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  1. Fifa 21 is so stupid this game is so rigged like i tok 17 shots have 98 acuraci passing an 88 shoting and then this guy beats me whit 4 shots and 26 acuraci pasing and 100 accuraci shooting i deleted this game cus even if you are better you will lose no mater what deleted this stupid game and never playing again the and score was 4:3 and he was playing with 10 players sometimes i just fill i can’t control anything

  2. Hi I’d like to watch my team play in career mode without playing. When I put the select sides into the middle bar so I can watch the teams without playing as one. It says I have to assign a wireless controller to the team I am playing as in game mode to continue. Can you explain how I can do this?

    I forgot to mention in the first post this is for fifa 21 for PlayStation 4

  3. Hello, I play fifa 21 in careermode om XBOX one. One of the goals is make 10 million profit by sell youth players. But how can i sell a youth player? Thanks for the answer,

  4. Why is it that FIFA 21 is the only online game that I have “lag”?
    Why is that the game in the weekend championship, just stop… why?
    I spend hours online in other games and this never happens to me.
    My WiFi has a more than 600 MB’s ratio, so is not my net.
    Why the other keep going and I just stand still for seconds, enough for differ over 20 goals this weekend and also missed a dozen more.
    I’m done with FIFA. I play this game for almost a decade and this how EA repay loyalty?
    FIFA just isn’t anymore a real football simulation … is a drinking and trick game for kids that never touched a real football!
    You will never see my money ever again!

    1. It is like other company who interested to gain money from the people without care satisfaction the fifa21 and 19 the worst serves ever lag a lot and the dummy things they don’t care if you are complaining or not they will not respond
      The most dummy developers and company

  5. playing fut champs this week, and on multiple occasions when defending, the players on my team just stop running and stand still until I reselect them to begin running again. cause me to concede many unnecessary goals which couldve been prevented if my player was actually moving.

    please fix thanks

  6. Absolutely shocked and disgusted how Ea have treated me my ultimate team was hacked a month ago and after many phone calls and chats have not sorted the issue o have spent a lot of money on my teams since 2013 and beyond they know who hacked my account and told me what players were missing but still not returned and to be told numerous amounts of times it’s being sorted still nothing

    1. Same exact situation happened to me with my ultimate team being hacked. It’s been over a month and nothing has happened yet to fix my issue. Wish there was a number you can call but you can’t. And everything you try to call they open a new case and takes longer

  7. Yesterday was fut birthday and everyone except me received a bonus login pack, the one where you get a pack based on how many times you logged in since the start of fifa? Yeah I have played a lot of fifa recently so I would really like that pack.

  8. Dear EA, this is by far the worst troubleshoot u guys have done. I believe u guys have added ” report on connection ” during half time. It’s still USELESS to add that additional tag because we can’t even get connection into the main lobby select side of pro club drop in match and you want us to report during half time?? C’mon.

  9. Hi! I believe we still have issues on ” drop-in matches “. It’s been quite some time we were unable to connect to “drop-in matches”.

  10. Hey,

    When I collected my reward from weekend league today I did not have any ‘red cards’ to choose between only rare gold players. Please give me a proper players pick.

  11. Hi EA. I participated in weekend league this past weekend and I achieved gold 2.

    I was rewarded with normal player picks instead of red player picks. This makes me extremely agitated as I worked very hard towards champs and I get rewarded incorrectly.

    Please fix this.

  12. Good morning
    Today I opened my Futchampions rewards (21 victories) and I didnt get a player-pick of red cards. Instead I got to choose among 4 rare gold players. Why is so? I want my Futchampions red cards!

  13. I finished Gold 3 in my weekend league. And i claimed my rewards today at 3am EST. I opened 2 of my “1 of 3 FUT Champions Players” pick and i got rare gold players out of them. WTF. Can someone in EA please look into this issue and help me get the right rewards which should be FUT Champions player cards not rare gold cards.

  14. I just opened my red picks from the weekend league and they were normal gold cards to select from .. can someone help me on what to do .. can not get on to ea support saying there is a bad gateway 502

  15. Please note that you can only play FIFA Ultimate Team on one device at a time. Your FUT session on this system has been closed, as you are already playing on a newer generation system

  16. Hi can anyone help me for the last 6 weeks been getting the in game ping , packet loss,jitter signal rang my internet company many time and they say averything is fine with connection, router ect.they even gave me a separate ip for my PS4 my PS4 is weird Lan and have over 800 mg fiber optic please help

  17. Need help, why is it that every time someone quits against me on one league while I’m trying to get my Icon swaps does it disconnect from server and not give me the win?

    1. This is the problem I’m having now I’m on the last one on the French league I have 1 more game left I have won god knows how many times and keeps documenting me

      1. This. I am getting this every game tonight & never had this problem before. I take it they can look back at the wins & amend this?

        I play on Pc

  18. Few problems with this game:
    1: you breathe on an opponent in the box and they get a penalty. Had 3 in a game!??
    2: the lag can be really bad. I live in a country that has the best internet speed in the world, yet sometimes it feels like I’m controlling a dump truck for Mbappe.
    3: it’s too easy to tackle from behind when players are past the last defender.
    4: France played France for the EA Cup this evening. One team was waayyyy slower than the other. Is there some kind of hack or setting that the other online player used? Was really weird. Very noticeable difference.

  19. There are too meny hackers on the game I’ve told ea if they don’t sort it t then am taken legal action against them

  20. Hello everyone,
    After title update # 6 my manager appearance is the same, still wears football kit standing sideline of the pitch under the rain (PS4) ‍♂️
    anyone knows when ea is going to release a new patch to fix this bug and is there anyone here who is playing on next generation console and noticed the same problem?

  21. I play on PS4 , I don’t use the classic control settings, how do I set up a custom setting, for instance on classic controller setting you use R2 to sprint but I want to use R1,

  22. Hey… soo on PS4.. There are a lot of issues. Mostly sort of minor, but compounded, I feel as though 10$ would be a fair price for this assemblage we know as Fifa 21.

    The gameplay is choppy
    There is something screwy with the color contrasts in the News Feed area (Career Mode)
    Training is TOO easy now.. When simulating a past session, you automatically get your best recorded grade… sooo always A’s.. when simulating.. or am I missing something? A game version benefit?
    I honestly find the graphics worse than 20. Things just look dull, and life-less. Did you just copy and paste, and in doing so, compromised the quality of the final work?
    There needs to be more effort put forward to making the game a great experience not just for Gamers with a capital G, but also for those who are actually fans of the support on a cosmopolitan level — those who expect, in this day and age, and for the money, to get a product which reflects more accurately the glory of the support even to the point of nailing the politico-economic drama and bureaucracies of Footy.
    Like, can we please have some more realistic transfer stories? And how about an offer following an exceptional loan completion? And something worth making money for….
    If a player is injured, or just isn’t being played due to immaturity, or poor form, there should be a fluid system of manager expectations. For example: If I am injured, or too nooby.. I am not going to score those 4 goals this week… like what the f anyways guy, You only wanted 5 goals from me the whole season and here you want 4 and I am injured or you ain’t playin’ my ass?
    What else….
    I get why there are no new player editing options.. but…. a couple new things would be cool.. maybe some DLC aside from that game currency stuff, which actually makes the game sort of lame, and cut.
    Yeah, from my experience so far with Fifa 21, even with 50% off (like $44.19 or something), I actually kind of feel ripped off, and regret the purchase, and would like my money back, or… you know you can actually give a s***, rather than keep releasing ubiquitous, run-of-the-mill, corporately integrated, heaps of techno-dung, that merely rinses and repeats, with a conscious effort of making adjustments where you know could do more, but choose not to in order to consistently maximize profit.
    EA, you need to seriously step it up on your sports games. NHL too… the same s***.
    Get some people in who are actually fans of the sport(s), respectively, and make their ideas and dreams happen. We all know it’s within your power, and then some.

  23. Any way you could address the following?
    – last defender slide tackling from behind when I’m through on goal. Worst that happens is they get a warning ( happens consistently)
    – five stars are consistently doing a skill move twice when I asked for it once. (Outside snake and rollette are the worst)
    There’s alot more in this game you could honestly redo but those two would at least be nice to get cleaned up

  24. Gooday EA your game is really trash because the denfensive is kind worst like player’s be making the ball pass through there foot like wtf ea

  25. Yo boys I just completed fut champs this weekend but still dont have my rewards. Anyone else having this problem or know what I should do to get them?

  26. Playing online seasons and opponents are disconnecting when losing. The game then disappears as though it doesn’t exist. Why is this happening?

  27. I pre ordered fifa 21 champions Edition and i didnt
    Became the garundated orw Pack for pre order it were nice if i can get it ea please

  28. hello, i have fifa 21 on pc and none of my controllers work do u know how to fix it?

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