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FIFA 21 Feedback

Have you played FIFA 21 yet? How did you find the gameplay? Is there any feedback or comment that you want to share with the community?

Write your FIFA 21 reviews, feedback, and comments here and share it with the FIFA community. Use the comment form below to submit your FIFA 21 user-reviews and feedback. You can also include your Youtube video links in the form if you got any.

Note: This page is for FIFA 21 user-reviews and feedback only. You can write your ideas and wishlist for the next version of FIFA at FIFA 22 Wishlist page.

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  1. Not the same fifa I used to play for the last 6 months, even worst now, it super fast, was super slow before and now suddenly is super fast in weekend leagues, it is just not good for you when you used to slow passing and game and suddenly bam super fast. It just helps to better squads. Same kick different time, but different shots, it is very slow or super fast whatever computer decides. This fifa is a joke.

  2. Ok, so far I play fifa since October, it is the worst game ever. First it was very slow, a lot of bugs and kicking your out of the game very often. I wanted to enjoying playing weekend league, but not in fifa 21, now it super fast and and you always lose the game I usually win 6 out of 30 which is ridiculous, because despite the fact you quit it still puts you against strong players with 11 strong cards, stupid computer and stupid game. If you do not put money you will lose and get stupid award of 78 player card or similar, not even from premier league player. I have good a squad, stoichkov and rooney and grealish, keita raphina deulofeu, ashley cole and coeman van dyke and bellerin plus allison for goalkeeper. Well defenders and goalkeeper are useless, computer does not help you at all, it just someone who is there just for a number, useless nothing in common with previous fifa. Was extremely slow, now suddenly it is super fast, just EA are the worst, MONEY MONEY MONEY, that it is for them,nothing else. I wanted to enjoy but you can’t with all those stupid cards so I have to sell this fifa and forget about it forever. Just can’t have a fun, you will always lose it does not matter what you gonna do, you can’t buy ronaldo or pele or any good player without putting money in the game and those players are only for youtoubers, not for you. I was doing all challenges and objective and still can’t get anything from this game, always lose. Whatever you do if you do not put money for players you won’t get anything, just some stupid games. Computer does not help you at all, striker is fast but defenders are watching at him no reaction, the ball will pass by defenders but still no reaction, they will stand like a ficus in the house. Goalkeepers are useless, I do not know why do I have a goalkeeper if they just stand and look at the player how do they score, no reaction yat all. Always got goals from a corner, stupid stupid stupid game. Forget about it, just play something else. EA is worst, do not forget it.

  3. money trap.i will never ever ever ever buy any more fifa games.that was it.after 4 years still its the same old garbage.they don’t have any concern about their players or their quality of game because everyone will keep buying since they have all the license.ea is making money only for their copyrights.i hate this company so much and i am done spending money on any of their games.shameless and unproggressive.after 4 years still they have the worst servers,worst ingame balance and its still a grindfest because they are encourageing you to spend money.I AM DONE.DO NOT BUY THIS.WHATEVER YOU THINK DO NOT BUY ANY EA GAMES

  4. this game is useless you try to play a beautiful game but the goal keepers are worhtless its like there no one in the goal

    1. This game is the worst fifa or second worst. How can you give penalty for a little shoulder to shoulder or when you press “O” and he makes a little bit of a contact to the player?? I’m surprised that they don’t play the game before they release it. Or they can try to fix it, but no, now they’re focusing about FIFA 22 now, bc now they have steal our money. Btw I play FIFA Career Mode

  5. Hello fifa. I just completed a fifa 21 cup match which I won and the match ended normally. However my team never progressed to the next stage? On my seasons menu it says I’m in the quarter finals..however when I go to the table it says im in the round of 16.

  6. This game is so shit ,Ea don’t consider in their players.
    I think this game don’t have to be pay to win you cheat by helping better squads and you just need to fix your gameplay and not to bring unfamiliar players cards that will play like they are the best.
    Like Tavernier, Klaiber, Bebou, Malen, Reinier, Tonali, Areola and more.
    Even though I play well and try to enjoy the game you never help.
    In your gameplay the players play as if they are being paid and selling the game.
    I would love it if you could improve your game.

    1. Absolutely agree with you. Worst company is EA, worst game is Fifa, always help to better squads. Sometime you kick the ball and it is in, but sometimes just out whatever computer decides. Bullshit fifa and EA. Sell it and forget about it.

  7. Very unfair and frustrating when playing weekend league FUT champs.. I always get put with people who are better than me, therefore not winning many games. I won 6 out of 30 last week and this week, I’m looking like I will get a worse record.. I don’t know how the better players end up being matched with me, I can only assume they lose lots of games before the weekend, to make sure they in a lower group, therefore able to win more games. If I go back to ” Division rivals” to play, then I’m back at being matched with simular skill levels. I want to play FUT champs to get better rewards, but it seriously frustrates me! It’s not close loses, I’m talking, 6-0.. 10-0.. Makes me want to stop playing fifa 21!

    1. Similar situation, not only you. Computer just helps to a better squads, people who do not pay will get an opponent with a lot better squad and will lose, welcome to the real world. Just forget about fifa, i win 6 games as well, not more, once may be 8, but that it is. So it is not only you, it is for everyone who does not give money to EA.

  8. Hej Fifa 21 jeg har et fårsel til hvad jeg Ganne vil ha med til Fifa næster Gang der skal laver en opdatering jeg kunne godt trækker mig at der kom Var med og det Danske KvindeLand hold kom med vis det kan ladser Gøre
    Det var vist det håber det kan ladser gøre

    Fra Kim Petersen

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