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FIFA 21 Feedback

Have you played FIFA 21 yet? How did you find the gameplay? Is there any feedback or comment that you want to share with the community?

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  1. Extremely disappointed with it. I’ve discovered many glitches and freezes, and even today it randomly logged me out on career mode, I go back in and everything I’ve done since last time I played has been deleted. I am very frustrated, that must have been 20-30 matches just wiped.

  2. You have a serious glitch in the manager career mode.

    If you start with a League Two team, almost midway in the third season the Champions League promo starts coming up before certain games, and the entire career freezes up.

    You need to keep saving from an earlier period and restarting to play, which is time consuming and annoying. You end up wasting weeks because you can’t play the career.

  3. All I want you to add is better commentary like PES it’ll makes FIFA more fun to play if you play PES mobile you just never get bored of the commentary and sometimes the commentary in PES makes you so excited that you would say what you know or think they would say. I don’t like the fact that when the players are celebrating in FIFA you just get no commentary until you reviewing the goal it just something I’ve been wanting for years and I think EA should put the main Commentators like Peter Drury and Jim Beglin for me they just the best IK you guys are not perfect but if you improve this I’m sure you’ll get more players playing the game of FIFA so please just do it soon Or if you could do it for FIFA 23 it would make it the best FIFA ever made and I can promise you that every players around the world would love the game more just please learn from your rivals PES and make yours even better that’s all I want learn from what PES do best and make urs better please I’m begging for the sack of every players around the world.

  4. Worst fifa ever. The Fifa level degrades day by day. The new the Fifa the worst the gameplay design handling and what not.
    You guys should be feel embarrassed for making such poorly developed gane out there.
    The logic behind the players movement is the worst, not even a single move is realistic. I bought the game in the hopes of getting better version of the previous Fifa but Fifa 22 is even worst. Such poor execution of at such a great and massive stage, really guys it is so bad.

  5. I’ve been playing fifa since World Cup South Africa. I love fifa a lot I’m the type of person that will probably always by the new fifa when it comes out but what I have to say is that fifa 22 has the WORST soundtrack out of every fifa there has been. Just such a terrible playlists and who ever was in charge of the soundtrack did a horrible job it’s just so bad. Who ever was in charge of that should never been allowed to pick the soundtrack ever again. I love the game just really really really REALLY hate the sound track. Suck a terrible and poor effort. It gets me so mad

  6. Please fix the substitution boards in all game modes. The player number coming off should be in red on the left side of the board, while the player number coming on should be in green on the right side of the board. That little detail has irked me for some time.

    Thanks for your attention.

  7. Your game sucks. Should have left it the way it is. Seriously every year you change more for the game yet every year it is crappier. Seriously put some work into it. Fix pro clubs. The most played mode and you seriously can’t get it right. So many error. What a shame that nba and nfl got better games than you. Seriously put some love into your job or someone else do it.

  8. FIFA game; efforts could be considered commendable in aspects of graphics, individual player instructions and commentary, however I have the following suggestions:

    1. Defending: this is poor, pls base your programming on realistic scenarios, it is a game and some level of equality and fairness for both sides should be effected. Defending should be effective, cheap goals, easy goals are frequent regardless of the defence and ultra defence tactics, this do not portray realism. Defending could be designed in ratios that is the moment the defending player has reasonable or higher number of defenders then scoring a goal shd be difficult which could be limited to shots, crossing, or consistent possession to creat chances, unlike what we see in the game where one or 2 players against 5 defenders will score a goal easily. Also football is reactive, in the sense that when a team drops back to defend automatically the probability of scoring an urgent goal by the defending team could be counter attacks, when a team is on attack tactics, it involves moving the line forward as high line or press, which is basically achieved through possession. Hence, fast build or counter attack should not be effective in high line attack tactics when the opposition team is defending. The ability of players to judge the right defend and attack tactics to employ in game play should give the advantage of settings. Therefore, FIFA should work on a balance attack and defence scenarios to enable a fair game.

    Attack: the attack scenarios should also be based on sustenance of possession to create chances, class A teams like Barcelona, Madrid and others hold possession to create chances when attacking in reality, better teams hold reasonable possession to showcase superiority and professionalism not just some through passes and shots, the game is more enjoyable when players think and create chances by possession. Consider soccer like a game of chess where, mentality, skills, sacrifice and decisions determine the victor and not the excessive influence of tactics. A better player should be known through its game play and not dependent on formation settings, so settings influence should be minimized and balanced for both players. Additionally, opportunities to score could be based on the number of players sacrificed for attacks against the number of players defending, the ratio of players should be considered so that both players have the choice of sacrificing more players to create goal chances.

    Tactics and counter tactics: this should be made simple, a player on attack tactics should automatically be countered by defence tactics. For instance, while on attack or ultra attack tactics, it should be easily countered by defence and ultra defence which should restore the game to its balance, a team on attack should not be made to render a defending team useless, the deciding factor should be the ratio of players attacking and defending. In-game tactics such as park the bus should be available which should override any previous formation settings and should be effective with a cost of ineffective attack and also vice versa in attack scenarios.

    In-game tactics: this should be reactive if not available to set. A defending team naturally depends on counter attack to obtain urgent goals, therefore while in defence, attack opportunities naturally depend on counter attack which goes with long ball, fast build, and while attack naturally goes with possession, high line or press, full back forward and get in the box. Therefore, in-game attack tactics should include possession, counter attack, high line press, full back forwards. In defense tactics there could be park the bus, drop additional player and others, Individual players instructions in the formation settings have catered for other gaps.

    Simplicity: the game play should be made simple, the most important thing is the capability of players in the game play. Game play should be given more priority than formation settings, legendary defense should be made simple as the former classic FIFA soccer. This will help reduce errors and give a better player the opportunity to showcase its football mentality.

  9. Russia invaded Ukraine, killing innocent people, devastating infrastructure. No time to monitor situation, time for this has ended. Now you must act and the only option you have is to completely and totally remove these barbarians from your organization or face fall. Nobody wants them any more here.

  10. I have a idea to fix fifa 22 play people your on rating!!!!!!!!! Im sick and tired of playing people with 92 89 ratings and so on

  11. FIFA 2022 has terrible forward runs. the bots can’t move, touches are really poor allowing the defence to step in every time. The defence move in to close the opposition out and no runs are made in behind where the spaces are. The players on opposition are being caught out by weaker players at the back or wing play. Which would be ok if the forward and Cam would move forward, but they don’t. Why? As a result the game play is not a reflection of playing the game. And therefore very disappointed.

    I wouldn’t recommend purchase of fifa 2022. Very disappointed.

  12. You need to make chances to the game. Fo the job and stop thing if money. Be useful.

    The standing tackling, slid tackling, switching players and jockey is still s***…. You can’t jockey and tackle. whatever you do it doesn’t do it.! It doesn’t tackle. That needs to be sorted. The through balls and shooting and passing is soooo off. Never goes to the players, messed with the settings but nothings changes it. It’s Like the setting are not worth being in the game.

    Worse worse worse worse game you have ever made. I hope u didn’t make much money, definitely not worth it. Sort it out.!!!!

  13. I spin the iconic pack but i dont get one player and my club coin has wasted so please you have to give me a iconic goolkeeper please
    My konami id is 907486099 please please please

  14. This is the most scripted game ever. Supposed to have suspence all the time, unbelievable comebacks, 90th min goals, 95 % of the games and etc. 4 goals lead mean nothing, 5 attacks from the opponent and he lead by one. No logic at all, how can you play with brain, when there is no logic. The examples and videos are too many over the net. My favourite the stamina of my opponent is down to zero, mine is about 60 % and he still outrun me and keep playing high pressure all over the pitch. EA make some logic and stop the script, if someone beat me because is better than me, thats fine, but the script to beat me is getting on my nervs. If i am lossing by 3 goals there is no need the script to help to score 2 goals.

  15. EA do something about the ”pass to 25m and cross” corner glitch!! Also passing sucks in general. 10m passes without pressure dont connect with Messi so the rest of the players,,, hopeless… gameplay is terrible 70-80% of time. New servers maybe finally?

  16. Fifa 22 is terrible. It is not worth £80 I would recommend just playing fifa 21. My reason is that the defence just stand there when the ball is moving up to your goal and do Nafall and the game mechanics are noncence it is a waste of money and I wish I never got it I do not reccomend this shitty fucking game

  17. Fifa 21 is absolute crap! Gameplay is very bad especially when playing online. I’ve changed 3 controllers and it still gives inaccurate and wrong passes which is the most terrible thing that can happen to any online player! You keep losing matches because of the games inability to understand what you’re trying to do! Out of all the Fifas in the last few years 21 is the poorest.

    1. Hey guys can anyone help with how to defend using fifa 21? I can’t seem to get close to my opponent. Any help please

  18. My Pro somehow automatically gets his shirt number changed to no9, so i have to manually change it to no10 between every game.

  19. Firstly there are so many things that is wrong and I can’t be better after the making of this game it is taking EA sports Too long to get it right. The defensive awareness and recovery of defenders in this game is utter nonsense and needs more work The goalkeepers are still not up to par the inclusion of Messi to PSG online shows how bias the makers of this game are. There have been no other transfers Other than which is totally unfair for other players who plays with other teams you’ll need to get it right it is not a good look.

    1. Fix your division rivals. It’s a scam, it’s cheating! I enjoy the old fifas way of matching opponents. How I’m in division 8 and I’m competing against a division 1 person. Literally cheating

  20. Hi guys,
    Just want to suggest some changes when it comes to manager career mode. It is available to start with any team available on the FIFA which is great, however, as soon as you choose a team your choices become very limited. For example, if I was to start with English championship team and then win UCL after couple of seasons, I will only receive job offers from reasonably well established clubs. That means I am unable to choose some other team from a lower division from a different country and build it up to with the UCL. It would be nice if I, as a manager, would be able to roam between different leagues and apply to different teams myself without having to wait for an offer or a free space. And then obviously there could be different requirements for different club rankings and so forth.

  21. I would like to describe my disappointment with online playing, Fifa 21 is completely crap. How is possible that for example I’m playing with Bayern Munchen and most of the time PS choosing to play against France, club against national team, disaster! Many time Bayern against Bayern, same club against same club, my god, or PSG, looks that 90% of people playing with PSG.
    I’m playing Fifa since 2007, but I will not anymore.

  22. I think I know where is the DDA….. DDA is the servers. When you are winning, they slow you down with slower connection. Thus you start to make shot that always saved. Defenders took slower tackle or have slower reaction. Pass become crappy cos is delayed by milli of sec which is sometime hard to notice. Remember this is a very delicate game, your reaction deter how your play. Longer you press tackle, harder it become etc. And that is the reason why serves are always over loaded.

  23. Ea need to do a little more work on fifa when passing the ball it goes to the opposing side the defense midfield or st and when the cpu waits for me then makes a tackle I can’t get pass the defense then the ball goes to the other Team it’s very difficult to get pass the ai because the passes are off when I am on a run the defense blocks me from getting pass the defense in position to score I always bump into or is Block from making a good run this is for proclubs I feel like their is not enough skill points and I am close to max level after playing 2 week of the game it felt like the skillpoints are less because the choice is not enough to max out your pro when ever a player Is on the ball the other player and the IA on the openant side the type of tackle is made a card should be given but playing i watch the other Team and they got no card when a yellow card eventually a red card I felt that the card system is off the passing is off not enough skill points being Block when making good runs or being Block and can’t move when u are Block most times u would run into midfield or defender the through ball does not come to me or my Team mates and is always intercepted Block once or twice the through ball would get pass a defense the also when dribbling on the apposing Team you would be Block off because the cpu on the other Team would stop me from making good dribbles and get pass 3 people or most times the dribbles don’t really work all that well the game mode is alright but it needs to be improved on passes x pass through ball dribbling needs to be fix a bit more skill points like 90 or 85 ea should have added an arena for you to use when your club mates are playing in pro clubs as a option the perks noise can be annoying ok I think thats all I got to say

  24. All I got to say is the AI in pro clubs needs a little work. A lot of time the bots have possession of the ball and perform a long dribble straight into a defense, have possession and turn around right into the enemy team, and make horrific passes that have absolutely no chance of making it to the destination they want.(The passes include stuff like crosses all the way to a guy right in the defensive wall and ground passes that are going straight through the enemies team)

  25. Please fix career mode on Fifa21, during the course of a season players lose their primary position when using a player on career mode.

    I created a player and over the course of two seasons, I’m being deployed in a variety of positions that are unfamiliar to the player I created. I created a central midfielder which is currently deployed as a right-back in games which in turn messes up the positions of the other players around me such as a striker playing as a defensive midfielder

  26. first off just wanna say ty for allowing me to try the game early… right down to the game imho the game looks and feels different than 21 did. the gk ai much better because i felt it didnt matter whether you had a rated 91 keeper or 72 they let the same stupid goals in. the tactics you choose to use with your team actually show on the pitch. so if i want 2 of my defenders to stay backon attack i wont find them playing lw. i honestly dont know what peoples problems are you come onto message boards to complain how crap it is and saying dont buy it… but i guarantee they are the same people who spend hundreds ob fifa points and get nowt in return so take it out like this.. get off your high horse and if you think you can do better make a better one. if they were that shit why are they still selling millions after 28yrs. IF YOU DONT LIKEIT DONT BUY IT

  27. Fifa is so trash imagine that they cant fix servers and on day game is trash and u can only play at night bec then its normal so fucking trash u dont know how to make game u think that u did something just bec every year u put same trash with better graph wow great u are so fucking trash too many wrong passes and everything fix fucking fifa and servers and everything fucking trash Im not gonna buy fifa 22 for same trash learn how to make diff game not same idiots kys Im going to start playing pes I cant play this shit fifa anymore

  28. After putting a few hours into career mode i can say that i like the new style of game play its about slowing down the pace of the game i can tell as in in fifa 21 i would win games with very little possesion and now im coming out with over 50-60 percent. The career modes interface hasnt really changed i mean all the negotiations seem largely irrelevant as i you just skip until they get what they want player doesnt really say no, same goes for the pre match post match interviews, they do boost morale but i dont notice any difference , the gameplay is good, in previous games your play style kind of dictates the goals you score making it repetitive at times, i like the unpredictability which is what footballs about . The tackling tends to be off i find sometimes i can sometimes i cant its very difficult, i like the goal keepers are not as over powered and there not saving everything with a few drops here and there with deflections it works well, i do however seem to concede atleast one near post goal a game, i also notice that over the top balls are very overpowered most tend to make it even at 40 50 yards and your in on goal. The shooting is very different i tend to have a lot of shots in good areas and somehow miss the goal completely but it does look satisfying when it goes in the net. Id like to see the dashboard change to freshen up
    And think kit selection should come back for career mode. I plan on sinking a few more hours into the game before deciding how it really is but so far it has a pretty solid foundation but definitely needs tweaking in important areas to balance the game.

  29. I don’t know where to start to be honest. The game feels better but the shooting in the game isn’t very good, i don’t have any control over the shot and I feel like the shots I take a normal keeper couldn’t save. Players like Pepe who have 78 shooting struggle to keep the ball on target. If your player doesn’t have strength you can’t get past defenders, the tackling feels passive and sometime the player doesn’t get the ball when he is supposed too. The goal keeper can hardly throw the ball correctly and it always seems half hearted. I’ll play the game more for a better review but it’s much worse than 21 in my opinion especially with the shooting. It needs to be fixed.

  30. This game really took a nosedive. So little control over the gameplay – it’s all about the 5-10 fastest players and then it’s random skills – sometimes the defender makes the tackle, sometimes not. It all feels very random and there’s no control, causing frustration and very toxic online behavior.

    The passing is awful, and so is the AI runs (often a player starts a run and the just stops by the time you’ve played the ball) so the ability to play a quick passing game is non-existent.

    Fifa 22 will be the first year in over 20 years that I won’t buy the game as soon as it’s available, and if there’s anything by 9/10 or 10/10 ratings, I’ll stay away. Not sure who EA are trying to appeal to, but it isn’t me.

  31. This game is so much bs, first of all I love playing draft which is like what 15k of coins just to get in well I’ve had so many experiences where I buy in and I’m about to start a match up just to get kicked out and then it’s has the audacity to tell me the “DNF” bs so I’m just sitting here wasting coins for no experience you guys should really lower the draft entries because 15k is a lot of many and I’m really really pissed about this I even got it on video but ofc you can’t upload videos for proof because they don’t care they really just don’t care about feedback

  32. EA should set up a video upload on their FIFA site for players to upload their recorded game play and let them know how crappy this game is. I m sick of having more shot on goal and scoring none. On a lot of occasions, I can have like 21 shots and 17 on target but scoring zero. Zero. Opponent, 3 shots 4 goals?? Or 6 shots 3 goals that kind of stats. And none of the shots I took were like outside the penalty box because this is how I play. Create opening and try to score within the box. Is always the case either the defenders block it or keeper making incredible saves and I concede on counters. Is like a 90% sure goal when you do counter attack. Scoring at impossible angles. But where is the fun of it when you just sit back and absorb the pressure and try to score with through or long passes after winning the ball. And be mindful, when such scenario happens, your back four will tend to make damn stupid mistake. Like not tackling when you press the button, winning the ball but somehow, opponents become faster and win the ball or, ball somehow rebound to charging opponents and suddenly your keeper either just went day dreaming or making funny animation. There was once I was holding my 1 goal lead and as usual, no matter what I did, I just can’t crack down opponent defenses to take another goal. Out of the sudden, he managed to do a counter attack winning the ball, sending the ball to his striker. But my defender was marking him, so I did a hard tackle near the half way mark, though I won the ball but, no no. Somehow the ball went back to his striker and I guess this time he is just spamming his button trying to win the ball and the striker took a shot. Shot was not strong and Ball was at least near the half way mark when the shot was took. And my keeper at his goal pole move toward the ball trying to save it suddenly decide to dive when standing there could literally just catch the ball?!?! They really need to know what’s wrong. Servers, DDA, awful tactics, crappy stats that doesn’t reflect the truth capabilities of a card: End day itself, if we didn’t love this game cos of past good experience, we won’t even bother to comment.

  33. All I have to say is that I will never buy another fifa game ever again in my life.

    Fifa 21 is the worst
    oh and fifa 16,17,18,19,20… I always had hope that it would get better but…


  34. Honestly, the same with all fifas the start of the game is the best part. Even with fifa 21. The amount of inconsistency in fifa 21 is ridiculous. You have 99 pace wingers to where 85 paced full back are catching up to them. However that isnt the case when you use that player! EA clearly dont know what a foul is, giving away penalties for the slightest touch on an opponent’s attacker. Sliding tackles are appauling, Van Dijk is considered one of the best defenders to use on fifa but yet cant win a ball off neymar when sliding into him. The amount of s*** that is within this game is ridiculous. Players like Adama Traoure should be rapid because of his speed in real life so EA give him a card with 95 pace so you’d think he would be rapid. No. This is not the case, he is slower than my nan in a race and she is dead. All in all, fifa 21 a big bag of s***e!

  35. I have been playing fifa games since FIFA 09 to fifa 21.

    I love the improvements made in each game released. However, in Fifa 21, through balls are worse I will give 0.1 out of 10. The ball goes to a very different direction from the player which make it easy to be defended. Through balls are worse.

    Formations, can fifa 22 allow us to customize our own formations. This is disabled in fifa 21. Also allow us to customize our Tactics to play short passes to the closes player for now it’s ramdom. The pass may go to the player who is far and make easy for the defender

    I thank you

  36. Worst fifa ever made save ur money don’t buy this s*** game can’t believe they let this be released especially with ultimate team it’s a fact the games are rigged and planned.

  37. I waited until it was dirt cheap to buy and honestly want my money back.
    To say that this is the worst game for defensive intelligence is an understatement, and a poor knowledge of who I’m asking to pass to (how can you mistake left for right for example).
    The sad truth is though is that I believe EA will not fix this, as they no longer care about the player.