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Have you played FIFA 21 Beta yet? How did you find the gameplay? Is there any feedback or comment that you want to share with the community?

Write your FIFA 21 reviews, feedback, and comments here and share it with the FIFA community. Use the comment form below to submit your FIFA 21 user-reviews and feedback. You can also include your Youtube video links in the form if you got any.

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  1. Its probably the first time in years that I won’t be buying new Fifa. I just cant be bothered with cosmetic changes. Its like playing same game every year. Not only it doesnt get any better it actually gets worse. Yes you can play UT without spending any money, but its not so fun to be playing against 89+ teams month or two after release. I admit i also spend money on packs, but Bonkers economy in fifa now forcing you to spend couple of £k to be competitive, unless you are godlike skilled player. With so many games now going away from micro-transactions I feel like EA figured that since game makes millions there is no point to change it, especially that youtubers are helping to hype it up.
    I used to love EA and their games, but recently they are falling way behind Activision, CD Project Red etc. Its seems like those companies want to release proper games made for gamers, not for kids wanting to impress other kids with their UT cards. FIFA became Instagram/ Facebook of game world. I think this is proper Rubbish behavior from EA. Peace out.
    P.S. planning already to buy fifa 25 when it looks and plays a bit different and doesnt make me spend money play…

  2. The gameplay is great and feels more fluid compared to fifa 20. Also can you add the face scans of William Saliba and Gabriel please!!!

  3. FIFA 21 BETA FEEDBACK ; Pass Assistance is off QUITE OFTEN. The manager Career has barely been touched. No significant chnages. If possible interviews options should be added. Set pieces glitches are common where players freeze after freekicks and Penalties are awarded. Some key players dont look like real life players for example Neymar.

  4. Wow …finally the bots can give great passes, much more power and accuracy the midfield the player touches are way smoother and the outside shots seem to go in easier than fifa 20. Much better job than fifa 20 for sure!

  5. Fifa 21 will be a promising game this year. The new changes on the game modes add a new experience to the game. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait for the full game.

  6. A good upgrade on FIFA 20. The training sessions are a massive help same as the position change for players. I like the idea that i can get a youth player and mould him to what i want. However, i hope ther will be an addition to stats. For example, I bought Jonathan David for my career team. He scores around 40 goals a season or more BUT when the next season starts, all the previous stats go as well. I want to be able to keep David and eventually turn him to a club legend.

    NBA 2k8 had a ‘Franchise Mode’ where the manager takes a team and stays with the, for 25 seasons but at the end the coach is a legend. The seasons counted for something and not just start fresh.

    1. fifa 21 is amazing i like how everything is smother is way different now and loved everything is and like how the players are different from the face and graphics are better and like how the background is

  7. Hey guys,

    Much better than Fifa 20. Way more responsive when moving the ball about. Tactics better. AI less predictable . Good job.


    Rangers FC 19/20 season Shirt with hummel on it. This is now Castore and strips are in need of the new designs.

    Club captains should lift the trophy even when being substituted mid game. To have some random sub pick up the euro trophy is annoying.

    If a player is injured he remains on screen,injured whilst his teammate sets up for resultant freekick.

    Celebration calibration was jumpy, with commentary not matching scoring. (Goal before it crossed the line)

  8. Career mode: –
    Not sure I like the training every other day as it slows pre season down. But it is more realistic to how a preseason is in real life. The preseason tournament is an absolute if you want match fitness to start the season.
    Graphics during game does not seem to have got better, some players are still not recognisable. I like the sim options this year the “jump in” option is really good if you are having a poor game. Game play is very similar apart from now i can win a header from a corner when I’m attacking.
    Some of the players are very low on there overall stats Greenwood is only rated a 67 and Haaland is rated 73 so this made them very cheap to buy.
    Finally I hope Derek Rae and Lee Dixon are not going to do all the commentary because the pronunciation on some of the players is diabolical. ie Bruno Fernange instead of Fernandes.
    Overall usual great fun.

    1. I thought the same about the training every other day BUT then i discovered the weekly schedule whee you can change the training days and rest days. This has been missing from other FIFA games.

  9. Feedback on Kick off mode: I like the Training the way its set up and the beginning after you pick the teams. The dramatic music once the game starts is really cool. I like the camera angles that they have. I like the colors when you are on pause, I also from Fifa 20, the score and how that is, since it was the same, I liked it the testing for the kick off mode and liked lots as the settings as well.

    Feedback on whole game: I love this game so much. I will buy the game every year. Keep making it better! Fifa is probably one of the high rank games that I would recommend to people.

  10. Where do i start…

    -Ultimate team

    When i started my ultimate team at first everything was pretty easy.

    Grinding to get high rated players was easy and i already had a 83 rated squad in 2 days. Some players were really cheap, for example an 85 rated koke only costed 1.5k coins.

    And i had 1 big problem. The menus were terribly slow, they were super laggy in all modes. 5 fps max every time i get to a new menu. If we dont have 60 fps menus on release then expect this game to get a lot of hate from content creators.

    -Now Gameplay

    When i ACTUALLY started playing at first the animations and the camera movements were very different.
    But after like an hour i got used to it, and then everything felt the same way as in fifa 20.


    Well, well, well…

    The worst part of this game is the A.I. Let me tell you, the A.I is diabolical.
    Let me tell you why.

    The a.i just keeps doing random pointless skill moves at the back and it’s extremely boring to play against.
    After the a.i kicks the ball the ST or whoever has the ball immediately starts running towards my goal doing random skill moves. 98% of the time they’ll always lose the ball.

    -Career mode

    This is the fun fart in my opinion.
    Imo i think they killed it this year.

    For example if cristiano ronaldo has 89 pace in january, by the end of the season if he plays well, he can grow it up to 91.

    Changing player’s preferred positioning was also very fun.

    Converting semedo from RB to a LB felt amazing. And unfortunately you cannot convert kyle walker from a RB to a GK 🙁

    -Now for me this game gets a 9/10 definitely worth $59.99

  11. Here are my issues with Fifa 21
    It is far to difficult to disposes the ball of an attacking player, as an attacker youcan glide through defenders with little resistance. Some players seem to be near impossible to disposes (especially Kylian Mbappe). The first time I played the Beta calling for a thru-ball seemed to be buggy but after playing the Beta today August 31st it seems to have been fixed. The trick-stick seems to have been modified in an attempt to give players more control, sadly it doesn’t seem to have done so. My tricks are sometimes delayed and my favorite trick (The double leg crossover) seems to be assigned to a different motion. It’s old motion was to rotate the trick stick in circular counter clockwise motion. The goalkeeper also seems to be totally aloof and has no urgency when being attacked.
    Career Mode
    You desperately need to added the CONCACAF Champions league, you could just have the MLS and Liga MX compete in this. I think this would add a lot to peoples campaigns that they want to run with teams from these leagues. I am not sure if you could add teams to the “other teams” category but if so the well known teams of the America’s would be great additions such as, Saprissa (Costa Rica), San Carlos (Costa Rica), Allianza (El Salvador), Communicaciones (Guatemala), Montagua (Honduras), Olimpia (Honduras). Also if you had any of these teams in game they could be teams that compete in the CONCACAF Champions league.

    I am really glade to see the MLS and Adidas All-stars, I also like a lot of the updates for Career mode including the finical takeover and the trade guidelines (loose/strict).

  12. I was given the BETA for FIFA 21 and i was optimistic because the last 2 FIFA’s have been possibly the worst yet so i thought that it could only improve. And i was right but only a few areas, the finishing feels more consistent, and overpowered skill moves like the drag back and la croqueta have been nerfed into non existence. Although this is only the BETA, i can’t advise anyone to spend upwards of £50 on this game.

    The servers are horribly bad, i must have had a 2 second input delay every game i played which made the game unplayable at points even though i had a 4 bar latency. Also i literally had a 3 second delay on the transfer market, and squad builder, i knew that the servers were bad but not this bad.

    Career mode was very glitchy, i had players who were 62 rated asking for 700 grand a week multiple times, and yes i had button delay on this as well

    Pro clubs is exactly the same as last year, probably because EA couldn’t think of a way to monetise it.

    EA have outdone themselves yet again, as they have found away to monetise stadium chants, stands and stadium themes, as all of these are locked behind packs. You literally have to pay to hear fans now.

    The packs are still woefully bad (what a surprise) i spent about 100,000 coins on 7.5k packs and my best player was Stoch, the game even gave me 5 free ultimate packs and my best player was Daley Blind.

    At this point i just don’t care anymore, i’m not buying fifa this year, and i would advise anyone else not to as well, although the game is improved in some places, these improvements do not warrant you spending another £50 for basically just roster updates and more microtransactions.

    I’m going to predict how this year will go,
    a few weeks in EA will release a patch which will improve the game,
    then team of year will be released an EA will release anther patch which will Break the game and create a stupid meta like finesse shots or el tornado crosses.
    EA will fail to improve server quality, and still pay their pro players basically what a kid earns for doing the washing up.
    Streamers like Castro will scream at packs, and make their impressionable young audience waste their money.
    Ea will accidentally release peoples private info.
    EA will ask for feedback towards the end of year, but only from the game changers who are scared to say anything
    EA will release 20 thousand promos instead of fixing the game
    FUT champs rewards will still be bad
    People will lower divisions in order to complete the way too grindy objective cards
    The people who do speak out against EA will be banned
    At the very end of year, EA will say ”We’ve heard your feedback and we will take it into account for FIFA 22”
    Repeat year after year

  13. Feels as though the fouling system is way too strict. I attempt a standing tackle and 4 times out of 5 it’s a foul and a yellow straight away. No matter where on the pitch the foul occurred.
    Other than that the gameplay feels a little fast pace. But that’s good.

  14. Overall fifa 21 i think has improved. I like the fact collisareer mode you don’t have to play all you training. One and done thats nice. Movement is very realistic and to me it seems the computer commits more fouls than in 20. Overall i think it better than 20.

  15. FUT:
    Too many yellow cards even though my players clearly get the ball and make clean tackles decent gameplay and feels quite smooth

  16. Career Mode Comments (overall good improvement from 2020):
    1. Players speed seem slow
    2. No CPU AI fouls. Very similar to 2020
    3. Commentary needs upgrade or tweak. Very similar to 2020
    4. Free kick system is challenging. Curling ball is difficult or not responsive. Didnt like 2020 system as its bit confusing unless its just me.
    5. Fwds or strikers tend to slow down when winger is attacking with ball or crossing on counter
    6. Energy of players is low even after week off. This may be due to new training rest system.
    7. Defensive players sometimes let through balls go by when they can steal or knock ball away.
    8. Ball physics, movement and passing much improved from 2020.
    9. Corner kicks and heading is much improved. Success rate seems to be a bit low but could be wrong.
    10. Graphics are clean but some players likeliness needs improvement. Adama for example looks way to skinny.
    11. VAR would be cool. Handballs and foul reviews would make game very realistic.

  17. Overall it’s great upgrade you guys did thanks keep up the great work but I have some things I want address
    1)I would love that if you guys let us play online career mode matches Like play against other players online that would be great 🙂
    But beside that overall it’s great keep Up the great work
    2)Puig ( Barcelona midfielder the rating is too low )
    3)Player feels slow when you run
    4)Leo Messi in career mode you guys saying he is retiring in the end of the season
    5)when you list the player to transfer list and then change ur mind to loan list doesn’t work
    6)all the wonder kids in fifa 21 career mode the rating is low very low then fifa 20
    7)it will be great and more exited if we hear the manger talk in conference room
    8)when I speed with a player sometimes I feel it slow

    1. The ratings are low because they just used the roster from the launch of FIFA 20 in the beta. Players like Sancho are 84
      Mané is a 88
      Salah is a 89
      The roster ratings are low but it’s just for the beta.

  18. Overall happy with career mode changes. Noticed an annoying bug though – nearly every player in my squad will come to me saying: “Gaffer! I think I’m letting the team down playing as a left winger…”. I have had CBs in my starting XI, injured players, actual LWs, LBs etc say this – with or without me playing them in any position let alone LW. In general i have been pleased with the greater attention to detail with career mode dialogue, but bugs like this soured the experience of 20 so please iron it out.

    1. Found another bug: playing one of my youth players in their debut, any goals scored by other players are also commented on as though it were their debuts too. Playing a pre-season game in second season of career mode

  19. i been playing fifa for long time and to be honest the gameplay is really smooth and passes on point just feel different fifa

    The other thing they have add more time on 90 minute also they need new animation for goalkeepers because feel like fifa 15

  20. Game plays a big improvement on fifa 20, ai runs are good aspect, keepers improved massively, love hiw youve ammended man citys player staminas as they were unrealistic in fifa 20.
    The bug i found in career mode was players complain of playing left wing constantly, and also the conferences are always the same dont really play much part in the game.
    A retiring player wanted a new contract and the game wouldnt let me offer him one after he came to me and asked to stay.
    The biggest problem with career mode is newly scouted players always have the ea black/white boots which is terrible aspect and makes you want to turn it off after a few seasons please change it so new players come with customed boots (nike/adidas/umbro already etc) after 10seasons most teams are full of new players with the poor ea boots on. Please address this.
    Also i dont think you should be offered an international job until youve actual gained a reputation in a top league unrealistic.
    I like the new player loan/buy agreement thats a good addition.
    I would also make it if you do gain a reputation as a manager then you should be able to choose to manage any team in any league not just have to choose from a barca/madrid/psg/juventus good if you could win the premier league then maybe go to the U.S

  21. Manager mode is such a massive improvement over FIFA 20. The training system, development system, and sharpness feature are really nice additions to the game mode.
    I love the ability of changing player positions to fill a need or to experiment with “What if” moments.
    You guys really outdone yourself with this over FIFA 20!
    The only complaint I have now is player career mode. Player career mode is a major disappointment. It’s exactly the same as 18-19-20 it’s not any different.
    You create a player you start off with 1 Star WF and 4 Star Skill Moves, but in order to upgrade it’s the same training system from 20 and “accomplishments” no access to the development system. I would like to be multiple positions on my player to fill out a need on the team. The player career mode portion is a giant let down when comparing it to the manager mode. I Hope this is just for the CURRENT gen and not Next Gen. Other than that, the career mode (Manager) is a 10/10 for me, but career mode (Player) is 0/10 because it’s literally the same as before.

  22. No training for goalkeepers. Crashes when editing players, training is confusing. Bit of a poor effort. Need to incorporate football manager for depth.

  23. Works well for me on XBOX ONE and no glitches yet. Player images good and gameplay at usual standard. Tried Kick Off and career. Will try Volta and manager. Would have liked the family career progress as in Fifa 19.
    One thing I would like and is overdue is some new commentators and commentary.
    Historic internationals and players would be good as well.

  24. The career mode changes are a few tweaks away from being a huge improvement, but as it stands it’s worse than previous years. If a players has multiple preferred positions, they shouldn’t lose rating for playing in one of those positions just because it isn’t their main position (CDM/CM loses 2 rating for playing at CM). It feels like they put a lot of effort into the concept of the new mode but not a lot went into actually developing it.

  25. Played career mode first game in, made no changes to the team or new transfers but everytime my players scored according to the commentary it was their first goal for the club on their debut. 1 player has been in the team for 10 years in real life.

  26. I got the beta and at first I was very excited having played fifa for 7+ years and over 1500 games of fifa 20 but the gameplay is poor. I’m not excited to play it, it feels like less and less effort going into it whereas on the other hand we know more and more is going into development. I don’t know what changes I would like to see but every year it just feels like I’m buying the same game now with different coloured menus and a few obvious changes. That’s just my opinion anyway I’m open to any discussion about it – Twitter – HarveyOakes2

  27. The gameplay isn’t as smooth as I was hoping it would be. There are still awkward collisions. Headers are much better than last year.

  28. I’ve been playing for a few days now and career mode so far is great. Love the development plan system. It’s something that should’ve been introduced years ago. However, I’ve had some difficulty nailing down the creative runs system as the video that introduced it was a bit vague and for me I feel like it doesn’t always work. Perhaps a bit more clarity on that would be nice? Also, a suggestion would be to have a dedicated skill game for the new creative runs feature, as it is a very pivotal feature in FIFA gameplay overall

  29. Encountering a few career mode problems:

    1) Pulisic, who plays left wing, is complaining about being played left wing.
    2) Not receiving many transfer offers. Surely if a player is transfer listed, they should receive many offers as they’ll likely go for a cheaper price.
    3) When I sim a game and ‘jump in’ to take a penalty, the camera doesn’t adjust to the typical penalty kick camera. This makes them very hard to score.

    Overall though, I am thoroughly enjoying the game, definitely an improvement on 20.

  30. Some things noticed;

    – During the manager interviews/press conference that some of the text is cut off in manager Usually happens when there is a big piece of text

    – During some training sessions, when the training session starts, the player is unresponsive or doesn’t react to any button presses until late

  31. so I’ve been playing the beta for a few hours and I’m already annoyed at manager to player chatter, as players are complaing that I’m playing them at left wing when I’m no not had about 8 tell me this already and players who are bit part players ask for more game time and why is my players only deal with fitness issues and not the cpu, feels very clunky and not as fluid as I excepted I know its a very early build but yikes

  32. A suggestion for Fifa 21, we would be able to put characteristics on the players created in the mode “create player” thing that is not possible in fifa 20, there is no way to put unique characteristics, another thing is to be able to “save” the player created in the mode “player career” to use in the mode “coaching career” in our squad, hiring to be a player of our team , with the skills and characteristics he had when we “saved”.

  33. Referee doesn’t play advantage when fouls occur but player/team keep possession. Announcers say that they do, so the system recognizes that advantage should be granted, but the play stops and team is awarded the free kick.

  34. FUT is driving me mad with crashing. Everytime I go ahead the game is crashing and freezing before the replay. It then exits to the home screen and when I go beck in I’ve recorded a loss! This cannot be a coincidence as it has happened 4 times in one championship and 3 times in a row now.

    Game play is okay. Dribbling and movement seems less smooth and responsive to Fifa20 but AI movement and positioning is better.

  35. I think the game is good all around. Feels much better than fifa 20. I like the new skill moves also but I have to say it, the new agile dribbling is too Overpowered. If someone sits down and practice it they won’t lose the ball. That’s the only part of the game I don’t like. Please at least slow it down

  36. Hi,

    Been playing FIFA since early days and still loving the game. Happy about yealy updates and new features in the game. But if is possible to dream further am I dreaming about new features in the career mode-manager mode. Dreaming of match simulator just like the one you yourself can play but only that you can watch the game as manager, maybe jump into the game when you wish. Om this matter can you both catch all the fifa players who love the game and want to play themselves but also the ones who want to be the new Klopp on the sideline. If this is possible within the game development and limitations am I not sure of. Just want to share my idea.

    Thanks for many great games!

    Best regards,

    Jörgen Hellqvist

  37. FIFA 21 feels like what FIFA 20 should have been.
    It fixed most of the problems of FIFA 20 and made some improvements.
    No more dragback goals. Dribbling and tackling are better. Collision system is better, goalies are better.
    Wingers run for long balls so you can play with crossings, you are not limited to ping pong passings.
    Goalies are stronger at near post so no more near post finishes, just shoot at the far post now which makes the shooting a little bit boring.

    Overall it’s the FIFA 20 with fixes but proper fixes. I enjoyed more than FIFA 20.

  38. So far so good. The rewind feature in kick off was ok I guess. Gameplay still the same like last year plus those new gameplay improvements.(it’s a beta, and it means EA aren’t done with the game yet)
    Competitor Mode next….

    1. Edit: Looks like Competitor Mode is Ultimate 2.0. Might result in broken controllers when LAUNCHED globally. I fear for you

    2. EDIT 2:Kick Off
      Those skill moves are epic. Dribbling is smoother, way smoother than it should have been in 20. Headers are now relevant again. Goalkeepers no longer concede side shots as much as they did last year. The Collision System is still my problem, I don’t notice anything different

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