    Yummy – Justin Bieber
    The Prince ft Bigty – My Gad
    Bruno Mars – That’s what I like
    Clean Bandit – Solo

    Don’t remove anything that is shown in Fifa 21
    Remove the bugs which are in the game. Check the game every week to see if there is bugs in the game because honestly, any bug is possible

  14. We hope that there are additional stories in the player career mode and the manager’s manager can retire or be fired maybe he can collaborate with the FIFA YouTubers in the world for thesports director to make it more exciting president club

  15. Where you can create your own club and I’d like these people in fifà
    TJaland, kaidie Gordon,moukoko,Luke Brennan and Thierry small

  16. I wanted to be a part to promote FIFA Pro Club 11vs11 mode,I believe to this gameplay mode can “Grow up” the Good ESport Game in the world, so I would like EA to add a “Spectator slot” for the Commentator and/or Announcer during competition.

    Please focus to develop “Proclub Mode” too.

  17. player mode:you should negotiate your contract same as in manager mode, as of now you can only agree what they feel like paying you.

  18. Maybe I think, in FIFA 22 story mode, you can select any chapter, like.

    Brandon Finn – Los Angeles FC
    Christopher Valente – La Galaxy
    Craig Geoghan – Inter Milan
    Daniel Jordan – AC Milan
    Graham Jenkins – Olympique de Marseille
    Jonathan Fernandez – PSG
    Michael Carranza – Manchester City
    Michael Tarik – Manchester United
    Nathan Peterson – Leicester City
    Patrick Perlaky – Chelsea
    Peyton Albrecht – Tottenham Hotspur
    Romeo Fabian – Liverpool
    Rowan Nasser – Arsenal
    Spencer Vaughn Kelly – Borussia Dortmund
    Zachary Zaret – Atletico Madrid
    Adetomiwa Edun – Real Madrid

  19. There’s only 1 feature that was needed so badly during the current corona pandemic. Being able to play tournament mode only with friends privately. Now you can only have a group stage tournament offline, and you can only play with friends online in 1 vs 1 friendly. We usually keep our scores in excel or some online tool, but it should be available within the game itself as well.

  20. Real Managers faces to choose when you start a career mode and real reactions in game!
    Stop Ai making to much dribblings and play more passing and possesion with big teams and defending with small teams
    Ai crossings
    For god make that passing like PES is doing it
    Fans faces so you shouldnt see damn same faces over and over again in stands
    Choreography Choreography Choreography 3d in derbys and big atmosphere ,chants
    Do not repeat again and again Choreography in every game match
    Comentators in every league random
    We are tired ,every year so damn game ,we are in 2021 with all this tehnology and resources ,money ,people with skills in programing

  21. What I really want in FIFA 22 are the following. 1. The manager can negotiate with the club how many year he or she want sign the contract with the club and they can negotiate with the club with their agent. 2. If the manager help the club achieve certain objectives with the club and other clubs are having an interest the manager, 2 clubs can negotiate with each other. 3. If the manager decide leaving the club at the end of the season, he or she can negotiate with the club and buy out their remaining contract if the sign more than 1 year with the club, instead they are in the same club year after. 4, Time of the day, for example in Uk during late October to early March, every UK cities sunset are around 4 pm, over the years when the matches are kickoff at 3 pm, at the end of the match still bright and sunny unless the match are play during rain or overcast, why not follow the real time of sunrise and sunset?

  22. As a south american, I think Fifa could give better attention to our region. The Libertadores and Sul-Americana licenses have almost no content in FUT, there no online specific tournaments, the Brazilian teams are generic. If you analize the leagues, chilean and colombian league were took off in Fifa 21, brazilian league since Fifa 15 is incomplete and 100% generic players, only the argentinian is complete. The south america players represent a considerable part in the sales, so Ea could try to improve the content for us for Fifa 22.

  23. Improve on Player career mode:
    1. Allow us to be subbed in to games, instead of sitting the whole game out.
    2. Let us get loan out with options for the team to buy us.
    3. Have contracts with teams with discussions and demands like in “manager player career mode”, and allow us to be on free market.
    4. Allow any other positions to win the POTY award instead of forwards.
    5. Make the training better, possibly like “manager career mode” training.
    6. Let us talk to the press as a player, and give us the options to, just like in “manager career mode”
    7. Allow us to choose our morales, and how we feel about things.
    8. Have the opportunity to talk to the manager, and be able to request certain things such as:
    (1) Change our position
    (2) Get chances to play over some other players
    (3) Talk about contract or transfer possibilities
    (4) Sit some games out
    (5) Be the captain, so that you can earn traits
    9. Change the “player overall system”, so that your whole overall every season is based off of your players previous season, and during the season, your overall changes on how you play games during the month & weeks.
    10. Allow us to earn traits from training and how you play and what you do for your team.
    11. Show interest in clubs of your choice, and speak to them, about where you could play at for the team, or help out where they need you, so that can lead to a transfer or loan (including chance to buy).

  24. It would be greatly appreciated if more African teams were added to Fifa. For years there has been very little grouping for African countries and adding countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Ivory Coast, etc. would be greatly appreciated by the African fanbase. and it would allow for the addition of the African cup of nations that would further make things more interesting on Fifa.

    1. Fifa, since World Cup 2014, does not make effort to add new National Teams. If you check on Futbin database, there’s a lot of countries with more than 18 players and it would be simple and easy to add as a national teams.
      It would be great if Fifa create a lot of “live” online tournaments, with different rules, separate by leagues or just national teams or by star rating, etc, could be integrated with FUT, giving packs, trophies or specific players. Since Fifa 10, the online part outside the FUT is the same, some basic tournaments that open few times a month, 4 games playoff and let you change your team after each game. I expect to see real tournaments and championships using the lot of licenses that Fifa have.

  25. I would like EA rise the overs of the new promisses of soccer, I would like EA add many new leagues and some cups and I would like EA atualize some leagues when they finish.

    New leagues I would like to have on FIFA 22:
    All most be licensed!

    American Leagues: Venezuelan 1st Divison, Surinamese 1st Division, Equatorian 1st Division, Peruvian 1st Division, Bolivian 1st Division, Paraguayan 1st Division, Argentine 1st Divison, Brazilian 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th division and Costa Rican 1st Divison

    European Leagues: Albanian 1st Division, Ukranian 1st Division, Finnish 1st Division, Serbian 1st Division, Greek 1st Division, Bulgarian 1st Division, Hungarian 1st, Czech 1st Division, Russian 1st Division, Azerbaijani 1st Division, Belarusian 1st Division, Croatian 1st Division

    African Leagues: Tunisian 1st Division, Algerian 1st Division, Moroccan 1st Division, Egyptian 1st Division, South African 1st Division.

    Asian Leagues: Israelite 1st Division, Iraqi 1st Division, Iranian 1st Division, UAE 1st Division, Qatarian 1st Division, Indian 1st Division, Thai 1st Division, New Zealander 1st Division.

    Continental Cups: Caf Champions League, AFC Champions League, CONCACAF Champions League, FIFA Club World Cup.

    Rest of the World:

    Peñarol, Nacional, Olimpia (HON), KR, Dinamo Tblisi, Ararat-Armenia, Flora Talinn, Riga, FK Suduva, Slovan Bratislava, Zilina, Sparta Trnava, NK Maribor, Celje, Zeljeznicar, FK Sarajevo, Skënderbeu Korçë, FK Tirana, Vardar, Sheriff Tiraspol, F91 Dudelange, The New Saints, FC Santa Coloma, Lincoln Red Imps, Floriana, Silema Wanderers, ASEC Mimosas, Enyimba, Cotonsport, AS Vita, TP Mazembe, Al-Hilal (Sud), Al- Merrikh, ZESCO United, Township Rollers, Dynamos Harare, Petro de Luanda, 1º De Agosto, Al Ansar, Al-Wehdat, Pakhator, Bunyodkor, Lokomotiv Tashkent, Istikol, Viettel, April 25, Kitchee, Persipura Jayapura, Johor Darul Ta’zim FC, Hekari United, Hienghène Sport.

  26. There are a lot of players in real life who have had a great career and deserve an icon. Specifically, in Greece, Vasilis Hatzipanagis had an amazing career and he is called the Greek Maradona due to his incredible dribbling skills. In 2003 we was voted as the best Greek football player by the Hellenic Football Federation. He also has numerous titles such as
    Balkan Cup: 1985
    Greek Cup: 1976
    Greek Cup (finalist): 1980, 1987

    kick. “The Greek Maradona | The Best Player You’ve Never Heard Of.” YouTube, YouTube, 21 Jan. 2020,

  27. Hello I’m going to be honest in my heart next year I think we should have list of things next year FIFA 22 really put var in ultimate team rivals because when I play some one they have been offside but referees been give it some people and whenever you play against someone from start on rivals when you are draw with them some time they quit but they should give you win it really not fair when they don’t they call it a draw stopped really pleased put change things around

  28. Stadium atmosphere must be more alive you can feel the record at chants it has to be more dynamic and alive its not hard to do maybe some drums at some teams chants.

  29. I wrote a comment before but i forget some ideas. I think everybody wants to build or upgrade stadiums in career mode and make kits. This should be in the game too. And the VAR is can be in the game too. The players should do fouls and the referee skip the situation and then they watch the situation again.

    1. Lots of improvements on career mode, such as:

      1- Job offers – managers should get invited to save teams from relegation, short term goals, and so on;
      2- Players should have emotions – players should want to leave the team after a good job offer from a big club; they should get bored after many years in the same club, and so on;
      3- Youth player’s loan – it is just useless. Young players loaned never play and don’t develop;
      4- Club managing – board’s goals are too easy and have no implication on the manager’s career. I wish it would be possible to break a club financially;
      5- Club’s World Cup;
      6- More news about other teams and leagues;
      7- More statistics about top scorers of the years, young prospects, the best club, the richest club, and so on. Career mode gets boring after a while.

      1. I agree, there should also be league, team and individual records such as alen shearer most premier league goals record and maybw over time a player in your career mode should be able to get close or even beat it

      2. career mode: there should be league, team and individual records such as alen shearer most premier league goals record and maybw over time a player in your career mode should be able to get close or even beat it

        for derby games like man utd vs liverpool, gary neville and garagher should be the commentary

  30. Big thing for me on Fifa is the fans,
    I am a Birmingham city fan and often do career mode with Birmingham. But I just can’t understand why when I finally get promoted and sign a few good players occasionally I’ll get a fantastic away result at a big club. I can’t understand why the likes of Man City or Man Utd have full stadiums when Birmingham city are 4-0 up after 70 minutes so I’d love to see the crowds act different rather than constantly doing the same thing.

  31. I have never played ultimate team, I only play career mode. And I think the PS4 game should stay the same, but the PS5 career mode should be much more realistic as PS5 is supposed to be a revolutionary device. There are many things to make career mode the most played mode and most realistic in FIFA, but how does that happen? Here are some suggestions:

    These are the career mode changes:
    1- Increasing the years you can do career mode for 25 years, as 15 years is really short and doesn’t give you the chance for managing a lot of teams.
    2- You get to choose when to retire between: 20-25 years, and you get to see your retirement cutscenes as a manager.
    3- Every manager has his own favorite formation. And they get to change teams or retire, likely at the end of random seasons, depending on the performance of their team. and when they change their team they force their formation and tactics on the new team which will help change the positions of some players too, and it will be more realistic as I dont see many managers staying for 25 years in the same team.
    4- Players who retire get to become team managers as well as national team managers.
    5- You get to have an assistant manager and many other staff that will affect the growth, fitness, sharpness, injuries of players like in fifa 07.
    6- You get to change sponsors, and the sponsor’s name will be featured on the kit of your team as well as the brand (Nike, puma, adidas…). As well as, you get to change the kits of your team every season as well as random kit changes for other teams in the game (By generating an algorithm on the general shape of teams kits and new sponsors like: Barca is usually blue and red patterned strips or shapes).
    7- You get to construct your stadium depending on the success of the team and the value. (Also you can create stadiums outside the game too).
    8- You get to create your own team, chants, kits and anthems.
    9- You get to choose whether your manager is overweight, slim or fit. (Add eye glasses as an option while creating the manager).
    10- Add the UEFA Nations league, Euro Cup, and Clubs World cup in addition to the African champions league.
    11- When a national team wins the world cup, they get one more star on their emblem.
    12- Before going through with the manager career you get a selection of icons to choose from as your manager. And the rest become automatically managers to other teams.
    13- Managers should be talking about each other.
    14- VAR
    15- When an AI team signs a new player they get to keep the same captain, doesn’t have to change because of the new signing.
    16- Historical records should be kept from the end of the seasons in real life and the game and then these records can be broken by anyone in the game. ((Hattricks, Goals, Assists, Contributions, Passes, Clean Sheets, bookings, trophies and titles…) of each competition and of all time)
    17- You get to change the hairstyles of some of the players.
    18- When players get older they become wiser.
    19- The captain of the team is defaulted at the player that stayed the longest in the team unless you wanna change it and then it gets fixed. You get to choose the order of team captains too.
    20- More winning the title cutscenes.
    21- More drama and and cutscenes and heat for important fixtures.
    22- All your transfer budget gets transferred to next season or gets put in the stadium construction fees or other fees to improve the team.
    23- You get offers from other teams to manage them and you choose whether to join next season or at the current moment.
    24- You get game analysts before the game and during half time an after the game like in NBA2k.
    25- No safe answers in conferences and interviews.
    26- Your own manager celebration. As well as celebrating winning the title with the players in cutscenes.
    27- Managers can be booked.
    28- Every manager has their own overall that changes on the performance and decides whether they get sacked.
    29- Every manager has their own legacy an title collection and traits. (Youth developer, tactical stability, beautiful football…)
    30- You get to change the score graphics and colors every 3-4 seasons.
    31- Players change their shoes every season.

    In the customize section:
    – You get to assign created players some traits and skills depending on attributes.
    – You get to choose what kind of style the created goalkeeper is: Traditional or Acrobatic or Ter Stegenic
    – You get to assign created players Career mode potential.
    – created players get their own picture or avatar.
    – Tattoos.
    – Create Stadiums, Shoes, Kits etc…

    What do you guys think? Wouldn’t fifa be awesome with these changes? I mean EA didn’t change the game that much they need to just work their a.. off during quarantine, it is only programming.

  32. Make single player mode more realistic: Add real like signing contracts options. Add possiblity to spend earned money.
    Would be awesome to have more options to modify your player. Like add age changes. And add tattoos. I mean like whole new one’s, and like tattos of real players – like Beckham’s, Messi’s etc. Add more options with haircuts.

  33. Make couch carreer multiplayer that we can select teams with friends and make match with each other. That will be soo fun and we can transfer players. Make uefa tourmant multiplayer that we can play online with friends. Dont just improve ultimate team make the game good as well.

  34. Career Mode :

    Improvements to career mode as of late have been more frequent than we’ve seen over the years. Much to joy of the fifa community finally our complaints haven’t fallen on deaf ears. But sometimes one can’t help but notice how over time the game becomes stale, repetitive and a little tedious. Here are a few suggestions I feel would make it more dynamic, exciting and add depth

    1) Opponents Report
    detailed statistics of how the upcoming opponent approaches the game. This would give you an opportunity to plan your games before hand to alter your team’s approach.
    – A possible lineup
    – recent form
    – Defensive mindset ( Do they play a high line / rather sit deep)
    – Attacking Mindset ( Do they play counter attacking football / Patient build up)
    – Star player(s) / Player in recent form
    – Basically like the “Detailed Stats ” in the Kickoff mode only a bit more detailed

    2) Option to choose your own technical advisors
    – This would be helpful in the “Opponents report” mentioned above, the higher the skill level of your assistant the more detailed the report
    – A new tab in the pause menu whereby your assistant manager analyses the game for you, giving you new ideas on how to breakdown the stubborn defense/ Stop the imminent threat of a goal that has been “knocking on the door”.
    – The report updates regularly and more detailed the longer the game goes on.

    3) More Managerial and Player accolades Cutscenes
    – Being able to see your avatar/ or any other manager win the Manager of the month award followed by a short press conference.
    – The PFA, Uefa POTY, Uefa POTW, Ballond’or, The Golden boot etc. Cutscenes would be refreshing to see.

    4) Build-up to big games/ derbies should be longer

    5) News and rumours about Managers getting sacked or hired

    6) A new system that shows you the confidence that fans have in you
    – increases and decreases immensely after winning/ losing big game and trophies
    – Your responses in Press conference ( there should be no such thing as a “safe answer”) . You should find a balance between looking after your players morale or the confidence the fans have in you.

  35. Each team from the BIG5’s championship must have their own stadium modelized. Stop with unpersonnal Forest Park and other ones

  36. I think that David Seaman HAS to be reinstated as a legend in Fifa, and with a 90+ prime version as well as a 92/93 moments version. He was the best goalkeeper in the world (in his era), and not only that but the best english goalkeeper currently is 84 in-form Pope. I also think John Terry should be added some time in the future, since he was in incredible defender, i’d say hed have a 89 prime card, and MAYBE a 90 moments card. Other than David Seaman and John Terry, i think gascoigne (Gazza) should also be considered in future fifa titles, since he was an incredible midfielder in his time (i see him having an 88/89 prime card). Obviously im aware there are SO MANY legends which deserve to be in Fifa, and really the only one who i think HAS to be in Fifa is David Seaman. Terry should definitely be highly considered, and Gascoigne should be considered after more important legends are added.

  37. New haircuts for youth players and player career. Some players in fifa without real face already have haircuts that look more realistic but why are they not available to use when I make my own player? I started with FIFA14 and the haircuts ARE STILL THE SAME as back then, with hair looking like spaghetti.

  38. So as we all know there’s fifa mobile and fifa on PlayStation. I personally thinkyou guys put us guys who don’t have PlayStation or Xbox at a disadvantage because fifa mobile is online and the graphics aren’t that great. Please create an offline mode. And I’d like to see Mo Salah on the cover of the game please, thank you

  39. Stadium builder in manager mode.

    Stop focusing so much on English leagues regarding stadiums, commentary names, star heads etc. Bundesliga and Serie A has about the same immersion as English 2nd division.

    Whether or not a player thinks they’re too good for your club should be determined by the league my club is currently in, not the league my club started as. Trying to make a 3rd decision team like Dynamo Dresden win the championsleague is hard because no player over 86 is willing to sign.

  40. Více národních mužstev jako například Chorvatsko,Srbsko,Slovensko,Ukrajina,Ghana,Nigérie,Senegal,Maroko,Alžírsko,Japonsko,Jižní Korea,Kostarika,Honduras a další

    Turnaj Mistrovství světa,Mistrovství Evropy,Jižní Ameriky,Afriky

    Přestupy trenérů

    Česká liga,Ruská liga,Brazilská liga s oficiálními hráči

    Více klubů Zbytek světa

    Lepší hra než ve FIFA 21

    Vytvořeni vlastního mužstva

  41. Things I wish to see in FIFA 22:

    1-Clive Tyldeswly and Andy Townswnd commentary or Peter Drury and Andy Townsend. If not possible, please bring back Martin Tyler and Alan Smith.

    2-Full Serie A licence including all stadiums, clubs and kits.

    3- Options to edit kits and edit players’ position in team management.

    4-Gameplay: improve the quality of headed balls on crosses, bring back the park the bus tactic.

    5-Career Mode: increase manager-player EDITABLE conversations and in-game interactions with players on the touchline upon substitution.

  42. Please address the practice of higher division players self relegating in order to “earn” easier rewards. Or at least have a multi tier weekend league.

    Also, please bring back offline tournaments.


  43. I think that there should be

    You can sign your own signature

    Kit Editor

    Youth Teams (in player carreer so you start on the youth)

    Sponsor Editor

    Stadium Editor

    Team Creation

    Online Manager Career mode

    Buying stuff with the money that you earn

    Cross platform so Xbox can play with ps4

  44. Player and club history’s so you can get a young forward who breaks the scoring record

    Sackings around the world

    Kit editor

    If your national manager just be the manger not manage club at same time

    Stadium editor

    Real refs


    More grounds

    Face screening like on the basketball gamegame for pro mode













  46. Do something with untradeable items. Make a trade market. This will remove the quick selling for duplicates and in the end you can remove fifa coins all together.

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