FIFA Mobile 21 – Carniball

Carniball Event in FIFA Mobile

Play the Carniball program on FIFA Mobile and celebrate this colourful event in style with your favourite footballers. This event is available from 24th February 2021 for 15 days.

  • Duration: 24 February to 11 March 2021 (15 Days)
  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 5 Carniball Energy per ad.
  • Coin Packs: 8 Weekly Coin Packs that give 10 Carniball Energy for 15,000 coins.
  • Daily Claim: 10 Confetti
  • Energy: Carniball Energy refreshes 1 every hour with a max of 18.

Play Star Games in this event to get Masks. Spend your Masks along any of the 6 Region Paths for Carniball Players. Play themed VS Attack or Head to Head for extra rewards and Leaderboard position.


In the Main chapter, play the 5 daily Star Games to win Masks. Star Games will award you 1, 2, or 3 stars depending on how well you play. To hit your Daily Milestone for extra Masks, get 3 stars on all 5 Star Games.

Type Cost* Daily First Win Reward**
Star Game 5 Carniball Energy 75 Masks

*Failing a Star Game does not return your Carniball Energy.
**All subsequent wins on that day will only contain a base money prize after finishing a specific Star Game.

Daily Milestone Reward
Earn 15 Stars 100 Masks


Use your Masks to find Carniball Players and various goodies around the Region Paths. The regions open at various periods throughout the tournament and remain open until the finale. In any of the zones, masks can be employed.

Regional Chapter Dates:

  • France opens at launch, February 24
  • Brazil opens on February 26
  • Spain opens on March 1
  • Rest of World opens on March 3
  • Germany opens on March 5
  • Italy opens on March 8


As you compete for Parade Points and Leaderboard position, decorate your Parade lineup with Carniball Players and Trinkets!

  • Ads: 4 ads daily giving 5 Parade Tickets per ad.
  • Coin Packs: 4 Weekly Coin Packs that give 10 Parade Tickets for 5,000 coins.

Loss Reward

Type Cost Win Reward Draw Reward
VSA 5 Parade Tickets 20 Parade Points 10 Parade Points 5 Parade Points
H2H 10 Parade Tickets 40 Parade Points 20 Parade Points 10 Parade Points

Play VSA or H2H with Parade Tickets to win Parade Points and Party Score. Party Score is acquired by activating Carniball Player Bonuses and Trinkets, while Parade Points are earned by winning/drawing/losing in VSA and H2H.

Use your Parade Points to get rewards as you walk down the parade route.

Your Party Score is used to determine where you rank on the Leaderboards. When playing Parade VSA or H2H, use Carniball Players in your Active Lineup and activate Trinkets to score extra Party Score.

Bonuses* Party Score per Match**
Carniball Player in Active Lineup 10 Party Score per Player
Motley Hat 10 Party Score
Drums 25 Party Score
Samba Feathers 50 Party Score

*The Motley Hat, Drums, and Samba Feathers Trinkets are only active for 24 hours.
**For H2H, the amounts are twice.


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