How to Get Free Packs in FIFA 21

FIFA 21 Free Packs

Wonder how you can receive packs in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team without spending any FIFA coins or points? Here we have the guide for you to claim packs in FUT 21 regularly with no FIFA 21 coins or points.

There are a plenty of methods to get free valuable packs in FIFA 21 game which could be from normal Gold Packs to Rare Mega Packs. These packs can be claimed through the gameplay and can be received on regular basis such as every week.

Playing Matches

By playing FIFA 21 matches in different game modes and competitions you will be able to receive packs as rewards. In some game modes like FUT Rivals, you can get packs as reward every week. Here is a list of the modes you can play in FUT 21 and receive packs.

Squad Battles

Squad Battles is a single-player competition mode in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team where you can play against the AI in different difficulty levels to improve your rankling in the Squad Battles divisions and claim your rewards which are given to you every Monday.

The higher rank and division you are in, the better rewards and packs you will receive. Squad Battles rewards could be from Gold packs to Ultimate Packs. You will also receive FIFA coins beside the packs.

All you need to do is head to FIFA 21 Squad Battles mode in FUT and play Squad Battles matches there. Consider the points you can collect in the Squad Battles. Try to win your matches with higher difficulty in order to promote to higher divisions.

FUT Rivals Rewards
Division Rivals

Division Rivals allows you to play online matches against other FUT users. Similar to the Squad Battles, Division Rivals game mode has a ranking divisional system where the higher division and rank brings you better rewards.

Play the FIFA 21 Division Rivals matches and get into higher divisions so you can claim better packs and rewards. Check the FUT Rivals rewards list to see which packs and rewards you can get by playing this game mode in FUT. Rivals rewards are given away every Thursday.

FUT Champions

FUT Champions, also know as the FIFA 21 Weekend League is the highest completion level you can play in FUT 21 and it has the best rewards as well. This competition is taking place every weekend (from Friday to Sunday) and you need to qualify for it by playing FUT Rivals and receiving FUT Champ Points.

Qualify and play this competition mode to claim valuable packs and rewards. FUT Champions competition format is also divisional, the higher division, the better rewards. See the complete list of FUT Champions rewards and find out what packs you can get from this game mode.

FUT Draft Rewards
FUT Draft

FUT Draft is another game mode in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team where you can receive tradeable packs from by playing and winning it. To enter FUT Draft, you need to either pay 15,000 coins or 300 points, but if you happened to get FUT Draft Token, make sure you play this mode as FUT Draft rewards worth playing it.

In the FUT Draft, you will get 4 knock-out games. In order to get the best prize out of it, you are required to win all of these 4 games in a row.

Completing Objectives

There are plenty of seasonal and daily objectives in FIFA 21 which offer you packs as reward once completed. Sometimes you can get even Mega Packs by completing the objectives. Usually, the objectives in the Season Progress contains over 5 packs to claim. Head over to the Objectives in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team and check out the objective rewards.

Completing SBCs

Squad Building Challenges are mainly there for users to exchange teams for better player cards, but some of the also reward with with packs. Go through the FUT 21 SBCs and see which ones offer you packs when completed.

Claiming Free Gifts & Rewards

There are also free occasional gifts and rewards in the FUT to claim. EA offers some free packs during some promotional events. Stay up to dated with the latest on FIFA 21 to do not miss out any opportunity.

Additionally, by following the FIFA Global Series on EA Sports FIFA Twitch channel, you can also be eligible for some rewards which could be free packs and player tokens.

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