FIFA 22 Wishlist

FIFA 22 Wishlist

Write your ideas and wishlist for FIFA 22 here at this page. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 22 game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

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310 thoughts on “FIFA 22 Wishlist

  1. Nice fut changes:

    – Weekend should be all the week open bcs some players don’t have so much time to finish all the matches!

    – i should be able to bet coins with other people. I always want to build a good team and 10m for good player are money which i will never earn. Except that it doesn’t matter if your opponent is worse u will still have a worse team :).

    – squad battles should pay more.

    – matches incomes and players prices are not balanced !!

    – Players must can make clever passes and open the opponent’s defence.

    – i would like to keep also 1 player form my old fut team.

    – teams in the matches are also not balanced !!

    1. Can you make Online career modes/with friends and with friends tournaments. Also add 24 and 48 teams to tournaments

  2. to be able to start your own club. manage the club by hiring coaches and buy players. create your own club from scratch

  3. I would love to have a weekend league but in mid week, so people can play midweek for rewards (some people can’t play in the weekend) also. Thanks

  4. Our wishes and suggestions :
    1) Turkish speaker and commentator.
    2) Turkish fan sounds and chants. So fans cheering in their own language
    3)The faces of players, coaches and fans are more realistic, i.e. expressions such as getting angry, sad, talking are more realistic.
    4)Introduction of VAR operator iimplementation
    5)There are situations such as tension and fair play during the match.
    That’s it .

  5. 1) Story Mode such as Hunter Story
    2) In Volta career mode, it should be more realistic which means that if I loss, don’t repeat the match.
    3) Ability to play with the normal people not only players when I open a classic volta match.
    4) In player career mode, if I started the career with a professional player, not created, give me the ability to customizer him and his look.

  6. 1) To have 2 chances in every match to ask the referee for the VAR
    2) Ability to change kits in manager career mode.
    3) Ability to customizer the club in manager career ( club logo, club stadium)
    4) Have all rights for all stadiums such as Camp Nou and clubs such as Juventus
    5) To have Mo Salah or Ngolo Kante on the Cover.
    6) Improving options for customising the player in player career mode.
    7) More Game Faces for Egyptian players such as Mostafa Mohamed, Ahmed Hassan Kouka.

  7. 1. not always whistle for offside when a player is offside but does not interfere with the play.
    2. Adding voices to the coaches in the scenes
    3. More reality in the career mode (manager), e.g. transfers.
    4. More reality in the career mode (manager), e.g. relationship to the players, e.g. a player wants to play more and as a manager you just have to say “There will be games which are much more important” and the player is happy…doesn’t make sense always
    5. More reality/variety in the career mode (player), e.g. growing up in a small club
    6. More reality/variety in the career mode (player), e.g. chance to become the teams captain
    7. More reality/variety in the career mode (player), e.g. creating a side story the career like sponsoring, family, spending money for different things (car, house) and everything influences the career in a way…

    1. Please add the ability to make the bench in the player career mode. I feel like it’s a simple task to do since it was implemented in The Journey. As of right now, you are picked to start every game no matter how much stamina your player has or you are in the reserves.

  8. Add kit creator or customiser in career because wearing the same kit every year just gets bland. Add the city ground(Nottingham forests ground). Add VAR it would be fun. Referee mode should be a thing. In player career make wages meen something so if your being payed 1,000 a week that could pay bills for your player and buy boots and other stuff with the money you earn as there is no point in wage otherwise also add a trophy cabinet to see all the trophies you’ve won.

    1. yes that would be good. actually getting wages. and a referee mode would be fun too. weird but fun

  9. I’d like to see a cutseen where in player career you get a guard of honour after playing for the same club for a long time and also when you retire you get a farewell in your finally match

  10. Please please PLEASE can you return to the old system for penalties? In the last years it has become impossible to score. I rather take a penalty in the world Cup final then in fifa21.

  11. Ideas for FIFA 22:
    *Addition of female and african leagues
    *Alex hunter journey return
    *More realistic football seasons(like the way it happens in real life

  12. See all players who are online, so you can invite and get ranking points so you can get up in rank instead of playing division, and that you must be able to decide which tactics you want to play with, if I play with tactics, my opponent himself could choose which tactic they would use

  13. add kit creator for every season.
    Stadium change.
    add real manager faces
    add transfer rumours that you can use for career mode so it can be realistiq.

  14. add clubs youth academy’s so you can scout real young players instead of the computer generating fake players

  15. For FIFA 22, try matching the financial situations of the clubs to give it a more realistic feel in terms of team building and financial situations around the squad like contracts, for example, Barcelona are in debt in real life so try matching that so if you decide to start a Barcelona career mode, you start with significantly less money than you normally would at Barcelona on FIFA.

    its been years guys, please:

    I get that FUT is the thing, but “Pro clubs” is a hidden gem.. and I’m not asking for something irrational, as i understand Fifa is an iteration game, hell i won’t even get into the creative ideas i had in mind for this mode (apart from some).. but we need this extremely simple, headache saving change that I’m pretty sure you guys can make happen:



    – Can we actually HAVE a matchmaking system?, not just talking skill based, but the method; have players be assigned positions automatically (tactical field board), as oppose to racing each other to them. This would ensure that games are filled up and players wont have to keep rejoining “lobbies” looking for a game.. and, would also stop players who didn’t get their position from playing in positions they shouldn’t be in… Essentially, implementing this mechanic would solve a horde of other issues. Also wanted to point out that I understand “clubs” allows for some of what Im looking for, however; not only is “clubs” not a remedy, but it isn’t even any better than “Drop ins” concerning the amount of players in game; its irrational to assume that 3 or 4 people on your friends list will be available to play “clubs” (let alone 10 others..) So what you end up with is “Clubs” only always being a 4 vs 4, or even just 2 v 2 given that people want to play “Clubs” at any cost, making it just as bad as (if not worse than) “Drop in” games… All that, not the mention – people love playing with new gamers all the time, its the nature of multiplayer gaming… ESPECIALLY if we were able to have authentic kits back in “Drop in”, as well as the formations of each.


    – Bring back authentic clubs’ kits
    – Authentic stadiums based on team choice (for clubs also)
    – separate kit into top, shorts, and socks, when choosing home/away/third (for clubs also)
    – Allow for ratings (form) to be visible in pre-game lobby; number and colored arrow of form
    – Authentic club crest of favorite team near players name
    – Lobbies will be a soccer field “tactical clip board” with positions on the field being filled by players tags, where overall ratings are visible
    – PLEASE, please, add a lot more cut scenes based on whats happening, not just of players but crowd, managers, etc.


    – Remove the ability to call for the ball from a CPU player
    – Add extra time and penalties (vote at the end of a game?)
    – Play the formation of chosen authentic team
    – Stricter ratings – expand the rating threshold. As of now, a 6.0 seems to be the norm for all kinds of offenses. Ratings should be very, VERY strongly demonstrative of passing, positioning, POSSESSION / dispossession, Stamina usage, etc.
    – The threshold of players stamina is way to high, giving players incentive to abuse sprinting in the already ’pace’ based game.
    – Have real life pros from certain leagues makeup the CPU players randomly for certain authentic teams.
    – Have substitutions be possible by subbing your virtual pro out, for a real life pro, based on what position your playing.
    – make tactics a little different for this mode by having tactics like: “possession” – only implying the message to keep more possession..


    – Overhaul the progression system: Start a players’ overall very very low, and slow the progression rate down; put a ‘CAP’ on a players’ potential “overall” by giving the player a certain number of matches to play; ranking the player and determining the overall reachable by progression {maybe an increased likelihood of higher overalls for positions other than striker} addressing the issue of having 90s all over the field, especially when all anyone wants is to be a striker with all pace (i would have less of a problem with more higher rated players in other positions) This change will also prompt players to play well, and invokes a real sense of unique individuality. This will really weed out the pace abusers from the truly talented (dare i say myself) who not only don’t hold the right trigger (or even run) the entire game, but also know every single command on the manual. NOTE: This would still allow for the skill point system to be used.

    As stated, this was only for “pro clubs” mode, and concentrated on “Drop in” matches. I might of forgot some things, however i think the community would be ecstatic if we were to get just that matchmaking change to “Drop in” mode , for a more enjoyable football experience with our virtual pros.

    Thanks, Marco

  17. I’d like to be able to crate my own team in career mode and start off in the lowest league, create my own stadium and kit, with a sponsor, invest money into the team, building the team, while moving up through the leagues.

  18. I think EA should allow their users to purchase specific game modes in future FIFA titles. Activision have taken a half-step into this by making users pay full-price and then choosing which game modes they wish to install first or at all for that matter.

    However, I think it would be hugely beneficial for both creator and consumer if EA converted fully into game mode specific purchasing (eg. Career Mode = £15-20; Ultimate Team = £25-30; if both are purchased together = £40-50; and then the other, less popular game modes such as Kick Off and Pro Clubs in a bundle for £5).

    EA wouldn’t have to advertise the game modes separately (eg. FIFA 22: Career Mode Edition), they could just have the listing for the base game, premium ed, ultimate ed, etc.. and inside these they could have a selection of game modes to purchase and the running total. And if it was the premium ed for example, they would obviously not include game modes that have no perks that come with the upgrade – or they could simply list the gamemodes but at the base game price.

    I know a lot of people that are only interested in Career Mode or Ultimate Team but not both, and they have recently shown their desire to discontinue their purchasing of future FIFA titles as they don’t believe it is worth spending £50-£60 every year on a game where they’re only going to play specific game modes.

    That being said, this conversion is likely to retain many players as well as obtain new players that haven’t bought the game in the past due to the same reasons.

  19. There are some things in FIFA that I find every year that have not changed
    Knowing that they are simple things, but they will change the game and make it more fun, such as:
    Goalkeeper saves are not interested as they have few unrealistic saves 1.
    There is no revision to it for 3 years, which is repeated a lot, as it lacks realism
    2. When playing with the computer, the goalkeeper does not move when the attacker is alone and blocks the ball, but remains fixed on the goal line, which is unrealistic.
    3. I feel that the ball is attached to the player’s leg, and this is unrealistic
    4. Artificial intelligence needs further development, especially the movements of the players without the ball

  20. A lot of focus on youth.

    Higher rating youth lets say once a year
    A star from scouts with ovr of 74 75
    And the most important is : MORE YOUTH PLAYERS TRAITS!!!!!!!!

  21. I would like the option to edit the stadiums or add new custom uniforms per season in career mode, I feel that it would give an air of improvement and different from the others.
    Maybe also in the club’s shield, after every certain season or something like that.

  22. Pro clubs to be similar to Ultimate Team. CPUs to be replaced by actual players.
    Every match you play, you get coins, with the coins you can do sbcs or buy players from transfer market.
    Fifa points should also be allowed considering that’s the only way ea will make its revenue from this mode.
    This will make game mode more fun, cpus are a nightmare to play with especially when you have no any.

    1. you’re right and wrong.. CPUs are amazing if you play actual football; countless times throughout the years, my “team mates” would leave when were losing 3-0, and id turn it around 3/5 times as a mid.

      But yes, Clubs, as they call it needs huge change; your idea to give it a FUT theme is great – my ‘idea’ though, which is more an emergency remedy to the ‘Drop in’ variant, would be to actually HAVE a matchmaking system, and one where, players are put into positions as oppose to racing for them… and thats just the core.

  23. I really wanna see VAR better faces real league quality everything ive been playing fifa for years and im a fifa fan and see no good improvement no real international leagues also no womens cup no youth nothing Pes is clearly soon gonna win cause there faces looks like crap on fifa and also want empty stadiums and real body structure

  24. greek superleague i play 10 years and i every year greek superleague who is a very good league

  25. 1)add 2002&2018 real madrid 2007 ac milan 2008 manchester united 2011 and 2015 barcelona 1997 dortmund 1995 ajax 1996 juve 1989 napoli and teams like this to the game that we can use in seasons or friendly matchs and we can call them retro teams or icon teams wuth those iconic old kits

    2) ea sport has fifa license
    so why we dont have fifa world cup in every version of fifa?

    3) whay wo don’t have crossplay in fifa? I am a pc player and all my friends have ps4 and i can’t play whit them

  26. -VAR
    -Creating Logo, Jersey, Stadium in FUT.
    -In FUT More Icon Football Player.
    -Match Time in FUT should be shortened (Should not be a match ending 8-8).
    -Referee Mode
    -Icon players and old jerseys in offline mode. Icon players can be transferred if desired.
    -More leagues and more National teams

  27. 1. VAR
    2. Legendary Teams to play with: Napoli 1989, Boca Juniors 2000, Milan 2003, Real Madrid with Figo, RC, Raul, Zidane, Beckham… Manchester Utd with Moore, Brazil 1970, Argentina 1986, Germany 1990, Villarreal with Forlán & Riquelme. NOT just player icon but a category in the game, like the “rest of the world”, but legendary teams. There are a lot of teams that can be part of this category.
    3. DLC content to purchase: Stadium packs, retro kits packs, Retro stadiums? like old Wembley or old Maracaná.
    5. Challenges: There was a time when FIFA asked you to play a famous match and change the results. Eg: Champions Final between Liverpool vs Milan (3:3). The game is 3:0 and you have 20 min to draw the game.

  28. 1. There should be kit options for Goalkeepers in all the clubs just like team have 2/3 kits.

    2. There should be more options of dress for manager (for e.g., shirths with collars, jackets, half jackets) and hairstyle too.

    3. It would be cool if we can change turf designs in the career mode.

    4. Grass colour should be better again.


  29. More african leagues
    Pro clubs more features like stadium costumization
    Better player editor (I’m 203 cm tall and max is 200cm)
    Hands do not exist in fifa
    also injuries do not exist in ultimate team

  30. I think on fut they should bring back single player tournaments and divisions. I played 100s more games back then. Hardly play it now as online is terrible. Also what about kit creation and having a hell of a lot more icons even if they are only legends for their clubs like carragher and fowler. I would love to be able to play with the 2001 Liverpool fa Cup team in that orange yellow kit, so why not have a lot more legends. I’d be on the game non stop then. Only thing missing in my eyes.

  31. I suggest that they put on another story mode …similar like the journey..a story mode is better than the journey.

  32. 1. In the player career mode they need to give the players a social life just like they customise in Journey of Champions in FIFA 19; they should be allowed to change their normal daily clothes , have followers, have some scenes e.t.c

    2. New and more modern hairstyles like high fades, high faded mohawks and other 2021 fresher hairstyles and also 2021 clothes hip hop, classy and other styles

    3. Empty stadiums due to lack of attendance by covid at least to make it more current and realistic
    4. For player career, players should be able to have assets like 2021 cars, houses with different designs, at some part in their career girlfriends, wives, kids etc

  33. 1. Mahrez should have a celebration.
    2. Mahrez hair should be more curly as a fade.
    3. There should give social life in career mode.
    4. Players should be able to be customized in leagues.

  34. 1)Realistic transfers, sick of playing it and then two years in becomes unplayable because camavinga has joined Fulham or martinelli plays for Newcastle and a million other shocking transfers

    2) lifetime stats for players goals and appearances like they do in nba2k so you can break club records, it’s simple and easy and would make the season actually still matter when it’s over

    3) youth squad, play training matches, create set peices again.

    4) more realism in the financial part, everytime I play two seasons in my team has 200mil to spend, makes no sense, have some kind of financial restrictions

    5) better opposition managers, picking decent players in the right position, tatical changes in game and changing based on the opposition.

    6) more personalisation with managers and kit creator.

    This is mostly basic easy stuff to do and has nothing to do with improving the gameplay, this could all be done so easily. Just don’t be lazy fifa

  35. 1. World Cup 2022
    2. Flashlights storm from the spectators’ stand when kicking off at the beginning of the important matches.
    3. More realistic player movement and gestures.

  36. I think fifa 22 should have 700 million when you start career and I think fifa 22 should have good pack and they should make it

  37. VAR
    Real ref faces
    2nd player career
    Built-in story-mode for player career
    You can work out like NBA 2k
    More realistic transfers
    Create your club
    Create a new kit for a team that already exists

  38. Fifa is a very good game but i got some suggestions
    We never see the medics come out when a player injures at least let us see them for 2 secs please
    You know just for fun when the ball goes out for a throw in and the ball is near the coach or a player that is warming up can they help the players with the ball to play their throw in

  39. 1) fixing transfers where you are a League 1/2 club and want a PL youngster to join (ex. Curtis Jones), rejects offer every single time. He isnt going to play for Liverpool first team every time at his age. Not just him but any PL youngsters refuses to go out on loan to a lower league team.

    2) EFL Championship, League 1&2 Stadiums Licensed
    Currently in Champ- 8/24 licensed stadiums
    League 1 – 3/23
    League 2 – 0/24
    It is in any case annoying when example Norwich, Watford and Bournemouth all came down last season, this season they are in the top 3 (Norwich and Watford have basically got promotion), leaving just 1 out of a possible 3 new stadiums for FIFA 22 due to the PL license needing ALL stadiums in the game. Bournemouth are on the verge of winning promotion via the playoffs meaning NO new stadiums would be added which is annoying for fans wanting more realisticness to the game, you don’t see the stasium all that often BUT you know you are playing at that specific stadium.
    3) English National League/North&South
    Needed, no words other than that.
    4) Alternate GK kits
    Clashes in career mode, clubs, etc.
    5) Kit changes
    Team that you are playing has red shirts, white shorts and white socks – your team has blue shirts, white shorts and blue socks, ability to change white shorts to black/blue (etc.) to avoid clashing, they do it in real life so why not on here.
    6) Stadium capacity
    If losing nine games in a row, lower attendance.. if doing well sell out games (with exception of barriers splitting home/away fans).
    7) Stadium expansion if not licensed stadium

  40. 1. second polish league
    2. VAR
    3. reffere simulator
    4. licenses for all stadiums
    5 Club creator something similar to alex hunter

    1. 1 ligue algérienne
      2 VAR
      3 simulation des joueurs
      4 OMAR pour remplacer pierre menés
      5 les clubs changent de maillots et sponsors
      au fil des saisons

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