FIFA 22 Wishlist

FIFA 22 Wishlist

Write your ideas and wishlist for FIFA 22 here at this page. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 22 game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

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185 thoughts on “FIFA 22 Wishlist

  1. Hello EA. In the created player menu, you can’t make your player play as a RW or a LW. It’s been happening for years now and I really want my player to play as a winger, not always a LM or RM. Please add this to the game


  2. 1 stadiums
    -sky bet championship stadiums complete
    – all Serie A stadiums
    – all Ligue 1 stadiums
    – Psv and Feynoord stadiums
    -Benfica and FC Porto Sporting Lisbon stadiums
    – MLS Los Angeles, Orlando city, New york city
    – Galatasaray Fenerbahce Beskitas
    – More mexican Liga MX stadiums
    – more generic stadiums
    – return of barcelona bayern juventus roma/lazio stadiums

    New leagues
    – english national conference league was a poll way back huge demand for this for our career mode road to glory
    – spanish 3rd divison would be great for copa del rey
    – greek league
    – Brazilian league
    – portuguese 2nd divison
    -italian serie b
    -womens super league
    -south african league or algeria or any league from africa as u dont have any
    -a league from south east asia like thai league

    Rest of the world clubs
    -more clubs who participate in asian and adtica champions league

    Career mode
    – ability to pick our own manager at start of career mode
    – sackings and new managers like how it is for real
    – kit creator that we can change after first season of career mode would be cool
    -stadium upgrade or creator but hoping when eventually it come to career mode it wont be just our own team as license u lost and stadiums not on your game it will certainly make up for it that we can edit any stadiums
    – more animations from our managers in training sessions and other board members
    – more animations on field of fans excitement or dispear if u beat man utd 6-0 with say burnley there surely would be a walk out and finger pointing and wistles towards players and managers
    -more manager and referee clashes on controversial decisons ability for u on sidelines to either challenge or dont challenge which could result in referee booking u as managers can be booked
    – more muddy pitches and kits especially in league 2 or league 1 games
    – be able to see who won cup competions not just league of other leagues around the world
    -more acknowledgment from comentators if u have taken a club from nothing to mutiple cups it shouls be recognized in media and commentators of this success and in your your success bio

  3. 1) Less Trickery… Theres nothing wrong with doing some tricks now and then, but it has to stay a bit realistic. We wanna play football, no redbull trick-contest.

    2) Family-linking in FUT. Links between brothers (for example hernandez-bro’s, hazard-bro’s,.. should always be green)

    3) Natural positioning/behaviour based on the real player (also by AI). for example: Messi AI should always free roam and wander a bit, Ronaldo should look like he is always eager to receive a ball,..

    4) Better animations outside the pitch.. for example, a player which runs at full speed towards the backline, should in some stadia bump and fall over the boards,.. Ballboys/girls… a cornerflag thats a bit more interactive

    5) Better animation between players.. for example centre defender pointing at RB/LB where he should run, keeper yelling at a free kick,…

    6) I know this is a tricky one, but Refs can sometimes make a mistake, and as a player you get a few oppertunities to ask for a VAR

  4. 1) Add the national league that would be great if that could happen.
    2) Add where you can create your own team in or out of career mode.
    3) when you retire as a player or move to a different club while being a manager in career mode make it so you get clapped off the pitch on your last game depending if you did well for the club.
    4) An other the journey type mode but it’s longer than the journey and you can set yourself instead of Alex but you can still choose Alex.

  5. I think EA must change his mentality,
    1 – Stop to focus on unreal skills that becomes just bugs, so far from reality, where defenders becomes
    2 – Stop to make new features every year that makes the game worst chapter by chapter.
    3 – Try to make a simulation game.
    4 – Change it all from fifa 21 cause it’s the worst fifa game and football game that i ever played.
    5 – Make a relevant work to improve IA, Fifa 21 is completely devoid of it.
    6 -Totally rebalance of the defense system.
    7 – Balance of speed power.
    8 – Throw away dynamic difficult adjustment to make a competitive game.
    9 – Let players that want to play just with skills and that don’t play football, like in a circle, play Volta mode but not Fut or pro club.
    10 – Improve tactics.
    11 – Improve pro club mode.
    I hope that EA can read this post cause i am really disappointed about what fifa becomes with fifa 21.
    There are no competition, at the moment with others football game but it will not be like this forever and maybe one day FUT won’t be enough to survive for EA.

  6. There are 8 common things that adult want in FIFA games,
    1.New My Players
    2. Goals doesn’t goes up if it has been hitten by powerful shots
    3. No settings for offsides, handballs, fouls and cards.
    4. Better gameplay and no funny fails like his hand is backheaded around.
    5. The net of goal doesn’t pull the waves of powerful shots
    6. New real faces around the world
    7. Many places to scout like Uzbekistan, Southeast Asia and so on.
    8. Scout many various leagues like Malaysian Soccer League and so on.
    Onto to the next one,
    There are so many things kid want to look on FIFA,
    1. An attractive cover
    2. Open many functions for pro gaming kids
    3. Many footballer stories
    4. Some cheerful stadium effects like this chanting,

  7. – Finish all Sky bet championship stadiums as some teams who cone up already have there stadium on game
    – ligue 1 stadiums or just more french stadiums like Monaco, Lille and Bordeaux
    – Serie A stadiums or stadiums for Napoli and Fiorentina atalanta
    – stadium creator for career mode
    – more generic stadiums
    – stadiums for PSV, Feynoord,Benfica, FC Porto, Sporting lisbon, Galatasaray, Fenerbahce,Bekistas
    – new league english conference league, greek league, brazilian league, womens super league
    -kit creator career mode
    – career mode manager sackings of other clubs

  8. Game Face – For Manager or Player Career ( or at least on the fifa website upload your face & download it import face option

    Attacking Headers – They have been awful since fifa 19

    Var – Leave an offside run play , goals getting ruled out , ref looking at a monitor be class

    Kit Editor ( Customize Kits) , Sponsors , Number/Name Font

    Commentary team – My God The 21 Team is awful , what’s been said already about a sky punditry team & Bt sport punditry team would be top class .

    Better Cut Scenes – Manager Chatting to Coaches / Players Getting them to warm up on touchline , Complaining about decisions etc .

    Pre/Post Match Interviews -Have Options to Praise an individual , Complain about a referee / Decisions .

    Betting Odds – The Game showing odds based on form , who’s the underdogs

    Pre Comp intros – Theres A video that comes up for the champions league but none for league or domestic cup comps . More realistic leagues all we have is premier league/ la Liga / Bundesliga gets boring .

    Just a few can think of hundreds more , who’s making these games . Do they actually play them ?

  9. Each team should have two kit options for a goalkeeper so there is no colour clash with the opposition.

    To make it realistic, you should be able to wear the home shirt but change the colour of shorts/socks before a game to avoid colour clash. For example, Chelsea keep their blue shirt and shorts but change from white to blue socks when playing a team with white socks.

    In rainy weather, kits should get a lot more muddier than they already do.

    Before coming onto play as a substitute, there should be a quick cut scene of the player stripping from their tracksuits etc. And getting advice from the coach.

    There is no need for goalkeepers to be seen warming up on touchline all the time, its not very realistic.

    New and more variety of crowd chants. The same ones are always sung and it can be a bit boring.

    More pre match walk on tunes. Its great having Liquidator (Chelsea), You’ll Never walk Alone (Liverpool), and Blue Moon (Man City). But there are a lot more teams with which there could be additions. For example, Everton with Z Cars. Crystal Palace with Glad all over.

    Stewards to separate home and away fans. At the moment they all just sit together like friends. Would be a lot more realistic if there was a barrier of stewards separating fans, especially in derby games such as Arsenal v Spurs.

    More variety of supporters faces that you see in the crowd. They all seem to look the same age. There should be children in the stands all the way up to elderly fans.

    Stadiums should be less full for friendly games or lesser ranked games such as Carabao cup. And then obviously a full house for a cup final.

    Supporters should be seen walking out just before halftime. And if a team is losing towards full time, supporters should be seen walking out up to end/15 minutes before the end.

    Better celebrations for when a player runs to the crowd. Its all too similar. Have the ability to take your shirt off or jump into the crowd and receive a booking.

    Real referees faces in the game. Would be a great addition. In career mode, have the ability to view a referees stats for the season. eg. How many cards they have given out or penalties they have given. So for an upcoming match you are aware of the kind of referee you are coming up against.

    More leagues to be added. Especially the National league. Would make the FA Cup in career mode extra special, with chance of some giant killings!

    Broadcast package. Have a Sky Sports one and a BT sports one. With all the correct on screen graphics for each broadcaster. Have two separate commentary teams. Martin Tyler and Gary Neville for Sky. Darren Fletcher and Glenn Hoddle for BT. Have pundits for the game also. eg. Jamie Redknapp, Graeme Souness for sky, Rio Ferdinand, Gary Lineker for BT. Prematch, halftime and at full time, there should be some audio from each respective team to analyse the game.

    Better trophy presentations. Present the trophy in the stand first, then they take it down to the pitch for further celebrations.

    Inclusion of VAR. When there is close penalty or offside calls or a possible red card, the referee could be seen listening to the VAR and maybe looking at pitch side monitor.

    In career mode, matches might be postponed because of bad weather. Have the chance that a game may be abandoned during the game because of bad weather.

    Womans club football. Include the FA womans super league.

  10. I wish there was a way u could negotiate even witk konami on sharing the camp nou champions league u cant feel that buzz even playing with Barcelona or beating them in the camp nou my wish is u do whatever u can to make this stadium return its been too long also really hope we see returns for juventus roma/lazio and bayern munich stadiums

  11. I think it would be a fun idea if we had een weekend league but for coop.
    So you would have a weekend league for solo but also a weekend league for coop.

  12. Manager Career Mode Wishlist:
    1) Let there be actual voices in post match interviews and all negotiations
    2) The manager should be able to get job offers from other clubs not just international

    Player Career mode:
    1) You should be able to play in more than one position and not be tied down to one for the entire career especially because certain achievements are tied to playing in a specific role, like a defender
    2) The player should be involved in the salary negotiations, not just get a form to sign
    3) Give us something to do with our in game salaries, like purchase cosmetic items, tatoos, ect
    4) When simulating the rest of a match when you are subbed out that match should count towards all objectives. Currently when you simulate the rest of the match it does not count towards your achievements and manager objectives.
    5) Different commentators with different things to say during a match. if you play every singe match and keep hearing the same comments over and over again it gets a bit much
    6) You should be able to become captain and make some of the game decisions yourself
    7) Add sponsors into the game
    8)You should be able to get offers from other clubs without requesting a loan or transfer
    Thank you!

  13. I really feel like some of my suggestions could revolutionise the way that we play Fifa and no doubt that people will feel the same way so take a look. 😀

    1. Reffere career mode as this will give a chance to have a viewpoint of a ref and give decisions that sometimes are given stupidly.

    2.AR, Vthis mostly fits in with number 1or career mode in general.

    3. Kit customiser and sponsor options in career mode, as it really annoys me that I have to use the same kit as the season before.

    4. sky sports commentators like Martin tyler and Gary Neville and remove rae and dixon.

    5.Fans leaving the stadium if their team is losing or fans coming in when the match has just started.

    6. Make your own club in career mode and stadium development instead of choosing one.

  14. PLEASE make some kind of FUT-like DRAFT for KICK-OFF.

    Would be so much fun to be able to draft playing with your friends. Been missing it for many years, as kick-off with friends is mainly how we still use FIFA in our late 20’s 😉

  15. Please add Xabi Alonso Icon card.

    Regular = 88

    Prime = 95

    Also add more rating to the UCL cards like 4 + rating each UCL Card

  16. FIFA 22 new features you want in addition to what’s already there:

    In Career Mode:
    – Infrastructure management (training center, care center, progressive stadium).
    – Management of ticketing and prices and subscriptions.
    – Sponsors management.
    – TV rights management.
    – Management of costs and revenues more advanced and refined.
    – Management of the Club shop and sale of derivative products.
    – Management of Club Staff.
    – Possibility of creating your own team in a championship, at the lowest level of the Country of your choice, with a maximum starting Budget (flexible depending on the level chosen), with the possibility of drawing from a Database of Free players or young prospects available in the game from the start to build up its workforce (same for Club staff).
    – Possibility also to draw from existing Club players at the end of the contract in ready status or for sale while remaining in the starting Max budget envelope.

    Competition Creation Mode:
    Allow much more possibility and flexibility in the creation of National, Continental and intercontinental competition (Currently in FIFA 20, I do not have FIFA 21, impossible for example to create a competition integrating Clubs playing in LDC or Europa League with Clubs playing in the Copa Libertadores, Damage).

    Overall in the Game:
    – Have 3 French Championships (Ligue 1, Ligue 2, National) minimum – Have no less than 20 National Teams in addition.
    – Have other additional championships (10 minimum) with a particular emphasis on the Championships of the African continent (Totally unavoidable today).
    – Have the possibility to deactivate all the assistance so that it really looks like football like the one we play in real ^^.

  17. So…
    Probably nobody will read this but there are a few things I would Like to change in FIFA 22. Now I do not want to use bad language but REALLY I WANT THIS CHANGE NOW!!!
    The reason I brout this up is that I am a PC gamer and as you know FIFA players isn’t as popular on PC as maybe PS 4 or Xbox This causes a problem that I know you love. THE MARKET IS FLIPPED, if we take an example, we have base steven gerrard. On PC he is completly extinced meanwhile there are 20+ on the PS 4. Solution: Crossplay market or actually crossplay at all. Thats the missing piecse. CROSSPLAY
    There are no reasons NOT to enclude crossplay other than you forcing people to buy your game on multiple platforms .

  18. 1. Bring back handball rules in FIFA.
    2. Add a World Cup Mode for WC Qatar 2022.
    3. Add about 100 international teams based on FIFA world rankings so that we can organise WC qualifiers like in real life. Teams like Japan, Tunisia, Senegal, etc
    4. Add leagues from Africa and Asia to expand global reach. (Tunisian league, Egyptian league, South African, Qatari league, UAE league, Iranian league) – maybe these could be purchasable add ons
    5. If number 4 is not possible, please add the best teams from these leagues to the rest of the world category.
    6. Passing and through balls should look a little more fluid in certain areas.

  19. Customize ur own kit for fut team , improve and upgrade tactics add more instructions , add fut tourneys for fut coins instead of packs like gold cup but instead cups in real life or both, add to create your own fut formation ,

  20. 1 all the serie A stadiums really need napoli and fiorentina stadiums hope they do it especially since napoli renamed the stadium after maradona and long over due for champions league career mode

    2 ligue 1 stadiums i was excited u added lyon but guys id love to see more like Monaco or lillle or all of them if possible

    3 Portuguese league with tour partnership benfica still really hoping we get there stadium on fifa 22 same with fc porto id love sporting lisbon but not sure if u can cause of there partnership with konami

    4 Turkish league some of the craziest fans on the planet passion and flares i do hope one daysl or fifa 22 we get to see the big 3 clubs stadiums of galatasaray besiktas and fenerbahce

    5 1 or 2 mls stadiums would be great like new york or orlando city or los Angeles fc that make the la galaxy carrer mode a derby more interesting

    6 also i feel the australian league needs some kind of love like sydney fc and melbourne city stadiums

    7 more south american stadiums from brazil and argentina like newells boys

    8 mexican league has some terrific stadiums it be great if u put UNAM and tigres or Juarez

    9 Dutch league psv and feynoord much needed to spice up when u play ajax

    10 leagues id love u to add english national league to really spice up the career mode cup competions for me it almost feel like champions league license cause when u get cup upsets its the beauty of football and also road to glory

    11 other leagues spanish
    Spanish 3rd divison
    Greek league
    Brazilian league
    Womens league
    Thai league
    South africa league
    Ukraine league
    Russia league
    Afc champions League
    More south american teams from countries like
    Urguguay peru Paraguay Bolivia Ecuador Honduras
    Same with Asia and africa in rest of the world
    Clubs from countries like philippines Malaysia Singapore ghana nigeria that really bring in people from those countries into fifa games as they have at least 1 club in the game

    12 retro kits

    13 manager sackings in career mode really want it as real as possible also our new feed id really like a generic version of a sky sports breaking news on things like injuries sackings manager pressures all those things

    14 more cinematics of outside stadiums like newly built spurs stadium and other licensed stadiums

    15 kit editor or something where we can change the kits after 1 year season mode even if its generic sponsors or designs it will feel like we are not doing the same season as the first

    16 stadium editor for career mode i hope u add this one as its so hard when theres no barcelonw juventus or bayern stadium it will take some of the pain away doint a career mode with them ablento tweak there stadium plus id really like more generic stadiums sonwe can change barcelona el libertador it doesnt have the same feel as camp nou hopenu do everything to get camp nou back champions league truly never be the same without this iconic stadium and of course bayerns and juventus and roma/lazio respectfully stadiums back to one thing i do hope is stadium upgrade can also happen to other teams who u are not with like expansions that be cool

    17 also it bugs me that if im a premier league teams and wanna see whats happening in other leagues i can see whos won the spanish leaguenor french but why cant we see who won the cup competions of these leagues like copa del rey and german cup

    18 cinematic of long term injuries stretchers or potential career ending injuries

    19 manager spats on touchlines expand rivalrys old and new in career mode

    20 also expand more title rivalries like ladt few years man city and liverpool tense title races and klopp and guardiola fight to be the top team expand more on future yeare in career mode if u and a certain team are always fighting for the league

    21 more hostility from fans either for u or against u if your team is struggling fans whistling booing more crunch tackles in derbys and mass fans walks out in stadiums

  21. EA should invest a lot in career mode. The game mode gets boring after 2 or 3 seasons. After this time, I often lose reference. I don’t know which team is currently the best in the world, which players are the most promising, and those who disappointed. Therefore, I would love to have more statistics. For example, who was the top scorer of the year? Maybe list top five players. What about assists? Which team was the surprise team of the year? Is there any potential youth player playing in any lower league? Who’s rocking the transfer market?

    Also, career mode should get more dynamic. Players should really have emotions. For example, when I play with a lower league team, such as Empoli, and one of my players gets a transfer offer from Barcelona, I would guess that, in real life, he would force the transfer. It doesn’t happen in FIFA. There’s no reason to sell a player because they never want to be sold. It’s unrealistic. Besides, managers never get challenging job offers. The board goals are meaningless and too easy to accomplish. We should also be able to manage the club, invest in marketing, building stadiums, managing the ticket prices, and so on.

    Career mode is really really boring.

  22. I think Juventus and Roma should comeback in FIFA 22, (but without Lazio)
    FIFA should make a new VOLTA story mode (including Rivaldo and Rio Ferdinand) in the final, the player should beat the team Séan Garnier with Ricardo Chahini, Yo Katsuyama, and Philip Warren Gertsson
    FIFA World Cup 2022 Story Mode with custom player

    1. FIFA 22 Wishlist.

      1. Remove Derek Rae & Lee Dixson and replace them by Bringing in the Sky Sports Commentary Team Martin Tyler, Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher, Rob Hawthorne.

      2. Sky Sports package to Have pundits like Roy Keane, Jamie Redknapp, Thierry Henry for the build up before the game starts.

      3. VAR

      4. Have a story line like on PES 2021 as a manager so get introduced to players in their training kit, while you having a coffee with the board and have a look around the ground and go to discuss what players you want etc.

      5. Champions League Commentator should be Darren Fletcher & Robbie Savage and have BT Sport package to cover the Champions League and Europa League Games including the Pundits Gary Lineker, Rio Ferdinand, Paul Scholes, Jermaine Jeanes and Glenn Hoddle.

      6. Have No fans in the stadium obviously due to covid 19 it’s the new normal

      7. Create your own Video/Montage when you make a big signing for an Example when Alexis Sánchez signed for United he played the piano.

      8. Kit brand Design/Shirt sponsor create your new kit for every season and select sponsors to be on your shirt and be able to switch brands from Adidas to Nike.

      9. Be the Referee

      10. Explore the out world from football be able to drive to but new cars, visit schools/friends visit legends

      11. Be able to the edit existing players if they had a haircut or had tattoos.

      12. In career mode there should be a cut scene when the fist team manager visits the under 23 players and watches them and have a one to one chat with them

  23. Fifa 22 should make the youth academy more fun to enjoy .. for example .. imagine having to sign at least 23 players to the youth academy squad .. you assign a coach .. they have a youth acadamy league where they play other academys from the same league your in in your career mode first team. the coach of your youth squad reports every week which player had a good game , whos showing interesting talent etc .. and you choose to call up that player to a game any game you have coming up .. an idea i believe will make the career mode so fun to play .. especially on the next gen consoles ps5 xbox series x ect ..

  24. I would like to suggest following:
    I want to suggest that in a next update the modification of appearance (at least the haircut) of the generic players is allowed, I like to play the career mode and it would be really great if I had to modify the hair style of the players coming from the base.

  25. Player Career Mode
    – I would like to have a more realistic player career mode with cutscenes

    – I would like if you could bring back the catalog and when we play a game in career mode we are able to change the pitch color.

  26. Providing the opportunity to play with legends and yesteryear superstars for players who do not play FIFA Ultimate Team can be a great idea. Since there are barely 15-20 top-class teams to play with, in the “Play Now” mode, it can get boring after a point in time. Brining in a number of classic teams from the past like “2005-UCL Winning Liverpool”, “Class of 2011 Barcelona”, “PL Winning Leicester City” can help the domestic players indulge more in the game, and give us a lot of options. A total of 10-15 teams would be a nice start.

  27. Please add better quality and also add new modes like create clubs, leagues and so on. But please don’t misunderstanding me. I not good enough at English. Reasons for suggesting new modes above because I can create my league and I can create the clubs. That’s most important things before you creating leagues.

  28. Career Mode:

    – option to change the haircut (one time) of your younger reserve players (players that the systems create) because a lot of they look similar.
    – history stats of players, for example if i have mbappe, i ll like to see all goals that him have in his carreer, or maybe see the qty of goals that him have in my team in all carreer.

  29. The best leagues around the world are already well represented but I thought about adding an extra league in the list: A Generic one…
    Then, you’d have options to download content of your choice… It’s impossible to get every league in the world but for instance, if you wish to play with a country that is not represented, you could eventually download the league teams/players and fit them in that extra league… So you can discover the Greek championship, then Nigeria then Uruguay and so on…

  30. -CONIFA Mode.
    The Mode where you play as football teams that were not recognized by FIFA (Greenland or even Abkhazia for example) This mode also includes Women Conifa and other Conifa World Cups aswell.
    -FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup
    A Mode where players can play football on a beach
    -FIFA Club World Cup
    A Mode where Clubs who previously won Champions League/Libertadores from around the world are able to compete in one event.
    -FIFA Futsal World Cup
    Just like VOLTA except this one plays in real stadiums.
    -and FIFA U-17 and U-20 World Cup
    A World Cup for Youths.
    (Hopefully this works.)

  31. Career Mode
    I’m a big fan of career mode but would like to see some changes.
    Loaning players – Negotiate with teams to have many games your player should playing when being loaned out to help there development as a player.

    Kits- After one or two seasons create your own home and away kits I think this would be pretty cool.

    Be a pro – Maybe something similar to the journey in your own player making his way up the leagues

  32. I think general features are ok for another year. This year they should spend some time focusing on the smoothness of gameplay, expand the agile dribbling some more, it’s good but still could be much better than just left, right, forwards, backwards, could be a number of different techniques and quick easy skills to enhance the realistic experience. Also I think the player expressions need a change, they should be based on the build-up to the shots etc rather than the shot itself. for example if the player has ran the whole pitch and missed 1-on-1 then the reaction should be much more frustrated than just a simple cross from the wing after possession.

  33. I don’t see my previous comment, so I’ll go again. My wishes for FIFA 22 (Career Mode) are quite simple:

    1. Allow players to edit names and features of youth academy players. That would make every save different for every player, because it would be our decision to recreate classic players or actual youngsters that are playing in real life. It would not take much development, because the things that we want to edit are visible in the “Edit player” section, but locked.

    2. Give us a deep in-game editor for kits and team logos, or the posibility to upload those we make. A lot of kits in FIFA have misplaced brand logos and/or crests, and that could be fixed with any of the options I mention. Also, it gets a little boring after a few seasons to play with the same kits and it would make the mode more enjoyable if you could take teams you skip because you don’t like that years’ jerseys or if you could change the whole visual of the team as part of a finantial takeover, like it happens often in real life.

  34. Please EA, allow us to edit names and features of young generated players in Career Mode, I currently have two very good CB prospects in my Barsa save (a spaniard and an argentine) and instead of being able to rename them Mingueza and Ramos Mingo I’m stuck with José Garrido and Ramón Castro… and also incredibly tall players with arms like spaghetti and regens with some awful names. It will take you no time to do this… every time i get into edit player I SEE everything I would like to change but IS BLOCKED.

    And also, give us Career Mode players a deep in-game kit editor, or the ability to upload kits that we made. If PES has both options (even for licensed teams) there are no excuses as to why FIFA can’t give us those options. It feels boring to play with the same kits after 3-4-5 seasons, and it hurts the experience to not use teams because you don’t like the kits, or the team it’s not licensed.

    I’m sure those two things wouldn’t require tons of development and it would be a breath of fresh air for players, because it would make every save unique.

    Also, even though I don’t play the mode, give some attention to Pro Club players.

  35. Hi,

    I think it would be a great idea to add past years into Fifa 2021 and I am not talking about just 2012 or something I am talking about since the 1990s or even prior. I believe any person would like to play when their team was at their best. United fans would love to play when Giggs and Paul Scholes were there or when Ronaldo and Beckham were there. Barca fans would love to play with Ronaldinho etc.

    So a feature in which we can change the year would be amazing.

  36. The creators of FIFA should make the career mode where all managers can be sacked & u can apply for any jobs which comes available. And also in the career especially the fa cup instead of them lifting the trophy on the pitch. Climb the famous stairs. Make it real.

  37. Please, allow the career mode to be played with two or more clubs. I have been waiting my whole life for you to allow me to play against my brother career each with his own team. it can’t be that hard to do, people landed on the moon 60 years ago 🙂

  38. 1-if we could build a club and an own stadium for it and sponsers and many other things it will be better.(own kit of our team) and ballon odor makes it better and asian champions league. many people in world buy pes for its asian champions league. and if players of fifa mobile could play with ultimate players its gonna be better. and stadiums fans acting better. and social networks for game. like we play good game and people applause us in social network and we see it. if cups giving time players take medals it could be better.

  39. Take our pro club player and put it in ultimate team. Remove chm. Style from fut. Do only a single gameplay for the game(not one for fut,one for pro club,etc…). Fix longshot like fifa 17 maybe it was cool so like that, the longshot and powershot stats have utily.
    Put research by name on fut for all(not just for the players).
    Fix some skills and RB+O cross.
    Fix the meta.(stop to Varane Gomez Mendy and walker).
    Make all players usuables about the meta. Not only 95 speeds player. Like if he got 91 jump is like 91 speed. So all the time the player with 91 jump won. Fix joggling and go.put more realistic animations.make a real football simulator. Thanks.

  40. I want ea to see my comment please .
    I want them to add caf champions league and . CONCACAF .and club World cup ..
    .in career mode they should add youth teams and creating teams .and to make career more realistic and to make a sponsor and kit edit . Stadium edit .
    And in player career mode make player play in youth team
    .. and we wants to add (Alahly egypt. Zmalek )
    Add (vanarma national league ) to make fa cup more realistic .
    Add var

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