FIFA 21 Coins – FUT Coins Guide

FIFA 21 Coins

FIFA 21 coins are a virtual currency which can be used for buying packs from the Store and for trading FUT items in the Transfer Market. Coins can be also used to pay for some game mode entries such as FUT Draft mode.

What Do You Need the FIFA Coins for?

To improve your club in FUT game mode, you will need to open packs and/or trade item cards at the Transfer Market. To do so, you need to spend FIFA coins. The more coins you have, the more items and packs you can buy at FUT 21 mode.

Carrying Over FIFA 20 Coins to FIFA 21

Your FUT 20 progress including your FIFA coins will NOT carry over to the next version of FIFA (FIFA 21). Instead, you will get some rewards in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team regarding your previous progress. Here is a full guide on item carry over in FIFA 21.

How to Earn Coins in FIFA 21?

You can earn coins in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team using the following methods:

  • Playing FUT matches
  • Trading items on FUT Transfer Market
  • Selling Items using Quick Sell option
  • Receiving Coins as Reward / Gift

Buying and Selling FIFA Coins

Buying and selling FIFA coins are considered against EA’s Terms of Service, in other words, buying and selling FIFA coins are illegal and by doing this you will put your account at risk of getting banned permanently by EA Sports.

Transferring FIFA Coins

Transferring FIFA coins from an account to another is also considered illegal by EA. Any method for transferring coins from a FUT account to another, such as buying items with maximum price for coin transfer purposes is forbidden.

FIFA Coins Value and Rate

There is not a fixed value for a FIFA coin in real money. However, if you want to evaluate the effort needed to earn FIFA coins by playing FUT matches, one FIFA coin is approximately estimated at around USD 0.0002. Meaning, $1 is almost equal to 5,000 FIFA coins. Keep this in mind that buying and selling coins with real money is against the EA Sports TOS and it is considered illegal.

Where Can I See My FIFA Coins Status?

Your FIFA coins status is visible at the left top of the FUT 21 screen where you can see your Club name, number of coins, number of FIFA points and your FUT record.

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  1. yes the best way to earn coins is play fut rivals and weekend league, the rewards can give u up to 100,000 coins per week which is a good effort i think. i’m also into trading cards, i made 3 millions since the game is out so far.

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