FIFA 21 Referee Mode

FIFA 21 Referee

Referee mode is one of the most wanted modes for FIFA franchise. FIFA fans were always asking EA for adding a Be A Referee feature to FIFA games since FIFA 07.

This feature could be possibly available for the upcoming FIFA 21 game. a game mode where you can create your referee character, go through the refereeing instruction, learn on soccer refereeing, referee matches and experience a ref career life. Such a feature, could be giving you the ability to control the referee on the pitch and decide on free kicks, showing cards, offsides and penalties as a professional ref.

Football Referee

You can request this feature (the Referee Mode) by writing your wishlist for FIFA 21 and telling EA why such a game mode could be interesting for FIFA 21.

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  1. I think you could have that you can be a referee in FIFA because then it would be more fun to play FIFA and more would like to play FIFA and then it would not be boring to play FIFA. because right now there are good coaching careers and player careers, it would be fun to have a refereeing career.

  2. I would definitely want to see the ref career mode i think it would be so much fun come on EA just add it already!

  3. Io la carriera arbitro la chiedo da tanto e la vorrei per far capire a noi giovani quanto è difficile essere un arbitro, poi credo che non sia neanche tanto difficile crearla visto che la EA SPORTS è la numero uno dei videogiochi di sport

  4. Why is not var in the game package and a
    So please set the technical devices and apply rules of Covid 19

  5. I want transfers to realistic to what the teams do in real life, for example Atletico bilbao and real sociedad being aalowed to just sign basque plwyers but also like the chinese super league where the teams can only sign a certain number of foreign players, but also bsyern munich going after their bundesliga rivals best players, the referee mode would be good as a seperate mode just like the journey, i would also like where there is realistic transfers for example ziyech to chelsea that would be great and also having managers getting the sack amd being employed somewhere different just like arsene wenger

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