FIFA 20 Wishlist

FIFA 20 Wishlist

Your Wishlist for FIFA 20

Write your wishlist and ideas for FIFA 20 here. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 20 video-game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

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1,033 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Wishlist

  1. 1.fix kickoff glitch
    2.every time update new player faces
    3.fix all bugs in game play
    4.little bit less price for packs
    5.more chances to get good players in packs
    6.more server to play wl ,fix lag .

  2. More detailed statistics such as home and outdoor tables have the number of minutes played for each player for the entire season

  3. 1.Footsal
    2. In career mode you can ask the club to add a specific amount of money to the transfer budget
    3. Realistic gameplay
    4. You can have matches in training
    5. Realistic player wages and transfer budgets
    6. Realistic ratings
    7. Take of the shirt celebration
    8. Player fights
    9. V. A.R

  4. Var sistema
    Clima dinamico
    2da divicion mexicana
    (Paquete de transmision
    Copa rey, Dfb Pokal , Carabao Cup , Serie a , eredivisie , liga mexicana)

  5. They should add more hairstyles, more African countries which u can scout for young talent and more african teams including the CAF teams and most importantly, team creation mode

  6. add egyption premier league
    asian champions
    african champions
    european league mode
    a team starts with any 11 legends

  7. 1. During the half time manager talks to players in dressing room
    2. Fans can fight with guards and kick the referees
    3. Players can fight with referees and other team’s players
    4. Goal of the week and goal of the month nominations
    5. Player of the month and player of the season nominations
    6. Press conference before and after the match
    7. VAR system
    8. Realistic graphics
    9. New manager faces
    10. Realistic weather
    11. After the each season in Career Mode player’s club play with Icons team and winner takes the trophy
    12. History mode where player playing FUT Icon player’s career
    13. In Kick off mode players can choose Icons team and play

  8. A “EA” nos últimos anos — mais precisamente, a partir da implantação da frostbite como motor gráfico, no FIFA 17 — vem perdendo as características que transformaram o Fifa no game de futebol n° 1. Digo isso por experiência própria, e pelo que vejo na comunidade gamer ao qual convivo. A gameplay do game foi perdendo aquela característica de simulador, de um jogo tático/pensado, um jogo que te prendia e te induzía a melhorar seu desempenho; esse era o diferencial do game. Acredito que se a “EA” não repensar o andamento da franquia, e continuar com esse jogo simplificado (para não usar adjetivo ainda mais negativo), perderá a base de fãs que consolidaram essa marca como a melhor franquia de futebol virtual. Vocês precisam fazer um jogo que agrade aos fãs do fifa, sem eles vocês perdem a base consumidora.

    Partindo para a lista de desejos, gostaria que os desenvolvedores se preocupassem — EFETIVAMENTE — com a gameplay do jogo, com o futebol dentro das quatro linhas. Nesse sentindo, existem inúmeros aspectos a serem mencionados: 1 – a física da bola no gramado, o modo como ela se desloca e quica pelo campo. isso precisa ser revisto, deve-se buscar um comportamento mais real da bola dentro do jogo; 2- a cadência da gameplay: o jogo está muito rápido/irreal, as jogadas são desenvolvidas de maneira bastante abrupta, o que interfere diretamente na fluídez da gameplay, vocês desenvolvedores precisam se atentar ao movimento dos jogadores, a forma como eles passam e recebem a bola, não pode ser uma correria, precisa ser mais suave; 3 – tornar o jogo menos automático, diminuir as assistências da CPU no jogo ( é importante que o gamer se sinta no controle do time, ele quem deve tomar as decisões de, por exemplo, escolher a intensidade da força no passe ou tocar a bola para o jogador “A” ao invés do jogador “B”. E para quem, assim como eu, joga FIFA sabe que, infelizmente, muitas vezes a CPU interfere nessas escolhas.

    Bem… esses são apenas alguns desejos de um FÃ do FIFA. Por favor, tragam um simulador de futebol tal como anteriormente. Eu escrevi esse pequeno texto pelo celular, ainda possue uma lista gigantesca de melhorias para o fifa que iria agradar aos fãs. Eu posso ajudar nesse sentido, porque conheço muito bem esse game — jogo desde o fifa 07 — não quero abandonar essa franquia, então, mais uma vez, por favor, tragam um simulador de futebol.
    Se quiserem uma lista mais elaborada, entrem em contato comigo pelo email:[email protected], terei o maior prazer em fornecer esse feedback, elaborarei uma lista de desejos mais aprofundada se vocês me contactarem.

  9. More and better celelbrations. They should also give Wayne Rooney a higher fifa rating. right now in fifa 19 he only has a 80 but i think he should have 84.85,or 86. one more thing they should have this option where you can pick 1 soccer player such as messi and then choose a player to go against in a 1v1 such as ronaldo.It will be even better in 2 player.

  10. FIFA will loose a game mode given that The Journey game mode has came to an end. With this in mind FIFA should create a new game mode or seriously improve their career mode. I think most of the fans would prefer to see the career mode get a complete overhaul.

    The transfers and the transfer market in the career mode is not great. Transfers could be a bit more realistic and something must be done about those cut scenes, which can feel repetitive and dull. The career mode basically acts like as long as the player has enough money or wages anyone will join their club which is not realistic at all. So I shouldn’t be able to have a player like Cavani for Fulham that’s just ridiculous.

    With EA having the resources to do those cut scenes they could take advantage of that power and improve the press conferences within the career mode. More realistic transfers, improved press conferences and more realistic AI opponents would be major improvements to the career mode. For example, every team I come up against a team in career mode they play in a way were it is impossible to get the ball from them and every function they perform is accurate. They all basically play a pinpoint passing game which wears thin after a while as every team plays the same.

    Why can’t the AI of the opponents be more realistic? Why can’t a team like Burnley play an aggressive defensive game more reflective of how they play in real life? Knowing EA though they will probably release a game with a few extra licences and some new menus and act like as if it is a new game.

    I would also like to see:

    * More teams
    * More stadiums
    * A playable Europa League Mode
    * An addictive party or mini-game of some sort
    * The ability to save and load game plans so that they can be loaded up in kick off mode
    * The ability to ask for more funds in career mode
    * Classic teams in kick off mode with retro style grounds
    * Downgrade Man Utd as well there awful, just because there a team with a big reputation EA give them generous ratings which is not fair at all.

    Having an option to select a throw in taker would be great.

    Also youngsters aren’t the only players that a team can sign on loan. I can’t sign anybody on loan in career mode unless there a youngster whereas the AI is always making great loan signings.

    The commentary can be very repetitive at times especially in the champions league mode.

  11. I play career mode in fifa,i give sugestion for improve about youth team academy,i want reserve team has its own league. Maybe like under-20 and under-18. it makes the career mode feel more than real and makes the players who are promotions from the youth academy not go straight into the main squad but into the second team. that’s what I expected in FIFA 20.

  12. there should be toss before the start of the match…. there should be a system or a kind of save file by which only those teams can enter the UCL who topped in the game rather than real group stage.. for example i played all season so i can import a save from fifa19 to fifa20 for my top 4 teams from each season… i hope you will get my point. by this players will play with more enthusiasm.

  13. To me,more realistic cutscenes should be included such as more referee animations, players walking slowly when substituted(when their team is leading) etc.Players behavioral changes accordance to the result which they should
    face (such as
    rush of players who where close to lose and deliberate time wasting of players close to victory) will make the game perfect…………
    Cover Star::: Hueng Min Son

  14. I think that FIFA 20 should include the Club world cup. Super cups have to be in their Country styles. Also Continental Championships have to be their styles.

  15. I think if You create a part in kick off that every gamer be able to pick his 11 players from every team and some substitute players and it’s name be “”Self XI””
    This would be so exciting …i will be thankful if You think about it

  16. Me encantaría ver la 2ºB de España(Spanish 3rd League) ya que cada vez se esta profesionalizando más y hay grandes equipos que juegan en estas ligas(Recreativo de Huelva,Racing de Santander ,Real Murcia, Hercules o otros grandes clubes) . Así haría mas competitivo la Copa del Rey Española y el modo carrera.

  17. Again still no changes… Every fifa ive been asking for a new pro club camera…

  18. There should be more Leagues available
    For example: Irish 1st Division

    Be able to play as a referee
    – be a ref career

  19. Please add more details in the “career mode – manager”. For example – Stadium upgrades, maintenance costs, marketing strategies, gate fee, season pass fee, No. of training grounds, etc.. Manager should be able to control or guide many such things for a better Fifa career manager mode experience.

  20. You should make FIFA Mobile a lot more like FIFA on console so that people without a console can gave a more realistic FIFA experience

  21. Gostaria que tivesse Libertadores totalmente licenciada com os 32 times, Sul americana licenciada, ligas brasileiras com tudo licenciado incluindo os jogadores e entrevistas pós jogo. Isso deixaria o jogo muito bom!

  22. Some small adds on Career Mode would be nice, with not so much work, but would become a great addition :

    1)- Add as much states as you can for youth scouting, in Europe, (Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia, Macedonia), because today we have a lot pf talents coming from these states…
    This would create the chance of having more players by nations that probably won’t be on Fifa 20, that makes it better for those Fifa Players who get dissapointed that their national team isn’t yet on Fifa (like me, Albania or Kosovo)

  23. Me gustaria ver a futuro las ligas de: gales, irlanda del norte, 2da de escosia y la 5ta y 6ta division de inglaterra

    1. You should add Raul Jimenez as a cover star also give higher ratings and also better graphics and should add women teams not just men teams.Make the desktop better make the whole game disigin better make a champions league editon and make that desktop blue gold,red and black also maybe white and pink!…. Add Raul Jimenez as a Cover Star I believe he has Ecompliesd a lot lately so …… Put him as the Cover star for FIFA 20!…..?

  24. Fifa 20 should include a classics teams section for big teams across Europe’s top leagues. This would look like a Barca ultimate XI that had all the legends from Cruyff to Messi. I understand that this would be incredibly hard to do considering the long history of each of these clubs, but going back to the 1970s should be achievable.

  25. Hi fifa I would like to say after each match can you guys make it that the man of the match gets an interview like in actual life please guys it would make it more realistic,and can you put the abs premiership in it aka the RSA league please put south Africas league please Ibeg of you guys
    Hi agaiguys I would like to say can you guys add the abs premiership that is in sa


  27. Gameplay we would like to see the medics to come on the pitch and more interaction with fans

    New License for new leagues
    . EFL Leagues just as good as the prem
    . Updates to the premier league teams current stadiums

    Career mode
    Able to swap a player For a player
    Use managers that hasn’t got jobs to use than duplicates
    Ask for money from the board
    Show teams mascots

  28. Пожалуйста добавьте белорусскую команду БАТЭ или белорусскую сборную- я так долго этого жду! БАТЭ выходит из группы в лиге Европы с командами Паок, Види, Челси. + Обыгрывает Лондонский Арсенал в первом домашнем матче 1/16 финала. Пожалуйста!
    Так хочется поиграть за своих!

  29. One thing only, y online mode block the AUTO SWITCHING MOVE ASSISTANCE, this thing is the worst because.

    This option is the worst thing that fifa has, because when combined with other options it affects the game of the opponent, in fact the online controls should be predetermined, that is, semi-assisted and manual and that can not be changed in the middle of the game

  30. Pls FC barcelona player’s face update ,we want to see the camp nou in fifa20 and the cutscene of trophy celebration update we want to see new cutscene like at the top of the upstairs. And pls we want to see lionel messi’s real players motion not this boring running and body which is so bad his head or face down while running like something not special pls corrects those mistakes in FIFA20
    Thanks we love you EA

  31. Gameplay:
    After tackles and blocks the ball always goes back to the attackers and it seems like attackers are favoured more. Finesse shots have been nerfed too much. No matter what rating a player is for the AI team, he is still capable of playing like messi. The ai never seem to foul and are very clean with tackles no matter what the aggression stats are. Sometimes the defenders are very clumsy and would miss the ball or not jump to head it away. Sometimes the ball would be free and I would not be able to switch to the player closest to it.

    You should be able to upgrade your stadium. You should be able to Change ticket prices and the stadium should be half empty if you are playing poorly. During the transfer market teams would buy players that are irrelevant to what the need and sometimes players that are key for their teams get sent out on loan and sometimes the players I want to buy go out on loan to other clubs even though it says for me that he is not available for a loan deal. During player career modes you should start of at 16 or 18 years old instead of 20 or 21.

    Other mode suggestions:
    Since the journey will not be in the new game there should be another mode like create your own club or a career but with only an international team (add Croatia). Fifa street will be awesome

  32. I hope that you add the Croatian national team and put Messi 99 overall Ronaldo 90 overall and Dybala 94 overall.

  33. Eğer Türkçe spiker eklenirse Türkiye’de pes oyun serini komple bitirirsiniz. Türkiye’de oyun konsolu oyuncusu bir hayli fazla fakat Türkiye ile ilgili pek planlariniz yok Türkiye yı daha fazla dikkate almanız gerekli.turk oyuncuların yüzlerini ve karakterlerini de analiz etmelisiniz. Genel olarak ülkelerin önde gelen teknik direktörlerinin yüzleri de benzese iyi olur . Mesela Türkiye’de Fatih terim , Aykut kocaman , Şenol Güneş , rıza Çalımbay Mustafa Denizli bunlar önde gelen Türk teknik direktör ler. Hakemler ile alakalı olarak daha gerçekçi olması adına yönetim karakterleri de olsa oyunun gerçekçilik oranı mükemmel olur mesela ; bazı hakemler sertliğe daha fazla müsade ediyor yada sarı karta daha fazla başvurabiliyor , kırmızı kartı seven hakemlerimiz de mevcut bunlar gibi, tribün marşları deplasman baskısı ,atesli taraftar ve önde gelen kulüplerin taraftar grupları örneğin ; ultraslan ( Galatasaray), çarşı (besiktas), genç fenerliler ( Fenerbahçe) Türkiye’nin önde gelen taraftar grupları ve hep kale arkasını alırlar ) . Oyuncular zor pozisyonda top aldıklarında veya kaptırdığı da kendine kızdığı yada sevindiği hareketlerinde belli edilebilir örneğin : felipe Melo . Ev sahibi ve deplasman atmosferi yansitilmali , finaller dergiler daha atesli olmalı , son dakika golleri stadyum yikilmali ve lütfen Türkçe spiker olması şart örnek : Ercan Taner

  34. EA please add a draft and the entry will cost 50k and we will fight at 4 out of 4 wins, the theme will be like “head to head” thanks

  35. Add in FUT players legends such as Zidane, Beckham, Raul, Totti, Gattuso, Klose, Lampard, Steven Gerard, Hugo Sanches, Di Stefano and Edgar Davids etc.

  36. I always make multiple squads in Fut and hate the fact you can’t give each individual squad their own kit, stadium and badge….for instance I like to make an England squad with the England kit and badge playing at Wembley….as well as a Manu squad with the United kit and badge playing at old Trafford automatically without having to change them when you swap squads

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