Football Referee

Play A Football Game As The Referee

Become A Referee … Now you can referee a soccer match with Football Referee game!

Football Referee is a referee simulation game which allows you to take over the referee’s job, making decisions on scenes that might occur during the course of a match.

How to Play the Football Referee Game?

Football Referee is a free online browser game. You need to have a web-browser and internet connection to run the referee game. Click the below button to play:

Key Feaures

  • Referee story mode
  • Rate your refereeing skills
  • Refereeing instructions and guide
  • Laws of the Game
  • Free-to-play and web-based

Your Feedback Matters

Football fans now are able to referee a match with Football Referee beta version and share their comments and feedback with the game developer. Football Referee’s developer is looking for feedback and suggestions which gamers can drop at Football Referee feedback page at FIFPlay to improve and extend the game features.

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Football Referee Football Referee Football Referee Football Referee

Add the Game to your Website

You can add Football Referee game to your website. Just follow this instruction to add the game to your blog or website.

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  2. I purchased my first PES game this year after playing Fifa all my life because of the boring Career Mode. I read online about how much in depth Master League was so I decided to give a try. I would have to say that I’ve been extremely surprised by the overall quality of the game. I actually play it more than FIFA now . That being said I think PES could close the gap with EA if you focus more on Master League. It would be awesome if we could create teams, leagues , club competitions. Or if we could select team and league sponsors, kits by real manufacturers, set part of our yearly earnings for academy, stadium upgrades, and better overall facilities. This could possibly help influence top players from taking less salary to come to the club. You could even add a Technical Director mode that would give you control of all fazes of the Club. I also recommend getting The South African League fully licensed , Czech , MLS, and maybe the soon to be Canadian Premier League. Liga MX would also be a great addition.

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