FIFA 22 Wishlist

FIFA 22 Wishlist

Write your ideas and wishlist for FIFA 22 here at this page. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 22 game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

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78 thoughts on “FIFA 22 Wishlist

  1. Career Mode:

    – option to change the haircut (one time) of your younger reserve players (players that the systems create) because a lot of they look similar.
    – history stats of players, for example if i have mbappe, i ll like to see all goals that him have in his carreer, or maybe see the qty of goals that him have in my team in all carreer.

  2. The best leagues around the world are already well represented but I thought about adding an extra league in the list: A Generic one…
    Then, you’d have options to download content of your choice… It’s impossible to get every league in the world but for instance, if you wish to play with a country that is not represented, you could eventually download the league teams/players and fit them in that extra league… So you can discover the Greek championship, then Nigeria then Uruguay and so on…

  3. -CONIFA Mode.
    The Mode where you play as football teams that were not recognized by FIFA (Greenland or even Abkhazia for example) This mode also includes Women Conifa and other Conifa World Cups aswell.
    -FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup
    A Mode where players can play football on a beach
    -FIFA Club World Cup
    A Mode where Clubs who previously won Champions League/Libertadores from around the world are able to compete in one event.
    -FIFA Futsal World Cup
    Just like VOLTA except this one plays in real stadiums.
    -and FIFA U-17 and U-20 World Cup
    A World Cup for Youths.
    (Hopefully this works.)

  4. Career Mode
    I’m a big fan of career mode but would like to see some changes.
    Loaning players – Negotiate with teams to have many games your player should playing when being loaned out to help there development as a player.

    Kits- After one or two seasons create your own home and away kits I think this would be pretty cool.

    Be a pro – Maybe something similar to the journey in your own player making his way up the leagues

  5. I think general features are ok for another year. This year they should spend some time focusing on the smoothness of gameplay, expand the agile dribbling some more, it’s good but still could be much better than just left, right, forwards, backwards, could be a number of different techniques and quick easy skills to enhance the realistic experience. Also I think the player expressions need a change, they should be based on the build-up to the shots etc rather than the shot itself. for example if the player has ran the whole pitch and missed 1-on-1 then the reaction should be much more frustrated than just a simple cross from the wing after possession.

  6. I don’t see my previous comment, so I’ll go again. My wishes for FIFA 22 (Career Mode) are quite simple:

    1. Allow players to edit names and features of youth academy players. That would make every save different for every player, because it would be our decision to recreate classic players or actual youngsters that are playing in real life. It would not take much development, because the things that we want to edit are visible in the “Edit player” section, but locked.

    2. Give us a deep in-game editor for kits and team logos, or the posibility to upload those we make. A lot of kits in FIFA have misplaced brand logos and/or crests, and that could be fixed with any of the options I mention. Also, it gets a little boring after a few seasons to play with the same kits and it would make the mode more enjoyable if you could take teams you skip because you don’t like that years’ jerseys or if you could change the whole visual of the team as part of a finantial takeover, like it happens often in real life.

  7. Please EA, allow us to edit names and features of young generated players in Career Mode, I currently have two very good CB prospects in my Barsa save (a spaniard and an argentine) and instead of being able to rename them Mingueza and Ramos Mingo I’m stuck with José Garrido and Ramón Castro… and also incredibly tall players with arms like spaghetti and regens with some awful names. It will take you no time to do this… every time i get into edit player I SEE everything I would like to change but IS BLOCKED.

    And also, give us Career Mode players a deep in-game kit editor, or the ability to upload kits that we made. If PES has both options (even for licensed teams) there are no excuses as to why FIFA can’t give us those options. It feels boring to play with the same kits after 3-4-5 seasons, and it hurts the experience to not use teams because you don’t like the kits, or the team it’s not licensed.

    I’m sure those two things wouldn’t require tons of development and it would be a breath of fresh air for players, because it would make every save unique.

    Also, even though I don’t play the mode, give some attention to Pro Club players.

  8. Hi,

    I think it would be a great idea to add past years into Fifa 2021 and I am not talking about just 2012 or something I am talking about since the 1990s or even prior. I believe any person would like to play when their team was at their best. United fans would love to play when Giggs and Paul Scholes were there or when Ronaldo and Beckham were there. Barca fans would love to play with Ronaldinho etc.

    So a feature in which we can change the year would be amazing.

  9. The creators of FIFA should make the career mode where all managers can be sacked & u can apply for any jobs which comes available. And also in the career especially the fa cup instead of them lifting the trophy on the pitch. Climb the famous stairs. Make it real.

  10. Please, allow the career mode to be played with two or more clubs. I have been waiting my whole life for you to allow me to play against my brother career each with his own team. it can’t be that hard to do, people landed on the moon 60 years ago 🙂

  11. 1-if we could build a club and an own stadium for it and sponsers and many other things it will be better.(own kit of our team) and ballon odor makes it better and asian champions league. many people in world buy pes for its asian champions league. and if players of fifa mobile could play with ultimate players its gonna be better. and stadiums fans acting better. and social networks for game. like we play good game and people applause us in social network and we see it. if cups giving time players take medals it could be better.

  12. Take our pro club player and put it in ultimate team. Remove chm. Style from fut. Do only a single gameplay for the game(not one for fut,one for pro club,etc…). Fix longshot like fifa 17 maybe it was cool so like that, the longshot and powershot stats have utily.
    Put research by name on fut for all(not just for the players).
    Fix some skills and RB+O cross.
    Fix the meta.(stop to Varane Gomez Mendy and walker).
    Make all players usuables about the meta. Not only 95 speeds player. Like if he got 91 jump is like 91 speed. So all the time the player with 91 jump won. Fix joggling and go.put more realistic animations.make a real football simulator. Thanks.

  13. I want ea to see my comment please .
    I want them to add caf champions league and . CONCACAF .and club World cup ..
    .in career mode they should add youth teams and creating teams .and to make career more realistic and to make a sponsor and kit edit . Stadium edit .
    And in player career mode make player play in youth team
    .. and we wants to add (Alahly egypt. Zmalek )
    Add (vanarma national league ) to make fa cup more realistic .
    Add var

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