FIFA 20 Referees List

FIFA 20 Referees

Here is the list of FIFA 20 referees (including assistant and assistant referees) that are chosen randomly in the game. These referees are fictitious and they have been used in the previous versions of FIFA as well.

Referee Card Strictness Foul Strictness
Hans De Noteboom Average Average
Manuel Rui Barbosa Strict Strict
Christer Søndergaard Lenient Average
Alessandro Vecchioccina Strict Average
Sergey Piputkin Average Average
Lauro Leopardi Strict Strict
Libor Cechmánek Lenient Average
Heimo Wasserschneider Average Average
Mohammed Hadir Hadoud Average Average
Gokberk Topaloglu Strict Average
Scott McBeanie Lenient Lenient
Chris Mumple Lenient Lenient
Ireneusz Iglikowski Strict Strict
Hayden Pennyfeather Lenient Lenient
Xavier Aguilar Ramirez Strict Strict
Jasper de Waart Lenient Average
Rodolfo Costinha Strict Average
Pat Framlow Strict Lenient
Lutz Gersthofer Strict Average
Lukas Papwick Average Strict
Ashley Boroughbridge Lenient Average
Philippe Daboussier Average Strict
Buk-Choi Choi Strict Lenient
José del Mirrón Average Average
Francisco Caldejos Strict Lenient
Thorvald Oedegaard Strict Lenient
Arcibaldo Pombal Lenient Average
Henry McDillon Strict Average
Abdulmajeed Al-Reshedi Lenient Strict
Greg O’Millend Strict Lenient
Alvaro Aldgate Average Average
Jermaine Burdock Lenient Average
Aymen Elmoghayyar Strict Strict
Blaise M’Bami Average Lenient
Itimi Harker Strict Average
Felix Douré Average Strict
Henry Maamba Lenient Strict
Sharif Ben Bouazzi Strict Lenient
Samir Al Punel Average Average
Hachemi Nagi Lenient Lenient
Zouhir Azayi Average Average
Yonas Hersi Strict Strict
Matthew Mzizi Lenient Average
Amian Kondo Strict Strict
Vincent Niouky Average Lenient
Konrad Ouédraogo Strict Average
Kalil Djalo Average Strict
Regis Graver Lenient Strict
Richard Tikolo Strict Lenient
Chimwomwa Mzika Average Average
Regis N’Guembethe Lenient Lenient
Kenji Sunadori Strict Strict
Sahab Subramanyan Lenient Average
Yusuri Kao Average Lenient
Dawud Al Habash Average Average
Shahzad Abu Shakra Strict Average
Tirstan Morgate Average Strict
Hoogwo Xiang Strict Average
Ilyas El Ghazzawy Strict Strict
Heydar Alinejad Lenient Average
Ibi Alimjan Average Lenient
Haidar Baroniq Strict Average
Tömörbaatar Batmuntch Average Strict
Eldex Carabeo Lenient Lenient
Kieu Huu Khong Average Lenient
Azlan Hamberi Strict Lenient
Wafi Raboud Lenient Strict
Lamon Darawan Lenient Lenient
Zsombor Szigetváry Average Average
Radovan Palenkovic Strict Strict
Toby Elrington Average Average
Clark Urriola Average Lenient
Fausta Zumbado Lenient Average
Fitzroy McHardy Strict Lenient
Bryce Battleman Lenient Lenient
Otis Hollingwood Average Average
Angel Humberto Orazco Average Average
Amaury Monzano Average Average
Virgillo Aguabella Average Average
Elvis Trimmingham Average Average
Nicholas Nessfield Average Average
Alejandro Osambella Average Average
Jean-Claude Danticat Average Average
Nicholás Osettino Average Average
Facundo Monteloja Strict Lenient
Aureliaro Sanhueza Strict Strict
Geovanny Celes Average Average
Rogelio Veriano Strict Lenient
Einar Cahuayo Average Average
Jerson del Granado Strict Strict
Álvario Merron Lenient Average
Héctor Irune Strict Lenient
Malcolm O’Fritch Lenient Lenient
Viera Hukarere Strict Strict
Helo Nenifatu Strict Average
Jacques Ra’anui Lenient Average
George Maraiwai Lenient Average
Toivo Tykkyláinen Average Average
Chavdar Tontchev Average Average
Catalin Mandruleanu Average Average
Leonidas Lambrakis Average Average
Vyacheslav Bondartchuk Average Average

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  1. Why no column? Or Assistant Ref Blindness?

    Here’s my suggestion for a more interesting post…

    Referee: Regis Graver
    Ref Skills (0-100): 0
    Ass Refs: Suck ass and should be taken somewhere and shot

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