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  1. PC variant is garbage. Constant connection issues when playing online, connection resets and I lose my in-game progress. Origin notifications causes the game to ‘Alt-tab’ therefore disconnecting me and losing the game. When playing online sometimes it defaults my controller to the keyboard, and I can’t change it in-game so have to forfeit.
    Pick up your game EA, this is appalling and has been an absolute waste of my money. Honestly want a refund of this crap you call a football game.

    We understand that you guys are trying to add some drama to the game to make it more exciting, but you have succeeded in achieving the opposite because the game is really annoying. It’s so unreal.. do you guys even watch football?
    The A.I never scores a neat goal. Most of their goals are forced. They come a time during the game when no matter how tough you defend, no matter how much your goalkeeper saves, the ball keeps going back to the A.I. Your defenders are passing the ball to the A.I, all through balls go to the A.I. until they equalize. The A.I keeps diving to tackle. The dive tackles are so rampant that it’s 100% unreal. The late goals happen too often that we know without a doubt that the game is scripted.
    Everytime I play fifa 21, instead of feeling entertained and excited, I always end up with a bitter feeling so much that I had to break my fifa cd out of anger. Fifa 21 isn’t worth your time.

    1. Totally agree man. Yet all these people still have the cheek to say is not scripted. Thought yesterday they did a 7 hours plus maintenance to improve the servers, game play etc. Nope. Is still as crappy as ever. And it seem like more scripting now.

  3. No wonder people break their controllers. The CPU in this game is nothing short of appalling. There are times when you may as well be playing without them, because they do not play a role on the pitch. They ignore what they are instructed to do, they make their own decisions without any external input. It is crap from top-to-bottom. You essentially have to play around your own team actively trying to lose you the game. In addition to that, the passing is shocking. Don’t even try to hit a through-ball, it won’t go anywhere near where you want it to go. And if there are two people within roughly 30m of each other on the pitch, your player will be sure to pass to the one that you are not pointing at. It’s just a complete joke! I can’t believe that EA gets away with such a con. The game is broken, it is recycled garbage from previous years and you keep doing it because you know that people’s frustrations will generate more publicity for you and you simply don’t care. I will never buy another game from you ever again, you conmen.

    1. Totally agree. What’s the whole point of the stamina when player with near to zero stamina still can outrun my Atal having half a bar of stamina with 99 acceleration? Doesn’t make sense. EA need to fix 4 things. 1) Servers 2) DDA / Scripting 3) overpower pressing mechanism. 4) Kick off. Still want to be a leader in Esports. Esports my ass with all these advantages given to opponents!

  4. I have been a fan of FIFA since forever! Your CPU in this years game (fifa21) is the most toxic experience I’ve ever had in video games. It’s almost as if you guys have an agenda with picking a team to win before the ball is even kicked! I can’t count how many times I was obliterating the cpu and they come back from down 4 goals and win 5-4. Not just some games but every single one I’m killing it, they steal. I could understand if they tie it up every now and again. Or steal one.. but to steal every f****** game…? That is some narcissistic s*** on your guys end. The cpu turns into some super nazis cranked up on speed and beats the f*** out of you. I have broken 4 controllers off this stupid f****** game. Fix your nazi computer style that always comes back and wins. I’ve read so many other similar stories from fifa fans. You guys royally f***** this year’s game up and I couldn’t be more disgusted. Get rid of that narcissistic AI comeback hero BS. IT IS NOT FUN!!!

  5. The game is so bad the ai is trash the game is just copy and paste for the past decade EA DO BETTER

  6. I feel they flood the game play with DDA. Tap wide open for all to use. Players suddenly run slower or pullback when chasing the ball. Selected player closing in to tackle suddenly stop and next you know the select pointer is on top of another player somewhere. More of this DDA in the next fifa and really is gonna be my last.

  7. Normaly when you give up, the other player wins the game. (My oppinion is, this is normal) however, sometimes I am behind of the score of we are even. For example “1-1” It is obviously that I am playing better and if we finish the game I would be winning the game (at least that’s what I think about it, and apparantely the other person as well. And then the other person gives up. I do not win the game and I do not Lose. This is so frustrating! Please change this buls***! I should get the win

  8. this game is pretty rubbish, just because of scripting, makes no sense at all, this game been getting worse for more than 10 years and ea still doesn’t anything, same with other games like nba2k , apex legends etc….


    FUT WEEKEND LEAGUE, I play with a guy, are at the 90th minutes he tackled in his box the ref said penalty. I’m about to shoot but the guy quits the game instead of getting my win, I get my match back, 90 minutes lost for nothing just because a random guy is not fair play. That happened to me a lol. FIFA MUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT. SO MANY PEOPLE ARE RUINING OTHER PEOPLE EXPERIENCE. we should at least get the win. It happened to me 3 times this weekend.

  10. Its a useless game ever in my i played
    A small foul penalty a small touch penalty
    What kind of tactics and programmer is this
    If u guys want to do realistic do properly
    Making people life easily not stress

    1. I had the same issue in few of the games. The smallest touch in the box from a defender and is giving penalty. None of the players fell down just a tiny touch body with body. It’s ridiculous gameplay. If EA doesn’t sort out this things I’m quiting Fifa.

  11. Ok so here is the biggest problem with the game. When you play a regular game it is very rare that you have a 1-0 or a 2-1 scoreline. Instead it’s 5-5, 10-7 etc. When lots of goals are scored the game loses its appeal or excitement. Having a game with chances but misses and great saves keeps you on the edge of your seat. So when score a goal with a good move it means more and you thoroughly enjoy the moment experience. If you must make two different modes one for realism and one for basketball and goals galore. I will also say the goal keepers save far too little. They need to be better or we need to be given the chance to make them more invincible. Please please fix this and it will he’ll make a big difference to the overall emotion and excitement of the game.

  12. EA build a game that is sooo dedicate. You need to be very responsive in all the situation. Just forget the DDA for now.. but their servers… Servers! One sec delay and the player make some rubbish pass and lose the ball in critical moments. One sec delay and you give away a penalty (excluding those given by DDA).

    Sometimes game play seem ok. You seem to be able to turn but those who play long enough will know.. that when you realize opponents are a lot faster, passing faster, tackling faster and your player starts to make rubbish pass and run… that it… you are losing out on the connection on your end.

    Fundamentally is already wrong when they know their serves are like crap.

    1. Utter bulls*** you be playing a game and then it makes you forfeit when your still playing no lost connection to the servers just gone and you take the loss for it and you lose skill rating kiss my arse f*** you ea

  13. Career mode.
    Transfer listed but no offers came in.
    But on ‘my actions’, stated approached by other clubs.
    Please fix. Thanks

  14. I just got ps5 yesterday and went on to buy fifa21, absolute rubbish. I actually just realized I can probably get a refund since it hasn’t been 24 hours. Whoever is reading this save yourself and don’t buy that trash

  15. We are really sick… Ur seasons and game play is absolute rubish…. Have u guys ever played any footbal?… Perhaps u should first play Some PES before making FIFA 22… Cse we can’t buy this nonses

  16. Absolutely awful, no matter what you do the ai scores, it’s ridiculous. You can be 3-0 up and the ai will come back and score 5. The scripting is off the charts this year.
    You can be playing the worst teams in the game and they pass it around like they are Barcelona, never losing the ball.
    What is with all the high passes this year, everytime you go to close a player down they knock it over you. Even when they don’t need to knock it over and just play a through ball they still knock it over.
    It is not realistic by any means. It has to be the worst FIFA in a long time.

  17. I have been playing every fifa game that has come out till date, I think I’m a decent player and I have clocked 650+ hours on FIFA 21. Here is my review –

    I’ll start by saying this game does have improvements to the overall look and with that ends the complements.

    This game is a disgrace to the sport and EA is simply exploiting peoples love for the football. I refuse to fall victim to this gambling racket that EA passes for a football game. Henceforth I’m going to throw my money at PES and every other football game developer just so that EA stop making FIFA games. I’m not going to say what is wrong with the game – look up FIFA 17, 18, 19, 20 – it has the same issues.

    You developers need to be ashamed of yourselves, selling your soul to this worthless company, and not using your skills to create something worthwhile.

    Andrew Wilson – you can keep the change you filthy animal.


  18. Shocking shocking shocking

    I came back to FIFA in the last few years from the competitor .I may go back. Playing the player career as a striker the team defence is now shocking. May as well not have one
    Previous years the defence was far to good.
    I may sell this one and buy the competitor.

  19. Skipping fifa 22. Worst game ever!! Least rewarding and super toxic. Just wait for the last 2 months to get good players while others get lucky.

    1. Fifa 21 etc are terrible irritating annoying games. Broke my fifa 21 as I just realised all series are just too offs.

  20. Hi, just a mediocre player. Maybe some of the stuff here I don’t really feel it but.. couple of things I totally agree.

    1) Connections.. why does the ping show 20 and when I play… screen will freeze?! And due to that I lost a lot of games because opponents are playing and all my players are down there watching opponents showcasing their skills move and of course.. scoring against me.

    2) Why is it so hard to defend against what you all call kick off? It seems to be this “kick off” thingy have been around since the longest time.. my defenders and keeper literally just do all stupid stuff to let opponents score. And I really hard a lot of problems scoring against them despite I having more shots / shots on goal. Their keeper seems to be unbeatable. Even when I managed to penetrate the deeper part of the penalty box like always. My strikers seems to like to kick the ball towards the keeper.. if not, the keepers made save that my keeper literally doesn’t make.

    3) Through ball impossible to defend against. I really have to learn the hard way to defend against such goals by taking loads of insults from opponents after they score. Still very inconsistent sometimes because my defenders (Varane, Ake) doesn’t have the “strength” or pace to guard against them.

    4) Constant pressure.. this is what I read.. it seems like when certain tactic are apply, all these rebound and problem getting the ball out of my own penalty box happens which I really feel it. I have near to zero chance to make things happen.

    Just sharing some of my thoughts. I know more problems is within the game and hopefully, someone or the project manager of EA will do something to make the next version better

    1. thats true bro, ea just build a s*** game. wtf going on with realistic but nothing realistic with this game. lol

  21. Wow, el juego es un juego pesimo, no puede ser la cantidad de errores que tiene, lo scripted que esta es extremo, prefiero jugar fifa 10 que fifa 21. Si en verdad les importara minimo investigarian y analizarian cada caso de las partidas que tienen este problema. Les vale madre y esta de la chingada el juego, feliz me pone saber que existen otros juegos que si hacen ese tipo de esfuerzos y ganan verdadero dinero, no como lo jodido que esta esto EA JAJAJ

  22. The most scripted game ever. Doesn’t really matter about the skills of the players its all about the script and the game itself decide who will win or loose. Happened often to play against much better players than me and i only loose by one goal or even sometime win just because the script was on my side. My opponent hit the bar many times my keeper made impossible safes and i had 5 shots and score 3 goals. Non existing defending at all, the ball goes inches away from defender and he cant reach it, simple pass goes through the legs of the defender and when you press O button the defender stays freeze for about 2 seconds or more let say in 4 meters away from the striker. EA please make a game with logic. Sometime my opponent played full 90 min at a high pressure it is visible that the stamina of his team is down to zero and his team is still faster than mine which is not normal

    1. Agreed with the DDA and scripting. And you know what, when lousier players score against you, they think they are better and start all these skill moves and toxic celebrations. This is really the worst FIFA I ever played.

  23. This is this most toxic hate driven game its no fun i hate this game 0 out of 10 i grind for 5 months and dont even get a 100k plus walkout from a pack gameplay is trasshhhhh

  24. Am abit late into playing the game so, not much choices but to spend some money at packs to make the team better and…. None of the EPL and LA Liga team of the season players came to me. Out of 15 packs I only managed to pack one TOTS player which I can’t link because is not those better league. Never mind, guess I only can make do with my better gold players. Then… connection issue happens… what kind of crap is this? When connection are better, scripting happens… and then the right stick issue happen… can’t chose the correct player to defend…and so much more and more…what is this EA????

  25. Fifa keepers system is bad. I don’t support keepers nutmegs. In addition, sometimes a striker shoot the ball on the keeper and the ball returns to the striker again to give him a chance to score. This is cheating. This is not the way you learn. Moreover, the keepers who are rate 94, 96 etc have to be miraculous and supernatural like how they used to be in past fifa games. It is not possible to score against a 96 rate goalkeeper with a player who his shooting rate is 60.

  26. Hello all fifa 21 game developers. I sorry to say that but frankly speaking to be honest, fifa 21 is the worst fifa I’ve ever played. Its not only me who say this but millions of fifa players, have the same opinion that I have including pros and former champions. Please read my message and think 100 times before making fifa 22 after you read my point.
    Point 1: Dribbling is approximately impossible in 1 vs 1 situations. The players are too heavy.
    Point 2: when I use a midfielder or defender to cut passing lanes, it doesn’t work as it is used to be in fifa 21 even if my defender or my midfielder is 90 in defending. For example, I position a player between 2 opponent players to cut passing lanes but I get surprised when I see my player leave his position with no reason and that is unacceptable. This is like cheating. This is not the way to learn.
    Point 3: The correct through balls doesn’t work.
    Yes, most of the the correct through ball situations doesn’t work, whether you press triangle or triangle + L1. The balls gets overhit and the player who is excepted to get the ball, keep changing his place randomly just to not get the ball. The only situation that works is when the runner gets parallel with the defender. Fifa makes the defender step back and stop running and instead of intercepting the ball and the runner is left alone and 1vs1 with the opponent keeper. This is like cheating and it is not the way you learn.
    Point 4: slides tackles and interceptions are too bad. If you intercept the ball, tackled the ball or perform a slide to the opponent, the ball will again goes to the opponent player, eithet the same player or different teammate. This is like cheating. This is not the way you learn.
    Point 5: offensive and defensive player positioning is so bad. If i played a pass with x button, my teammate will start running forwardly and the ball will not reach correctly. And if my teammate was running and i played a through pass, my teammate will suddenly stop running or start changing his direction randomly.
    Point 6: ai defense is too bad. They leave their places randomly even if I make the defence tactis as balanced. And if they leave their place and go near the opponents, they keep staring at him instead of intercepting the ball and I cannot get auto switch to them. They doesn’t cover the penalty area correctly and doesn’t chase runners and position correctly. In addition, sometimes I leave a defender on the goal line. The opponent shoot the ball slowly and at an angle near my defender. If my defender just move his leg, he will save the team and become hero but the defender prefers to stare at the ball getting insde the goal. Defenders are imposters.
    Point 7: Passing doesn’t reach to the player that I want especially in through balls. And auto switches in defending are too bad. Fifa doesn’t switch me to the player that I want whether I make it ball relatives or player relatives.
    Point 8: player rating. I am sorry to say that rare gold player ratings are so bad and unfair. For example, paris lost last year and this year. So it is unfair to keep neymar 91. He misses too much in front the goal, and it will be unfair if his shooting rate did not decrease. The same thing applies to ronaldo ( who is poor in skill moves but gifa make him 5 star skill moves while other players deserve ), salah, mane, werner, messi and other players. Another example, as you saw in liverpool matches, alisson performance was disappointing this year. It will be unfair if he remained the same rate 90 in fifa 22. You have to increase the rate of better goalkeepers like ederson, chelsea keeper, navas etc… Another example, liver lost 7-2 to aston villa and lost many matches. Is it fair to see Van dajik with 90 defending in fifa 22 ? It is unfair. Other defencive player deserve to increase their rates.
    Point 9: the refree ends the match in critical monents. For example, the refree ends the match before i play my last pass and make the striker in 1 vs 1 situation with the keeper.
    Overall, I think that FiFa 21 is designed to help the noobs and encourage them to play this game. So it is a bad idea to design a game that will pleasure the minority, ignoring the opinion of the majority. Believe me fifa, the people doesn’t need a good graphics, a green grass. The players need a fair and logic games. Please design a game with an advanced artificial intelligence, return back the dribbling, make the game fair and logical.

  27. Judging by the many negative comments on here EA’s time is coming to an end and their empire is about to crumble. They’ll have no cause for complaint when it happens as they’ve brought it on themselves by disrespecting their customers in an inexcusable way. It must surely be illegal to charge money for a game where the person supposedly controlling a team of animated footballers has no influence whatsoever on the outcome of a game. EA control every aspect of this abomination of a football game and the user is just a means of making them more cash. It’s unacceptable and legal proceedings should be made against such corruption – a prosecution would be met with a high level of satisfaction from anyone who has ever had the misfortune to purchase this shambles.

  28. Seriously treat us like fools. Keep denying about the scripting, DDA involve in this game. Moral of the story, don’t spend money or play this game anymore. Because no matter how good you are or how great is your team, when EA doesn’t want you to score or win, you won’t.

    1. You’re so right about it, this game version is the worst I’ve ever played, the patches/algorithms I don’t know.. just a scam
      Hopefully they’ll fix it and make it a good and fare game again. Recently I’ve posted some comment on Twitter and it seems EA didn’t like them, cause since then, the game is unplayable for me

  29. Fifa 21 may be the worst fifa and ea created game in history, the absolute disadvantage you are put at if you do not spend money on this game is absolutely ridiculous. I am lucky enough to have good packluck this year, but in fifa 20,18,17,16,15 and 14 I had the worst pack luck, I haven’t spent money this year, but in previous fifas I have and haven’t gotten anything. I usually buy packs during team of the year and team of the season but considering ive probably spent close to 1000$ over the course of 6-7 years, my clubs should be very good each year. The scripting on this game is so bad it almost like they want you to think its scripted. Why is it that every time I am 2 goals up their players become better and he comeback almost every game?? Why is it that I can destroy someone for the full 90/120 minutes and still lose the game?? How on earth can I be conceding goal after goal after goal to players like base sane, base gnabry, base saint maximin with max 83 shooting, the list goes on and on and on, but when my team of the season Salah with 95 shooting+a marksman can’t score the same kind of goals?? Salah with 95 shooting+ can’t score finesse shots from the same angle that people like dembele do and theirs goes in and mine go wide?? how do I have a nick pope 84 and not win everygame?? because apparently everyone else’s pope can just save every damn shot I take. they usually have the gold pope not even the inform. And why is pope even so good? hes 82 rated, not 95. I can score 5 past a 91 Yashin, 96 Neuer, (93 Oblak, but not score to an 82 areola, 82 pope and 82 netos??????? Like come on!!!!! its not believable that this game is scripted.
    My packluck is so good considering I haven’t spent money or trade. EA acts like you need to open so many damn packs to get good packs, and their packs cost like 20 euros! how can a 20 euro-25 euro pack have the chance of giving me a fully unusable pack? how can I spend 20 euros and get an 83 rated as my best? this game is a joke.
    Dont even get me started on body types, How can the shape of a body make player better? how is base ronaldo with 89 pace so strong when hes just 6’2 and with like max 90 strength? I have team of the season dias whos 94 rated and with an anchor makes every single defending and physical stat 99? why is every single promo based around the top 5 teams and relevant players? why not add good value sbc’s? Why does a Sabitzer with like 88 pace, 85 shooting, 86 passing cost like 500k and then a card with a broken body type, 97 pace 90+dribbling, 87 shooting David Neres be so cheap like 150k??

    How on earth are icon sbcs fair. why am I spending 8 hours grinding icon swaps for a base icon pack, just to get a 85 un useable Hagi? 500k+ for vidic 90? 500k for 89 Lineker? Really??
    There has literally been proof that ea has full control of your luck. A while back this year, Companion players had acces to the moderators menu and saw everything and there is proof everywhere on YouTube, why on earth can people buy icons for 1000$ but when you spend 1000$ on packs you get half the price of that player? The fact that people like that are hired is a joke, Hire me and I can do a better job. hire a blind man with no ligaments and he will do a better job. Look at every review, 90% of them are negative, do ea even listen to their customers? my friend discarded my packed Kevin de bruyne at the start of the year and I had no recoveries left and I had to wait 7 days and almost lost my kdb, I contacted ea help and didn’t receive a reply, even if they straight up told me they can’t help me, I wouldn’t have been mad, but I didn’t even recieve a reply. Its a shame that people play this game, I really hope that people play pes next year and fifa gets their lowest ever play count and first day plays so they actually change their game. Why is fifa getting worse every year 🙁 I really want to play fifa and have fun but I really can’t. everyone uses the same players and pays to win. its alkmost like if you spenf money then youre already getting better packluck in fifa. I really hope ea see this review and every other negative review and change something, I wouldn’t even mind if they didn’t change one thing in the code from fifa 15-18, because at least it would be enjoyable. Its such a disgrace that fifa gets this much attention and plays simply just becuase its the only big football game, because pes is known for being in fifas shadow, nobody will play it. the second Pes becomes good and fun and not rigged like fifa then Ea will change their game but because they have no rivalry they can keep the same boring, pay to win game with the same meta abusing people. Worst community, nobody enjoys this game.
    2/10 for me, I only give this game a 2/10 because I have good luck for the first time in years. if not, I would have quit the game in December and given it a 0/10. FIX YOUR GAME.

  30. Every time i play fifa 21 fut draft at the 4th game i’m winning and the it kicks me out of the game and counts it as a loss

  31. Worst corporation ever, the greed of this company is despicably disgusting. packs in fut is just a gambling system, enticing players to spend their money to get more packs while the chances of getting good players are super low. game is scripted and unfair. i hope some bigger corporation can get the licensing and create a much better football game. This company has destroyed football. Shame on you.

    1. Absolutely right, been playing this for over 10 years and it gets worse every year. Pack weight is unbelievably bad! It’s extortion! The greed of this company is unreal, I hope it is their fall too.

  32. Yo sólo juego modo carrera. Lo primero, un auténtico coñazo el tema de entrenamientos. Si quiero eso, juego football manager.
    Durante los partidos, desesperante. Vas ganado 2-0 y empiezan a pasar cosas raras. El rival empieza a jugar como si llevara siendo campeón los últimos 20 años. Sacas el balón jugado desde atrás… Rebote en el rival. Tiras a puerta desde fuera del área… Rebote en el rival. Tu portero la para y el balón cae al rival. Parece más un juego de tenis en el que el rival devuelve todo.
    No quiero que el juego sea fácil, quiero que sea real. Y cuando metes dos goles a tu rival, no se viene arriba y te arrasa. Tus jugadores no empiezan a cometer errores de juveniles. El balón no rebota continuamente contra tus rivales.
    Como conclusión, es el Fifa más desesperante que he conocido, porque no sabes realmente como jugar. Y además con cada actualización estropean algo y no dejan el juego tranquilo.
    Los juegos cada vez tienen menos calidad, y los de fútbol con el monopolio de licencias que tiene Fifa, más

  33. Is EA even reading all these comments? Crap to the max game. Think I will buy the next FIFA when review are totally great. If not, Welcome PES. Heard their engine and game play are better. This FIFA is Really crap to the max.

  34. When is enough it is enough, I just sold fifa 21, it was a nightmare, worst fifa ever. I had 8 icons and someone with 70 rated players beats me, bulls***. What a bollox, in weekend league is hard to get a win, it is just impossible, and we supposed to have fun and win not only loose. Crap, crap, crap fifa, pes is better. EA is equal to money money and money…

  35. worse fifa ever made its soo frustrating. The way y’all developed this years game got people playing “ultra defense” just passing the ball around making it unable to get the ball!!!

  36. Worse fida ever made ! Can’t react to a player just walking and scoring goal , tjis is just a rubbish . Time to get a pes

  37. Fifa 21 follows the trend – garbage.

    Levels do not increase in difficulty, but rather realism. Have any of your game developers even watched a football match? Even once?

    When Willian becomes a team’s strongest defender (Van Dijk level), it’s a waste of time.

    Football fans need to push for PES to get the same licensing. Gameplay is much better.

    EA sports – you manage year by year to ruin the greatest sport on this planet.


  38. This is really the s***test fifa ever. Most of e time I don’t even know what am I doing. I don’t have a structure in my attack. People are Using the through pass glitch and Using certain formation to win games. If you have Ronaldo in your team, is almost, almost impossible to guard against his headers during corners or crosses. Rebound is really horrendous. I snatch the ball and opponent are super fast to recover and snatch the ball back. When they are on pressing mode, is impossible to get the ball out. Either way through rebound or others, they will just get the ball back. Defense is impossible also in this game. I need to rely on 5 defenders to help with a better defenses. The game sequence is like snatching ball, keep pressing your L1 button and hope for the best. Is like a kid playing street fighter. Just keep on pressing tackle button to win ball and press through ball, run your striker and shoot. Inside penalty box, just keep pressing and pressing. Win the ball and shoot with your striker. Pack the whole penalty box with players will do. This is really crap to the max EA. Really have to do better. FIFA 20 atleast have a structural defense or attack. You know what to do or how to do. This one, pray the ball don’t bounce back to the opponents. EA seriously need to fix this. Don’t be lazy man.

  39. i agree this is really the worst fifa game ever made, there is so many mistakes, this year its all about having pace, and be lucky, this year you dont hav to be good just lucky. i have enjoyed playing all your fifa games, but this year it makes me super angre. and also, this year of ultimate team, its no longer skill, if you have a good team you have won the hole thing, i stoped playing fifa, because it made me destory some of my things, i deleted it from my computer, i havent played it for like 2 month, so today i downloaded, and it was still so trash as i remeber, so i think i just wasted 80 dollors, on steam to your game. #FIX FIFA 21d;

  40. This is the worst game I ever play. The rebound is crazy. Ball just kept going back to the opponent. I have no chance to react at all. Passing in this game is crap too. Simple pass with a 80plus passing stat can’t even make it happen. What am I suppose to do? Spend money to buy players so that all these crap doesn’t happen.

  41. How long does it take to update Thomas Tuchel as Chelsea’s Manager ?? I’ve seen Pochettino in Psg who was appointed just a month before Tuchel was appointed as Chelsea Manager but we dont see Tuchel’s face as Chelsea Manager in game . Why ??

  42. Hi. Once i enter co-op season online or online friendlies i can not play with my friends. When i try to start new season, The window opens up and asks me to add friends to be able to play online together. And there is no way to do it! Me and my friends have different versions of fifa 21 (beckham VS. Champions edition). Well, we also had different versions of fiifa 20,but we could play online together (it does not matter, that we have ps5 and ps4 for my friends, or different versions of fifa 20). So maybe it is possible to fix this? I bought this game so i could play online with my friends, they did this also for that purpose. As a consumer, which paid money to support creation and updating of The game, i really miss this feature. I am not a fan of FUT, so please enable this feature, that we could also enjoy this beautiful game. Thank you in advance.
    Yours sincerely
    Still Fifa 20 player.

  43. I love pro clubs on fifa games as pes has gone down hill over recent years. But wow it was hard to be worse than fifa 20 but fifa 2 has done it. Too long a list to tell you the faults. If I was head of ea I’d sack all the people that work on this game. I’ve not played carreer mode but from the reviews it looks awful and ill not play. Ultimate team is their big money and unless you play from day one and buy coins or points which is awful to push kids to push mummy/daddy to pay with credit card is so bad. Weekend league where you can test your team. You are matched up against mega teams and when you lose you lose the will to live. How is it decided who you play ?? Apparently the first 5 games decide so the pro’s deliberately lose or quit. Then there’s the quit gane facility where players quit game while leading giving them the win and you a game played and when you report this nothing is done. Objectives are too long and boring and anyone who disagrees with this probably works for ea not that this will be published. So anyone looking to buy this game maybe look at fifa 19 the last game that wasn’t as bad as this one

    1. I agree fifa 21 pro clubs is garbage so scripted and horrible ai don’t even think about making fifa22 if you can’t even fix fifa21

  44. This Is à great game. People keep complaining about script or server issues which does not exist. There Is no scripting it’s all about practicing skills to become a better player. Game tactics such as pressure play are well balanced and just reflect real life football liké non other game. The playing expérience Is smooth no matter which day or time of the day u play, unlike any other online game which suffers from toi many people playing. The pack weight Is fair and gives players an opportunity to get all better Cards without having to speed money on micro transactions. EA Is à customer focuses company dedicated to rewarding its fans. I can only imagine how amazing Fifa 22 will Be sincèrement the game dramatically improves each year. Pre orders are only few days away, don’t miss your chance to grab yours ASAP!!

    1. U drunk mate?
      Too many people saying its worse than 20. Was that possible. And weekend league wow. How do they assess who plays who? Im a fan of playing against pros and winning nothing. Sarcasm incase u can’t tell

    2. The game is crap, worst ever. They tried to fixed for a week and it was much better but after update is back to normal stupid game. Forget about fifa ever guys.

  45. The most scripted game i have ever seen, good job EA on ruining the game each year more than the year before.. didn’t think it’s possible but you did it perfectly.

  46. Randomly in player career the manager would stupidly play players out of position including you this is really annoying as it causes losses and needs to be fixed

  47. Fifa is great, but there is one crazy problem when it comes to world class and legendary AI. Do you know how hard it is to block a shot from the player in real life ? ( i’m talking about 1 or 2 players trying to block) it’s extremly not likely to successfully block a strong and fast shot, in Fifa the AI block shots so easily, it’s too unrealistic, only about 1/10 shots are blocked successfully in real life.

  48. Dear Fifa 21,⚽️
    I’d like to file a very important complaint towards your game.⚽️⚽️ You have taken away little 13 ‍♂️year old boys’ lifes, all they play is Fifa, they are addicted!
    Their girlfriends‍♀️ are gettingt tired of them forgetting about them because they are on Fifa⚽️ with the lads️‍. It is valid that i sue this game! They leave us on delivered for hours and hours andwe reply within minutes✝️.They would 100% chose Fifa⚽️ over us⚽️ which is unacceptable behaviour and we do not tolerate that.
    I don’t‍ care that you‍ opened a pack‍♂️ on Fifa⚽️ and that it was a Shit pack JOKING Don’t get too offended boys that’s Why me and isla would like to SUE➿ Fifa⚽️⚽️⚽️
    Kind Regards⚽️

  49. After multiple updates to FUT, its time you put some thought into Career Mode… specifically Player Career. Unable to save kit number at all – just reverts back to your initial number, which may change with each transfer…. and with that, scarce opportunities for transfer in career mode also. I have a player ranked 89, worth over 180million pound, former player of the year, yet the only offers are from Hertha Berlin and Brighton – 2 teams that could not afford me in Manager Career mode. The weekly wage you are offered in transfers is redundant, as you can’t use it for anything, there is a lot more potential to Career mode, yet it stays the same year after year. Personally, i am not a fan of Volta or FUT, so am finding it hard to stay with it, even though I have been playing it since Fifa 99. PLEASE give us something next season.

  50. Its the end.
    After playing fifa since fifa 2007, i see that Gameplay is getting worse and worse, so annoying to play, this is sick.
    I prefer to play fifa 2007 or fifa street 2 then this rubish.
    The image quality its better but the Gameplay and Carrer mode its só confusing, for God sake just give us a game to enjoy and not just because its similar to real life!

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