How to Earn FIFA 21 Coins

How to Earn Coins in FIFA 21

FIFA coins are a virtual currency in FUT which can be spent for buying packs, trading items & cards in the Market, and paying for some FUT entries such as FUT Draft mode entry. In this article we will be reviewing the methods you can earn FIFA 21 coins by.

Match Coins for Playing FUT Matches

Playing Matches

By playing and completing matches in FUT, you will earn some amount of coins. Even a loss will reward you with some FIFA coins. The range of match coins rewards could be from 200 up to 1000+ coins per match – depending on the match type and your coins boosts.

The best matches for earning coins are FUT Rivals and Weekend League matches as their weekly rewards can be opted as coin rewards. Here is the list FUT match types you can earn coins from:

Trading Cards and Items

Trading players is another technique make FIFA coins in FIFA Ultimate Team. The simplest way to do so is to buy a player card and sell it for a higher price. Keep in mind that EA is taking a 5% taxation from each selling transaction, so once an item is sold on the Transfer Market, five percent of it goes to EA. That means, to profit from a transaction, your benefit should be more than 5%, otherwise you will lose coins.

Check out our FUT Tax Calculator which helps you calculate EA tax before you do your actual transaction.

Besides trading players, trading other cards and items are also useful to make FUT coins. Manager cards are also good to trade with. Sometimes, you can find some manager cards with a low Buy Now price.

Here are some common and easy ways to trade player and other cards to make coins:

The One Hour Transfer Window
Usually, people put their items on the Transfer Market for one hour as the minimum auction time is an hour. This opportunity allows you to get many players and other items for a cheaper price. The thing you need to do is to go to the Transfer Market and check item’s Remaining Time. Go to the cards that have 59 minutes left – To do so, you need to scroll the page a lot – So, be patient. Then see the good players/items with low Buy Now price, then buy them and re-sell them for higher prices.

Buy to Quick Sell
Some cheap players or items that you can find on the Transfer Market are actually offered at a cheaper price than their Quick Sell values. For example, players with 78 overall ratings can be quick sold for 312 coins. So, if you see a 78 player card on the market with 300 coins bid price or even below, buy it immediately, because by quick selling them you can still earn money fast.

Discarding Items Using Quicksell Option

The Quick-sell option in FIFA 21 is another way to convert your useless cards to coins. Before doing this, make sure that the items you’re going to discard do not worth more in the Market. Thank to the quicksell recovery option in the FIFA 21 companion app, you can recover discarded items in case you regret later.

Earn Coins by Completing FIFA 21 Objectives

Completing Objectives

Some objectives offer you coins as rewards. Check out the list of Objectives in FUT and see which ones give you FIFA coins when completed. Usually, Foundations objectives offer you coins as rewards.

Completing SBCs

Some Squad Building Challenges like League and Nation Hybrid will offer you coins as rewards. Check out the SBC challenges in FIFA 21 to find out which of the SBC puzzles has coins as rewards.

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